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How sexist will the media’s treatment of female presidential candidates be? You can already rule out one answer: ‘Not at all.’ ... My column on what's happened so far and what to expect -- and to avoid https://wapo.st/2SSpvqn?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.aef28e9f877e
Someone sent me this and it speaks for me. Okay! Bye! https://twitter.com/KrangTNelson/status/1096463145361649664?s=20
I should also add since some nice people messaged me: Yes, nothing's happened, I'm grateful that life is excellent right now. This is a cumulative unease with the direction this platform is going in, and how it is monetizing the cannibalization of verified users for political $
I'm excited to be planted in much more productive and positive ground and I hope you get to be too. To wave bye, here's a piece I wrote about how the best journalism is a kind of moral philosophy and should be our vector for compassion towards others: https://mailchi.mp/sundaylongread/the-sunday-long-read-withheidi-moore-members?e=40807b6704
I wouldn't have joined and stayed on Twitter if it were like this at the beginning. So I am taking a hiatus to preserve my creative energy, and my desire to believe people can be good, and more importantly that people, and systems, can be *better*. TY. See you in a few weeks.
(I locked my account so I don't have to block thousands of bots when I return)
I took one (1) day off and received 590 follower requests, the vast vast vast majority of them political bots. This could be easily fixed. I could, in some better world, use Twitter without having to block political bots every time I log in. But that's not this world.
I tend to see life as choice-based. Things happen, but you choose how you respond to them. And we have responded to a deteriorating Twitter environment by digging in deeper, getting more engaged, and that means that Twitter has no incentive to change things for the better.
Last year I kicked off (accidentally!) a day for women to leave Twitter to protest this. Remember #womenboycottTwitter? It took off. Twitter promised fixes. Reader, nothing has been fixed. My dream is that every verified user leaves Twitter until @jack gets the urgency.
And by "This is it" I mean: This won't change, except to get worse. The bots promoting misogyny, the political misinfo, the open (and not so open) racism: Twitter is not going to do anything to help its users. Ever. So to be here you have to accept that. And I guess I don't.
The interview with @jack really illuminated this for me. As a longtime user of Twitter, I thought it would go back to what it was, before the bots and the daily abuse mentality. But it's clear that Jack and Twitter really don't think it's a problem. Which means: This is it.
Here's my thinking now: Nothing good or healthy can grow in toxic ground. Twitter used to be productive, warm with ideas and connections. To the extent that Twitter now brings out the worst in everyone (it does, often), it is killing what makes us grow as humans, as creators.
But that's the core thing: The way Twitter is now, this toxicity and this constant rolling-attack mentality instead of focusing on solutions, is opposed to creative energy and human connection. It will kill the creator, the artist, in you if you bathe in this stew each day.
The answer, ofc, is not to react to toxicity with the same toxic energy in return. All that does is multiply the toxicity, and infect more people. And it resolves nothing. It just gets more people locked into conflict instead of nurturing their creative energy to solve problems.
That, of course, is a tone led by the president. Toxicity shouldn't make us mad. It should make us sad. That toxicity is a person needing help and not knowing how to ask. As Tara Brach says, "emotionally injured people seek to emotionally injure people." https://www.tarabrach.com/meditation-forgiving-freeing-hearts/
I also want to add: Even though I'm grateful that 99% of my replies are super smart and positive (99.8% if you exclude programmed bots that reply to verified accounts for attention) that the TL looks a little...toxic...these days. Twitter is bringing out the worst in people.
So thank you. I also endorse time off Twitter -- slow news allows time to be thoughtful -- and I hope you all find *ample* time outside of this website to emotionally reconnect with your IRL family, friends, and your own fine self.
I am genuinely amazed and believe we should all be grateful anyone reads *any* of our thoughts on this website. I certainly am.
Hello! A day off Twitter was brilliant (as glorious as @tanzinavega told us it would be). It was so...pure. I have some exciting projects to put together IRL so I am extending my hiatus. Also Twitter Analytics said my followers' top interest is "Dogs" and WELL DONE, ALL OF YOU.
I am also going to lock my account during that time so I don't have to delete like 100 new bot followers every two days.
You know what I am going to take some days off this website and get project prep done and do some yoga and finish my French homework and probably live my life. I may check in sporadically. I may not. Please enjoy Ramses.
I have been feeling especially Extremely Online for this entire bonkers February, this is a good reminder. https://twitter.com/tanzinavega/status/1095646794569142272
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Relatable https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1095878035960619008
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February 2015. four months before Trump would announce his candidacy. How uncomplicated it all felt.
Occasionally as I am cleaning out photos I find pictures of myself pre-Trump-era and can't remember what it felt like to be in that world.
Like I said before, we're in for two years of "Mean Mommy told me no, I wanna cry, I HATE MEAN MOMMY" from the Washington press corps in re: all female lawmakers, and it should make you want to nap for 1,000 years.
Power move: "Omar cut him off. 'That was not a question.'" https://splinternews.com/ilhan-omar-drags-elliott-abrams-to-hell-for-being-a-war-1832597679
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*misogynist It is fair to discuss her controversies and her problematic comments but she is still a member of Congress and a woman and this anti-woman sort of description and approach isn't helpful to the discourse at all. Editors, expect better from your reporters.
I honestly was not down with her previous comments but she's still a member of Congress, she's still a woman, and the useless-ass male press corps is still pulling sh*t on women in authority that they would NEVER do to men.
This is a great example of casual misogyny. First of all, she didn't yell. She used a firm tone of voice. But it is miosgynist practice to criticize a woman's voice. Second, Trump wrote a hateful tweet and HER REACTION is the story? Really bruh?
True of most things https://twitter.com/parisreview/status/1095850611692761088
RT @parisreview: “When you are fretting it because it is not working, it needs to be scrapped.” —Toni Morrison https://www.theparisreview.org/interviews/1888/toni-morrison-the-art-of-fiction-no-134-toni-morrison
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The two are Hozier and Childish Gambino, get yourselves the unproblematic male faves
This *gestures widely* is why I listen to only two contemporary male musicians. Most music written and sung by men speaks of women as little more than objects or trophies or gatekeepers for sex. It would be foolish to think that all starts, and stops, on the page.
RT @MoiraDonegan: Remember when these people engineered my outing and endangered my safety for clicks? I do.
RT @MoiraDonegan: Your quarterly reminder that Harper’s is not a serious magazine.
RT @oliviasolon: The founding president of Facebook is worried about Amazon's data collection practices https://twitter.com/CNBCi/status/1095626383873712128
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