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This tweet did not age well... Oh wait, this was just from yesterday.
The 2-hour cooking class we took in Italy's Puglia that lasted 9 hours: Olive oil, focaccia, olive oil, pasta, olive oil, vaccino, nap, olive oil. From me via @WeBlogtheWorld #travel #italy #italianfood #oliveoil
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Pinterest shares rise 28% on first day of trading, worth $13 billion by @obrien
Seems to be a good time to remember that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job.
Foie Gras Faux Pas: The culinary misadventures of a California couple deep in the heart of duck liver country. By me in @AltaJournal
European Parliament passes new regulations aimed at curtailing the power of digital platforms operated by tech giants; EU council must now approve the measures (@obrien / VentureBeat) mazon-and-google/
If you were one of those people who thought that the Barr memo had Changed Everything for Trump, congrats and I want to play poker with you.
Still depressed that 40% of the country is still down for his non-stop clown show of a presidency.
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European Parliament passes online platform rules placing new limits on Amazon and Google by @obrien
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Am I too late to start the obligatory @jackDorseyHat twitter account?
How Jack Dorsey plans to change Twitter.
Can't we just talk about that hat?
I asked the Versailles press office. They said it's not true: "La rumeur qui circule sur les réseaux sociaux est fausse. Elle est sans fondement historique, compte tenu du caractère royal du domaine."
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In the country data, measles has exploded in the Ukraine, which accounts for a sizable chunk of this increase. They have been the target of Russian disinformation campaigns aimed a creating fear around vaccines and destabilizing the country. Measles also surging in Yemen.
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Apple called 'whimsical feudal lord' in Swedish publisher's open letter supporting Spotify complaint by @obrien
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Leave it to the Dumb Fuck in Chief to demonstrate his know-nothingness at the worst possible moment. Please, stick to your imaginary wall, Mr. Structural Engineer.
found out that the french once called cotton candy "barbe à papa" — which means "father's beard" — so im not sure i can eat french food anymore
EU gives final approval to the new Copyright Directive, with its controversial Article 11 and 13 provisions, after 19 of the 28 member countries voted in favor (@obrien / VentureBeat) -facebook/
EU gives final approval to the new Copyright Directive, with its controversial Article 11 and 13 provisions, after 19 of the 28 member countries voted in favor (@obrien / VentureBeat) -facebook/
Nokia's factory in Finland, where execs say they have automated some product lines to ~99%, shows how high-speed connectivity can transform manufacturing (@obrien / VentureBeat)
EU countries give final approval to copyright reform aimed at Google and Facebook by @obrien
This one includes a phone number...
Tisseo has launched a new project at the Jeanne D'arc metro station called Transport Amoureux. It displays Craigslist Missed Connection type messages. I'm not sure if it's genius or creepy.
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Whether the government can definitely prove one or both would seem to be far from certain at this point.
On the second part, the indicment says Assange offered to help decrypt part of a password to action another section of the database, though it does not appear to have been successful.
Thread: Just updated my @VentureBeat story looking more closely at the indictment of @wikileaks founder @JulianAssange_ .
Even assuming they get Assange extradited, it's going to be very interesting to see if the US Gov can really prove its case. The question: How much did he actively encourage Manning and directly help her?
On the first part, the indictment mainly says they were in communication as she has downloading and sending information. The government will have to show this played a role in motivating her.
RT @AmichaiStein1: #BREAKING: @wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested by police at the Ecuadorian embassy in London https://t.c…
Inside Nokia’s factory of the future: Robots, data, automation, 5G, and even some humans via @VentureBeat
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Great... Except their podcast app has sucked hard for years...
In the meantime, please accept my deepest and most sincere apologies because I'm sure in some way this entirely my fault! 😂😂😂😂😭😭
So I have filled them out again by hand and put them in the post again along with another RIB to reconfirm all the information you already have. So, fingers crossed!
This message was in the form of a PDF which I downloaded and printed out. It was a copy of a letter I had previously responded to asking in January if I wanted my credit reimbursed. I sent that letter in with a RIB, but apparently they were lost...
Thanks, but after 2 hours calling and waiting and talking with "client service", I found an old Microsoft Surface and managed to charge it and download the old browser so I could access the functions on your "website" so I could read the message you sent...
Welcome to the startup nation...
Me calling @urssaf : I can't ever get any functions on your website to work. Can you help me? URSSAF: It only works with one browser: Microsoft Explorer. Me: Um, are you sure? I think Microsoft stopped updating that a few years ago? Also, I have a Mac. URSSAF: ... Me: ...
But mostly @joshdzieza spent 10 days driving around Wisconsin unable to find any evidence of Foxconn doing anything at all.
My favorite part of this story is Foxconn getting caught showing “renderings” for the site that were actually just photos of a park in England
All exactly 100% predictable right from the start. How are there this many suckers working in economic development around the country?
This has been bothering me all week. ‘Data ARE the New Sex’ surely?
Hate Your Internet Provider? Look to Space: Facebook, Amazon and others are aiming to blanket low-earth orbit with satellites to deliver fast online access anywhere, at anytime, for anyone. It’s the commoditization of space
Great, all tech giants whose names are synonymous with GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Rock on.
France, we need to talk...
7 Things to do in Oulu Finland During the Frozen Springtime via @WeBlogtheWorld
As a journalist, I appreciate living in a city where "Woman finds lost wedding ring" is a front page story.
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