Dad, husband, citizen, chef, cyclist, skeptical optimist, cereal dilettante. Opening government @ePluribusUnum. Defusing disinfo:
I agree with @CREWcrew on this account & am grateful they’re doing this work. It’s critical that everyone who aspires to the presidency shows - not tells - how they’ll uphold transparency, ethics & democracy by leading by example here, from @BernieSanders to @BetoORourke.
RT @Rosental: If you're a #journalist, aspiring journalist or just a person concerned about #journalism and #misinformation, please don't m…
🤐@Apple doesn’t tweet. But Apple does pay to run ads. Oddly, this one on privacy isn’t in the archive: But I found a bunch that are much older than 7 days: I wish @Twitter @policy was to keep all in public archive w/API & open data
RT @W7VOA: Former #Brazil President @MichelTemer arrested as part of #LavaJato corruption probe.
Compare how easy it is to buy a gun in the USA to 15 other countries: Adding friction throughout the process wouldn’t violate the 2nd Amendment. Require background checks in private sales, training, a license, secure storage, & registration. Common sense.
In the USA, politicians keep offering “thoughts & prayers” after mentally ill men keep murdering children in our schools. In New Zealand, @jacindaardern announced a ban & buyback of all semi-automatic rifles & high-capacity magazines after 1 awful attack:
My faint hopes died after Newtown: The worst happened, & Congress did nothing. The cycle continued: Someday, the USA will act. We‘ll need more than protests, as inspiring as they are: New Zealand showed how.
“is important to understand that weaponized insincerity was an essential element of fascism from the very beginning.”-@AdamSerwer When politicians & pundits engage in brazen hypocrisy & illiberalism policies, that’s history worth remembering. An ethno-nationalist tide is rising.
1000 variations of the video were created quickly, distributed globally, & uploaded rapidly, “leading some experts to speculate that the video’s rapid amplification was, in part, the product of a more deliberate, coordinated campaign.” Sounds like the work of a troll factory.
Conspiracy theorists are one thing. Spam, phishing & fraud are another. But as governments & politicians adopt Instagram, they & public governments need to preserve records & electioneering:
(See people’s quoted replies here: )
RT @anneapplebaum: Instagram is teeming with conspiracy theories, viral misinformation, and extremist memes, all daisy-chained together in…
I’m glad that we’ve all found more interesting things to say and share here than the tweets sent on Day 1.
1 year ago, we built a snowman at the @uscapitol. 13 years ago today, @jack sent the first tweet: @Twitter has been far less ephemeral than many skeptics had predicted, though its servers “melted” at times. My life & career wouldn’t be the same without it.
“But it's no use, says he. Force, hatred, history, all that. That's not life for men and women, insult and hatred. And everybody knows that it's the very opposite of that that is really life. What? says Alf. Love, says Bloom. I mean the opposite of hatred.”
I’m shocked, shocked to find that there’s gambling going on in this establishment.
5 years ago, @Twitter suspended @EPluribusUnum because I was “sending multiple unsolicited @replies or mentions” (I do that all the time here.) It wasn’t because I was a conservative or a progressive. Just a code flag. Viewpoint-based “bias” claims are BS.
Unfriending someone on @facebook still feels significant to me, in part because I didn’t use it to network. (That’s most true of @LinkedIn, too.) But unfollowing accounts on @Twitter continues be an important part of how I keep this platform useful to me as an information utility
Folks, even on an airplane one can celebrate #NationalRavioliDay — just add wine, a glass orzo should do it
I’m glad you’ve been so open about your newfound pastafarianism today but haven’t gotten too saucy about it. It’s important not get get into a rut or rotini & stay humble. Pride goeth before a farfalle, after all.
If you were a celebrity, what would be the cute name for your fandom?
The Goldman Sachs
It’s not a pun or anything, but I would have Angels
Actually, I think it would just be warheads or something
“A parody account pretending to be an imaginary cow owned by @DevinNunes is more popular on Twitter than the congressman, a day after he sued the account (& @Twitter) for $250 million.” @DevinCow jumped over the Nunes 🌛🐄🍽🥄
Late night comics are going to keep milking this udderly ridiculous situation, but I hope powerful politicians & CEOs take note: suing satiric accounts draws more attention not only to them but the substance of the satire. Exhibit A: Trump’s tweets about @gtconway3d
Jokes about bombing journalism schools aren’t funny. Also: @Twitter says John Podhoretz deactivated himself; they didn’t suspend him: Given ongoing, bogus claims of bias, it’s critical that @jack @TwitterComms be transparent about individual accounts now.
