real names be proof; maybe so and maybe not
RT @donwinslow: Dear Writers, Unbelievably at 65 years old and for the first time in my life, I find myself today with three of my books i…
"Can you have a moment of transcendence on such a sub-par instrument? I got close the other night" - @austinkleon on the act of creation
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Soccer Mommy
Good mornging. Sasami
@fredwilson sold!
The thing about Russian Doll that is particularly great is that, until the last few seconds of the very last episode, you really have no idea how it is going to end
@fredwilson check this out from #friezeartfair in LA - an installation made with Grateful Dead cassettes
We are heading there this afternoon after this flight from JFK to LAX lands. Lots of headwinds. Feels like a long slog today
I heard lots of tales of 7hrs+ East>West routes. Good luck. Hope you get to see this installation
Our flight will be 6:15. Not that bad! We will look for it. Do you know what gallery is showing it?
Frieze Los Angeles | Booth A04 Paramount Pictures Studios 5515 Melrose Avenue
These Hartford shows in April 86 were the last shows I went to. The end of an era that took me to about thirty over eight years.
ha, we were at the same shows. Hartford just up the road from Middletown
I wanted to pull out the tapes and look at the set lists but the gallerist was horrified when I asked if I could do that.
@aweissman @whitneymcn Destroyer covering Bowie! happy cover friday everyone
that's quite good. Here's Lucinda Williams covering one of the best songs ever - A Song For You. Happy cover Friday
7 years ago tonight Maybe the peak of Linsanity It was so much fun while it lasted
RT @fred_guttenberg: It was not supposed to be the the last time I would see Jaime. For those who still want to deny the reality of gun vi…
@aweissman @whitneymcn this showed up in my stream this week. I dig it.
Good morning, I've been deep back into Lucinda Williams' music this week "Conversation with you was like a drug/It wasn't your face so much as it was your words"
RT @tweetsoutloud: So we say goodnight to @MarsRovers Opportunity and thank you for years of sharing your adventures with us. And to a team…
Good contrarian take on Fortnite/Marshmello from @_davidturner_
nothing beats getting on a bus to tour, playing small venues, doing impromptu shows -- as PG would say, "the stuff that doesn't scale"
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, some new, and lovely, Jessica Pratt
RT @chr1sa: @joshelman @conormyhrvold @timoreilly The greatest message @timoreilly has given us is "create more value than you capture." Th…
RT @vurnt22: Another Thing- About Lyrics- DON’T EDIT BEFORE YOU CREATE. Let whatever your subconscious or Muse dictates be manifest - WRITE…
Brandi Carlile: "I am such a misfit ... I was never invited to any parties and never got to attend a dance"
RT @SenSchumer: Four generations of Schumer’s from Brooklyn! Great Grandpa Abe, 95. Great Grandma Selma, 90. Me, Grandpa Chuck, 68. Mom Jes…
Warren Ellis: "A legible presence on the web is also important to me... Put bluntly, I need to be able to signal that I’m still alive"
"The transition to electric cars and clean energy is happening faster than anyone expected. All politicians can do is choose to accelerate it."
Reminds me of the growth in the NYC tech sector during Bloomberg's twelve years. It was happening no matter what. But they did pour gas on the fire
Yup. All it takes is a little accelerant. One of those that Bloomberg provided was simply *acknowledging* and celebrating that it was happening
RT @mattOswaltVA: I just want our next president to have the steady composure of the dog that walks across stage while the Rolling Stones p…
RT @splice: What music did you make this weekend?
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Here is Lucinda Williams' - Dust - one of my favorite of her songs
Is empathy poisoning a thing? I’m a shame ghost now
I’m sure Eighth Grade is a great film, but I’ll never know, because I died a dozen times of embarrassment before the halfway point.
which is what makes it so great
RT @0PN: there’s no such thing as a “random” Dinosaur Jr song okay ?!
The Story of the Clash Narrated by Chuck D
This short story by T.C. Boyle is fantastic
Great profile by @cbattan of Pamela Adlon and "Better Things," probably the most authentic show on tv right now, it is so good
"He was simply a youth tremendously excited with life, and though he was a con-man, he was only conning because he wanted so much to live and to get involved with people who would otherwise pay no attention to him" - Kerouac
Happy birthday to "Cowboy" Neal Cassady
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Happy sludgy cover Friday Sonic Youth covering I Wanna Be Your Dog
"You come at the king . . ."
"The simple goal is a sustainable open web where the goals of creators, curators and consumers are aligned around the best possible experience"
RT @NaithanJones: Happy birthday J Dilla
RT @Birthof_theCool: [2019/2/7] J Dilla / Donuts was released 13 years ago today!
This is fantastic. Cocaine Cowboys, live, from @MissMargoPrice Heady Nashville music ftw
RT @stvnsnthn: NYC Citi Bike docked bike share program has been in service since 2013. The numbers are impressive. 72.8m rides 146.1m mil…
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Morning, Ryan Adams Fuck the Rain
RT @arctictony: Tired: Last-click attribution is a lousy way to assign value Wired: We attribute subscriptions to the last story read befor…
RT @seacorc: Julian Edelman is the first Jewish player to get the #SuperBowl⁠ MVP! L'Chaim is a Hebrew toast meaning "to life". #Patriot…
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, Girlpool
"The label is often associated with something called 'the grunge movement.' Exploitation of this association has frequently proven financially fruitful"
The about page for @subpop is so good
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