RT @CNBCnow: BREAKING: Facebook stored “hundreds of millions” of account passwords without encryption and viewable as plain text to tens of…
Looks like Trump isn't going to do well in the NYC suburbs in 2020 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-21/trump-tax-reform-causing-freakouts-in-rich-new-york-area-towns
RT @sarahkliff: A woman giving birth in the United States is four times more likely to die than a woman giving birth in Finland. https://…
See this book for some of that history: https://www.amazon.com/Dividing-Lines-Immigration-International-Perspectives/dp/0691088055
Hitting submit on your bracket knowing it's all going to fall apart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
RT @KnightLAT: “When you use totalitarian tactics, people begin to act crazy...” Uh, yeah. https://twitter.com/thedemcoalition/status/1108578721697591296
RT @OwenJones84: Islamophobia is real, it's dangerous, it's getting worse, and it's being fanned by several mainstream media outlets. After…
RT @Atrios: nothing has devalued "journalism" like other journalists embracing mostly right wing pundits as "journalists" (and no I don't j…
Here's the About this Macintosh screen.
Wish I could give you guys a taste of my new single, Medicine, ft. @frenchmontana 😏. I CAN’T WAIT for you guys to hear it. Want to be the first to listen? Pre-save on @Spotify: http://presave.tweematic.com/medicine🤫💙
RT @Senficon: Auf der Pressekonferenz hat @AxelVossMdEP gerade bestätigt, dass Presseverlage mit schlechter Wahlberichterstattung gedroht h…
No it CAN’T be that the NRA has told us enough times https://twitter.com/aallan/status/1108757570943111168
Lovely... https://twitter.com/alfredwkng/status/1108757750845181955
Pssst. Hey you. Yes, *you*. Wanna name some of Jupiter’s moons? https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/contest-pick-names-for-jupiters-new-moons
The madness is almost here, but these NBA players never had the chance to play in the NCAA tournament. Who’d win? 🤔
Internal documents: disc-less Xbox One S, a cheaper alternative with a 1TB HDD, will launch globally on May 7 (Windows Central) http://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-one-s-all-digital-release-date http://www.techmeme.com/190321/p21#a190321p21
RT @JanzAndrew: I’m being told that @DevinCow’s attorneys have already marked this video as “Defense Exhibit A”. https://twitter.com/thedemcoalition/status/1108578721697591296
The bad news is it's likely to only get worse https://bloom.bg/2JxJveC
ICYMI: The New Social Network That Isn’t New at All https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/19/technology/new-social-network-email-newsletter.html
RT @kerrymflynn: Instagram is bad and never gets scrutinized — bless @TaylorLorenz for this article ❤️ https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/03/instagram-is-the-internets-new-home-for-hate/585382/
Facebook Admits It Would Send DVD of All Users’ Plaintext Passwords to Anyone Who Sent Them an SASE #parody #justtobeclear #remembersases
"Abyah Wynn isn't just advocating for change—she's the embodiment of it." -Melinda Gates CONGRATS, @abyah!!!! http://j.mp/2Yf89DW
Time to put the training into action. 🇺🇸 v. 🇪🇨 goes down tonight in Orlando.
Tune into #TheSmallBusinessRadioShow to hear my interview with @barrymoltz http://bit.ly/2OhApBh
Former President Michel Temer of Brazil was arrested. He was a deeply unpopular leader and has been the target of numerous corruption probes. https://nyti.ms/2JuGT18
It's time to celebrate. #MarchMadness is HERE! 🕺
Tweet if you won. I'll break out the popcorn and we can watch on my VCR. https://twitter.com/blockbuster/status/116601504026214401
RT @rrpre: "We're staying up all night and then flying over your house the next day." I spent the past few months talking to the pilots wh…
#StrangerThings3 teases the best—and scariest—summer ever in season 3 trailer: https://adweek.it/2FfFztK
RT @thenickguy: My dog has been classically conditioned to think the snapping shut of my AirPods case means we’re going for a walk https://…
RT @MayaEliahou: My political science professor at UC Berkeley just told my class that once you reach your allotted monthly articles on a n…
If you missed last night's Unchained Live with @VitalikButerin, the Livestream video is available on the Unchained Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/UnchainedPodcast/videos/2161275497495792/
Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, explained at length why he saw an X-rated film with his mother decades ago during a CNN town hall. https://nbcnews.to/2FrYJ0A
RT @RonBrownstein: The health care plan that will most affect the '20 presidential race has already been released- & it came from Trump, w/…
RT @pezslynx: I was an online community manager in the late 90s and early 00s. Also way too young, but that's a different discussion. We h…
RT @MoveOn: @SenWarren And a shout-out to @PeteButtigieg for announcing he will not be attending AIPAC last week! #SkipAIPAC #AIPAC2019 ht…
Just saying when the NCAAs were in NYC we knew how to let people in an arena. Ludicrous. Pittsburgh you can do better than this.
