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Thousands of lives were lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, while unused aid remained in a warehouse under the government's watch. That's corruption—plain and simple. I stand with the people of Puerto Rico as they demand accountability from their government.
Leaving unused aid in a warehouse in a time of need looks like waste, incompetence, or negligence. None of these are acceptable in government, but are any of them corruption? I understand corruption to be the abuse of entrusted power for private gain:
If a mayor or governor were the defendant in a trial & his office told jurors this, would a prosecutor charge him with jury tampering? If so, what could Congress do? Could House Managers raise it? @SpeakerPelosi? Senators? Ideas, @PreetBharara? @tribelaw?
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RT @digiphile: The phone call was not "perfect." There was a "quid pro quo." The @WhiteHouse is blocking first-hand witnesses from testifyi…
Democrats have repeatedly made a false claim that the White House "buried" the call between President Trump and President Zelensky. President @realDonaldTrump released the call transcript to the public—a move of unprecedented transparency. Read it:
"If right doesn't matter, we're lost. If the truth doesn't matter, we're lost. The Framers can't protect us from ourselves if right & truth don't matter." – @RepAdamSchiff, in his closing argument today at the #ImpeachmentTrial in the Senate.
This closing to today's #ImpeachmentTrial by @RepAdamSchiff is less than 9 minutes long. It's worth your time.
We the People have the right to inspect, review, & receive a copy of our health records: @ONC_HealthIT should ensure hospitals that seek to lock up our electronic health records cannot do so. Enforce open standards & stop blocking:
One problem with a @POTUS with decades of business failures who won't disclose taxes: is that they may be vulnerable to foreign influence from trillionaire kings or billionaire oligarchs, but the American public won't know of unknown conflicts of interest
RT @thomasomelia: As addled a statement from Trump flack as any lately. Truth: US standing in all countries except Russia is way down; this…
From FOIA requests & press reports, we know about a few of the documents we know are being withheld from you, says @RepZoeLofgren (I'm watching the #ImpeachmentTrial again. Transparency laws + free press informed the public about how & when this @POTUS has obstructed Congress.)
The range of replies to this is amazing. Boomer stuff about Beyond Meat, implications that I'm a xenophobe, actual xenophobia, angry insistence that crabs are bugs, jokes about my name, the whole gamut's headline: "Freedom. Liberty. Democracy. Dems warn they're at stake"
What would have to happen for @CNN to report that democracy is at stake without adding "Democrats warn" ?
A @CBP whistleblower said "'extreme vetting' of dozens of people with Iranian backgrounds attempting to cross the border into Washington state earlier this month was a local initiative directed by the officer’s managers in Blaine" Any comment, @DHSspox?
I was being a little tongue-in-cheek when I wrote about the "@Facebook Election Commission" in 2017: …but I don't think it's hyperbole in 2020 to say that they have more power over political ads online than the @FEC.
If Congress debated & marked up a version of the Honest Ads Act – and the @FEC once again had a full quorum – then "We the People" could define how transparency & accountability apply to public discourse online, not tech companies.
“What is required for removal of the president? A demonstration of presidential commission of high crimes and misdemeanors, of which in Trump's case the evidence is ample and uncontradicted.”—@Judgenap
In a healthy administration, the @FOIAPost would exhort officials to acknowledge FOIA requests immediately, the US Attorney General would send a new memo, & a @whitehouse + @POTUS would remind agencies of their obligations under the law. But @TheJusticeDept is actively unhelpful.
“Increasingly FOIA suits are being filed because agencies aren't responding to…requests in the 1st place, even though requesters are waiting longer before heading to court. Gaining access to…records has often become a…lengthy battle, & the problem seems to be getting worse”
RT @Lori_Garver: @digiphile @eric_lander @stebbins @DARPA @NASA @PeaceCorps I was trying to make the point that utilizing earth science dat…
Related: I think the @USGSA's 10x process is one of the smartest, least-well-known approaches to discovering & applying knowledge towards solving problems in the U.S. government: #dayone
I grew up watching Jim Lehrer's careful, considered, & accurate journalism on @PBS. Our union is lessened by his passing, but his legacy of trustworthy, nonpartisan reporting endures at the @NewsHour, & his wit & example will inspire generations to come.
