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Windows 8 Will No Longer Get App Updates After This Summer
HDD Shipments Fell Nearly 13% in the First Quarter of 2019, 18% Since Last Year
The Quest To Save the Banana From Extinction
After a $14-Billion Upgrade, New Orleans' Levees Are Sinking
Doctors Used HIV To Develop Cure For 'Bubble Boy' Disease
BlackBerry Messenger To Shut Down In May
TESS Discovers Its First Earth-Sized Planet
Source Code of Iranian Cyber-Espionage Tools Leaked on Telegram
Global Attention Span Is Narrowing and Trends Don't Last As Long, Study Reveals
Amazon Will No Longer Sell Chinese Goods In China
Why Juul and Republican Lawmakers Want To Raise the Minimum Vaping Age To 21
The Source Code For All Infocom Text Adventure Classics Has Been Released
First Japan-Built Airliner In 50 Years Takes On Boeing and Airbus
Netflix Will Invest Up To $100 Million In a NYC Production Hub
Ask Slashdot: What's a Good Chair For a Software Developer?
Ajit Pai Proposes Blocking China-Owned Telecom From US Phone Market
MoviePass Has Lost Over 90% of Its Subscribers in Less Than a Year, Leaked Documents Reveal
The Dirty Truth About Green Batteries
IBM Halting Sales of Watson AI Tool For Drug Discovery Amid Sluggish Growth
Facebook Quietly Updates Last Month's Security Disclosure To Add That 'Millions' of Instagram Users Are Also Impacted
Some Internet Outages Predicted For the Coming Month as '768k Day' Approaches
Google Chrome To Get a Reader Mode
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Says Tech Companies Can Regulate Themselves
The Mueller Report
Ubuntu 19.04 'Disco Dingo' Released
Google Offers Europeans Choice To Download Rival Web Browser
Amazon and Google Announce Official YouTube Apps to Launch on Fire TV; Prime Video App Coming to Chromecast and Android TV
Mozilla To Bring Python To Browsers
Astronomers Have Spotted the Universe's First Molecule
Planet's Ocean-Plastics Problem Detailed In 60-Year Data Set
Facebook is Working on a Voice Assistant To Rival Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, Report Says
Why the Swiss Still Love Cash
Facebook 'Unintentionally Uploaded' Email Contacts From 1.5M Users
Student Used 'USB Killer' Device To Destroy $58,000 Worth of College Computers
Bad Bots Now Make Up 20 Percent of Web Traffic
Pepsi Drops Plans To Use Artificial Constellation To Promote An Energy Drink
Microsoft Turned Down Facial-Recognition Sales On Human Rights Concerns
Sony Cracks Down On Sexually Explicit Content In Games
Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou To Run For President of Taiwan
HD Emulation Mod Makes 'Mode 7' SNES Games Look Like New
Samsung's $2,000 Galaxy Fold Units Are Failing Left and Right With Disastrous Display Issues
T-Mobile, Comcast Turn on Call Verification Between Networks in Latest Robocall Fight
'Partly Alive': Scientists Revive Cells in Brains From Dead Pigs
Cyberspies Hijacked the Internet Domains of Entire Countries
Microsoft's 85-inch Surface Hub 2S Starts at $8,999, Ships in June
Online Pornography Age Checks To Be Mandatory in UK From 15 July
Microsoft Loses Control Over Windows Tiles Subdomain
Maps, the Most Popular Elements of In-flight Entertainment Systems, Are About To Get a Big Upgrade -- and Some Ads
T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Is In Danger of Being Rejected By DOJ
Is It Time To Rethink the Fundamental Dynamics of Twitter?
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