How many dumb trades would you have avoided over the years with this simple heuristic taped to your monitor? Dozens? A hundred?
3. I’d pick Tim Cook or Howard Schultz for VP or Sec of Defense roles (Schultz’s focus on the national debt could help reduce interest payments on the debt, which will top $8 trillion by 2030). Whole Foods CEO John Mackey would be my pick to lead USDA. https://twitter.com/khanoisseur/status/1108755447497048064?s=21
Follow this great crew of #Bernie2020 people I’m working with to elect @BernieSanders president in 2020: @ariannaijones @jmillerlewis @joshorton @ttagaris @ninaturner @HeatherGautney @fshakir @SarahL_ford @RoKhanna @briebriejoy @AriRabinHavt @nationalparke @Analilia_Mejia
When is someone going to stand up and remix this?
Boeing spent more on political donations this past February than any month in their history ($827,000) http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/forms/C00142711/1320281/ h/t @lachlan
See staff writer Brittany Spanos talk about Ariana Grande's tour opener, Cardi B’s new movie role, and more on #RSDailyNews https://rol.st/2JudNyW
RT @team_markup: Read all about us in the @nytimes https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/23/business/media/the-markup-craig-newmark.html
These upgrades worth $200? https://youtu.be/aozR9iYd1Bw
First Hall of Famer to make it in two different countries. https://twitter.com/MLB/status/1108735677808685056
RT @PewReligion: Among the 841 New Zealanders interviewed in a 2011-12 World Values Survey, only 12 said they would not like to have a neig…
RT @BradTakei: Putting it off...
RT @franklinleonard: And he hasn’t even thanked Donald Trump, but it’s fine, we’re just going to keep letting him live. https://t.co/UQy5yF…
RT @BrandyLJensen: nobody: me: the only truly useful professional skills i have i developed as a bartender!! https://theoutline.com/post/7227/restaurant-work-is-skilled-labor
RT @BrianNorgard: Siri enabled AirPods portend a post glass world of computing.
We're happy to welcome @AlexandreKech to speak at #Consensus2019. Register now: http://ow.ly/lIEi30o5XAX
Leaders are not born. Leaders are made. 1 face your fears 2 build discipline muscle 3 be optimistic 4 stop complaining 5 learn to learn, unlearn 6 listen more 7 measure results 8 follow first 9 fight entitlement 10 teach others 11 show empathy 12 be honest 13 inspire by doing
RT @jeffhauser: Exquisitely crafted frustration with House Democrats expressed here by @ThePlumLineGS -- and a headline that captures the p…
Etihad is still bleeding money. Is it time to merge with Emirates? https://cnn.it/2JtsGBm
The 21-strong @Skift Edit + Research team, covering the global business of travel & dining, 14 in this room and 7 on video, in their weekly meeting. Proud of the amazing work the combined team does, day in and day out.