"Limiting the capacity of Internet-based platforms to collect data on individual users will limit the development of individual behavioral profiles that enables microtargeting of political ads"- @ghoshd7 #dayone
RT @demandprogress: STATEMENT: Demand Progress endorses FISA reform bill, introduced by Senators @SteveDaines @RonWyden and @RepZoeLofgren…
RT @Sheril_: “The US needs to be a welcoming crossroads for science around the world. We have to err of the side of global engagement. We h…
In the 19th century, the USA made standards for meteorological data that guided mariners globally. In the 20th century, Reagan & @BillClinton opened GPS data. @POTUS44 opened more: & @POTUS made it law: What's next? TBD. #dayone
Imagine a world where kids learn to program cells to turn on or off, says @Eric_Lander, emphasizing that government & industry needs to work together to nurture the development of computational biology in a way that supports science & systems, not just individual drugs. #dayone
Now listening to @stebbins pitch the idea of establishing a new "Health Advanced Research Projects Agency" (HARPA) modeled after @DARPA: He wants to stimulate creating "platform technologies for health." (I'm remembering #dayone
That moment when you realize you've been sitting next to a former deputy @NASA administrator. Worth reading: "Climate change — not Russia, much less China — is today’s existential threat"– @Lori_Garver #dayone
We need a "Climate Corps" modeled on the @PeaceCorps to go to local communities & use satellite data to help measure, adapt, mitigate, & add resilience for #climatechange, says @Lori_Garver. Great #dayone idea. Potential responses here:
@PeaceCorps Looking out at this audience, @Lori_Garver says #ClimateChange isn't partisan. That's not what survey data shows: & that's not an accident of history: BUT most Americans support action: #dayone
@PeaceCorps Now listening to @ruthef & @brendaDardenW talk about computer science education. I had a chance to meet & talk with Farmer; I thought her ideas are brilliant, timely, & essential for improving social equity in the USA: #dayone #CSforAll
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW When we pushed computer science into high school & then middle schools, we saw more HS entrepreneurs (!), more confidence, & a positive impact on graduation rates, says @brendaDardenW of @AnitaB_org: #dayone
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org Listening to Sridhar Kota pitch the #dayone idea of establishing a national manufacturing foundation: "The goal is not to restore lost industries but to rebuild our lost capabilities so we can create industries of the future in the US"
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org This led me back to thinking about "moonshots," where US investment in basic R&D led to many different kinds of profound commercial innovations: #DayOne
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org Listening to Phil Weilerstein of @venturewell pitch the US dedicating more resources to discovering and commercializing inventions: (Bringing back the @WhiteHouse science fair sounds like a good #DayOne idea to me:
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org @venturewell @WhiteHouse Ending the day at @TheNASciences watching @tylercowen (whose blog I've been reading for many years: interview @tkalil. Taking note of Cowen's razor-sharp questions, & feeling grateful I'm not on the other end right now. #dayone
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org @venturewell @WhiteHouse @theNASciences @tylercowen @tkalil Kalil, noting the relevance of basic R&D to this #dayone conversation, says the @USDOL research & development budget is 0 & references the @omBPress annual list. Checks out:
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org @venturewell @WhiteHouse @theNASciences @tylercowen @tkalil @USDOL @omBPress What is "The Jetsons" of 2020, asks @TylerCowen? Where are the optimistic popular science fiction stories? @tkalil went with Asimov's "I, Robot" series. (Which are…old?) (I'd say @ExpanseOnPrime. Probably @StarTrek Picard. @m_older's Centenal cycle. @Ramez' books.) #dayone
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org @venturewell @WhiteHouse @theNASciences @tylercowen @tkalil @USDOL @omBPress @ExpanseOnPrime @StarTrek @m_older @ramez Most interesting term I've heard today, courtesy of @tkalil: "neuromorphic computing," relevant to what may come of the BRAIN Initiative & space travel: #dayone
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org @venturewell @WhiteHouse @theNASciences @tylercowen @tkalil @USDOL @omBPress @ExpanseOnPrime @StarTrek @m_older @ramez How do you evaluate talent? Look for intrinsic motivation, says @tkalil, & then remove obstacles for them. "Personality is revealed in weekends," quips @tylercowen, in response who also says to look at our browser tabs. (I resemble that remark!) #dayone
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org @venturewell @WhiteHouse @theNASciences @tylercowen @tkalil @USDOL @omBPress @ExpanseOnPrime @StarTrek @m_older @ramez How to attract people to serve? @TKalil, referencing learning from @HealthCareGov rescue, says to identify something ambitious but achievable within their tours of duty. ie. If you come to government, you can reduce the time it takes for veterans to get their benefits. #dayone
@PeaceCorps @ruthef @brendaDardenW @AnitaB_org @venturewell @WhiteHouse @theNASciences @tylercowen @tkalil @USDOL @omBPress @ExpanseOnPrime @StarTrek @m_older @ramez @HealthCareGov To end the day, @CorreaDan asks us to remind people that one individual can make a difference, & encourages the public to apply to the @Day1Project Accelerator: (Well done, everyone! Thank you for the invitation today.) #DayOne
Listening to Eric Lander talk about the creation of systematic knowledge as a public good. Reminded of how brilliant people have the capacity to distill complex ideas into clear language. Also: that which we can only do by working together is a key role for government. #dayone
I'm not kidding someone over there has a problem
At some point The Economist needs to stop trying to make us eat bugs. We're not going to eat bugs, give it up.
I've already eaten bugs. Meal worms & grasshoppers weren't my favorite, but cricket flour is a good way to add protein: I bet we'll choose to eat bugs when they're integrated into foods we know & like – even more so as animal protein becomes more expensive
Glad to read Architect of the USA @dferriero offer more context about what happened, apologize, accept responsibility, & commit to rebuilding public trust: Thank you, AOTUS. We need more of this in public life.
This from the official Archivist of the US is remarkable and commendable.
Journalists reporting on what's "trending" on Twitter or what the "supporters" of candidates or campaigns are "saying" here should be cautious of being duped by Russian trolls & domestic political operatives laundering lies & exploiting societal fissures:
Ample reason to believe Russian active measures of 2016: continue, across campaigns: trolls posing as "Bernie Bros" & attacking Warren, or as Warren supporters attacking Biden. "Divisiveness" benefits Putin – & Trump. More to come:
Is Glenn being “funny”? He always scoffs at “Putin” interference.
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