real names be proof; maybe so and maybe not
RT @GErenewables: Today we are thrilled to announce that we have produced the world’s largest wind turbine blade ! The Haliade-X 12 MW 107-…
Nick Cave, on why live music matters: "We all feel a mutual and urgent call to traverse our individual suffering and just fucking lose ourselves" Endorse
@fredwilson @whitneymcn happy cover Friday, here is Widespread Panic doing And It Stoned Me
RT @MusicoloJake: One of my students who wrote his paper on 4’33”. He also handed in a real one...
I mean, I guess it really says something about his songwriting: that these were real things that happened, to real people. Yes, we know that they may not have been real people in all instances, but as a technique it's something fantastic
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning Thursday. This week I am into the beautiful sound of the human voice singing. Here is Spellling with My Other Voice
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning Thursday. This week I am into the beautiful sound of the human voice singing. Here is Spelling with My Other Voice
RT @aweissman: Female protagonists in Springsteen songs: Mary, Crazy Janey, Little Angel, Sandy, Kitty, Puerto Rican Jane, Rosalita, Diamo…
Female protagonists in Springsteen songs: Mary, Crazy Janey, Little Angel, Sandy, Kitty, Puerto Rican Jane, Rosalita, Diamond Jackie, Terry, Wendy, Sherry, Candy And some men: Wild Billy, G-Man, Killer Joe, Hazy Davy, Spanish Johnny, Billy, Terry, Eddie, Magic Rat, Sonny
A few bars played in my mind as I read nearly all of these. “Hey Eddie?” A few took even me a google, though...
I mean, also, Tom Joad.
"A thought about newsletters in general: thinking of them as “newsletters” is usually bad and wrong. It’s just the term we’ve got" --@warrenellis
Great review of Ian McEwan's "Machines Like Me" "[W]e worry not just what robots might do to us but what we might do to them, to say nothing of what they might do to us because of what we already do to one another"
Have you read it? Looks great (cc @aweissman @thegothamgal )
Out next Tuesday on Kindle...pre-ordered it. I especially like the idea of "resurrecting" Turing in an alternate history of the 1980's (giving the author a great conduit for commenting on AI and man's inhumanity to man/machine)
John Pitts at Doubleday saw our Twitter convo the other day and this showed up at my office today (cc @aweissman @thegothamgal )
So interesting that almost 30 years into his musical career, Trey seems to be unable to stop playing live, in whatever configuration he can. "the storyteller has no choice...."
"The 10-person team plotting the next progressive era in American politics is crammed into a small, top-floor WeWork suite near the borough’s waterfront."
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Love this minimalist-type jam from @kraydiomusic
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Finally got a decent night's sleep. So - good, good morning. What better way to bring it in than a new song from Reigning Sound and Greg Cartwright's vocals (cc: @alexlines)
another new one from Merge Records and the Mountain Goats
RT @NYCTSubway: Today, we were proud to thank 16 yr transit veteran T/O Kiffin for his bravery, sound judgement, and patience that prevente…
RT @Super70sSports: Happy Jackie Robinson Day! Thank you, 42.
As they said, "thread":
Found it! Short podcasts. The Open University has a series of 1-minute podcasts at @OUFreeLearning Economics: Astronomy: Religion:
Yessss. The opposite of @JasonHirschhorn's approach
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, been up listening to the rain for an hour Here is jamila woods, giovanni. such an incredible song I first heard yesterday
"The functionality of a service (no ads, binge watching, user interface, curation, notifications, price, etc) are just as important, or possibly more important, than whether or not you can watch The Incredibles on it"
Extraordinary performance
Happy birthday Al Green One of the most beautiful voices in the world. Check out this extraordinary, acoustic performance of Simply Beautiful
"Transgression is fundamental to the artistic imagination, because the imagination deals with the forbidden" - Nick Cave
Incredible Stevie Wonder jam from 1974. The band is so tight
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Happy cover friday! J Mascis does Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, via @subpop
"Never mind what's been selling/It's what you're buying"
RT @aquadrunkard: Fugazi :: Instrument (Documentary) -- Jem Cohen's 1999 Fugazi doc, streaming in full now at AD ht…
This thread
Meet the teens creating a generation gap in music. The definition of "if I have to explain, you wouldn't understand" "These artists have virtually no media profile, no radio play, most don’t seem to have a record deal and they barely give interviews"
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Incredible new song from Tierra Whack - Unemployed
there are a bunch of new songs by @TierraWhack and I like this one too
"I'm gonna win regardless Swear that I work the hardest"
Just go to a Sofar instead ....
A Regulatory Framework for the Internet Regulators need to stop blindly regulating "the Internet" and instead understand that every part of the Internet stack is different, and only one part is suffering from market failure.
this is a super essay Ben and particularly well-written and organized, thanks
No hyperbole, we listened to Reckoning at least 5,000 times during college So. Central Rain and Pretty Persuasion still give me chills (cc: @thetapeleader @craigsmorgan)
"Most podcasts will range from 15-40 minutes long" Smart. The world needs shorter podcasts
@fredwilson @whitneymcn good morning, some beautiful music from Jake Xerxes Fussell
we need more of his wonderful songs on this thread, so here is Raggy Levy
so good, saw him play in a church on Montague Street the other day. Naturally, he is on @pofbachelors, such an amazing label
Super thread "It's a renaissance of creativity"
RT @RetroNewsNow: 🎶The Clash released their debut studio album 42 years ago today, April 8, 1977
RT @BigHairPlasGras: 43 years ago today, the greatest baseball film ever made was released in theaters. #BadNewsBears…
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Woke up grumpy, let's see if this loud fast works Titus Andronicus
you need a happy song Andy. we heard this young woman perform on friday night at the opening of The Shed. she has a great voice
superb, thanks. Needed to get the aggro out of my system Also
Wow. This is an astounding, detailed and highly emotional article that gets at some of the roots of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, and psychiatric drugs in particular, by @RachelAviv
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