Critics accuse him of “death squad” killings that violate human rights. Supporters call him their “protector” — the “savior” of the Philippines. Who is Rodrigo Duterte, and how did he rise to power? LISTEN: https://to.pbs.org/2Fi8zRr
Paula is always funny on this show but tonight she’s NEXT LEVEL. #APBio https://twitter.com/perlapell/status/1108753576807948293
RT @brithume: A CNN commentator calls out his own network, and other outlets, about what Trump actually said after Charlottesville. https:…
amen https://twitter.com/jpula23687/status/1108756765489938432
Wealth Tax time: 1% wealthiest Americans have $10.4 million in wealth 5% = $2.4 million 10% = $1.2 million @gregleiserson et al suggest a progressive wealth tax: 1% should get a wealth tax of 3% 5% = 2% 10% = 1% Raises $Trillions$ - pays down our debt https://equitablegrowth.org/research-paper/net-worth-taxes-what-they-are-and-how-they-work/
Companies are fighting back against activist short seller attacks. Investors say they're smothering criticism https://reut.rs/2Jw6h6B
SPLAT F 2.0! Go Frome! https://twitter.com/fromedome/status/1108756872264339456
None Of Mom’s Clothes Can Be Cleaned Using Washing Machine https://trib.al/dxwOrTv
RT @gustavobechtold: Is Sushi ‘Healthy’? What About Granola? Where Americans and Nutritionists Disagree https://nyti.ms/2jW1dae via @Upshot…
“Collaboration is the most significant step towards maintaining a high quality rental product for our users.” - Joe Edgar, founder of @tenantcloud, on their relationship with Dwolla. Find out more: https://bit.ly/2YdSAwv #DWOLLApowers
If the president wants to argue against socialism he must confront the GOP which is undermining his cause with their indifference to spending. Claims that socialism will drain the treasury from the left won’t resonate when Rs are draining it from the right.https://bit.ly/2Hz925u
RT @_StephKramer: A few things to know about religious demography and attitudes in New Zealand. https://twitter.com/PewReligion/status/1108753258938617858
My first feature is about @GreatJones, the cookware startup that had the launch of a lifetime last fall. The big question is: Now what? Here’s a look at how its founders plan to keep people interested now that it’s no longer the shiny new thing: https://newconsumer.com/2019/03/great-jones-had-the-startup-launch-of-a-lifetime-now-what/
.@gendunford discusses Google and China: "Us assisting the Chinese military in advancing technologically is not in U.S. national interest."
RT @shannonrwatts: BREAKING: Less than a week after a horrific mass shooting that killed 50 Muslim worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand…
So-called conversion therapy is a horrifying and abusive practice. I applaud Puerto Rico's Governor @ricardorossello for banning it. It's time Congress passed legislation I've cosponsored to ban it nationwide. https://www.washingtonblade.com/2019/03/20/puerto-rico-governor-to-issue-executive-order-banning-conversion-therapy-for-minors/
RT @ErikSolheim: Netherlands is building a giant artificial island to save wildlife. Plankton is exploding. 30 000 birds have returned. Gre…
here for @mattSepara stealing couple branding moves from @aseitzwald and @lucia_graves
Presidential candidate @PeteButtigieg has turned heads with a slate of radical political reform proposals, including expanding the Supreme Court and eliminating the Electoral College, that may help differentiate him from the crowd. https://interc.pt/2Fqo8aW #Deconstructed
RT @DallasFedComDev: Education and training opportunities strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers in #rural areas. Discover innovative i…
Me & my papa Arthur Kardashian. ✨ My mom would crimp my hair all the time! I still have the same crimper machine and used it just recently ✨
RT @davidgerard: you're joking right, I'm tracing Cipherblade's corporate shells within shells right now all leading back to AAA Internati…
RT @hardboiledpoker: @phil_hellmuth I wrote about the @SHO_Billions episode with your cameo, *and* how the hand is based on Stu Ungar's fam…
The legendary @garrytan has a birthday today. Happy Cake Day, my friend. There's lots more to do together. This has only been the first act. https://ift.tt/2FmCDeB
something for you guys to read . https://algotrading101.com/blog/15001/what-is-curve-fitting-overfitting-in-trading-optimization
RT @germanrlopez: Why can’t the US do the same? Blame the NRA, but also blame the US’s dysfunctional political system. https://t.co/AA0RQ7B…
Dressage, the equestrian event ​featuring dancing horses, is tap dancing ​its way to relevance. That means Bon Jovi. https://on.wsj.com/2Ft34kd
Chateau Renaissance Motor Hotel, North Bergen, New Jersey https://gameraboy1.tumblr.com/post/183599643465/chateau-renaissance-motor-hotel-north-bergen-new
Sparklite gives Zelda a wonderful roguelike makeover https://venturebeat.com/2019/03/20/sparklite-gives-zelda-a-wonderful-roguelike-makeover/
look how gorgeously short his arms are 😍 📹: amaccho5160
Rusty red surface Cratered, layered, rocky plains Someday we’ll touch Mars Share your own out-of-this-world haiku after taking our planetary poetry lesson here: https://go.nasa.gov/2We6NYr #WorldPoetryDay
FYI, Facebook doing business exactly as you would expect Facebook to do business -- with complete contempt and disrespect for users. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2019/03/facebook-stored-hundreds-of-millions-of-user-passwords-in-plain-text-for-years/
Levi's IPO day is a good time to pay tribute to Warren Hellman. who took Levi's private in 1985. He started the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in 2001. He was a great philanthropist. He was humble, self-deprecating and very funny (and he loved journalism). He died in 2011.
