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Four years ago, Wendy Hudson, owner of @nantucketbooks, decided to take her love of literature to the next level — literally. Explore the sky-high shelves and cozy nooks of her second story loft in Airbnb Magazine:
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The perfect place to read a story — or write your own. 📝 / 📍 Vilnius, Lithuania:
Iceland is home to the most authors in the world, with 1 in 10 Icelanders publishing a work in their lifetime. Read how Iceland became one of the world's most literary societies in Airbnb Magazine:
Pro tip: to experience Airbnb in dark mode, simply find the nearest light switch in your listing and turn the lights off.
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Happy #NationalPastaDay! Try these easy recipes from expert Airbnb Experience hosts for fresh pasta, Bolognese from scratch, and more. 🍝 Slurp up the full story in Airbnb Magazine:
RT @CNN: Call three friends, jump in the bubble gum pink Jeep, and hop on the Pacific Coast Highway. The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse is availa…
RT @vogueandcode: So, Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse is on AirBnB + after reading her bio, I think I’m Barbie? Barbie is me. Sidebar: I was a…
The best place to beat the Malibu heat? Barbie’s pool, obviously 💁
The Barbie™Malibu Dreamhouse is now on Airbnb. What room do you want to see? 👀
The Barbie™ Malibu Dreamhouse. A one time, two night stay–Only on Airbnb. Book October 23 at 11:00am PDT.
For centuries, astrology has affected the lives of millions of Hindi women. Artist Julia Sellman visited Kolkata to meet these women, and bring this system of beliefs into focus. Explore the idea of Mangal Dosha in Airbnb Magazine:
Superhosts Nick and Sarah have built their full-time business—known as Nestrs—around hosting and home improvement. And now, they're sharing their tips on how to launch a sustainable and profitable business on Airbnb. #HowToHost
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Airbnb Magazine presents Fat Travel with @virgietovar and friends. Head to summer camp with Camp Thunder Thighs, follow a group of plus-size women as they take on Machu Picchu, and read an open letter to a thin friend: 🎨: Lucila Perini
RT @kiss: Tickets go on sale in 10 minutes! Now's your chance to rock out with #KISS and some sharks. 🦈
Tickets go on sale in an hour! Now's your chance to rock out with @KISS and some sharks. 🦈
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A bookworm's dream 📖 / 📍 Milan, Italy:
Zigzagging over 360 miles from central Germany to the North Sea, the German Fairy Tale Route traces the biographical and fictional world of the Brothers Grimm. Follow @askanyone's journey through this storied region in Airbnb Magazine: 🎨: @thebillmayer
SHE DID IT! ❤️ @TheCMIYC just officially became the first black woman to visit every country in the world. Read more about her journey on Airbnb Magazine:
With trending spots ranging from eco-conscious cities like Eugene and emerging destinations like the Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu ⁠— this is a list you don't want to miss.
5️⃣ Romania 📈 298% YoY increase 🇷🇴 What's not to love about Romania? The country has some of the best preserved virgin forests in Europe and — according to the 2018 Environmental Performance Index — ranks 15th globally when it comes to ecosystem vitality.
3️⃣ Buriram, Thailand 📈 383% YoY increase 🇹🇭 In addition to being the home of some of Thailand’s most treasured Khmer relics, Buriram has also become a hotspot for sport fans that flock to the city for an inaugural motor racing event.
2️⃣ Bilbao, Spain 📈 402% YoY increase 🇪🇸 Next year, Bilbao will become a top destination for sports fans: it’s one of the host cities of Europe’s most beloved soccer competition.
1️⃣ Milwaukee, Wisconsin 📈 729% YoY increase 🇺🇸 Milwaukee takes the #1 spot! This midwest city is playing host to next year’s Democratic National Convention and is alluring travelers with miles of scenic bike lanes and a vibrant restaurant scene.
Our 20 trending destinations for 2020* have arrived. Ranging from post-industrial culture hubs to emerging sustainable destinations, this year’s list is full of hidden gems that'll help you get ahead of your travel plans. *based on year-over-year growth in bookings
So get your ouija boards and sage out (you might need it 👀) because spooky season is in full effect on Airbnb.
👻 Gettysburg Historic House in Aspers, Pennsylvania At night, guests have claimed they heard a woman giggling down the hallways. But don’t fear. Guest reviews *swear* the spirits are friendly. You'll just have to find out for yourself.
🎃 Inspiration House in Oberlin, Ohio Guest reviews comment hearing someone pacing slowly upstairs along with hearing scratching on the hardwood – could it be the wind? Or perhaps it's the former owner, James, and his pet terrier...
🕸 Rensow Manor Retreat in Rensow, Germany Many people believe that the house — which was allegedly built 1,200 years ago — is occupied by the ghosts of the Slavic gods that were once worshipped in the area.
🎃 SPOOKY SEASON IS HERE! 🎃 To celebrate the boo-tiful occasion, eight hosts with haunted houses are offering their stays for $31 per night for a limited time... only to those who are brave enough, of course. Terms apply.
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RT @people: The Goodyear Blimp Is Available to Rent on Airbnb and It's Every College Football Fan's Fantasy!
RT @MartySmithESPN: You can stay in the @goodyearblimp for the @UMichFootball v. @NDFootball game. Like, sleep in it.…
It's...the @GoodyearBlimp! For a limited time, you can spend the night in the iconic airship—only on Airbnb.
It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's, what is it? 🤔
TFW your friends tell you they forgot to book an animal experience.
TFW your friends book an animal experience.
Applications for the Antarctic Sabbatical close on October 8th at 11:59pm EDT. Get them in while you still can ⁠— a scientific discovery is awaiting you 👇
Magical library bedroom 📚 / 📍 New Orleans, Louisiana:
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Love @KISS? So do sharks. Rock out together at a once-in-a-lifetime concert.
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To celebrate #WorldAnimalDay, drop your most recently saved animal photo below and we’ll match you with an animal experience. Lets goooo 👇
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Today we launched Animal Experiences
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