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RT @levie: This is a game-changing idea that could change the economics of open source, and thus the future of software. 👍 @github @natfrie…
This is a game-changing idea that could change the economics of open source, and thus the future of software. 👍 @github @natfriedman https://twitter.com/github/status/1131476921693474816
This is a game-changing idea that could change the economics of source, and thus the future of software. 👍 @github @natfriedman https://twitter.com/github/status/1131476921693474816
RT @Box: Workflow, simplified. Introducing the all new Box Relay: https://bit.ly/2QjrNvg
Guy on the bottom left.
This is how you billionaire properly. https://twitter.com/morehouse/status/1130122081599987712
Aaron can you help me pay off the loan for my pleasure boat?
Robert F. Smith opposed eliminating the unfair, market-distorting carried-interest loophole. He made a fortune off that preferential tax rate, and used a tiny portion of that fortune to make himself look magnanimous. https://twitter.com/anandwrites/status/1130270081978654721?s=21
“This is an act of tremendous generosity, but it is not a substitute for justice, including tax justice.” — @AnandWrites https://twitter.com/anandwrites/status/1131263949343731714?s=21
True inner peace is presence of justice. 💜 https://twitter.com/berniceking/status/838546568810741760?s=21
Box PR strikes again. https://twitter.com/joshconstine/status/1128701935035404288
Most valuable tweet of all time. https://twitter.com/ryangraves/status/7422940444
RT @Box: 🙌 TV trailers via Box! 🎬 https://twitter.com/IanZiering/status/1121200387682263041
Negotiating ratchet protections with your mom, classic. https://twitter.com/rolfewinkler/status/1126521933292376064
Trying to maintain a conversation via Gchat on an airplane with spotty wifi must be exactly what it felt like corresponding cross country in the 1800s.
The cloud is far larger than we realize because of the amount of "non-consumption" in most software categories due to the cost and complexity of prior solutions. Simplicity 10X's these markets.
My Gmail is either punking me with this suggested email subject, or Gmail is trying to give me very strong feedback about my writing style.
If you read one thing about the disruption playing out in enterprise software today, let it be this. https://twitter.com/stratechery/status/1123196230975115266
As a startup, it’s better to do one thing well and be a killer app searching for its platform, than do everything well and be a platform searching for its killer app.
If I gave you a nickel every time I heard "freemium will never work in the enterprise" you could be the largest shareholder of Zoom and Slack.
The enterprise software market is fundamentally different today. Here are some thoughts on what’s happening and what’s to come. https://twitter.com/techcrunch/status/1121818408155328516
“Consumerization of IT” was merely a hypothesis a decade ago, and now it’s radically changed the enterprise software landscape forever. Congrats to @SlackHQ and @stewart and team on the IPO filing!
If you aren’t working out of a garage right now you might want to rethink your growth strategy. https://twitter.com/jonerlichman/status/1119656467487973376
There's still so much disruption left in enterprise software. The cloud changed everything, and we're only in the earliest innings of its adoption.
We're seeing an explosion of enterprise software successes because markets are often 10X larger when they move from legacy to the cloud: global scale instantly, billions of potential users, exponential growth in devices, completely new work styles. This is just the start.
Congrats Zoom on the incredible IPO. An amazing example of a best-of-breed cloud platform with a focused mission, great technology, and brilliantly simple business model that scales.
Microsoft: a computer on every desk. Apple: a computer in every palm. Samsung: a $2,000 strobe light. https://twitter.com/stevekovach/status/1118571414934753280
If anyone ever tells you “it just can’t be done,” every once in a while they’re actually right. And you just shouldn’t do it. https://twitter.com/stevekovach/status/1118571414934753280
Two phones for the price of one, plus one that has a strobe feature. This is a steal. https://twitter.com/stevekovach/status/1118571414934753280
Update: https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/17/18411510/samsung-galaxy-fold-broken-screen-debris-dust-hinge-flexible-bulge https://twitter.com/levie/status/1098439077454475264
BoxWorks 2019 is here! Come hear about the future of work, cloud content management from Box, and much more. Excited to announce Ginni Rometty as our first keynote speaker, with many more to come! https://twitter.com/Box/status/1118537129993236481
Get ready for BoxWorks 2019! It's literally the opposite of Fyre Festival for Enterprise Software. See you in October! https://twitter.com/Box/status/1118537129993236481
RT @Box: Quick! Read about these updates to Box to speed up the way you work. 💨 You can now: ✅ See and act on pending invitations to conte…
Little known fact: Neutrogena actually invented the push notification.
