Some say that the negro’s musical ability is purely imitative. If this is so, why do all races impersonate him? NewYork1895
The plan, if I ever get to retire, is to move to serious Viking country and take up hill running. cc @ArtyBagger
hughcards · Hugh MacLeod
Bitcoin is great, but don’t forget about Dre.
Following @POTUS @realDonaldTrump re-election announcement in #OrlandoRally I’m joining @seanhannity @FoxNews for reaction cc @AmericaFirstPAC @AmericaFirstPol
RT @GregGifford: This is my new favorite answer box...
When I see a MATH hat in the wild it puts a smile on my face and I want to run and high-five the wearer. Let’s Make America Think Harder. 😀👍🇺🇸
How'd we do? 🍕
RT @GideonLett: Great celebrating ⁦@AspenInstitute⁩ inaugural tech policy fellows in #SF w ⁦@BetsOnTech⁩ ⁦@lizzadwoskin⁩ ⁦@craignewmark⁩ ⁦…
GitHub acquires code review company Pull Panda, makes subscriptions free for Pull Reminders and two other services but will discontinue enterprise subscriptions (@maryjofoley / ZDNet)
Kathryn Schulz on how her father made sure that books were an integral part of his daughters' childhoods.
RT @samstein: The taxpayer funded White House press secretary is now giving a speech at the president’s campaign launch
RT @nycjim: Breitbart veteran Katherine Gorka is expected to be named by Trump as new secretary for Customs and Border Protection. https://…
How to schedule iOS text messages with the Shortcuts app
Elizabeth Warren wants to direct more government pension assets toward black asset managers. That sounds like a great idea to me.
RT @DavidCornDC: Did some say “grope”? Or “grab”?
RT @ebruenig: Are insurance companies keeping phony provider network lists to prevent patients from getting access to mental healthcare? ht…
Ed Sheeran enlists Eminem, Cardi B, Khalid and many others for ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’
.@NewYorker staff writers @jiatolentino, @dstfelix, and @frynaomifry sat down with @SeanFennessey, Editor In Chief of The @ringer, to discuss how the 94 year old publication found its voice on the web. Listen here!
John Wick Hex turns you into a cold, calculated killer
Remember when we thought the worst thing Max Landis ever did was that 150 page Patrick Bateman impression/“analysis” of Carly Rae Jepsen? God, what a total monster.
Rick Ross' workout regimen 'RossFit' will change your life! Watch the full method here:
RT @AndrewFeinberg: Hey, it looks like @PressSec just committed a Hatch Act violation on live national television on the same day @USOPM se…
RT @MouhamadAmer: I love you, Ben... never gets old ⁦@bhorowitz⁩
bhorowitz · Ben Horowitz
Across party lines, Massachusetts voters say it's time to put the breaks on face surveillance.
RT @joshscampbell: The White House @PressSec is currently speaking on stage at a re-election campaign rally for the President.
Here is your #USMNT starting XI to take on 🇬🇾 in tonight's #GoldCup2019 opener! Lineup Notes 📰:
A Beautiful But Insolent Bird of Paradise Refuses to Let Sir David Attenborough Get a Word in Edgewise
Literally @blackmirror 🙃 This treadmill generates electricity while you run ⚡️
A special treat to be able to salute Claude Stout, distinguished leader of TDI (Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing), as he received a lifetime achievement award. It’s been an honor to work with him and other advocates to advance #accessibility in communications!
Wow! I wanna vote for her!
“The people on the line are gonna be there, holding the ground, like we always do. But at Standing Rock, we discovered that we need non-Native allies to stand with us. The fear is that these laws will make allies too afraid to come join us.”
RT @valburge: @AuschwitzMuseum Australia has arbitrary indefinite detention of refugees and they, including children, are referred to by th…
RT @BradTakei: Unreal. Men, we need to do better.🤦
ICYMI: @reinpk (Co-Founder/CEO, @Segment) shares the amazing story of how @Segment started off as a tool in the education space and why his team decided to pivot. Part 1 of 6
Good question...
