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Check out a recap of @christine_tsai's recent interview with @Jason where she discusses her journey into VC and the history of 500. Full talk:
Congrats to Batch 16's @Rapid_API for raising a $25M Series B and launching their new self-serve platform, RapidAPI for Teams. #500Strong
@Christine_Tsai talks about having invested in 10 unicorns (incl. @Canva, @Twilio Inc. and @Intercom), attracting female founders🔥and whether @500Startups has requirements around multiple founders and developer founders. Part 4 of 7. Filmed in April 2019
"@500Startups is a brand that has now helped more than 2000 companies around the world. 2200 companies to date since 2010 that we've invested in, the portfolio is just shy of 50% outside of US." - @Christine_Tsai Part 3 of 7
@Christine_Tsai talks about the origin story of @500Startups, making the bold move of leaving @Google to start off in venture with a Co-Founder she did not know very well. Part 2 of 7. Thanks @LinkedIn! Get $50 credit toward your first job post ->
ICYMI: Episode 1 of ANGEL Season 3 @Christine_Tsai Co-founder & CEO of @500Startups talks about her professional journey, growing up in Silicon Valley, working at @Google post dot-com bust, and spending 9 years as an investor 🔥. Part 1 of 7.
"The entrepreneurial mindset is really ingrained in Latin America...the difference is maybe there wasn't an ecosystem to help these ideas to scale..." We're thrilled to be part of the story.
Know a great angel investor or VC? Don't miss tomorrow's nomination deadline for #VCUnlocked: Silicon Valley @StanfordCPD. Final interviews start this week!
Outsourcing can be a great way to leverage experienced and skilled talent without breaking the bank, but does it make sense to outsource accounting at your startup? @aircfo founder Justin McLoughlin explains both sides:
Founder @MelanieCanva of 500 unicorn @canva joins the @TWistartups podcast with @Jason to talk about their humble beginnings as a yearbook tool, and becoming the most accessible design software on the market:
Congratulations to recent Batch 24 graduate, @mycrowdz on raising their $5.5M Series A!
RT @ApplyBoard: Thrilled to share we raised $55 Million in Series B funding to grow ApplyBoard and #EducateTheWorld. Humbled to be part of…
Tax season may be behind us, but it’s never too early to plan for the next one. Justin McLoughlin of @aircfo details 4 tax deductions your startup should be watching for in 2019
Tax season may be behind us, but it’s never too early to plan for the next one. Justin McLoughlin of @airco details 4 tax deductions your startup should be watching for in 2019
RT @EntMagazineME: Meet the 19 #startups from the inaugural demo day of the #Misk500 MENA Accelerator Program, held by @500Startups and @…
RT @foundergym: We had a GREAT session today with @TanyaSoman, Venture Partner at @500Startups 🙌🏽 She gave our Pre-Seed Daytime some major…
RT @chewishgirl: After 5 months of no interest and us running on fumes @christine_tsai became our first investor! 7 yrs & $30M capital late…
Missing Marketing Hell Week? Join our partners at @zendesk for a free panel on the importance of customer experience to startup growth, held at our San Francisco headquarters.
RT @neweconforum: The Editor's Discussion Series, "How U.S.-China Trade Tensions are Affecting the Tech Landscape" takes place this week. A…
Unicorn Alert: After raising a $90M Series D, proptech company @WeAreVTS has reached Unicorn status. The raise represents the single largest software round in the history of commercial real estate! #500strong by @NickRomito
Congratulations to Batch 18 company @printify for raising $3M to expand its marketplace for custom printing! #500Strong 💪 by @TechCrunch
Congratulations to Batch 18 @printify for raising $3M to expand its marketplace for custom printing! 💪 #500Strong by @TechCrunch
Congratulations to the Batch 18 @printify for raising $3M to expand its marketplace for custom printing! 💪 #500Strong by @TechCrunch
“Mental health is so often referred to as self-care, as though choosing to see a therapist, making time and space for your own thoughts, or resolving your anxiety is an option or an excess. As a company founder, it’s not..” - B15's Noura Sakkijha, @Mejuri.
Hau Ly (500 Vietnam & Forbes' 30 Under 30) speaks on the challenges of being a female leader and an introvert in VC.
Yesterday, we had the honor of hosting President @IvanDuque, his delegation, and several Colombian founders to discuss an upcoming collaboration with @InnpulsaCol and the Colombian government that aids in the development of the local startup ecosystem in Colombia.
3 things 500 CEO @christine_tsai looks for when making an investment by @Quora & @Forbes
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It's been one year since we opened our #500Miami office! In that time we've hosted numerous programs for local entrepreneurs, helped them create successful companies at scale, and contribute to the thriving global startup ecosystem. See more:
Early stage investors want to see evidence, later stage investors want to see proof. @tchae explains this difference for @Forbes
Congratulations to @ManyChatHQ from Batch 16! #500Strong
RT @TechCrunch: Pana raises $10 million Series A to help companies arrange travel for onsite interviews by @lucasmt…
Countdown to Kuwait: Investor Day is right around the corner, as our founders prepare for the conclusion of 500 Startups MENA Dojo, in partnership with @QSTP.
Read more via @QuoraSessions:
RT @500Startups_SEA: #500Strong @hipolicypal talk automating insurance claims using #blockchain
RT @500Startups_SEA: "In terms of market share based on transaction volume, we are already number one in Malaysia and Thailand. We are also…
RT @500Startups_SEA: "The most important thing is to always be thankful about what we have without ceasing to be innovative and creative."…
RT @ForbesLife: Mother's Day Gift Guide: The best coffee for travelers—including @coppercowcoffee's Vietnamese brews.…
"To build anything meaningful and lasting, I believe you need to start at the intersection of the where you believe the world is going, and your innate unfair advantages." - @tchae Join Tim right now on @QuoraSessions:
RT @TeamHampleton: Which VC firms are the most active in the USA? By no. of disclosed deals over 30 months up to Dec 2018 @500Startups ➡️…
RT @all_vp: #LAlatam What are the most active foreign VC investors in Latin America? (beta version) Over 200+ investors headquartered ou…
RT @QuoraSessions: What are some unique challenges introverts face in the investing world? Answer by @christine_tsai, partner at @500Startu…
Great advice from @shalini_prakash 💪
RT @DisruptAfrica: 4 Egyptian startups selected for 500 Startups’ MENA Dojo programme @500Startups
Congrats to #Batch15 alum @Mejuri!💍 #500Strong
Ask GP @tchae all your burning questions right now on @QuoraSessions:
Less than 1 month until our #VCUnlocked seminar on corporate venture and innovation at @JoinStationF with @INSEADGPEI. Hone your strategy for engaging with startups & learn how to build a portfolio that supports your corporate mission. Apply today:
RT @500Startups_SEA: Congrats to #500Strong @finaxarHQ for winning the @Visa Everywhere Initiative Singapore 2019! Another congrats to #500…
RT @jumpstarthk: Always awesome seeing our two features @Jason and @christine_tsai of @500Startups collaborating. Check out this podcast. #…
When building a startup, don't focus on the revenue, focus on the impact you can make and the rest will come. Take it from @vikraijazz and @AlfatihTimur who created @kitabisacom to showcase how crowdfunding can bring people together.
ANGEL Podcast with @Jason is back. Season 3 kicks off with our very own @christine_tsai! Tune in here: @TWistartups
RT @TWistartups: ANGEL Season 3 Premiere! @500Startups Co-founder @christine_tsai shares lessons from fund's 10 unicorns & 2200+ startups a…
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