This is a big deal. https://twitter.com/box/status/1116388128229433344
Lessons from PagerDuty on how to build a $3B+ company: ✅ Focus on a big, annoying pain that many have ✅ Build what others call a “feature” to solve that better than anyone else ✅ Methodically evolve that “feature” into a platform that creates a market
Congrats to @jenntejada and @pagerduty on their IPO! Another best-of-breed cloud platform proving that focused products, with a big mission, can create massive new markets.
Facebook 2009: “Where the party at?” Facebook 2019: “I just created the first image ever of a black hole”
The future of enterprise software is integration and interoperability between clouds. Exciting to see @gsuite continue to push in this direction. https://twitter.com/box/status/1116009194556149760
RT @Box: We're bringing the Box experience to more @gsuite apps, including Gmail and Google Calendar! https://bit.ly/2IoeMhK #GoogleNEXT19…
Anytime someone says “that problem has been solved,” remember Slack and Zoom have created ~$20B in value in categories most wrote off as finished.
A few takeaways after a week on the road meeting enterprises: * Best-of-Breed IT gaining steam vs. monolithic solutions🚄 * Regulated industries finally moving to cloud ☁️ * Cloud Infrastructure wars are only beginning ⚔️ * Enterprises want more interoperability from vendors 🧩
Thank you Abiarsi. I myself am not currently in the market for a $360M plane, but given this attractive offer I'm retweeting in case someone else is interested. https://twitter.com/abiarsif/status/1113912967664291840
RT @Box: Proud to be named by @LinkedIn as one of the 50 Top Companies in the US for the third year in a row! https://bit.ly/2FVb4e7 #Link…
The tech industry: April 2nd to March 31: “Wow that idea is extremely impractical.” April 1: “Wow that would be really useful. Oh dammit.”
3 most stressful things about business: 1. Growth 2. Profit 3. Trying to switch between the Calendar app and Phone app fast enough to type in the conference call code before the woman’s voice tells you to start over again.
RT @Box: Congrats to THE one and only @TamarBercovici, Sr. Director of Engineering, for being named #1 on 2019 Tech Up-and-Comers by @Okta,…
With the Apple Card, I'm finally feeling comfortable going with the 64GB version.
Zoom could easily have a second revenue stream by selling laminated copies of their S-1 as a coffee table book based on how beautiful the numbers are.
We’re making several enhancements to our sharing experience on Box to give users and admins more control of how they share. https://twitter.com/box/status/1106304893873197056
If you create Custom Shared URLs with Box, here are some important best practices (and updates) to keep in mind: https://blog.box.com/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-custom-shared-urls
Here are some important tips for sharing content securely using custom URLs and Box shared links, and some security improvements we’re making to Box: https://blog.box.com/blog/using-box-shared-links-securely
RT @Box: Using Box Shared Links Securely: Check out some important updates and best practices when sharing content with "public/open" permi…
Sheer silence from tweet happy @levie about how a company built on notion of stronger security and privacy is deafening. Next time perhaps less jokes, more security should do @Box a world of good. #customer https://techcrunch.com/2019/03/11/data-leak-box-accounts/
Hey Om, this is definitely an important topic, and we’re working to make our security features more usable: https://blog.box.com/blog/using-box-shared-links-securely
Indisputable evidence that hairdressers will always have jobs in the future. https://twitter.com/cheddar/status/1104179743778205696
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