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Facebook chief AI scientist joins $4.5 million round for algorithmic music startup Antescofo by @obrien
From @emilybell re gov't funding journalism: "Authoritarian governments will *always* take over control of the media. But in the meantime it is more likely you will have poor democratic decisions made when there is no well supported independent journalism"
Pose this question to journos in France. I'm pretty sure almost all newspapers here take some form of direct govt subsidy (but I don't know the details). This was a sticky issue when the govt wanted to give money to Charlie Hebdo after the shootings, and CH didn't want it.
Try this thought experiment: If new tech made it cheap to fix rich guys whose greed outweighs their survival instinct, would @AOC stop needing to tweet-correct them? I would think not. I think the desire to raise straw-dude arguments precedes the choice of not tweeting goofiness.
How is he still a thing?
IOTA partners with Nova to launch seed fund for distributed ledger startups by @obrien
Next week: the gilets jaunes explain the international vaccine conspiracy.
Cc: @Gendarmerie
Dear @Toulouse : Were these really police, or casseurs/provcateurs disguised as police? Their badges said police, but their equipment and clothing seemed ... suspicious. In any case, their presence on Saturday made people nervous.
lol whitewater
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To anyone who has ever said AI isn’t ready to solve the world’s hardest problems...
Can we talk about the creepy baby hand?
La ville jaune. Encore.
Let me assure all my friends in the United States that KFC on Twitter in France is far and away the weirdest goddamn thing you will see on the internet today. Bonus: The last 10 seconds is how I sound when I speak French.
Israel's DriveNets raises $110 million to simplify telco service deployments by @obrien
RT @Jason_wilson: Good analysis here from @obrien.
In the event Amazon does come knocking on other doors, community leaders would do well to consider all of this. Amazon is not looking to move to your town. Amazon wants total control and submission. Or else.
It sounds like the company isn't going to search for a replacement location, which also is puzzling. Why extort all those tax breaks for something you didn't really need? Why waste so much time? It'makes the company look cruel.
But consider: If that is true about support being "overwhelming" (IF), then is Amazon pulling out because a few lefties and hippies are protesting? No. The issue is the company expects 100% fealty. Just ask the Seattle city council.
Local booster groups like @TechNYC insist that there is still "overwhelming local support" for Amazon. In a statement, Exec Dir Julie Samuels bemoans the loss: "There can be no doubt that bad politics got in the way of good policy here.”
Even after all this alleged research and study, Amazon somehow managed to miss the fact that there might be some local opposition to the NY campus. Did they never go beyond the front door of city hall? It's unbelievably clumsy.
The choice of NYC region and DC region would have been obvious choices from Day 1 given the cluster of talent, without having to waste the time of countless communities who probably never had a chance but still devoted resources to pitching the company.
This kind of economic development, pitting one community against another, is one of the more sickening aspects of latter-day American capitalism. Amazon still managed to kick this abusive competition up several nauseating notches.
The fact that Amazon held communities hostage for more than a year while they conducted this public circus/slash hunt for an HQ2 is appalling, and tells you everything you need to know about the company's intentions and values.
What every community should learn from the Amazon HQ2 debacle (thread!)
Translation: I am watching Fox News.
Bravo to everyone who fought against this massive, sickening corporate giveaway: Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Headquarters
RT @FrenchCrossroad: Secret spots in the Pyrénées: Aulon is the perfect place to find your winter bonheur: by @obri…
EU proposal targets digital platforms, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple via @VentureBeat
EU proposal targets digital platforms, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple by @obrien
Huge news in our neighborhood: Airbus A380 Production to Be Halted as Orders Dry Up
Netflix confirms: Friends IS the business model.
A fresh round of capital
Is this tragic or LOLFAIL? I'm just having a hard time deciding: QuadrigaCX Lost Another $500K in Bitcoin By Mistake: EY Report via @coindesk
Apple still doesn't figure into India sales tallies. Xiaomi can take some comfort in in its sales there, though.
The numbers from Canalys for Apple iPhone sales in China last quarter are just...gruesome. A bloodbath for Xiaomi, too.
After BuzzFeed cuts, some staff are starting to question Jonah Peretti's leadership:
I mean, we are talking about the guy who blew $500 million in venture capital out his colon, right?
So am mulling three choices for column in @nytopinion this week. Will eventually do them all, but take my poll (even though I will do as I dang well please, I love a good crowdsource):
4. Trump's AI "plan."
It turns out that passing all the tests to get your driving licence in France is not the end, but rather the beginning of the bureaucratic process for obtaining said licence. Ceci n'est pas le bout du tunnel. 😂😂😂😂
Our 'hood...
If you tried and failed to follow the Twitter Q & A between Kara Swisher and Jack Dorsey because Twitter is terrible at that sort of thing, I threaded the tweets into some semblance of order here
Twitter is a burial ground for UX designers. But hey, it's only been 13 years, right? Maybe I shouldn't be so hasty to judge.
‘Ligue du LOL’ revealed to be 30 French male journalists using Facebook and Twitter to harass female counterparts harass-female-counterparts/ via @VentureBeat
‘Ligue du LOL’ revealed to be 30 French male journalists using Facebook and Twitter to harass female counterparts harass-female-counterparts/ via @VentureBeat
Good morning. I thought you should see this thread from yesterday in which the politics editor of the New York Times addresses coverage of Hillary Clinton and her emails in 2016.
“It’s okay to think some things and not say them out loud.” 50,000 BC-AD 2019. RIP
the problem was that they did treat these things as equal, when there was no real equivalency. so basically, they have learned nothing. which means here we go again for 2020. sad.
Has to be one of the most California things I've seen since moving to Toulouse. 🤙🤙🤙
you guys are talking about the #GRAMMYs but these two guys from Toulouse are all the talk here in France.
Wait, @origiful lives in France?
France's driving schools are protesting today over competition from online courses. Driving schools for years have operated under a kind of state-sanctioned blackmail system. Now, they are closing rapidly, and I say; Good riddance!
Easily the greatest website made in the last 25 years:
At @limebike, we want you to know our e-scooters are there for you 25 hours a day thanks to a design that makes them virtually indestructible...
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