My phone (@ Love Yoga in Los Angeles, Calif)
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Soccer Mommy
Good mornging. Sasami
@fredwilson sold!
"This summer six young women will travel to Mendoza Argentina to teach coding curriculum to teachers and students in an effort to get computer science classes into the schools in Mendoza."
@fredwilson check this out from #friezeartfair in LA - an installation made with Grateful Dead cassettes
We are heading there this afternoon after this flight from JFK to LAX lands. Lots of headwinds. Feels like a long slog today
I heard lots of tales of 7hrs+ East>West routes. Good luck. Hope you get to see this installation
Our flight will be 6:15. Not that bad! We will look for it. Do you know what gallery is showing it?
Frieze Los Angeles | Booth A04 Paramount Pictures Studios 5515 Melrose Avenue
These Hartford shows in April 86 were the last shows I went to. The end of an era that took me to about thirty over eight years.
ha, we were at the same shows. Hartford just up the road from Middletown
I wanted to pull out the tapes and look at the set lists but the gallerist was horrified when I asked if I could do that.
Amazon and NYC massively misread perception
100% agree. Now we have to do the hard work of mending fences and finding a plan B. I sent this to @AOC today: I hope she reads it.
It’s interesting to see this dialogue between @AOC & @fredwilson, two of the most influential players in the Amazon discussion, because there is a common ground around opportunity for New Yorkers. But tellingly, both are open to public discussion…
@aweissman @whitneymcn Destroyer covering Bowie! happy cover friday everyone
that's quite good. Here's Lucinda Williams covering one of the best songs ever - A Song For You. Happy cover Friday
A sober analysis from @tangentialism, backed by real data.
There is a financial literacy epidemic in America. Quick lesson: NYC wasn’t handing cash to Amazon. It was an incentive program based on job creation, producing tax revenue. There isn’t a $3 billion pile of money that can now be spent on subways or education.
The epidemic is with "progressive" politicians who are actually anti progress. We should called them regressives. The losers here are the next generation who just lost a lot of good job opportunities.
Anything is possible: today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.
Atlanta says, please exploit us.
I think you need to figure out how to uphold standards, fight for small businesses while not discouraging large companies from seeing NYC as a good destination. Job creation is important.
I hope that the same group of dedicated NYers will work with our tech sector to find a consolation prize for LIC and the kids who are growing up in NYC, being taught STEM skills in our public schools, and want good jobs that excite them and give them a path to better lives.
You pose this as a victory, but who are its beneficiaries? NY forfeits a chance to become a major tech hub, loses tens of thousands of jobs and tens of billions of dollars in tax revenues that could fund programs you support. How is that a victory?
RT @infoarbitrage: Absolutely correct @fredwilson 😞 A real loss for #NYC and the tech ecosystem.
@fredwilson is spot on here. Politics has consequences...
Like losing a major economic windfall for all of NYC. The people who will be hurt the most are the young people in NYC who want to grow up and work in tech. I am so upset about this.
RT @TechNYC: "There is no guarantee that the NYC of tomorrow will be as vital as the NYC of today. We have to work to make it so and this e…
@aweissman @whitneymcn this showed up in my stream this week. I dig it.
Good morning, I've been deep back into Lucinda Williams' music this week "Conversation with you was like a drug/It wasn't your face so much as it was your words"
"The transition to electric cars and clean energy is happening faster than anyone expected. All politicians can do is choose to accelerate it."
Reminds me of the growth in the NYC tech sector during Bloomberg's twelve years. It was happening no matter what. But they did pour gas on the fire
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Here is Lucinda Williams' - Dust - one of my favorite of her songs
New one from Jr Jr "NYC is coming at you, lock your doors"
I get 98 percent complimentary and encouraging emails re my daily blog and tweets, but the 2 percent that are mean are just so hideous...
The best practice is to tweet about topics few people understand. This confuses trolls, which causes them to become confused and leave. Your follower count remains low, but the discussion is higher quality. Life is better.
Let's go on YouTube together and read them out loud
'It Is Always Midnight If You Have Ambien' - fresh on my blog cc @fredwilson
"It's always the 90s if you have a mock turtleneck" (cc @phkeane )
i read yet another article about @HowardSchultz preaching his "fiscally conservative" values. i began to write down a rant of a post because i think that label is dishonest - then remembered i wrote about it 8 years ago
I would describe myself as a fiscal conservative. If you want to add something, remove something. It forces the hard decisions that politicians don't like to make. I elaborated here
my beef: poliiticans only bring up fiscal conservative mantra wrt to progressive issues (environment, education, healthcare, min wage, social security) but never comes up when discussing other spending like tax cuts, corp tax cuts, military, ICE, border security, space force etc
Then your beef is with those politicians not the term. Jerry Brown governed California as a fiscal conservative and left the State with a huge rainy day surplus. He is the model of a fiscally conservative progressive. Love that guy
Excellent piece. I hadn’t read it before, it have seen some of those points made recently as well. I also hate that expression.
I used to write postcards to bands (pre-Internet) asking for their lyrics. I don't actually recall anyone ever sent them But one time Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar gave me tickets to a show (on what was their last tour). When I picked them up, they also came with backstage passes
That's amazing. I seriously think one of the best things about the arrival of the internet was being able to find lyrics and chords for songs — not to mention videos of people showing you how to play them — at the click of a button
When your child is 5, the two of you are actors in a play. When he's 10, it's more often the case that he and his friends are the actors, and you are the stage crew. One tends to mess up this transition. My trick is to make a conscious effort to notice which times I'm stage crew.
Someone should aggregate the collective wisdom you've shared on child rearing on Twitter over the years and publish it.
Or I should say "parenting". Probably a better term.
"As the new Network Program Manager I’ll be launching some initiatives that unlock the value of the USV extended network (talent, alumni, partners, etc) to our portfolio of 75+ companies"
@aweissman thought you'd dig the premise behind this film we are seeing this evening (cc @JasonHirschhorn @thegothamgal )
love it, I await your review
Sadly, not my thing. Imagine La La Land set to Bruce's greatest hits.
Popup donut shop accepting crypto at @coinbase today. Doing more user testing important to improve usability. 💪
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning and happy cover Friday. My selection this week, natch Yo La Tengo covers The Cure.
i saw this coming a mile away and approve. here's my contribution
People sure move on fast these days: “former Bird executives,” Really? The company started 16 months ago! The one your leaving!
the opposite of what i wrote about yesterday
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, a little Dinosaur Jr from the archives to start things off today
oh hell yes. here is the band playing Thumb at CBGB's in '93
"we hope that our companies and other communities can learn and build upon this work, too. To that effect, we’ve open sourced the survey questions that we asked to our network, including a few comments of places where we think we can improve in the future"
Thanks for pushing on this & reporting on it.
thanks goes to @Lauren_Maz and @bethanymarz they did all of the work i just used my bullhorn to get the word out about it
It’s an interesting thing, I’d expect far more investors to talk about it simply because it reduces risk around their portfolio. Broader cultural fluency on a team makes it more resilient, less likely to be caught by surprise & opens up potential for new markets.
It is not an easy subject to talk about. There are land mines that you can accidentally step on. That is why we consulted with a bunch of experts and were careful in how we talked about the work.
"We asked our companies to share their biggest “lesson learned” from the D&I efforts they have undertaken thus far. The most common theme that emerged was that it takes repetition, intention, and strong communication to get this right"
Does Davos still matter? @felixsalmon and I discuss on today's Pro Rata podcast
@aweissman i quoted you in my post today
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, some new - and great - Cass McCombs
an oldy but goody. i found myself whistling along with this last night while i was doing the dishes.
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