🤯 @MortalKombat DANCE OFF!!!! #AGT
Drain that swamp, baby
New Twist Found in the Story of Life’s Start
"I don't think they understand how, like, quiet it is and how boring it is," says Gwen Lynch about living on a tiny island where she is the only student in her school. Lynch's mom says she is happy her daughter avoided the drama of a regular school.
Are you a fan of the new Grabber Lime color for the new Shelby GT500?
Americans are spending more time with digital media than ever: 6.3 hours a day in 2018, up 7 percent from the year before. It’s the holiday season for data nerds: That is, Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends Report is here:
Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day
"We're stuck inside buildings all day, but out here, you can feel nature's breeze, smell the earth, river and trees," says a Seoul resident camping in a city park in the daytime
Fact-checking AOC on Amazon's "starvation wages"
“I should not be here with you, but you made me come.” In his searing appearance before lawmakers, Luis Alvarez called himself "lucky" to be able to undergo endless chemotherapy. - @TODAYShow
#1yrago Secret recording of weeping children begging for their parents while a Border Patrol official mocks them
#everymothercounts #givingbirthinamerica @everymomcounts
.Elizabeth Yin/@dunkhippo33 of @HustleFundVC discussing bootstrapping techniques Future of Angel Investing & Startup Funding #launchfestival
Different employer. Still the single best way to track a Trump speech — real-time factchecking instead of stenography.
The first 20 years you measure success with grades, only to realize that the real value is in learning to learn and critical thinking. The second 20 years you measure success by how much money you made, only to realize that how you spend time, and with whom, is most important.
RT @samstein: This Trump speech is just devastating for Clinton’s 2020 campaign
RT @JamilChade: Por contatos ilegais e troca de SMS, procuradores são afastados de investigaçã Suíça via @U…
Would have liked a follow-up: “He once named one of the pups Donald J. Trump and wanted the president to take it with him to the White House, but the dog sadly was shot by one of his neighbors, he said.”
This is the great theme of Lanzmann’s “Shoah”, incidentally: the majority of Jews who died in the Holocaust were simply wiped out: deported and gased, or else shot. They leave no record. The experience of internment in concentration camps was unusual, even at Auschwitz.
RT @jack_____enship: covering 🦋 by @KaceyMusgraves on 6 different instruments including the nose melodica! Being bored is fun…
RT @Thriobologist: Brian's Riddle Fail! And Why Aren't There More Female Magicians? Great video by @shwood, well worth watching the whole…
RT @jbenton: "In 2019 alone, sites in the network published over 90,000 new articles about Game of Thrones." NINET…
RT @Junmai1103: Xi's phone calls are always requested by the other side, according to Xinhua style. No need to read too much into it. The r…
If you thought our testing standards were exhaustive, just wait til you hear how @wirecutterdeals approaches deals.
The Fed begins its two-day policy meeting, and will issue a new statement and economic projections. Read more:
RT @WillBlackmon: I’m not really the activist type. But this is ridiculous. I really feel bad for these kids in Warwick. 1st the conso…
Indiana's attorney general is being sued by four women who say he groped them
Where I am sleeping tonight.
TONIGHT: Are corporations jumping on the rainbow bandwagon just to bring in the green? @jaboukie hits the Pride circuit to find out:
TIL it is becoming traditional at conferences in Australia to open your talk by acknowledging that the land belongs to indigenous Australians, which is quite cool.
If Katherine Gorka blocks the border half as well as her husband blocks journalists on Twitter who report factual if inconvenient stories, she'll undoubtedly prosper under Trump.
RT @ttagaris: No better time than today — because Bernie Beats Trump. Here’s a link:
Just a reminder: Donald Trump is a coward. He is a misogynist. He has torn apart the moral fabric of this country. And I believe his kryptonite is a strong woman who can’t be silenced.
