Blotus failed to come up with an infrastructure plan. It’s been 3 yrs and not 1 brick has been laid in his new American’t. So I drew up this design for a new bridge to Queens that’ll make it easier for him to get back to that rock he crawled out from under. I’m just here to help!
Important stuff.
RT @dpfunke: New from me: Today is the last day of the Indian election. And political parties are spreading hoaxes about voter fraud. https…
RT @gtconway3d: achomon
As far as I can tell, it drops at 12:01 am on May 31st Pacific Time. So that's around 5pm in Sydney.
what the hell ice-pick lodge you monsters ᶦ ᵏᶦⁿᵈ ᵒᶠ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵖˡᵃʸ ᶦᵗ
PlayStation's Dominic Mallinson on next-gen VR, wireless, gaze tracking, foveated rendering, and AR by @EPro
RT @joncoopertweets: I was at a deli when Trump’s Rose Garden press conference aired on TV today. When Trump said “I think most of you woul…
RT @mit_ide: Move over Boston Bruins! Introducing the brand new MIT Analytics Lab trophy, revealed today at the @mit_ide Annual Conference.…
RT @skift: Recognising the importance of design is something we are passionate about and why we created The Skift Design Awards. Check out…
This bill will rein in bureaucratic overreach by the federal gov & allow insurance regulation to be centered in the states. Proud to lead this effort w @SenHydeSmith & @JimInhofe as our bill will empower states & defend their proper authority to regulate the insurance industry.
.@NOAA’s 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook – LIVE online here:
Automotive supplier Bosch has agreed to pay $100.21 million for lapses in supervisory duties enabling carmakers to engage in emissions cheating More from sustainable business:
The president is neither red, nude, nor mad
RT @jtlarsen: A black 16-year-old boy from South Bend was found hanged in 2011. Officials called it suicide. His mother called it murder.…
RT @dusttodigital: Remembering James Brown, born on this day in 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina. Here he is performing “Night Train” in Sa…
hey! Check it out. Here's our interview with @IrvingSwisher on #WDYM today, talking about how the Fed should fix its framework
RT @mashable: Millie Bobby Brown is pretty much a human iPod in Jimmy Fallon's 'Beat Battle'
Oregon Man Sentenced to 15 Months in Federal Prison for Hate Crime Targeting Eugene Church
That optimism imbalance is because Silicon Valley is one of the rare places where what matters most are ideas, and people are much more open minded than usual
An Emma Thompson career-spanning article that falls to mention The Tall Guy? I’m beside myself.
Let’s get comfortable with this fact: It’s all health care.
there are too many streaming services i can not add another o...
RT @YAppelbaum: 2. The process of impeachment safeguards the constitutional order in five distinct ways. First, it redirects the conversati…
When your hotel respects what you do for a living. 🤤
Em sold 1.8 million first week
RT @km: So happy for @fikavc. Some of the hardest working, highest integrity, and nicest people in the world. LA is all the better for thei…
1. Here's @shoshanazuboff laying out how surveillance capitalism has taken over every industry on the Vergecast: 2. Here's AT&T laying out a plan to track literally everything about you in order to sell more cars:
The *real* Dublin 🇮🇪 would never pull shit like this.
Underground artists in the Middle East are breaking away from American and British rock molds.
WATCH: Sacramento Police released bodycam video that shows officers handcuffing a 12-year-old boy during an incident from April.
It's not like we haven't had racist presidents in this country, but in 2019 this shit is so brazen it's truly mind boggling
The celebrity chef Mario Batali has been accused of sexual harassment by several women. Now he faces a criminal charge.
The Formula For Productivity, Happiness And Creativity Starts Within ✌️
Calk blocked.
One of the four residential buildings initially provided with terraces with vegetation on the upper floors, Micro district Vostok Minsk, Belarus, Architect: Viktor Anikin, P. Volchok, Lyudmila Gafo et al. Mosaic panel by artist Alexander Kishchenko
James Smalley, who worked as a quality-assurance engineer at PMI Industries, is accused of forging inspectors’ signatures on at least 38 source inspection reports for space-vehicle parts purchased by SpaceX
If Amazon can raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour, there is no reason that McDonald’s—a company that took in $1.4 billion in profit and paid its CEO $22 million—can’t also pay its workers a living wage.
I do agree with The Discourse I'm seeing that really, what makes or breaks this feature is if companies are willing to pony up larger sums of cash
Geoffrey Rush wins a record $2 million in sexual misconduct defamation case
On your mark, get set, SLOW! The annual tortoise race at the Indianapolis Zoo called " Zoopolis 500" was a rainy one this year. Ed the tortoise was the big winner.
