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The EU has taken another #copyright-focussed step towards killing the freedom to use memes.
Mega-crackers back with nearly 100 million new stolen data records.
When it appears in the next few weeks, the latest version of Opera (“Reborn 3” or “R3”) for Windows, Mac and Linux will become the first mainstream desktop browser to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet.
The EU has taken another #copyright-focussed step towards killing the freedom to use memes.
Mega-crackers back with nearly 100 million new stolen data records
🗞Your top stories from the last 7 days: #McDonalds app users hatin’ it after being hacked by hungry hamburglars, what’s behind a 1,000 character phishing URL and another flaw in macOS Mojave’s privacy protection. Read all stories here:
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Will the EU’s new copyright directive ruin the web?
Monday review – the hot 28 stories of the week
A judge has ordered that legal documents about the government’s fight to force Facebook to break Messenger encryption will be kept secret. Investigators wanted to listen in on the conversations as part of an investigation into MS-13.
A company operating a facial recognition system in China has exposed millions of residents’ personal information online.
You are worth $7.37 to Facebook. You are worth $2.83 to Twitter. You are worth 30 cents to Reddit.
Photography website 500px has become the latest brand to admit suffering a serious data breach. The company said it became aware of the breach last week which it estimates took place around 5 July last year.
Apple fighting pirate app developers, will insist on 2FA for coders
Judge won’t unseal legal docs in fight to break Messenger encryption
Should we profit from sale of our personal data?
On 3 February a GandCrab executable sparked into life for an instant, before being snuffed out by antivirus software. The malware triggered the first of what would quickly become hundreds of separate alerts, as a targeted ransomware attack unfolded.
Chinese facial recognition database exposes 2.5m people
Photography site 500px resets 14.8 million passwords after data breach
A strange phishing site was recently discovered with more than one thousand characters in the URL.
Apple’s easily abused Enterprise Certificate program isn’t just letting snoopy Facebook and Google apps slide into its App store, it turns out: It’s also being exploited by at least a dozen hardcore porn apps and a dozen gambling apps.
Evil USB http://O.MG Cable opens up Wi-Fi to remote attacks by @NakedSecurity OMG, had no.idea cables enabled hacking
Google awarded a total of $3.4 million (£2,639,522) to researchers who reported vulnerabilities to the company. The biggest award was $41,000, while $181,000 was donated to charity.
Inside a GandCrab targeted ransomware attack on a hospital
Internet Explorer may have launched way back in 1995 but nearly a quarter of a century later it’s still creating work for Microsoft and Windows users.
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What’s behind this 1,000-character phishing URL?
Apple App Store stuffed with hardcore porn and gambling apps
Google paid out $3.4m in bug bounties last year
Update now! Microsoft and Adobe’s February 2019 Patch Tuesday is here
Top tips for Valentine’s Day – and the rest of the year! [VIDEO]
A security researcher has found another bug in macOS Mojave.
A security researcher has implanted an open door into a USB-C cable that looks like any other innocuous cable you’d see lying around in a conference room.
The pockets of credential stuffers and spammers have been potentially fattened by another 617 million pilfered accounts, hacked out of 16 websites and now allegedly up for sale on the Dark Web.
#Adobe has patched a flaw that enabled attackers to slurp a user’s network authentication details.
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Another flaw found in macOS Mojave’s privacy protection
Evil USB http://O.MG Cable opens up Wi-Fi to remote attacks
Ep. 019 – Android holes, iOS screengrabbing and USB poo [PODCAST]
620 million records from 16 websites listed for sale on the Dark Web
Security firm beats Adobe by patching reader flaw first
At a time and date during 2019 yet to be confirmed, Russia’s major ISPs will in unison temporarily disconnect their servers from the internet, effectively cutting the country off from the outside world
A man has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the company forces users into a 2FA straitjacket that they can’t shrug off
A major children’s charity has found that children as young as eight are being sexually exploited online via video streaming apps
Privacy-conscious web browser company Brave was busy trying to correct the record this week after someone posted what looked like a whitelist in its code allowing its browser to communicate with Facebook from third-party websites.
A gun safety group has criticized Facebook for reportedly taking millions of dollars in ad money to sell permits to carry concealed weapons to people who lack real-life training in handling firearms.
Linux container bug could eat your server from the inside – patch now!
Russian ISPs plan internet disconnection test for entire country
Apple sued for ‘forcing’ 2FA on accounts
Kids as young as eight falling victim to online predators
And the winner is... Alan Turing!
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