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Hmmm…didn’t I make the same “speculation” weeks ago?
Whether you call it “spikes” or a “second wave”, fact that US still has 20,000 daily new COVID-19 cases — majority now coming from regions that previously were not coronavirus hotspots — 6 months into this pandemic is a health crisis of a scale not found in any developed nation.
Top health representatives from the US, which used to lead the world in pandemic response, could’ve learned so much from New Zealand’s approach at this WHO member gathering: NZ’s health minister David Clark presented how they kept Covid-19 death toll to 22; US has 117,000 deaths.
People (mostly on the right) seize upon the “defund” label to reject any discussion re how to reform the police by shifting budgets—we are now in year 7 of the BLM movement, but this expensive militarization/expansion of the police has been eroding cities’ budgets for decades.
Not just unemployed but millions are also without health insurance; many will go broke if they end up with a major health issue during Covid-19 pandemic. Protests are also a measure of frustration brought on by sudden economic uncertainty, which is breaking apart many families.
Pollution, crime, violence, police abuse…it’s all linked.
Did taxpayers approve police departments using taxpayers’ monies to procure military grade vehicles and equipment for police to then use against unarmed citizens protesting police brutality?
Did taxpayers approve dispatching cops making $400,000 to subdue and kill an unemployed citizen over an alleged counterfeit $20 bill? The subsequent massive protests that swept the nation, which continue to this day, show many taxpayers do not approve of such use of their funds.
Ask the question a different way (Would you support shifting funds from militarizing the police to improving early childhood development, cleaner air and water, and more affordable college and housing for low income communities?) and you will get a much different answer.
Today I saw a mask-wearing employee at a beauty salon step outside the store to take off her mask 😷 and sneeze a couple of times (not in her elbow) before returning inside, and five seconds later a maskless pedestrian (wearing headphones) wafted by that same spot, oblivious.
Police pensions provide a perverse incentive for some crooked cops to entrench themselves, blocking fresh talent from joining. Some cops who retire “double-dip”: collecting taxpayer-supported pensions, then going back on city payroll as civilian employees.
Floyd’s killer Chauvin still eligible for $1 million pension. Amid growing calls to shift money from police to improved social services, youth and community development and mental health treatment, pensions will become a flashpoint in the ongoing debate.
The armed cops who were dispatched to arrest George Floyd were pulling in combined salaries $400,000 with health + retirement benefits; Floyd who was recently laid off due to Covid-19 was probably living off whatever savings he had. An all too common disparity that fuels tension.
Closing the income gap between police officers and the targets of their policing is crucial to reducing police violence — unfortunately, in many US cities, cracking down on the poor is how police departments thrive and grow bigger. Vicious cycle which increases police run-ins.
So many barriers are placed on the targets of policing from joining the police, it’s not a shock that it drives tensions between the community and the police — a point hammered home in the 2009 Seth Rogen dark comedy Observe and Report.
Ways to reduce tensions between police and public: 1. Reduce the number of guns 2. Increase the number of college-educated (free college?) and decrease poverty (universal basic income?) 3. Reduce the number of armed cops, increase the number of trained community caretakers
You can’t become a police officer in US unless you have a college or associates degree (some departments like Chicago even impose a max recruitment age limit of 40)—this discrimination against low-income people increases inequality, drives tension between poor and well-paid cops.
More like a jumbo jet that somehow made a water “landing” and is now about to sink…
“Retail investors” = suckers who got suckered in by the sucker’s rally manipulated by the pros. Dow now down 1400 points.
Urging people to wear masks back in February could’ve helped us avoid this “very deep hole”. Trump still refuses to wear a mask.
Ciccarelli is 0-32 in races so his lack of expertise in anything race-related is well-documented …
Remember, US imposed Magnitsky sanctions on Russian officials over what US deemed was extrajudicial killing of Magnitsky, yet we ball up when other institutions want to hold our military accountable for deaths and killings and violations of human rights.
“We will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a press conference. This as protests continue in US over extrajudicial killings of black people by police right here at home 🤷🏻‍♂️
Many workers who get COVID-19 infected will attempt to work through the infection if their cases are mild because they fear losing income/jobs/healthcare — increasing the risk of infecting others at work. This was already happening prior to reopen and will continue through it.
Recession began before coronavirus stay at home and will continue as long as COVID-19 cases continue at the present rate of 15,000-20,000 new cases/day, which directly impacts the unemployment rate because thousands of infected will go into 2-3 week quarantine/unemployment.
Side note: Maybe we should reconsider renaming the US Secret Service to something else (for matters beyond sharing Nazi-era SS acronym). Why does a democracy need a law enforcement agency called “secret service” anyway? Why not just call it US Protective Services?