🗣Gang Gang!! 🙏🏾👑
GitHub Satellite - Closing Keynote
Trump dumped thousands of immigrants in San Antonio. The city’s response was a lesson in kindness.
I'm not saying this is *the* future of work, but that it is *a* future for many people. Stay tuned! Lots of mistakes to make, and lots of learnings to share... Would love to hear your thoughts! What are we missing?
RT @piloto151: Here are 3 things that we know to be true and that Steve Case and his Rise of the Rest Tour will be sharing with the world a…
RT @cydharrell: wow, this is big for @codeforamerica! congrats to my friend & inspiration @pahlkadot on 10 years & a new phase. https://t.c…
RT @Carnage4Life: GitHub is launching Sponsors which allows you to donate to Open Source developers similar to creator platforms like Patre…
Turn that around: Hard to imagine an analogous swipe by staffer in previous White Houses at a male constitutional officer
Thank you @HBSCNY for spreading these values. This philosophy is at the core of the community of Athletes Conservationists Technologists Artists and Innovators that make up @ACTAIglobal Instagram photo by @hbscny
RT @jessfraz: One thing that seems to have gotten hidden from the GitHub announcements is actually THE MOST VALUABLE feature for open sourc…
eFounders backs Yousign to build a European eSignature company by @romaindillet
I want a plug-in that replaces news-site photos of stock-market floor traders with photos of racks of computers.
Don't be impressed by: 1. Money 2. Job title 3. Appearances 4. Experience 5. Affiliations 6. Imitations 7. Big words Be impressed by: 1. Kindness 2. Trustworthiness 3. Unselfish generosity 4. Humility 5. Good manners 6. Courage to dare, dream and do 7. Integrity and benevolence
In this post from 2017, @SchoolLawBlog covers a lecture about Chief Justice Warren Burger by John Sexton, former Burger clerk and president emeritus of New York University:
Always looking to give my devices/apps “super powers”—basically shortcuts/hacks that simplify processes or speed up productivity. Used @keyboardmaestro to put together a workflow that automatically sets up my workspace after connecting an external display. Love this utility!
RT @aterkel: As Dems go after the GOP for weakening abortion rights, they’re also getting criticism from activists that their party committ…
RT @naval: A busy calendar and a busy mind will destroy your ability to create anything great.
It's a party in the street!
Daptone Records went huge for their 100th 45 RPM. The all-star soul-funk label collected contributions from every single artist on their roster, including posthumous vocals from Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley, for the big release
RT @kasie: The Conways are also very wealthy.
RT @YahooFinance: Highlight: "We have to figure out how it is a collaborative process so workers don’t get run over," says International Un…
RT @GalenStocking: Men appear twice as often as women in pictures news outlets post on Facebook, according to great new research from @onyi…
Opponents of oil and gas pipelines in three states are fighting back against new anti-protest laws aimed at suppressing fossil fuel industry dissent.
Today at 12:30 pm ET, join @AspenPSI for a conversation with @WK_Kellogg_Fdn president and CEO La June Montgomery Tabron. Watch the livestream:
Facebook says it stopped paying commissions to employees who sell political ads; source: Zuckerberg decided to keep selling political ads after a debate to stop (Wall Street Journal)
RT @kleinerperkins: 50% of all Americans will experience a diagnosable mental illness or disorder in their lifetime. Read more from @mamoon…
7. The other important point about the Transferwise story is how companies that hire smart people - its founders came from Skype and Deloitte - can incubate whole new business models that can help improve people’s lives around the world.
In many ways Hong Kong is politically and economically irradiated, beyond repair or rehabilitation. But I just got through airport security in eight minutes and if that is the tradeoff I'll take it.
RT @MarketWatch: 10-year Treasury yield tumbles to 18-month low on trade jitters, global growth concerns
Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog was born #OnThisDay in 1934. Responsive Environments head Joe Paradiso explained the workings of his synthesizers to @arstechnica in 2014, for the 50th anniversary of Moog’s most famous invention, the Moog synthesizer.
Trump brain status: 'dumb as a rock'
Determining whether children have a fair shot in life isn't a "women's issue." That's why it's the core of my economic policy agenda.
Get you a city that can do both
Yes, it was probably about 70 percent of what a man would have gotten for the same work.
Forrest is really the perfect avatar for Trumpism. Unlike Lee he was a genuinely great general and innovator. Also the most uncomplicated racist and slaver. Made his money slave trading, massacred ex slaves for fought for the union, founded the Klan.
