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2. A good way to increase that slice of the corporate income tax pie is by slashing rates for foreign companies to invest in US + hire/train US knowledge workers. This will also automatically increase individual and payroll tax slices (which generate 83% of federal tax revenue).
Politicians here are so fixated on raising corporate taxes they’re losing to other countries that are slashing corporate taxes so companies can be quickly set up there. US should be doing this - incentivizing foreign companies to set up here and hire Americans (and train them). https://twitter.com/brewerjohnp/status/1140021304231387137
10. A bigger question/dilemma is whether younger Americans would even want to take on these knowledge jobs boomers will exit; the lack of workers suggests younger workers aren’t interested in such tech work (and politicians demonizing tech isn’t helping). https://twitter.com/khanoisseur/status/1140024188482334720?s=21
9. More jobs are becoming more complex; with boomers retiring, fewer jobs will be filled quickly if employers can’t find people here, meaning any wage growth will occur for workers that companies hire overseas, not for US workers. Not one 2020 candidate has a plan to tackle this.
8. Now imagine where US wage growth would’ve been had politicians and lawmakers encouraged and incentivized more Americans to embrace knowledge work and aided developement of technical and analytical skills between 2000-2015 (when many US knowledge jobs got offshored).
7. Most large US companies have massive technical operations set up in India and elsewhere in Asia because they can’t get enough engineers here in US - and with politicians demonizing tech companies fewer Americans will want to go work for such companies…Bad for the future!!
6. Teachers are key to developing more knowledge workers. As I have proposed before, we should eliminate taxes on teachers (no 2020 candidate has proposed this BTW) and encourage more to enter the education field, otherwise we’ll be relying on foreign tech workers to bail us out.
5. But just like manufacturing jobs left the US, knowledge work too can be offshored- in fact already is being offshored - lack of available talent will force companies to staff up overseas (India in particular). We need to make sure that we are offering more technical training.
4. It is trendy for some politicians to smear tech companies but such companies are creating jobs with the biggest wage gains (= more tax revenue for governments), so politicians should be encouraging more people to embrace knowledge work instead of demonizing such companies…
4. It’s become trendy for some politicians to smear tech companies but such companies are creating jobs with the biggest wage gains (= more tax revenue for government), so politicians should be encouraging more people to embrace knowledge work instead of demonizing such companies
3. Best way to increase federal tax revenues is to increase pace of job creation, incentivize investments (especially foreign) in US economy, while also eliminating wasteful spending. Boosting travel to US could net billions annually (while creating lots of US jobs).
2. Corporate income taxes make up just 9% of federal tax revenue - individual income tax and payroll tax (also paid by employers and funds Social Security, Medicare, hospital insurance and unemployment insurance) make up the bulk (83%) of federal tax revenue.
Buried in the piece: “…overall taxes paid by individuals under the new tax law are up so far this year by 3%, thanks to higher wages and salaries, according to the CBO. Last year tax payments by individuals went up 4%…” So companies boosted wages, hired people who paid taxes. https://twitter.com/lisaabramowicz1/status/1139525167498108928
Wonder what the Russians will Target 🎯 🤔 https://twitter.com/nicoleperlroth/status/1139908414350299136
Homeless were eventually limited to “a few meals a week.” “We had to help them understand that this is a café of shared responsibility, not a handout,” Panera founder Ron Shaich said. “It can’t serve as a shelter and we can’t have community organizations sending everybody down.” https://twitter.com/khanoisseur/status/1139954770377105410
For 9 years, Panera Bread ran a non-profit bakery in multiple locations, running solely on donations where guests pay what they can. But then it got “mobbed” by students who ate without paying and by the homeless and so it shuttered them down this year. https://www.eater.com/2019/2/5/18212499/panera-cares-closing-pay-what-you-can-restaurant
Some “pay what you can/want” restaurants from around the world: https://www.roadaffair.com/pay-what-you-want-restaurants/
More entrepreneurs should be starting (and more VCs should be funding) “pay what you can” restaurants in the US. There are many such places in Dubai and Saudi Arabia (some were started by expats) where anyone can have a meal and pay what they are able to afford. https://twitter.com/steveparks/status/1139149661925761024
Any environmental gains made over the last decade via wind power and solar power farms will likely be negated by military exercises leading up to a war with Iran. One warship produces more CO2 in a day than a small town running 50% on renewable energy. https://twitter.com/sensanders/status/1139615601557737473
2. Every time Amazon hires someone it has to pay taxes (Social Security, Medicare) on wages and then its employees (from warehouse workers making ~$20/hour to engineers making $1 million/year) pay taxes. So politicians railing about Amazon omit mentioning all taxes they capture.
Good thread exposing how Biden doesn’t understand the tax code (either that or the person running his Twitter who tweeted about Amazon doesn’t understand the tax code). The federal government scoops tax revenue from Amazon employees selling stock (which is up 4X since 2014). https://twitter.com/valuetrap13/status/1139531052442116103
10. One of the most famous political cartoons: James Gillray’s The Plumb-pudding in Danger (1805). The world being carved up into spheres of influence between William Pitt and Napoleon Bonaparte (probably the most stolen over and over again by cartoonists ever since).
9. The political cartoon NYT ran echoed those hate groups and figures on the far right also share - that’s another risk for publications like NYT - that their efforts to promote freedom of expression could lend credibility to (what some may mistake/consider) as “similar” content.
8. Meanwhile Plantu, chief cartoonist of France’s Le Monde daily, said he was “worried about the future of our democracies and freedom of opinion.” Plantu founded Cartooning for Peace with late UN chief Annan, and is campaigning to declare political cartooning a human right.
