@fredwilson @whitneymcn happy cover Friday, here is Widespread Panic doing And It Stoned Me https://soundcloud.com/widespreadpanic/and-it-stoned-me-42016-chattanooga-tn
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning Thursday. This week I am into the beautiful sound of the human voice singing. Here is Spellling with My Other Voice https://soundcloud.com/sacredbones/spellling-my-other-voice-1
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning Thursday. This week I am into the beautiful sound of the human voice singing. Here is Spelling with My Other Voice https://soundcloud.com/sacredbones/spellling-my-other-voice-1
Great review of Ian McEwan's "Machines Like Me" "[W]e worry not just what robots might do to us but what we might do to them, to say nothing of what they might do to us because of what we already do to one another" https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/04/22/man-woman-and-robot-in-ian-mcewans-new-novel
Have you read it? Looks great (cc @aweissman @thegothamgal )
Out next Tuesday on Kindle...pre-ordered it. I especially like the idea of "resurrecting" Turing in an alternate history of the 1980's (giving the author a great conduit for commenting on AI and man's inhumanity to man/machine)
John Pitts at Doubleday saw our Twitter convo the other day and this showed up at my office today (cc @aweissman @thegothamgal )
Two of my favorite NYC companies working together. Love it! https://twitter.com/albertwenger/status/1118520335316525058
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Love this minimalist-type jam from @kraydiomusic https://soundcloud.com/kraydio/hooray
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Finally got a decent night's sleep. So - good, good morning. What better way to bring it in than a new song from Reigning Sound and Greg Cartwright's vocals (cc: @alexlines) https://soundcloud.com/reigningsound/watching-my-baby
another new one from Merge Records and the Mountain Goats https://soundcloud.com/themountaingoats/sicilian-crest
Found it! Short podcasts. The Open University has a series of 1-minute podcasts at @OUFreeLearning Economics: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/people-politics-law/politics-policy-people/economics/60-second-adventures-economics Astronomy: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/science-maths-technology/science/physics-and-astronomy/60-second-adventures-astronomy-taking-galactic-census Religion: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/culture/religious-studies/60-second-adventures-religion
Yessss. The opposite of @JasonHirschhorn's approach
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, been up listening to the rain for an hour Here is jamila woods, giovanni. such an incredible song I first heard yesterday https://soundcloud.com/jamilawoods/giovanni
@aweissman @whitneymcn I am baptizing my new Pro-Ject turntable with Thelonius Monk
this was so counterintuitive to me but i'm getting better at this as i pay better attention. still catch myself all the time though. https://twitter.com/tinybuddha/status/1116370570352975872
The engineer in me wants to solve problems. But I too have leaned that just being there and listening can help a lot. I feel like parenting is a great way to learn that lesson.
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Happy cover friday! J Mascis does Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, via @subpop https://soundcloud.com/subpop/j-mascis-dont-do-me-like-that
we saw @victoryboyd do this cover of Nina Simone's Feeling Good last friday night at the opening of The Shed. it was so great. it is so great. https://soundcloud.com/victoryboyd/feeling-good
happy friday. here's conor oberst and phoebe bridgers delightful take on "Human" https://youtu.be/sr1sELZv-uQ
I hear the two of them have also been covering Lady Gaga's Shallow on this tour.
I’m long $dis myself and no $nflx at the moment. That said will never not pay $nflx at current pricing https://twitter.com/reformedbroker/status/1116469844772294657
This tweet and an email a friend sent me last week prompted my AVC post today https://avc.com/2019/04/functionality-vs-content/
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Incredible new song from Tierra Whack - Unemployed https://soundcloud.com/tierrawhack/unemployed
there are a bunch of new songs by @TierraWhack and I like this one too https://soundcloud.com/tierrawhack/gloria
@fredwilson @whitneymcn good morning, some beautiful music from Jake Xerxes Fussell https://soundcloud.com/paradise-of-bachelors/the-river-st-johns
we need more of his wonderful songs on this thread, so here is Raggy Levy https://soundcloud.com/paradise-of-bachelors/04-raggy-levy-1
"i got fresh fish this morning lady" i love the way he siings that line
Five core jobs of a CEO: 1. Nail down strategy for company 2. Deliver capital to pursue that strategy 3. Build team to execute 4. Communicate the hell out of company strategy (internally and externally) 5. Hold people accountable. https://twitter.com/matthewlaffer/status/1115406704915681280
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Woke up grumpy, let's see if this loud fast works Titus Andronicus https://soundcloud.com/titusandronicusofficial/i-blame-society
you need a happy song Andy. we heard this young woman perform on friday night at the opening of The Shed. she has a great voice https://soundcloud.com/victoryboyd/a-happy-song
superb, thanks. Needed to get the aggro out of my system Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z2_GKVkBvg
i saw that she had done a Sofar. that is great.
