“... I am reminded that our best work is done at home and the fruits of it are measured in joy.” Well said and so true @fredwilson. https://twitter.com/avc/status/1152940316439146498
@fredwilson one of your best blog posts ever. Beautiful.
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Happy cover Friday. Boots of Spanish Leather could be both the saddest (boy loses girl) and most uplifting (boy is ok with that, wants something to remember her forever) song of all time. Here are The Lumineers covering it. https://soundcloud.com/the_lumineers/boots-of-spanish-leather
dylan breakup songs cover friday? ok, i am game https://soundcloud.com/kay_mhmd/jeff-buckley-if-you-see-her-say-hello
those lyrics, so good Say for me that I’m all right though things get kind of slow She might think that I’ve forgotten her, don’t tell her it isn’t so
one of the things i really like about dylan is his proclivity to do his songs differently, i imagine that prevents them getting boring to him https://soundcloud.com/handydandy/if-you-see-her-say-hello
so good, was not aware of that one. It's why I keep coming back to him this is also good: https://vimeo.com/181178229
"a simple love story that happened to me"
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, something from Ghostmane (found on the Soundcloud emorap playlist) https://soundcloud.com/ghostemane/to-whom-it-may-concern
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, here is Phish performing the Jewish prayer Avenu Malkenu the other night https://soundcloud.com/tthephishdjs/2019-07-14-1-03-tmwsiy-avenu?in=tthephishdjs/sets/2019-07-14-alpine-valley-music-theatre-east-troy-wi
my friend @noahChenfeld dropped something new yesterday https://soundcloud.com/noah_chenfeld/stuck-on-a-page-1
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, in a Chance mood this morning, NaNa https://soundcloud.com/chancetherapper/nana-ft-action-bronson
in a Hibou mood this morning https://soundcloud.com/hibouband/silver
I have to post crazier things each month to rid myself of trolls lurking on my stream but it always work. The best feature of Twitter is the Block button and Twitter still cant explain their own product after 14 years.
That's a feature not a bug! You should know that by now.
Half the time you think how different people were, and the other half how similar.
And maybe this can lead our industry to to use a more accurate term to describe our biggest successes https://avc.com/2019/07/whales-not-unicorns/
"Unicorns are made up creatures, Whales are not" much better than, say, "Butterflies and zebras. And moonbeams and fairy tales"
"Preventive medicine is the most efficient and affordable kind of medicine and we need more of that in society." https://twitter.com/avc/status/1149320206545608705
These are really good. I've eaten dozens of them over the last week. https://twitter.com/thegothamgal/status/1149310652801884160
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, how about a little Chance to start the day https://soundcloud.com/chancetherapper/acid-rain-1
was listening to Who By Numbers on vinyl yesterday evening and remembered how much I love that record and especially this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqWP7uDsjPo
excellent, my favorite song off that record too
such a good record. so many great songs on it.
with a great 73 era vocal performance from Bruce
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Some KEY! Hard Soft https://soundcloud.com/airwavesatl/key-hard-soft-key-fatmankey-so-emotional
some new LowerDens. dropped yesterday. https://soundcloud.com/lowerdens/i-drive
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, how about a little Jayhawks https://soundcloud.com/the-jayhawks/crowded-in-the-wings-live-at
speaking of "live at webster hall", this was the ending of the most memorable show i've seen there this decade. https://soundcloud.com/acidjacknyc/destroyer-bay-of-pigs-live i was standing pretty close to where this was recorded "Position: Balcony, immediate left of soundboard, on clamps pointing at stacks"
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. Bob Dylan (backed by The Band) - Baby Let Me Follow You Down https://soundcloud.com/the-complete-last-watlz/4-06-baby-let-me-follow-you
The Band is the perfect backing band for Bob. Robbie's guitar winds around the words, Levon's fills, Garth's keys. It is perfect. https://soundcloud.com/user169726937/something-there-is-about-you
That was an autotweet which I'm not into. Need to figure out how to turn that off. Sorry about that.