Looks like there was more to this shoot than Game of Thrones
How PR pros can put a spotlight on solutions journalism stories via @khalamayzer
Think this opening to our Hello World episode on Shenzhen is the coolest - and prettiest - thing we have done to date. It helps to have the whole city lit up with LEDs.
valleyhack · Ashlee Vance
LOL, sorry about "Because you follow Gabe Rivera"...
Microsoft has changed. It's not the company it once was. And open source is no longer the enemy.
Since no one asked: I thought most of the post-GRRM Game of Thrones episodes were solid, workmanlike, and uninspired, including the big battle in S8E3. But the last three episodes were definitely flubbed. S8E3 was the real climax of the series.
RT @60SecDocs: Surfs Up: This Dude Crushed It For more wealth: @blackrock @TheMilitaryGuid #sponsored https://t.c…
RT @ryanHendry94: If anyone is in Manchester this Monday, check this out. World renowned author @stevesilberman , academic @SheffieldLuke…
Perils of producing a morning show here ⁦@BuzzFeedNews⁩
Fantastic work...
RT @TheDukeOfYork: 🚀 Learning more about the ‘Astro Pi’ - developed by @Raspberry_Pi and the @esa, the computer allows students to code a s…
Just a reminder that my mMeetup on Disruption and Micromobility is scheduled for 09:00 (9AM) PST
Amazon VP and Chief Economist Patrick Bajari talks about the role of econometrics at @Amazon. His team has worked on software that operates pricing, supply chain, operations, automated marketing, search and other systems. #techdisrupts
Spin, spin. #PearlJam
RT @TempoAutomation: Last week we announced our $45M Series C #funding round. @thetechstartups covered the news saying, "Tempo’s #smartfact…
The 2020 @Cadillac CT5-V officially debuts May 30:
RT @Kishi_bashi: Hello friends. The wait is almost over! @NPR is streaming my new album until the official release 5/31! (Link above ☝🏻)...…
CNN banner: "Subpoenas, legal setbacks and cover-up accusations mark one of Trump's toughest weeks in the White House"
The first episode of my podcast is up. This week, my best friend and my assistant joined me to talk about my life changing experience with therapy. #myapologytour #lifewillbethedeathofme @marycmccormack To subscribe and listen 👉🏾
RT @NYCTSubway: We suspect someone has intentionally disrupted thousands of commutes on the 2/3 lines today by activating multiple trains’…
Few #founders have the courage, humility, and foresight to do what @pahlkadot is doing to take @codeforamerica to the next level. Yes, she's my wife and I am a @codeforamerica board member, but I say in all honesty she is also one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs I have known
Orlando car dealership adopts giant duck family
RT @TheStreet: Delivery could be a different story, but @EricJhonsa notes that $INTC has quite a plan on its slate
RT @iBSparkes: got shellcode exec, wyd about it thx @qwertyoruiopz & stoned @Apple engineers for spangled donut codesign haxx @AppleSupp…
RT @HBODocs: An unprecedented look at the final season. The Last Watch, the two-hour #GameofThrones documentary, premieres this Sunday at…
RT @StevenBeschloss: They wanted their tax cuts. They wanted their judges. They wanted the end of regs that make it harder to get richer.…
RT @DropIsMoving: Drupal 8.7.2 is now released solving 4 critical bugs with the update path. It also updates to TYPO3's PharStreamWrapper 2…
RT @cz_binance: 1/10 A few points. Most of you may not know the final outcome of my dispute with Sequoia, but it is public now. In summary,…
RT @JohnArnoldFndtn: I don't know why I let the NYT nutrition writing bother me as much as it does. Here's a "study" with N=12 of an interv…
A Very Clever Robotic Rubik's Cube That Solves Itself
Want to share your blog posts? Add social images with this 👇
💯 days until @TexasTechFB season Good luck this year! 🔴#WreckEm⚫️
RT @charliekirk11: Prediction The same Democrats who grilled Don Jr. for 30 hours over a single meeting with ZERO significance ...Will co…
TV reporting & books on FLDS pre Warren’s incarceration were from the male gaze exclusively. The most pruriently shocking sexual material drove coverage. Pedo sells. My hope: Women will tell the story now, closer to the living truth one observes from these high desert sidelines
RT @lmoliva_: Did your large adult son and/or daughter move back home after college? consider charging rent, say some financial planners ht…
Tomorrow is your last chance to get the Tor sticker pack, including multiple reusable camera covers and our favorite logos, for a $17 donation. Just type "17" into the "other" box on the donate page. Get them now:
RT @tonal: Is digital weight lifting the future of working out? @KTLA investigates:
RT @marckohlbrugge: On our way to Haeundae Beach 📸 via
When the TV writer David Milch was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2015, he knew that continuing to write was imperative for his survival—that stopping would mean ceasing to be his most intrinsic self.