Postcards from San Francisco: spotted at sidewalk level on the corner of stairs to an apartment, Haight near Masonic.
This is not about the @NRA (pictured behind us). But they are standing in our way. See how we're saying #EnoughIsEnough at
"No more #manels." @NIHDirector declares he will no longer speak in panels that don't include any women. #GenderDiversity #WomeninScience @CNN
RT @NathanaelB: That failure to innovate has created the opening into which Facebook has waltzed, Libra in hand, ready to fix the fundament…
See if you can solve today's mini puzzle:
Bring the beauty and wonder of outer space a little closer to home with these Applets 🛰️
RT @NYTnickc: Ex-MLB star Lenny Dykstra spent 9 hours dumpster diving outside a Jersey Mike’s with his friend, a tag-team wrestler who goes…
Important thread.
RT @ddale8: "We have reformed the VA, and Veterans Choice is now the law," Pence, introducing Trump, says of a program that became the law…
It felt like more
Facebook's Calibra Is a Secret Weapon For Monetizing Its New Cryptocurrency
Trump thinks he’s “under siege.” If only.
When I say tar, you say iff.
RT @BarackObama: This is worth a read: a thought-provoking reminder that education reform isn’t a cure-all. As a supporter of education ref…
Max Scherzer broke his nose after taking a ball off the face during a bunting drill.
Tiffany Cabán for Queens District Attorney #caban
Rick Santorum's point on @AC360: Trump "will talk about how he took on the establishment," and "the media is part of the elite establishment."
World we have something epic dropping this summer #TopADiTop #Dweet #Weekend #MAG 🎶🎵🎼🎹🎤🎧🎬
RT @budlight: @wojespn Today we salute you, Adrian Wojnarowski, you break news so fast on Twitter that you may actually be from the future.…
Proud to be recognized by the michelinguide and to be a part of a delicious tasting event tomorrow at @springplace Beverly Hills! Link in bio for tickets. ⬆️ @ 189 by Dominique Ansel
i guess i get why it needs to be covered but oh man i don't need to hear anything about trump's dumb speech
It’s an entirely different kind of flying.
Daily Beast: India Bullies Twitter Into Banning Accounts of American, British Students Thousands of Miles Away via @thedailybeast
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will launch on June 21st by @Grg
RT @JudyCBPP: The Trump admin’s proposal to change how poverty is calculated would cut Medicaid, Medicare, and premium tax credits. It woul…
TONIGHT: Trump's bad polls are coming from inside Fox News! #LSSC
This is why you never let the algorithm pick the restaurant
An incredible @ComedyCentral BTS team made this 13-min. doc about the last season of @broadcity -- Check it out and hear from our crew + collaborators on how we made the show. ❤️❤️ Also #Broadcityfyc -- why not!
“We are taking kids from one group, and giving them to another — from migrants and refugees, to “real” Americans. That is the exact and precise definition of actual genocide. This is real.”
Slack’s $17 billion direct listing could be the IPO game-changer Silicon Valley has been waiting for. But others say it's a techie delusion. (SPOT)
👇🏼new a16z startup: @meettally!
Thank you!!
Iran Threatens To Breach Nuclear Deal #WhatDoYouThink?
“suddenly” 😩
Remember this?
Anthony · Anthony DeRosa🗽
Excited to speak at the @WSJ #FutureofWork series alongside @kmin, Founder of @TheMuse, interviewed by @ChipCutter on "Shaking Up the Workday". If you're in NYC 6/20 - join us for an awesome night! Request invitation: More info here:
I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the @AspenPolicyHub as part of the inaugural cohort of Incubator Fellows. I’ll be learning learn more about the policy process and focusing on encryption, data privacy, and data security:
AirrQuotes are going to make a lot of people happy!
Manga Tiles are the best kids toys for adults to also play with. Discuss
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