General Partner @socialleverage, co-founder and chairman @stocktwits and LOL hunter in search of perfect sleep solution
I have ten questions for @pmarca if he's up for it...
Fire. Answers may be delayed due to inconveniently timed board meetings (they didn't check with you first). we go @pmarca ...take your time 1. Cat or dog guy
Both -- seriously -- had 2 dogs & 2 cats when I met my wife (who is allergic -- sorry, kids, I love Mommy more than you...)
so your wife hates animals.
I think she'd be comfortable with that characterization.
@pmarca 2. As a geek...not a stock guy...will solar work or is this all interest rate driven ?
Tough call. I am optimistic based on plummeting cost of panels, but also outraged and depressed by US import tariffs.
Also ongoing issues with transmission and storage. Those would be great to solve. Smart people working on them.
yes too hard a question but as solar breaks out WITH oil... we need to understand technology possibilities
3. @pmarca Did you have money with Bernie Madoff he's here on twitter @berniemadoff checking in once in a while
Nope, but I have found many other ways to lose money.
5. @pmarca If you had one bullet to fire ....close range...Verizon or ATT
I have a much more specific and personal hit list than that!
6. @pmarca What are tricks that you use to sleep ....or do you sleep on demand like @bfeld
7. @pmarca Did you suck your thumb as a kid...
Nope. Fingernails chewer.
8. @pmarca Your favorite investment theme outside of Bitcoin or Blockchain that you rarely talk about is?
9. @pmarca If you could speak one language outside of computer engineering...which would it be
Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?
indeed. 'These pretzels l are making me Thirsty. '
I think you mean 'atin' Lai
10. @pmarca Classic Rock or Rap ...and favorite get in the mood tune....
Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides, Five Finger Death Punch, and The Pretty Reckless.
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