It’s annoying af. Once in a blue moon you want to tweet from 4S, but the minute you do that (in your case, from Via Carota), it assumes you then want to continue to do that every time you check in anywhere. Very bad UX.
"Everything" #FoursquareFind @ Carissa's East https://4sq.com/2NxwzaF
@fredwilson https://twitter.com/TommyBeer/status/1146233412992286723
Yup. @pi_stachioo has been reminding me of that all week. I love the optimism he has. It is infectious
When @thegothamgal blogs, often her words are so direct, they pop up from the screen & hit you across the face (in a good way): https://gothamgal.com/2019/07/ladies-make-the-big-ask/
The visual is great too
There are less than 20 crypto tokens with a market cap of $1 billion or higher, yet you can expect some serious turnover in the next 12 months. Likely newcomers to the top 20 will include: Dfinity Hashgraph Filecoin Polkadot Blockstack Telegram's TON Facebook's Libra Others?
I think @Algorand is a strong candidate
I’d already counted that. ;)
I see. Ok, well then I need another suggestion!
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning, how about some Redd Kross https://soundcloud.com/reddkross/whats-a-boy-to-do
good morning. some kevin murphy (fka chet faker) who is playing out east next weekend https://soundcloud.com/nick_murphy/harry-takes-drugs-on-the
http://Defendcrypto.org is now ~$2.2mm (and growing) crowdfunding campaign to help legitimate crypto projects that need to defend themselves against overzealous regulators. It will be overseen by @BlockchainAssn https://twitter.com/coindesk/status/1144591614100287488
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Good morning. The last Roy Kinsey this week: ring, ring https://soundcloud.com/roykinsey/ring-ring
Ok. Then I will note it by coming back with some Roy for you https://soundcloud.com/roykinsey/mississippi-mud
(Starts furiously writing overly earnest “Graduation Crashers” screenplay for Apple TV+)
I had the same idea when I was writing the post!!
@aweissman @whitneymcn going with something from @lizzo this morning https://soundcloud.com/lizzomusic/juice
great choice One more from Roy Kinsey - mrmr https://soundcloud.com/roykinsey/mrmr
you really are going all Roy all week !!
"Swing by 2-3 hours before you want to eat and put your name in chalk on one of the walls. Then come back and have an amazing meal. Works every time" #FoursquareFind @ Via Carota https://4sq.com/2X1prrc
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Up early, gonna try to make it a productive day "Someday, everything is gonna be different" https://soundcloud.com/theband-official/when-i-paint-my-masterpiece-3
Capitol Rarities! I'm down for that. This alternative/early take on Twilight is great https://soundcloud.com/theband-official/twilight-early-alternate
This is a pretty good mix of Libra boosterism and sobriety from @fredwilson, whose USV has been in crypto for a while and is backing Facebook's plan. https://avc.com/2019/06/why-usv-is-joining-the-libra-association/
Thanks. It was written by @nickgrossman and edited by me and some of our colleagues. I did contribute the closing paragraph, which is always my favorite part of writing something. The closing argument is so much fun.
"It is useful to remember that Microsoft was not the primary beneficiary of the web. Instead, it resulted in the growth of whole host of new companies!" https://twitter.com/albertwenger/status/1140980873061269504
@fredwilson on Libra, if it works, could lead to "self-sovereign digital identities (private keys) that are the underpinnings of user-controlled privacy and control of data." (key paragraphs screenshot) https://avc.com/2019/06/why-usv-is-joining-the-libra-association/
That was written by @nickgrossman (just to give proper attribution) but of course I agree with it
@aweissman @whitneymcn hot new artist from the UK. https://soundcloud.com/niluferyanya/in-your-head-1. From her Wikipedia - "started her musical career with demos uploaded to SoundCloud in 2014"
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