Business editor, itinerant clickfarmer, alum of @wsj @GuardianUS @marketplace. We could have less to worry about, honey, I won't lie to you. Hi.
In music, I've been listening to @bastilledan's new album Doom Days and it's full of absolute bops. Really like Nocturnal Creatures and especially love Joy for that 80s electropop dance vibe updated for our *gestures broadly*... era.
In matters of reading, there's no city that gets the connection of soul and literature like New Orleans. This list of NOLA residents' reading recs is full of thoughtful gems, via @NOLAnews
Speaking of words, don't sleep on the power of pictograms. (As my faves, the ancient Egyptians, could have told you.) I, like many word ppl, used to scoff at emoji. Now I love their ability to communicate tone and warmth. It's smart to use them.
Here is someone just enjoying the hell out of themselves, and that person is presidential candidate Kamala Harris. I'm endorsing @BCDreyer's comment:
I understand that this is absolutely (intentionally) batty, but it made me and a lot of other people laugh, and the news cycle is horrible, so why not have some absurd humor. Insta filter your pet like nobody's watching.
Without Twitter, I've been making the most of my previous happy place, Instagram. An absolutely bonkers yet joyous distraction: A series in which I put our cat Ramses through a bunch of Insta filters.
In other moral news: Stop rehabilitating remorseless liars and sexual harassers. About 4 people sent me this news, which makes me very glad that I cancelled my NYT subscription the day they allowed Thrush back on staff. NYT Politics has lost its way IMO.
It has been very hot this weekend, so one way of making the inevitable heat waves this summer marginally more bearable is to get one of these little fans. You wear it around your neck, like an amulet against the heat death of the universe.
It has been inescapable to notice that a lot of people are Going Through It right now. If you're not, hooray for you! But if you are, Tara Brach's lecture on the audacity of letting go of control and sitting with your vulnerability. Select excerpts:
Pocket recommended this excellent article on how modern media -- and social media -- has us all thinking like advertisers, to our emotional and moral detriment. They also lessen our willpower by giving us more decisions to make.
I've been keeping up on news using Pocket and Flipboard. Pocket allows you to save articles and has a strong weekly email with recs. Flipboard curates news. The benefit is that you get to peruse both at your own pace rather than set land-speed records for anxiety scrolling.
Hello Twitter it's been a good few days off. I feel a bit restored. IRL is highly underrated, there's so much love away from phones. But to feel *fully* restored it seems sensible to extend the break a little bit. btw here are good things I came across that you might like too.
Wait one important tweet: So proud of @_elena's work in using her extraordinary talent as a director to change the online culture to make GIFs and stickers to represent women's dreams and achievements. *This* is being the change.
Also I mean this in the nicest possible way: Please don't DM me. I am deleting all twitter apps, clearing my cookies, really going to try to make this work. My brain needs a break. Thank you.
Okay it has been a long week of hospitals, I need a weekend off from everything and everybody, see you on Monday. And remember to listen to Joe Pug's new album, it's excellent and has big Bob Dylan vibes, but even more fitting for our anomie.
As far as media sniping goes, this is a case of "both of these men are very smug and very bad."
Please remember that Thomas Friedman praised Mohammad bin Salman as the spirit of reform in the Middle East, and both Trump and Friedman loooove MBS. Don't be sympathetic to Friedman just because he managed to eke out the word "racist" in the most obvious circumstances.
The classic of course is by Matt Taibbi
RT @JanetETennessee: I always like to hear the spoken thoughts of an author I like. FYI: @moorehn
RT @PDLComics: yourself
RT @PDLComics: changed
RT @tauriqmoosa: Privilege is when you do nothing and achieve less - almost literally - and get profiled in the New York Times. https://t.c…
Trump's angry tweets today don't even touch the hem of the garment of Thomas Friedman takedowns. @jilliancyork did the work years ago of aggregating all the best roasts of Friedman.
RT @jolantru: Protip: Don't force yourself to write. Don't feel bad when nothing comes forth and you feel as if your writing mojo has left…
RT @marykmac: This is kind of incredible. Absolutely none of the millions promised by billionaires for the rebuild of Notre Dame has materi…
RT @washingtonpost: Exclusive: The largest U.S. drug companies flooded the country with 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pain pills, ac…
it's perfect
RT @SarahTaber_bww: what if I told you that historically speaking, whenever there's a big movement of people doing truck farming (growing f…
RT @bimadew: andrew lloyd webber's descendants will never be poor, man. 100-generations deep! they will never catch a whiff of brokeness. a…
RT @nicolemichele5: Someone please write 1,000+ words on the CATS being disproportionate and I want the piece to have the same energy as th…
RT @feministabulous: wow why does this 15 year old have more knowledge about women’s psyche than most men i dated
Once you start to notice the number of times (straight) men speak of women as "opportunities," you'll be chilled to the bone forever. There's very little sense that they see a woman's humanity or individuality. It's just: What's available?
