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RT @sophywong: ICYMI: I finally made a video about my trip to @NASAKennedy to watch a @SpaceX launch: https://youtu.be/JNqVgYTWMic https://t.co/…
RT @EricaJoy: when we bought this place the fireplace didn’t work. fireplace repair person said “yeah, $7000 to fix.” 🙅🏾‍♀️ b fixed it for…
RT @testedcom: .@donttrythis Meets the Youngest Modelmaker at @Smithsonian Exhibits, Willow Collins. (Young makers, take note!) https://t.…
RT @MollyJongFast: This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. 👊🏻@GretaThunberg https://twitter.com/jshield/status/1175144937530298369
RT @smotus: On the one hand you have a whistleblower saying Trump pressured Ukraine to interfere in the US election but on the other hand y…
RT @goldengateblond: @NormOrnstein @joshmankiewicz geez who knew the ink blot guy was such a snacc
Jeez. Didn’t realize you were eating at the Sulaco. https://twitter.com/drwave/status/1175245759735721984
RT @drewscanlon: AHH!! We just passed $15,000 raised, everybody! This segment brought to you by @WilsonKPIX and the fine folks at @KPIXtv!…
RT @Caissie: This hurt a lot of white guys’ feelings & for that I am truly sorry. It was my intent to hurt *all* white guys’ feelings.
RT @RobotMakerGirl: I believe in open source sharing. I believe in the #righttorepair. I believe that in order to solve future problems we…
Eventually I may write a book just about Major Kong’s pack. So many pieces and parts and so much work! 5 years in and still a lot to go for this edition of replicas. We’re getting the dictionary/Russian bibles next week! https://twitter.com/patricioortiz1/status/1175190770086641664
RT @kirrilyburnett: @feliciaday @donttrythis After your interview on #betweenthesheets and hearing about your book the discretion reminded…
Eventually I realized that getting dressed in the morning is just another form of cosplay... https://twitter.com/malm_magnus/status/1175150871094673413
My followers are objectively among the best of all followers https://twitter.com/gwenners/status/1175178009503907841
RT @feliciaday: The cool thing about reaching out to friends to get them a copy of your new book is that you often get THEIR book back in e…
@altonbrown and I have both been mistaken for each other several times and one time I also just went with it. I believe he’s done the same. https://twitter.com/laurenlapkus/status/1175027655923531777
I meant to say fascinating not “fast imaging”. But nobody in the timeline cares. Many just want to tell me how discussing racism is racist. Or something. Funny that it’s pretty much ALWAYS white guys who hold this opinion. https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/1175119505573310464
Only a few more videos from my visit to @smithsonian Exhibits remain! Here’s my tour of their graphics shop: https://www.tested.com/art/makers/888440-adam-savage-tours-graphics-department-smithsonian-exhibits/
RT @testedcom: What’s it like going to @airandspace with @donttrythis? This. It’s like this.
RT @BoingBoing: Adam Savage goes behind the scenes at the Smithsonian’s Exhibits Central https://boingboing.net/2019/09/20/adam-savage-goes-behind-the-sc-2.html
RT @testedcom: .@donttrythis Tours the Graphics Department at @Smithsonian Exhibits! http://bit.ly/2ABmSPg
Done. Fast imaging summary of a complex issue. Thank you. https://twitter.com/erik_kaars/status/1171741573727576065
The cool thing about reaching out to friends to get them a copy of your new book is that you often get THEIR book back in exchange! @donttrythis thank you!!!!
Two weeks from today I am making my first appearance at @AnimeFestNYCC! It is a much more intimate venue — a capacity of only 300 people. VIP is sold out, but there are still tickets available. No badge needed! Come with questions. Tickets: https://www.showclix.com/event/anime-fest-nycc-19rsrxwsavageadamiopmn098n
Ugh. Forms. https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/1175111881842814977
Amazing article. Crazy life firms!! https://twitter.com/dustingrowick/status/1174412739286114304
Read this. https://twitter.com/johnastoehr/status/1174734843340607488
If Werner Herzog had to use only an Avian cast, this is what he’d do with them. Deeply creepy af. https://twitter.com/haunterhaha/status/1174468074843492352
RT @BATMANNOTES: Remembering Adam West - Batman/Bruce Wayne (September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017) Truly amazing piece by @sinKEVitch https:/…
This is amazing. I’ve never performed a skill with that much confidence in my whole life. https://twitter.com/sruhle/status/1174626568003608576
I raised children, has to be more like 75% at this point. https://twitter.com/bwjones/status/1174501435272126464
It’s beautiful!!!! https://twitter.com/sia_saurus/status/1174779903654449152
I’m crying. That’s beautiful. https://twitter.com/popeofwelding/status/1174787507822780417
Jesus you’re damned right i do https://twitter.com/buzzjackson/status/1174828929464463360
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: This https://twitter.com/TheSamhita/status/1174853155558965249
This is so moving. Thank you for sharing it. https://twitter.com/prshakur/status/1174777544576589824
I had a friend in the 90’s powerwash the inside of his car. He asked me why the radio stopped working. I said because the INSIDE OF THE CAR IS NOT WATERPROOF. In his defense he had spilled a 5lb brick of pigment powder in it. But still. Wtf? https://twitter.com/jalopnik/status/1174771116310765570
RT @MerriamWebster: Why was it added? Because it’s an established member of the English language. https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/nonbinary-they-is-in-the-dictionary
This is so epic. https://twitter.com/rheabutcher/status/1174723513522913280
This award speech is one of the best I’ve been lucky to witness. https://twitter.com/zephoria/status/1172547697498304513
Meant to tweet this a while back. In light of “teaching the controversy” and other similarLY DANGEROUS malarkey, the incredible @zephoria lays out that ignorance can be, and IS BEING manufactured. Word of the day: AGNATOLOGY
RT @testedcom: .@donttrythis Meets a @Smithsonian Exhibit Developer! http://bit.ly/2Axja9c
You guys are the best! Yes we have tons of the new EDC3 beach/tool tote. https://adamsavage.com/products/savage-industries-edc-three https://twitter.com/lindazunas/status/1174730394656051205
RT @DrJenGunter: Me, talking to a guy on the phone, explaining I’ve been married twice. My son Victor walks into the room and says, “That’…
This fascinated me. Great quote. https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/1174723733229047808
Intense. Terrifying. And yes, maddening. What a riveting read. https://twitter.com/rilaws/status/1174700081527820289
Thank you for such a plethora of delights in this fabulous, educational thread!!! https://twitter.com/dtmooreeditor/status/1174286275639226368
RT @testedcom: .@donttrythis was so excited about this display-case system at @smithsonian Exhibits, he stopped the interview to see it up…
RT @donttrythis: I spent some time with modelmakers at @smithsonian Exhibits recently, and learned about their techniques (which includes t…
This is such fabulous science (and math!) communication from @rebeccawatson. Learn how to read and parse those misleading headlines! https://twitter.com/rebeccawatson/status/1174711579947884545
I grabbed this by holding my phone up to the eyepiece of some (stabilizes) binoculars. https://twitter.com/thewildlifehost/status/1174680223511711744
The Expanse. The Good Place. Succession. Fleabag. Couples Therapy. The Boys. There’s a crap ton of good stuff to watch!! https://twitter.com/rodjshaw/status/1174474911668211713
Some cooking shows are now in 4k, and holy wow. Food porn.
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