I met @andmbergman & @tolyrinberg on @SunshineWeek in 2017. 5 months later, they joined Sunlight to help track online censorship: I’m glad I persevered & surmounted risk avoidance to help them found @SunWebIntegrity. The program’s work is unique & valuable
There's a lot of collective wisdom & creativity in these ideas. I hope every city, state & nation takes this to heart in 2019: "I hope that government will stop thinking of digital as something you buy, but rather something you do."- @pahlkadot
RT @jeremybmerrill: Facebook is STILL saying (at #tictec, see slide #2) that they're making political advertisers disclose who paid for ads…
Great truth in language policing by @digiphile and @Morchickit.
Thank you. I do not wish to police language, but rather to educate others about what I have learned. Too often, I have made suboptimal choices in the ways I have spoken or written in ignorance which I hope to help others avoid. I wish to approach this with humility, not sanction.
If FOIA officers & appointees faced fines or even jail time for obstructing disclosures under the law, we might see more of a normative shift towards the “openness by default” described in the FOIA statute. But @TheJusticeDept has never sanctioned anyone.
To run these ads, @Google requires an @FEC ID or EIN. As far as I can tell, @facebook still doesn't require that:
Who's spent the most on political advertising on @Google since May 31, 2018? The top 5 are all @GOP-aligned: Senate Leadership Fund Congressional Leadership Fund NRSC NRCC Trump MAGA Committee
I'm curious about the referenced tool that will "help journalists find fact checking articles for various topics through a simple search function." In the meantime, the white paper on how @Google itself fights disinformation is an interesting read:
RT @brendanNyhan: Read this! Widespread neglect of more recent studies since my paper w/@JasonReifler. Key point: "while backfire may occur…
RT @BarackObama: The floods in the Midwest and in southern Africa are heartbreaking. Suffering and loss on two sides of the world calls for…
I paused at the @NJAMFInfo memorial in DC to remember the unjust relocation & internment of 120,000 Japanese American civilians during WWII & reflect upon our nation’s subsequent apology to them & commitment to “equal justice under the law.”
RT @DanLammerhirt: @digiphile Reminds me of work in the #citsci space by @annebowser and others: When engaging peo…
“It would be good…to have a competition in the direction of freer, fairer, & more open-access elections, with competing ideas about what that means & what to prioritize”-@jtlevy Which @GOP leaders will reject illiberalism & compete on democratic reform?
Citizens -> residents, the public Users -> consumers, people Guys -> folks, everyone Mankind -> humankind I haven’t always gotten this right, but I know that it’s important to keep working on it in writing & rhetoric. Thanks to Mor for the reminder. #TiCTeC #civictech #opengov
If you cover politics or assign stories, please don’t just repeat the same patterns as 2016. Please ask the public what problems concern them most, then cover the policy proposals from the presidential candidates:
When President Teddy Roosevelt used “bully pulpit,” he meant a wonderful perch, a common usage a century ago. Today, @realDonaldTrump literally bullies nations, companies, Congress, the press, & private citizens. It’s an autocratic abuse of power.
Congress should pass the Electronic Court Records Reform Act & bring much-needed modernization to public access to public records: #opengov
I agree with @tim_cook that “news literacy is vital to sustaining a free press and thriving democracy,” but I still haven’t seen anyone report how much money @Apple is giving these nonprofits.
RT @digiphile: @DonaldJTrumpJr Complaints about "bias" by tech companies have been either legitimate violations of rules, mistakes by the p…
No @POTUS should block Americans from reading his official statements, replying or interacting with others on Twitter. No other public servant should block constituents on social media, either, from city councilors & alderman to judges, governors & mayors.
The role of the Congress as a separate, co-equal branch of government has never been more important. The depiction of oversight as “presidential harassment” by @senatemajldr & @potus is one of the more malign frames I have heard in our democracy. Subpoena time, @HouseJudiciary.
Shout out to the PR professionals determined to get the word out about National Ravioli Day
When your inbox comes to a boil & overflows, a sieve can help retain what’s worth reading. Good to see that you’ve avoided becoming another starched shirt on TV at this semolina moment in our history.
Expanding @usgao‘s tech team & @congressfellows program are both terrific steps, but increasing the capacity of Congress to understand technology & make good laws requires more: restoring the Office of Technology Assessment. cc @ModernizeCmte
“I kind of like the fact that you can tweet at rich public officials without fear of retribution in the courts”-@gtconway3d Conway, a private citizen, was directly criticized by the POTUS today after he suggested that @realDonaldTrump is mentally ill.
RT @waltshaub: “The White House has not turned over a single piece of paper to our committee or made a single official available for testim…
RT @conalhanna: 'What you CAN say, as the press, is: “We’re in favor of truth. We’re in favor of kindness. We’re in favor of reasonable con…
RT @digiphile: @parscale @KellyannePolls @realDonaldTrump Why are you making false assertions to the public that can be debunked within hou…
RT @digiphile: Journalists are the immune system of democracy. I will never get used to a @POTUS echoing Stalin & Mao calling media the “en…
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