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Windows 7 Users: You Need SHA-2 Support or No Windows Updates After July 2019
Stop Saying, 'We Take Your Privacy and Security Seriously'
Apple Plans To Launch an 'All-New' 16-inch MacBook Pro and 32-inch 6K Monitor This Year, Says Report
Deep Learning May Need a New Programming Language That's More Flexible Than Python, Facebook's Chief AI Scientist Says
Netflix Cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones, Ending its Marvel Shows
How Badly is Google Books Search Broken, and Why?
Return To Sender: High Court To Hear Undeliverable Mail Case
Huawei's Efforts To Steal Apple Trade Secrets Include Employee Bonus Program and Other Dubious Tactics: Report
The Weird Rise of Cyber Funerals
Australia's Major Political Parties Targeted by 'Sophisticated State Actor', Prime Minister Says
Major Games Publishers Are Feeling The Impact Of Peaking Attention
Goldman Sachs Asks: 'Is Curing Patients a Sustainable Business Model?'
YouTube To Blame For Rise in Flat Earth Believers, Says Study
'No, You Can't Ignore Email. It's Rude.'
'Digital Gangster' Facebook Intentionally and Knowingly Violated UK Privacy and Competition Rules, British Lawmakers Say
Researcher Scans All IP Addresses of Austria, Finds a Range of Vulnerable Devices
Google Fixing Chrome API To Prevent Incognito Mode Detection
House Bill Requires Pornography Filter on All Phones, Computers Purchased in Kansas
Razer Game Store Closing Feb 28, Less Than Year After Launch
New York Mayor Says Amazon Headquarters Debacle Was 'an Abuse of Corporate Power'
How TV Pirates Accidentally Pushed a 25-Year-Old Indie Song to the Top of the Charts in Japan
Germany Sees Big Rise in Security Problems Affecting Infrastructure
The Complicated Economy of Open Source Software
India, the World's Second Largest Internet Market, Is Turning Its Back on Silicon Valley
Bill and Melinda Gates: Textbooks Are Becoming Obsolete
Google Backtracks on Chrome Modifications That Would Have Crippled Ad Blockers
Why Some US Cities are Fighting 'Dollar Stores'
1,100 Schools Now Scan Social Media For Violent Students - and Alcohol Use
Relative's DNA Solves A 1993 Murder Cold Case
Facebook Becomes 'A Haven For the Anti-Vaccination Movement'
NASA's Plans To Build A Human Settlement on The Moon
Star of Film 'Downfall' and Widespread 'Hitler Finds Out...' Meme, Dead At 77
Lobbyists Demonize 'Right To Repair' Legislation
Bruce Perens Calls For Open Source, Security, and Data Rights In IBM Ad
What Can We Learn From The Retraction of the Mediterranean Diet Study?
Misleading Results From Widely-Used Machine-Learning Data Analysis Techniques
Report That Tesla Autopilot Cuts Crashes By 40% Called 'Bogus'
Intel Starts Publishing Open-Source Linux Driver Code For Discrete GPUs
Hoaxer Behind 2,400 Fake Bomb Threats Caught After Gaming Site Breach
Free Software Foundation: Dating Is a Free Software Issue
Hundreds Still Live In The 'Exclusion Zone' Around Chernobyl
RT @slashdot: New Drug Rapidly Repairs Age-Related Memory Loss, Improves Mood
Interviews: Ask Social Network @Minds CEO and Founder Bill Ottman a Question -ottman-a-question?utm_source=slashdot&utm_medium=twitter #minds #socialmedia #billottman #internet #technology #facebook
RT @elonmusk: SpaceX foundry casting Raptor engine manifold out of Inconel
Academics Confirm Major Predictive Policing Algorithm Is Fundamentally Flawed
Chicago Mayor Releases Roadmap For Transitioning To 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2035
Gravitational Wave Detectors Upgraded To Hunt For 'Extreme Cosmic Events'
Researchers Are Working With NASA To See If Comedians Help Team Cohesion On Long Space Missions
New Drug Rapidly Repairs Age-Related Memory Loss, Improves Mood
Samsung's New Galaxy Tab S5e Is Its Lightest and Thinnest Tablet Ever
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