Reminder to everyone that you need to hear this album and, as I did and Andrew did, wonder how you went so long without knowing this artist (I recommend Exit and The Letdown)
Of note: James McAvoy making his debut as a zaddy.
RT @opendna: @moorehn Traditional Millennial birthday toast: "May you live to see 3° Celsius."
This looks *phenomenal.* It's just as I pictured it from the books! Everyone looks perfectly cast. The surroundings and sets are so vivid and just as described in the books.
RT @Rschooley: Going to be rude awakening when a lot of people find out there’s actual old HR rules against using Trump’s hot new insult. h…
RT @Rosiescammell: #OHNewsroom "The world is definitely coming to an end." 🤗
RT @benjaminwittes: Not being an asshole is a political act.
RT @KendraWrites: That's why debunking, as media, has to be done carefully. The very first question you need to ask yourself is "does t…
RT @KendraWrites: This is bad not just because it's clickbait, but because this "report" will increase the number of people who think the…
Honestly @zoramag is running some of the most beautiful essays these days, everyone should b following and reading
"If women are red and open, they must be isolated from the world during their periods, the height of their powers, according to this logic. Selby says this is probably where ritual period isolation comes from."
"British colonialism in India was, in part, the practice of White men instructing Brown men in the proper treatment of Brown women...."
RT @Megan_Hernbroth: The best thing about listening to @alexisohanian at last night's event was how in awe he is of @serenawilliams' abilit…
RT @FinancialTimes: FT Exclusive: The Israeli company whose software hacked WhatsApp is now said to claim its spyware can secretly harvest…
RT @ArashMassoudi: JOB ALERT: Come work with me, @JFK_America, @EricGPlatt and the entire Due Diligence team at the @FT: We are looking for…
RT @iron_emu: Some of the best pictures from our week @reuters: French Army soldiers with anti-drone guns during the Bastille Day military…
RT @iron_emu: Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe of Britain compete in the Women's Duet Free Preliminary at the World Swimming Championships…
Does no one remember the highly inappropriate Bad Boys video
I'm sorry but this is no weirder or more fanciful than the rash of "sexy human cat" music videos in the 1980s
This thread is a human rights violation.
Chris do you know what happens when the Youths of Today don't remember the coke-fueled aesthetic of the 1980s? They are doomed to repeat it
80s pop culture should be taught in schools. We are failing the children.
Do you know that teenagers legitimately wore shoulder pads back then
I have been trying to bring back parachute pants for years... It was a golden age.
Literally anyone involved in the replies, retweets or likes here has lost their right to yell "Jack, ban the Nazis!" The minute you all find a Nazi --or a racist, or a homophobe, or an antisemite, or an islamophobe -- you're out there feeding them and nourishing them w/engagement
She has every right to glory in your idiocy. It's her pinned tweet now. The brief joy of the The Ratio is really not worth boosting nobodies and their hate into Twitter fame and virality. Lordy. Please use better judgment on what you amplify with engagement! ty.
redaction fail on the second screen.
Unfollowing and muting any mutuals involved in this sh*tshow. Come on, guys. You've been on this platform for years, what excuse is there for not figuring out the fact that amplifying random idiots will just poison the water everywhere here? We have enough to deal with.
Yes, indeed. I guess I should feel grateful that I have apparently curated my followers so well that I have no idea who you're talking about. (And for those reading this, please do not feel that you have to enlighten me.)
Come back to twitter after one meeting to find y'all ratioing some homophobic nobody with 180 followers, thereby amplifying her hateful nonsense, twitter wyd
You're so right. Do you have a set of "rules" we could advise folks to follow on this? Are you most worried about this when it comes to people with large followings?
RT @moorehn: The fact that (the wonderful) Ayanna Pressley can maintain a "positive, loving tone" is a testament both to her intelligence a…
I think Mitt Romney too has had a Skin Prophecy
Don't @ me but his skin looks amazing for 72 years old. AMAZING.
Money is the best lotion
RT @moorehn: Another New York institution will close, rendering the city unrecognizable: Dean & Deluca, where I (and you!) overpaid for f…
RT @moorehn: Has someone done a supercut of enraged white men in government spaces McCarthy, Kavanagh, that guy in Pennsylvania, etc https…
I am genuinely disoriented in Manhattan these days; nothing is where it was, all the commercial landmarks and reliable refuges are gone.
Another New York institution will close, rendering the city unrecognizable: Dean & Deluca, where I (and you!) overpaid for food frequently.
Wow - admittedly I haven't lived in NYC for years but it felt like an institution when I did, overpriced brownies and all. Sad to hear it's going (but sounds like newish owners mismanaged too).
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