Just in the nick of time: My brackets have never been my one shining moment, but here we go again. You can check out my #MarchMadness picks here: https://go.obama.org/2019-bracket
It's weird how the recent protests in Gaza against Hamas's rule -- and the brutal, violent crackdown of them - are not getting more Western media attention (actually it's not weird at all) https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-how-hamas-became-an-enemy-of-the-palestinian-people-1.7025609
Track multiple time zones in your menu bar with this little app http://lifehac.kr/WtNChWT
and also @marlaschnelder
‘Forrest Gump 2’? Screenwriter reveals why planned sequel was scrapped http://bit.ly/2Jvec4e
RT @tprinty: Hey #podcast creator. @johnbiggs and I built built this to help you with your podcast. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/cheaptranscription
Only fitting I’ll be jamming out to the SXSW 2019 playlist today on Roadtrip... come hang: https://roadtrp.io/r/j8k8
Chicago Police Union Wants Federal Probe Into Smollett Case After Michelle Obama's Former Top Aide Contacted State Attorney https://www.dailywire.com/news/44913/chicago-police-union-wants-federal-probe-smollett-ryan-saavedra
RT @LaurenGoode: The new iPad mini is new, but not new. It feels like a product borne from an operations meeting about ways in which to use…
This is the tweet of the day. Take the rest of the day off, hoss.
A recent study questioning the healthfulness of eggs raised an evergreen question: Why do studies so often flip-flop from one answer to another? Some scientists and statisticians are offering a bold idea: Ban the concept of "statistical significance." http://n.pr/2JssSky
RT @BobEckstein: Don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology. But I do know you will love my @nyuniversity class on live drawing…
I’m there... literally ☺️ https://twitter.com/leodicaprio/status/1108348568442531843
RT @lead_by_change: Day in the Life @techstars, this still remains one of my favorite days of filming with team @BYBEapp @rbroshar @nicetra…
So glad you’re on the mend Whoopi. When the sun comes out after a storm there’s always the gentle magic of a rainbow. That’s you. So stay strong. We love you and we need you. Goodness.
Oh https://inews.co.uk/culture/television/how-go-viral-art-of-meme-richard-clay-bbc-four-documentary-ridiculous/
👀 John Wick 3, don't mind if I diddly dee https://twitter.com/GeeksOfColor/status/1108753225308467200
"Should it reach 17.4 million respondents then I am sure there will be a very clear case for taking action," says Andrea Leadsom. If the website stays up... #RevokeArticle50
RT @kevin2kelly: Try stuff. Most will fail. Keep making new mistakes. Fail forward. Here is the list of all the products that Google has tr…
Facebook’s “newsroom”, which is not a newsroom, publishes a piece titled “Keeping Passwords Secure” about how it failed to keep passwords secure https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2019/03/keeping-passwords-secure/
For your local dose of insanity, here's 500mg of unconsciousness... https://twitter.com/DannyWArmstrong/status/1108058131987349504
John McCain's rotting body CLAPS BACK at disgraceful attacks by senile bedwetter https://trib.al/r6JDZJw
Has Theresa May poisoned the well of British politics? http://nyer.cm/KmDjjPc
RT @dasharez0ne: - = FROM http://DASHAREZ0NE.COM ADMIN = -
RT @Cryn_Johannsen: @bsebti @pdacosta Thank you for sharing, Bassam. Your story was difficult and moving to read. I’m so sorry your family…
After a bit of confusion due to a change in schedule, we are happy to congratulate Ryan Cochran-Siegle on back-to-back super-G national titles‼️ Rounding out the podium was River Radamus in second and Tommy Biesemeyer in third. 👏👏 📷: Jamie Walter #usalpinechamps
“I really can’t believe Trump is beefing with a dead man—and losing." http://bit.ly/2unp0Hg
Samsung Develops Smaller DDR4 Dies Using 3rd Gen 10nm-Class Process Tech http://www.anandtech.com/show/14118/samsung-develops-8-gb-drams-using-3rd-gen-10nmclass-process-technology?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
RT @benjaminwittes: I want to tell a story about John McCain--a story that took place at the Polish embassy, back when Poland was still a c…
Trump is dusting off the Lincoln bedroom for his buddy Bob Kraft http://vntyfr.com/DwNieEk
What's your type? Ours is this @JohnGurneymusic #HotCountry performance ⭐️ https://spoti.fi/2Y7ZR0Q
RT @boring_as_heck: John Podhoretz may have deleted his account, but his final post (asking the official McDonald’s Twitter if they were pl…
If they do, pick @GreenDay. https://youtu.be/2P49LZ4FBTU
brianalvey · Brian Alvey 🎬
We’re not going to solve our housing crisis by nibbling at the edges. We need to tackle it head on—with big, comprehensive solutions that match the size of the problems we have. That’s what my housing plan does.