7. So in an age of rapid dissemination of fake news and malicious memes, is it time to ditch political cartooning and condition the public to absorbing more thoughtful, longer-form, less strident, less cartoonish analysis of the news and current events? https://twitter.com/khanoisseur/status/1139881912753938433?s=21
6. On occasion, cartooning has exposed corruption. After Thomas Nast's depictions of Boss Tweed took him and his Tammany Hall cronies down, Tweed said, "I don't care a straw for your newspaper articles. My constituents can't read. But they can't help seeing them damn pictures."
5. In 2008, The New Yorker featured a cover cartoon by Barry Blitt showing Barack and Michelle Obama in “terrorist garb” fist-bumping. When thousands canceled subscriptions, “It's not a satire about Obama, it's a satire about the prejudices about him," editor Remnick responded.
4. On occasion even staff working for a publication have petitioned against an editorial cartoon. One such example: Henry Kissinger "screwing the world.” The Nation’s staff's objection: "...a progressive magazine has no business using rape jokes and sexist imagery…”
3. Der Sturmer, a Nazi weekly (whose masthead slogan read: "The Jew is our misfortune"), ran vicious caricatures of Jews on its cover. After the war, the Nuemberg Tribunal indicted Nazi leadership, and Der Sturmer's Jules Streicher was the only editor among them. He was hanged.
2. The New York Times decided to kill off editorial cartoons after this recent cartoon of Netanyahu and Trump caused an uproar - some consider it anti-Semitic. Understandably, some cartoonists (unclear how many will be out of work due to this) are not happy with NYT’s decision.
1. Editorial cartoonists have also provided fuel that stokes conspiracy theories, political divisions, religious tension and racism and time and again we have seen even stable democracies suffer the consequences of their work. Surely, there’s a better approach to such cartooning? https://twitter.com/anntelnaes/status/1138778607009091584
5. Sidenote: I have ditched flying as well - my last flight was in 2017. Have been advocating use of videoconferencing instead of flying or traveling - the tech is really good now and can replace the need for many in-person meetings.
4. Echoing schoolgirl climate activist Greta Thunberg’s refusal to fly because of harm to the environment, a survey published last week by Swedish Railways found 37% of respondents chose to travel by rail instead of air, compared with 20% in early 2018. https://twitter.com/gretathunberg/status/1048976659544793089?s=21
3. In Sweden, some people are ditching flying (causing a slump in airline travel): “Flygskam”, or flight shame (embarrassed to fly because of its environmental impact), has become a social media trending hashtag #jagstannarpåmarken (#stayontheground). https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/04/stayontheground-swedes-turn-to-trains-amid-climate-flight-shame
2. We now have incredible videoconferencing technology (best is produced by @Cisco) and you can seamlessly chat with people all over the world with crystal clear sound + video - so why on earth are people still flying around to “climate change summits”? https://twitter.com/ernestmoniz/status/1139563759301791744?s=21
Flew into a summit on reducing CO2 on a jet that spewed CO2…👇 I get such meetings are necessary but why not hold these via videoconferencing and prove that major breakthroughs can happen without jetting across the world 🌍 spewing more CO2??? https://twitter.com/ernestmoniz/status/1139560155564171264
2. So one way Biden can recover/respond to this dunk from Amazon is by proposing eliminating taxes for teachers, college students, first responders and even Uber/Lyft drivers.
Surely there’s a good way for politicians to show they have a plan to provide more relief to the “working class” without smearing successful companies that have created millions of jobs with good benefits (and collectively invested >$150 billion in R&D in 2018) as tax cheats…? https://twitter.com/anitapage2/status/1139692196171399168
3. Then there’s this 👇 Not sure when it became trendy for Democrats to backhandedly (and in some cases openly) smear successful businesses (especially tech) or portraying them as ripping off the “working class” but this is getting pretty pretty annoying https://cnn.com/2019/02/26/tech/jeff-bezos-philanthropy-trnd/index.html
2. Hard to estimate long-term value of Amazon’s investments in US economy - aside from *$200 billion since 2011* (while Biden was bailing out banks and auto industry) Bezos plowed revenues into building green infrastructure including wind and solar farms in Texas, Virginia…
States like New York are tinkering with the idea of requiring presidential candidates to disclose tax returns in order to appear on the state ballot as a candidate. However, the two New York congresspersons who proposed the rule have not released their own tax returns… https://twitter.com/tictoc/status/1139637373422264320
Good response from Amazon to Biden’s crazy tweet. Why didn’t he design a better tax code in all the years he was in the Senate and in the White House?
About time this was invented…
Australian bank Westpac’s latest ad ("Baker of Beirut") focusing on war-torn migrants is melting quite a few hearts.
Netflix offers 52 weeks of parental leave (director-level positions there pay $400,000-$800,000). Facebook offers $4000 bonus when an employee has a child (median salary at Facebook is $240,000). “New media” model companies still beating out “old media” model companies https://twitter.com/dylanmatt/status/1139550195979603973
A group of kids operating a “handspun” milkshake shack by the beach 🏝 concocted a $2 chocolate fudge + toasted coconut 🥥 beverage, “Sir”-ing me throughout the process (gaping incredulously at “keep the change” on a $5), and now I see why so many want to move to Florida.
2. Gandhi overcame a crippling fear of public speaking to lead a nation to freedom. While delivering some amazing, thought provoking quotes along the way…
How about we put Mahatma Gandhi on the $20 note with his apt quote: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” https://twitter.com/arappeport/status/1139503199159750656
Since Trump signed First Step Act into law last December, more than 1,000 incarcerated people in federal prisons have already been granted sentence reductions. Kardashian partnered with Lyft on a program to gift credits to former inmates to help them get rides to job interviews. https://twitter.com/kimkardashian/status/1139284556614438913
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