RT @OkayAfrica: ⚡️ PREMIERE ⚡️ @walshyfirE, @Iceprincezamani & @DemarcoDaDon's "Round of Applause" will soundtrack your Summer. https:/…
RT @NIXplatform: The first app to utilize the $NIX protocol - #flarewallet 🙌
Why Barack Obama is notably quiet in the 2020 Democratic primary, by @IsaacDovere:
‘The President Can Suck My Big Fat Dick,’ Says Rex Tillerson In Veiled Attack On Trump
PostgreSQL 12 Beta 1 Released
A French widow has filed a lawsuit against US aircraft manufacturer Boeing for $276 million in damages over the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 in March, which killed all 157 people on board — including her husband
RT @CarrollDoherty: Large majorities of Republicans say Trump 'stands up for what he believes in,' is a 'strong leader' and can get things…
In the days since, controversy over their decision to not display the ad has erupted, causing both the Airport Authority and MTR to reverse course.
Scientists have pinpointed the mystery source of an ozone-destroying chemical via @EARTH3R
RT @MooseAllain: I have a cartoon in the current Private Eye.
The worst thing about a summer cold aside from the pain and chills and weariness is the sheer boredom.
RT @TGRBemis: Looking forward to having @phil_hellmuth back as emcee and hearing first-timer @YourBoyKJ on the mic - in addition to welcomi…
Elon Musk's Boring Company finally has a paying customer for its first tunnel project
"We understand there's a risk but we expect to be compensated for it," says Roberto Obregon as he discusses Volatility Risk Premium (VRP) at #CboeRMC. Learn more about VRP at #RMCInsights #risk
RT @nowthisnews: This young whale was found dead on a beach in Italy with its stomach full of plastic
Kick back with one of these books over the long weekend.
Protests against alleged sexual harassment of McDonald's employees are planned for 13 cities from Los Angeles to Miami on Thursday:
Study: The use of #marijuana is associated with reductions in self-perceived #insomnia severity, according to data published in the online, open-access journal Medicines. @NORML
Then impeach him
.@Microsoft and @BurtonSnowboard are empowering riders everywhere with accessible and adaptive gear. See how it's making a difference on and off the slopes:
Listen to Part 2 of the Alternative Investment Podcast Series featuring guest host Ranjan Bhaduri and speakers from Commonwealth Bank and Trust, Margaret Cargill Philanthropies, and Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank:
Nice work by @Joseph_Marks_ and we're glad he mentioned the work on VPNfilter, which we're very proud of doing in collaboration with @CyberAlliance to warn the world about a dangerous, destructive threat actor
RT @pesa_africa: Some people want to take the Mpesa brand to the rest of Africa and the world?
My office for the evening.
RT @FDAfood: #OUTBREAK appears to be over, announced @CDCgov about multi-state outbreak of #Salmonella Newport illnesses linked to frozen g…
FanDuel partners with fuboTV to bring sports betting data to the live streaming service:
Still thinking about that final episode of #GameofThrones? Like most sweeping TV experiments born of the prestige era, the show was always fated for a doomed endpoint.
Email from Morgan Stanley investment banker: "We forgive you."
RT @TMFStoffel: It's funny how once people have skin in the game, virtue signaling ceases and true colors shine through. @nntaleb https://…
RT @yvonnewenger: At what might be the only nightclub for adults with disabilities in the country, all I could feel was the joy that surrou…
Today is @DuffMcKagan day on @WTFpod! GNR, Slash, Axl, traveling the world, learning from history, Joe Strummer, sobriety! Great talk! Do it up!
How Trump's embrace of a rogue Libyan warlord sparked a humanitarian catastrophe
🗝️thread from @pahlkadot 👇 What she has created is 🇺🇸💯 Now we need to make it 50x faster and 100x bigger in the next 10 years Let's do this. Check out how you can help
From @brianstelter's Reliable Sources newsletter.
RT @NicholsUprising: Bernie Sanders is being attacked for opposing US wars and foreign policies that sought to undermine popular government…
RT @StopAltonGas: May 1 To @cathmckenna “Given the significant public concerns together with the unique nature of these regulations, we…
Ramit Sethi (I Can Teach You To Be Rich) visits The Compound!