All 10 of the bases are located in the Confederacy, stretching from Virginia to Texas. Especially bizarre since Army has always been the service with the most African-American troops. 1+ of every 5 soldiers is black. Imagine going to work on soil honoring their race’s oppressors.
Nancy Pelosi is calling for statues of Confederate figures such as Jefferson Davis (toppled here in Richmond) to be removed from US Capitol building. The statues "pay homage to hate, not heritage," she says. Would surprise many that US Capitol had these.
Many people in “developed” and “undeveloped” nations alike are puzzled why US has so many statues dedicated to people who tore the union apart and oppressed people. It’s like Germany keeping around statues of Nazi figures (Germany had banned displaying Nazi symbols decades ago).
A friend from Germany Whatsapp’d me, astonished to learn that US still had so many Confederate statues and military bases named after Confederates. “We banned displaying Nazi symbolism (swastikas) a long time ago,” she observed. (Nazis has studied Confederate practices).
Did this get the Jared Kushner-Stephen Miller stamp of approval? Will they be in the White House next year to set up such stunts?
Kia will take advantage of a shift away from public transport during coronavirus with a new, all-electric small car set to rival Citroen’s Ami (a project I worked on), which has a starting price of just 6,000 Euros. Tesla has no such affordable vehicle.
Soaring coronavirus hospitalizations in Arizona, Texas and South Carolina: if this trend sends them back into lockdown, these red states may soon need a bailout from the blue states…
As rates of coronavirus infections ease in places such as New York, parts of the country that had previously avoided being hit hard by the outbreak — lulling maskless protestors into demanding a faster “reopen” — are now tallying record-high new infections
A study by Federal Reserve showed that black-owned firms had a harder time getting loans than any other group: 47% of their applications were fully funded, compared with 75% of applications from whites. Yet, here is Ted Cruz attacking a gesture to support black-owned businesses.
Shutting down just half of these bases named after Confederates — bases that weren’t able to stop 9/11, collapse of Syria, migrant crisis, Russian election meddling, or coronavirus spread — would reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to millions of people switching to electric cars.
So many (10!) heavily funded, military bases named after Confederates and yet all this spending was not able to stop the spread of the coronavirus in US; Covid-19 deaths in US will top 120,000 soon.
It’s only “medium-high” if you don’t test enough of the population — as of today 93% of US population has NOT been tested so coronavirus has a huge growth opportunity, including infecting those who were tested previously and cleared. Testing alone does not give one “immunity”.
Tesla, which lost EV market share in Germany (and in key EV markets—Netherlands, Norway and Sweden) to rivals after Elon Musk’s coronavirus disinformation and tantrums, now faces a new competitor: the electric VW ID3, with deliveries expected in September.
As I noted back in February, $2 masks could’ve saved tens of thousands of lives in US and prevented trillions of dollars in economic losses. Hong Kong had 4 deaths; Taiwan 7 deaths. Widespread mask use in both those places close to China were key to helping reduce the spread.
Trump’s slump in approval coincides with new WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany lending support to his conspiracy theories (including his false accusation that Joe Scarborough had a person murdered) and use of force against protestors, even as coronavirus deaths soared.
South Carolina reported as many new Covid-19 cases as New York, which has 20 million more people. As many expect, this “second wave” will wash back over the hard work New York did in bringing its cases down, as more infected people from SC will bring Covid-19 back into NY.
Now two weeks after Memorial Day holiday weekend, which saw crowds packing the beaches of South Carolina, health officials reported the highest jump in new coronavirus cases in a single day across SC at 542 new cases. The second wave 🌊 is here.
Only other elected presidents with worse approval ratings in June of fourth year: GHW Bush and Carter who were also battling economic downturns. Both lost their re-election bids.
That’s $2.2 billion back in consumers’ pockets to redistribute elsewhere — some win, some lose in this form of capitalism that relies on profits by selling goods made cheaply in China at a markup or by using cheap US labor (not paying a living wage) to sell goods at a premium.
You mean after this wake up call that revealed how fragile our booming economy was… people don’t want to spend on coffee that comes with a 500% markup ? Shocker!
Police brutality isn’t just about racism: cops have been known to abuse their powers even when dealing with citizens of their own race — happens in US and places like India, China, Russia, parts of Middle East — often such abuse is provided cover by higher authorities, unions etc
Cheaper and better than switching to electric vehicles — less traffic congestion overall
Japan’s annual military budget is $49 billion. US spends 15X that. Japan believes the best defense is diplomacy, economic aid and development. Japan is the world’s largest creditor and has 1500 fewer coronavirus deaths than Indiana, though Japan has 120 million more people!
US spends $1.4 trillion/year on military, policing and incarceration— imagine shrinking that apparatus and returning ~$500 billion/year to community improvement efforts, better schools, infrastructure — will help more companies prosper — so why don’t more companies support it?
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