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From the files of 1993:
These were simpler times...
So I guess Top Gun: Maverick will not be pairing the youthful 57-year-old Tom Cruise with the geriatric 62-year-old Kelly McGillis because Hollywood?
Would they find the authenticity of being called racist white trash to be equally refreshing?
RT @brianstelter: "Talking with the rallygoers, I couldn't find one who faulted Trump for demonizing the freshman representatives... If any…
This is the house that @jack built.
FlixMobility raises $531 million for carpooling options on its AI-driven mobility platform by @obrien
Does no one remember the highly inappropriate Bad Boys video
I'm sorry but this is no weirder or more fanciful than the rash of "sexy human cat" music videos in the 1980s
This thread is a human rights violation.
Chris do you know what happens when the Youths of Today don't remember the coke-fueled aesthetic of the 1980s? They are doomed to repeat it
80s pop culture should be taught in schools. We are failing the children.
Do you know that teenagers legitimately wore shoulder pads back then
I have been trying to bring back parachute pants for years... It was a golden age.
Oh @MittRomney no no no.
Every generation gets the Jeff Flake it deserves.
RT @WhitfordBradley: I never understood how Nazi Germany could have happened. I get it now.
"Well there's a lot of talk about the fact that @realDonaldTrump was a pedophile. I know nothing about it, I hear he was a pedophile...I don't know."
This is great news. Though I'm a little sad I never got a TRONC t-shirt.
Honestly, the fucking balls on this guy. Trump goes on racist 48 hour racist rant against 4 congress people. But yes, please lecture us more about civility u twit.
Pop quiz: what is average tenure of a Trump cabinet member?
Ah, the e-scooter revolution is in full swing in Oakland.
Why didn't @realDonaldTrump leave between 2009-2016 when he was endlessly criticizing the president and the USA? If he hates America so much, he should have left!
Keep calm and continue to Instagram this...
But now we're not talking about the concentration camps. And he knows the racist stuff will blow over because it always does. So, he wins. Because we keep falling for it. And so does the media. The End
So suddenly, we're debating how racist he is, and what countries they are really from, and why the GOP Clown Klan Posse doesn't denounce him...
First, he sends @VP to inspect the concentration camps. Turns out, they are pretty horrifying. Except there is video of @VP seeing people in cages and not giving a shit...
Media and twitter backlash ensues. @realDonaldTrump isn't having it. So he wakes up Sunday morning and starts tweeintg non-stop racist gibberish about @AOC and @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib and @AyannaPressley.
Some thoughts about @realDonaldTrump and how he plays us... The last 48 hours have been a perfect example...
Ah, the joys of @SFBART : Whether it's paying $2.50 to ride one stop, or $14 for a roundtrip from Fruitvale to SF, or the ticket machines that don't take credit cards, or the stations with one working ticket machine, or the chronically late trains. Well done, Bay Area.
There are Stabucks, and then there are Starbucks that seemed designed primarily to discourage homeless people from lingering. I am in one of those: Earsplitting music, all outlets covered, employees patrolling tables. Very uncomfortable.
It's possible to be even more pro-business?
Biggest problem with robots replacing jobs has to be that a lot more people are going to have a lot more time to be terrible on Twitter. aside from destitution and societal decay ofc
Pretty sure twitter is mostly machines already tho...
If you don't know the story, this hed makes it sounds like Trump is on some noble crusade.
Strange @nytimes headline: We won't call Trump a racist in the hed but we're fine labeling his targets 'rogue', aka crazy extremists shunned by their own party cause @maureendowd says so I guess.
fascinating thing is that it has worked — Facebook, twitter google have zero spine, allowing threats to hang over them like a sword of Damocles i get why crying “censorship” is an effective political tool but wonder if hammering tech cos is a popular position with the public?
Imagine explaining this one to your kids.
Those pillow cases on their heads simply do not meet the accepted definition of Klansmen hoods.
RT @RobertoCiurleo: « Une comédie musicale façon Broadway » tellement fier ! Merci 🙏 @latimes @bdelourdesmusic
The musical hero we need...
Jesus H. 🙄
I leave the damn country for 3 weeks...
My latest for the @latimes : The debut of a Broadway-style musical 'Bernadette de Lourdes' (@bdelourdesmusic) is most welcome in this city which is recovering from a sharp drop in religious pilgrims:
My latest for the @latimes : The debut of a Broadway-style musical 'Bernadette de Lourdes' (@Bernadette2019) is most welcome in this city which is recovering from a sharp drop in religious pilgrims:
Journalism, ftw!
Welcome back to #VBTransform
Ganapathi Pulipaka, CDS of @Accenture explains reinforcement learning vs #AI. #VBTransform
@nytimes was challenging bringing ai and machine learning into its journalism. Used #AI to analyze satellite images to determine that some villages in Africa were being systematically burned. Also used #AI to automate analysis of Vegas shooter recordings. #VBTransform
@nytimes is creating machine learning team to work on core challenges faced by news org. Teams led by data scientists rather than internal employees from existing depts who may not understand power of algorithms. #VBTransform
the robert redford gif is a rorschach age test if you, like me, are aghast that people didnt immediately know it was redford, i regret to inform you u are an old all the youngs thought it was zak galfanako
I thought it was purple.
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