RT @RealFPJr: Don’t allow yesterday’s frustration to blind u from today’s opportunities. Now let’s be real. U won’t have an opportunity com…
.@ATT and @Verizon saying they care about their customers would have to be the ultimate bs I’ve heard!!
RT @ChappellTracker: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | BRING | | BACK | | RSS | | _______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
Amazon employees ask their company to address climate change
#ThursdayThoughts: Our Draw Your Big Idea book helps readers brainstorm more productively, think creatively and fine-tune their ideas. What are the top 3 activities you'd like to hit this long weekend? #Draw it out by showing us here! #ThursdayMotivation
RT @katairobi: You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast via @GrowthHackers
RT @NavyTimes: TurboTax to troops: Here’s a ‘discount’ for something that should be free
RT @AlenaSatoshi: Come to Oslo Freedom Forum 27-29 May - amazing lineup of freedom advocates & Bitcoin panels. I'll be on the Finance and…
RT @raylehmann: As we enter prom season once again, remember the rules.
⚓️And that’s a wrap for #KubeCon Europe!💙 Thanks for swimming with us in Barcelona🦈🐟🐠🐡🐙🐳🐬
Meet Cheong, who found a way to connect with his daughters thanks to his rainbow loom invention, now a successful business thanks to the power of YouTube tutorials! →
RT @katfukui: I can finally share what I've been up to: GitHub Sponsors! 💖 It's a new way to fund and empower developers, maintainers, ment…
RT @JenniferMcgoey: ISeeMe $250 to go with a 2x match @Google RT @craignewmark Thank you for all of your support Check out my classroom on…
Senators Propose Bill Requiring Warrants To Search Devices at the Border
RT @TMannWSJ: Twitter can't seem to manage to police white supremacy on its website but has locked out a nonprofit that teaches kids to wri… Includes a recorded PMQ from @JoannacCherry MP. Instead of apologising & agreeing to rectify the cockup, PM has the unspeakable cheek to blame it on parliament for failing to approve her dopey deal! I hope lawyers throw the book at her.
RT @schradie: "Sociologist Jen Schradie reveals how digital activism empowers defenders of the status quo" Thanks for the review of the…
This summer, share your otaku project with the world. We’re inviting otaku creators to launch projects translating their manga, anime, and games into languages other than Japanese. Learn more:
Amazon employees ask their company to address climate change. Their company said no.
RT @TheBrandonMorse: I’ve never seen something more human from a robot than this.
Google, Facebook and Twitter executives came to Capitol Hill to testify about election security. Instead they faced a grilling about whether their platforms are biased against conservatives, @Cat_Zakrzewski reports in today's Technology 202 newsletter.
My explanation of Ben Thompson's "aggregation theory" is here: The underlying factors (e.g., zero cost of distribution) produce lollapalooza effects-multiple factors are interacting in ways that are feeding back on each other producing nonlinear outcomes.
RT @SinkingShipLARP: Save the date! Look for the launch of our next major production this November! #nyc #larp
It has been almost a year since my dog passed away. You all said it would be a hard year and, well, you were right. Sorry to the owner of a good boy in this cafe who I just mugged. I mean, I just petted the dog for 30 min, didn't say a word to the owner :)
Hyperconvergence #HCI can promise it all, but there are also trade-offs and different approaches. Attend this 5/23 GigaOm #Webinar w/ #IT #Infrastructure experts @esignoretti, VP Product Mgmt. @daviddemlow @ScaleComputing, and their customer @JodyHarper1.
We spent a week in the 2019 @chevrolet #Blazer Premier, which has a pronounced hood, high beltline, floating roof and overall badass design. Read all about it right here!
Here's @seancaptain's look at someone who deserves to be celebrated (and who just got his own Moogseum).
The best part about traveling with @bdsams is going through your photos and discovering all the selfies he secretly took with your phone.
I really, really dislike the idea of #opensource shifting to gig economy models.
When @thehalocline do cover songs, it's beautiful. Hear about the weird and wonderful journey that led them to cover Donnie and Joe Emerson in Under Cover 💚
On #ThisDayInHowardHistory in 1996, a #SternShow caller's question led Fred Norris to reveal he legally changed his name two years prior, unbeknownst to @HowardStern or @rqui.
RT @BrianRoemmele: “Everything You Need To Know About Apple's New Apple Card” @Forbes
has anybody in history ever accurately self-described as "extremely calm"?
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