Non-compete agreements rig the system against workers. They reduce bargaining power, stifle competition, and hurt workers striving for better opportunities. I'm joining @SenBlumenthal to urge the @FTC to crack down on these harmful contracts. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-20/labor-groups-petition-u-s-ftc-to-prohibit-non-compete-clauses
RT @jerrybrito: This should be getting much more attention than it has: New regulation would effectively ban crypto exchanges in Mexico htt…
🔥🔥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://twitter.com/jtriest/status/1108743154273042432
RT @ThePlumLineGS: Memo to Democrats: If Trump represents an epic national emergency, as you keep saying, then it's time to act like it.…
This is interesting --- a real life "internet ruin" -- the http://daytum.com site, once a potential competitor to Facebook back in the day (acquired), still up but with everything 8+ years old
One NFL scout in Morgantown, W.V., just texted that QB Will Grier “put on a show” for NFL Teams in attendance and predicted he’s “a riser.” The WVU QB is expected to meet with at least 10 teams before the draft, including the Giants, Redskins, Chargers, Pats and Saints.
Our failure to deal with the gun culture leads inevitably from reasonablish preparedness drills to urban terrorism cosplay in which teachers are huddled into rooms for mock executions with pellet guns. https://twitter.com/istamembers/status/1108461641400807424
RT @leilasegal: O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed. Hold them cheap May who ne'er hung ther…
But what’s a few hundred million plain text passwords amongst friends? 😱 https://twitter.com/techmeme/status/1108752988452126721
RT @hodlonaut: On a sauna raft with a female space cat. Ice bath, tacos and prosecco. 👌🌮
RT @TheHeartTruth: Did you know #HeartDisease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S.? The good news: Heart disease is largely preventable. At…
This was before he got drunk AF (thread) https://twitter.com/oatmeal/status/1068608155532152832
Fox News and the Republican Party aren’t just incidentally in-step with white supremacy, they are the carriers of the torch of white supremacy. That’s what we’re dealing with with no exaggeration whatsoever.
Be kind to yourself. #ShrillOnHulu
No naming could be more deserved: The Roger Federer Arena in his hometown of Basel? A movement whose time has come. @rogerfederer https://twitter.com/bzBasel/status/1108750123985592320
Come again? 30% more valuable? “Citi analyst Jim Suva raised his price target for Apple to $220 from $170” That new iPad mini must be amazing.
