Son of an undocumented immigrant. Entrepreneur: @initialized @reddit
RT @janett_egber: @piamancini at @SingularityU_AU - brilliant provocation around what the future of what democracy can look like as we cons…
Brb. Visiting this restaurant.
Feels surreal seeing our film on my @netflix home screen. Watch @gcmovie and let me know what you think!
Creating culture must be a deliberate process. @coinbase building for the long-term.
Amazing night talking creativity and The Process with @humansofny at the @wearatoms pop-up in Soho. This guy walked thousands of miles & met with countless people over the last decade refining his craft. 📸 Practice. Relentlessly.
Thank you! Doing this for all the #BusinessDads
Know the history
Locked in for this one
but will you get to drive it?
Vielleicht?! 😁🤔
Reminds me of the first @ycombinator demo day... only ~12 investors in the audience and you could've backed @Reddit at an embarrassingly low valution. 🤣 there were more founders pitching than investors in the room...
Oh, how I miss those first few Demo Days that featured actual live code demos.
She's a great advocate 💪
About to go on @MSNBC #PaidFamilyLeave
RT @YahooFinance: Highlight: "I could not imagine any of my employees... having to deal with the complications of a new child and not being…
💪 can't wait. This is limited availability so you better RSVP ASAP.
Let’s go! Just wrapped @YahooFinance 😁😁😁 #PaidFamilyLeave
Getting the morning started. Today is press day for #PaidFamilyLeave
Our little 🥭 is growing up so fast. Every year a photo. Grateful I could be there for your first months with us, @olympiaohanian. On my way to DC to make sure every American has the same opportunity for #paidfamilyleave.
Throwback to that memorable time at Camp @Reddit when I balanced like 5 Oreos on my forehead. This is what leadership looks like. lol.
I like that. Hell of a day @KirkCousins8 - let em all keep sleeping on you.
Congrats, @andy_murray
Changing communities through providing for a path to securing generational wealth for the people who serve those communities.
Off to a good start... @SkyWeaverGame
Are there any #POTUS candidates who haven't unveiled a #PaidFamilyLeave plan? The wind is at our backs!
RT @JoshConstine: The 10min startup pitch from @garrytan: 1. Problem - who's it for, how does it work, no buzzwords 2. Solution - Your tea…
RT @garrytan: My local corner grocer got evicted. Literal rent seeking 😞 decimates local business. There will be a solution for this: b…
RT @garrytan: “I don’t care that they stole my idea... I care that they don’t have any of their own.” —Nikola Tesla
WE ON NETFLIX! 🌱💪 Join the revolution. Proud to be an EP on this documentary and excited to keep investing in more plant-based altneratives -- from @ImpossibleFoods to @eclipse_foods -- we're leveling everything up in the food system.
Thank you!! Changed my life. Credit to @kvogt for founding @Cruise and EPing this film💪🌱
Reading about the KGB lately and it's fascinating.
RT @MrJeromeTrammel: HERO: May 17th, Keanon Lowe, a coach at Parkrose High, in Portland, Oregon prevented a school shooting. The video was…
#FIFA20 and obviously playing as the World Champion US Football team 🏆 did they include the @alexmorgan13 "sipping tea" celebration? Time will tell...
See you in DC this week! Putting on a suit + tie for #PaidFamilyLeave for all Americans.
More & more people realizing #ElderTech isn't just great for society, but also a great business. "How @Join_papa Is Helping Seniors Throughout Their Aging Journey"
Be the change
Picking an avatar on PS4 and Sony's idea of 'family' is... odd...
Top startup serving seniors: @Join_papa (@initialized 2018)
Sad for my @Spitfire but I totally get wanting to play for your national team. All the best @ProfitOW @gesture
RT @RuncieDan: I wrote about @tylerperry There's been NO major case study on Perry. Crazy. But oddly fitting since he rose to fame outsid…
RT @briannekimmel: The future of work in 3 stats: • 70% of people work remotely one day per week • 72% of people are willing to pay out…
That feeling when that good UX hits....
Damn - thanks for the heads-up, @cointracker_io
Get ready
I gotta agree
A cultural moment
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