@aweissman @whitneymcn the wonderful @IAmKelseyLu covering 10cc https://soundcloud.com/kelseylu/im-not-in-love happy cover friday
Superb. Happy cover Friday. Dropkick Murphys doing Guns of Brixton https://soundcloud.com/dropkickmurphys/guns-of-brixton
i saw that coming Andy
ha, ok I need to mix up my techniques if my "tells" are that obvious
nooooo. that is what makes it fun
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, The Clash, The Guns of Brixton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgfdUzflEnw
I heard this sweet song on SoundCloud's new Stitches playlist this week https://soundcloud.com/michaelnauofficial/no-quit
@fredwilson @whitneymcn good morning, wet few days in SF, alot of the Mission in the Rain https://soundcloud.com/david-alan-davis/mission-in-the-rain-1
Should my partner @garybenitt click this link cc ⁦@brian_armstrong⁩ ⁦@farbood⁩ ⁦@balajis⁩ ⁦@fredwilson⁩ ...The joy of Bitcoin spam robots ...
Lots of that going around. Be careful!!
@aweissman @whitneymcn i heard about this band from Liverpool because they were killed in a car crash on tour in the US last week. really sad story. i dig their music https://soundcloud.com/thatbandofhers/harvey
venice canals #hasselblad #kodakfilm #california
A wet winter filled them up. They look so much better than they did last winter
i was going to ask about that. they did look so much better. although i was bummed to see a few scooters submerged.
Oy. I love the environmental aspects of bikes and scooters but we need to figure out how to keep them out of our lawns, sidewalks, and canals.
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Happy cover Friday Better Oblivion Community Center doing the 'Mats - Can’t Hardly Wait - from a few weeks ago. Love hearing the crowd sing along to "Hurry up, hurry up, ain't you had enough of this stuff" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIRwQCq5uxY
oh hell yes. i can get into this. here's Titus Andronicus covering the Mats' Treatment Bound https://soundcloud.com/titusandronicustheband/treatment-bound
A dream job: Stack is an internet treasure https://twitter.com/spolsky/status/1111267189133316097
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Feels to me like a Grateful Dead morning. Bird Song from 1990, with Branford Marsalis on sax adding beautiful texture to the song (and band) https://soundcloud.com/gratefuldead/bird-song-3-29-1990-nassau-colisuem-uniondale-ny
The reason I can't go to Dead shows (or whatever they call the successor groups) is nobody can sing these songs like Jerry did. They can come close on the guitar, but the voice - nope. https://soundcloud.com/gratefuldead/sugaree
"More young women in New York City are taking and excelling in AP Computer Science, shrinking the STEM gender gap and making us proud.” https://twitter.com/darrenbloch/status/1110204701503602688
Or better yet, were allowed to opt out of the school shoe contracts and negotiate their own?
But what if players also got 20% of shoe contracts?
My son and I just did some math. If the NCAA paid 20% of it's annual NCAA Tournament broadcast revenues pro-rata to every D1 college basketball player on a team roster, each player would make something like $40k a year.
I think it’s perfect that the lunatics wrecking Twitter are suing Twitter. I guess the Jack podcast tour did not do the trick. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1107817082723450880
and perfect that your anti twitter rants are on twitter.
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Something from the new Obnox record "punk-junk-funk" https://soundcloud.com/franklisa/cream
coming out of the gates strongly, eh? then i will put for this new one from Los Wilds https://soundcloud.com/burgerrecords/los-wilds-munequita-de-trapo
crypto flesh wounds... https://twitter.com/charliebilello/status/1107270576777977858
no different than startups except the transparency about what worked and what did not
i think the one difference is retail holding bag versus accredited (startup investing) ...and maybe why seeing your startups quoted price all day does not bring out the best in people...
I agree with the latter. Not sure about the former
@aweissman check out this Kickstarter project https://avc.com/2019/03/funding-friday-chiptunes/
@fredwilson @whitneymcn guitar, drone ....good morning Willie Lane https://soundcloud.com/meditations/willie-lane-guitar-army-of-one-excerpt
that meditations soundcloud account is pretty great. i like this https://soundcloud.com/meditations/andrew-chalk-english-bright-rivers-run-shimmer-in-the-sun-excerpt
Give users choice and entrepreneurs fuel to satisfy it and you will have a competitive market https://twitter.com/albertwenger/status/1105468936085225474
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