RT @EliPollak: “Like a boss” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://twitter.com/accion/status/1108681909628862464
RT @nathanielpopper: Jack runs two public companies but he is going to have his new bitcoin engineers reporting directly to him. In case yo…
RT @jacklgoldsmith: My next book, to be published September 24: "In Hoffa's Shadow: A Stepfather, a Disappearance in Detroit, and My Search…
The new law takes effect July 1, and it will not apply to stores like Costco that require a membership, nor will it apply to parking garages or lots, or hotels or rental car companies that require a credit or debit card as security, reports WSJ. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/03/sorry-amazon-philadelphia-bans-cashless-stores/
These guys are ready!!! @Goofy757__ @ImThat6MB @iamadamthe1st @Originalmalik_ @Hazzaa_Hurst @yeynotgaming @LetsBallUp_ @KnicksGaming https://twitter.com/knicksgaming/status/1108745614601474050
Last week, @FCC unanimously adopted new rules to unleash even more innovation in wireless technologies. Learn more about it here: https://go.usa.gov/xE6cE #OpenMtgFCC
RT @HanYanYuen: Here's an epic love story for you: Remember the #feministfive ? Five incredible women who were arrested by the Chinese stat…
For Years, Hundreds of Millions of Facebook Users Had Their Account Passwords Stored in Plain Text and Searchable By Thousands of Facebook Employees http://bit.ly/2HO8nw7
In @Discrepants discography, the synth and guitar experimentations of Beirut’s Charbel Haber rub shoulders with the haunted loops of Turkey’s Koray Kantarcioğlu. http://bit.ly/2Tjl04p
What Working At @stripe Has Been Like for @patio11 https://buff.ly/2UMGAzX
It's never been easier to look like a VC 😏 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/vc-starter-kit
This is a story about a powerful man facing serious allegations. Michael Steinhardt is a philanthropist behind some of the most powerful Jewish nonprofits. Seven women who worked with him claim he made comments about their bodies and sex lives: https://propub.li/2HyX5wA
Oklahoma: #Republican Gov. Ken Stitt signed legislation into law clarifying regulations and patient protections specific to the use of medical #marijuana. https://blog.norml.org/2019/03/15/oklahoma-governor-signs-medical-marijuana-regulatory-measure/
We’re excited to hear from keynote speaker @SPDJIndices chairman and managing director, David Blitzer about the future of volatility at #CboeRMC.
Music industry veteran #TBoneBurnett has no big love for Big Tech. In a scorching keynote speech at @sxsw the Grammy & Oscar winning musician/producer spoke out against the growing power of Silicon Valley giants like @Google & @facebook @FastCompany - https://www.fastcompany.com/90320480/full-text-t-bone-burnett-rips-big-tech-surveillance-capitalists-in-blistering-sxsw-keynote
RT @Kliavkoff: Whoa https://twitter.com/miblogestublog/status/1108549072858820609
New episode is up. Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) on Building an Audience and Other Advice for Creators https://blog.ycombinator.com/marques-brownlee-on-building-an-audience-and-other-advice-for-creators/
RT @bspokesf: On our way to @axios Hometown Tour w/@inafried @pathpartners discussing SF’s #housingcrisis causes & solutions with: Jon Dis…
All-wheel drive Miata: Could Mazda make a case for it? http://jalo.ps/X15msiT
The 2020 @Nissan Versa sedan looks to put a new face on cheap basic transportation: http://crdrv.co/9gbc3nK
Be a strong person and lift people up, don’t put them down
RT @NewDay: President Trump claimed ISIS would be “gone" by last night. “Trump has rather prematurely declared final victory over the ter…
Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding and I was never confirmed to play at @KAABOODELMAR this year. It looks like a great line up tho. Hopefully some other time
I’d like to propose an extension to Betteridge’s Law. https://twitter.com/TheSun/status/1108749305639288832
I'm presenting on how to create Impact Without Burnout. Listen to my session and many more for free here-- http://starting.gd
Jimmy's monologue from last night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rE5C9pojvQ&list=UU8-Th83bH_thdKZDJCrn88g&index=5
RT @BCAppelbaum: The Fed has stopped raising interest rates because it's worried about the health of the economy. So why is it still cuttin…
I agree with @CREWcrew on this account & am grateful they’re doing this work. It’s critical that everyone who aspires to the presidency shows - not tells - how they’ll uphold transparency, ethics & democracy by leading by example here, from @BernieSanders to @BetoORourke. https://twitter.com/noahbookbinder/status/1108749181340938242
RT @AmanpourCoPBS: See @KenBurns' conversation with @WalterIsaacson on @AmanpourCoPBS here: https://www.pbs.org/wnet/amanpour-and-company/video/ken-burns/ https://twitter.com/Tulane/status/1108387229100097537
What I really want is a 500-year-old-horse race. https://twitter.com/davidplotz/status/1108750726774296577
Instagram economics: Artist posts drawing. Artist fans say "You should make this into a print". Artist spends major cash producing print. Nobody buys print. Artist broke. Repeat. CC @rorysutherland
The mask shows @realDonaldTrump with a trowel and a brick surrounded by the "wall". https://cir.ca/2ulhNr6
A cool new role for someone in business affairs here in NY, working with me and a great team on a new media/tech platform company... check it out and share please! https://battellemedia.com/archives/2019/03/lead-business-affairs
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