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Gaming AIs: NVIDIA Teaches A Neural Network to Recreate Pac-Man
We've unboxed the @avantekcomputer Ampere eMag Arm Workstation a few weeks ago; today we're going into a bit more detail of the expected performance of the eMAG 8180 chipset from @AmpereComputing.
Who is ready for @hotchipsorg 2020? The schedule was posted this week, and it's very impressive. Tiger Lake, Xe, Xbox Series X, Ice Lake, a @jimkxa keynote, POWER10, TPUv3, and Cerebras Wafer Scale #2. @IanCutress will be attending - will you? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Intel Comet Lake Core i9-10900K, i7-10700K, i5-10600K CPU Review: Skylake We Go Again // @anandtech does an exhaustive review of Intel's incremental upgrade "squeezing out" from the old platform. Read for just this impressive chart of the 32 variants.
Intel Acquires Rivet Networks: Killer Networking is all-in for Team Blue ource=twitter&utm_medium=social
Every 75yrs, we get a visit from Halley's Comet. If you can't wait until 2061, then @intel has launched it's new Comet Lake 10th Gen Core desktop processors. @IanCutress benched the Core i9-10900K, Core i7-10700K, and Core i5-10600K over a range of tests.
Everyone asked why AMD wasn't supporting Zen 3 processors with its 400-series chipsets. Today AMD is reversing course, and we should see Zen 3 on B450/X470 later this year when they work out the technical issues. Tip @Techmeme
After rapidly putting the 3600 results into our 3300X review, @IanCutress decided to take the long road and dig deeper to see why the @AMDRyzen 5 3600 is Amazon's Best Selling CPU. It's quite an attractive offering. medium=social
TSMC To Build 5nm Fab In Arizona, Set To Come Online In 2024
At $560, an open question is if notebook manufacturers can get the right mix of performance and style? @Honorglobal's new Magicbook 14 shows just what style can do, with a polished design and that azure blue chamfered edge. @IanCutress took one for a spin
At today’s GTC 2020 keynote, NVIDIA and its CEO Jensen Huang are taking to the virtual stage to announce NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU architecture, Ampere. It will be first used in NVIDIA's new high-end compute accelerator, the A100 _medium=social
AMD Reveals Radeon Pro VII: A Workstation Card For When You Need It All
Did you know: There are very few dual EPYC motherboards that you can buy off the shelf? The Supermicro H11DSi is the only one that isn't a weird custom server form factor, and the latest revision supports Rome. @IanCutress took one for a spin.
POCO today announces the new F2 Pro: A flagship killer at $/€499 with a Snapdragon 865 SoC, AMOLED full screen design with pop-up front-camera, 64MP camera, 4700mAh battery. A fierce competition to the OnePlus 8 at the price.
Today we're looking at a PSU from a vendor who's new to the west: 1STPlayer. Aimed at gamers, their Steampunk 80+ Gold PSU uses a completely new platform, offering an interesting break from the norm in an industry generally driven by a handful of OEMs
Ready for a Big Budget Bonanza? AMD's new Ryzen 3 3300X and Ryzen 3 3100 CPUs are taking quad-core budget gaming to new heights. These are the new standards at $99 and $120. @IanCutress shows us why in his review. Tip @Techmeme
The intrepid @brettHowse details the updated @Microsoft Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2, coming to market later this month.
Gigabyte announced a brand new line of motherboards during their AORUS Direct event - watch the replay to find out everything you need to know about their new Z490 series #sponsored ium=social
Today we're taking at our first 15-watt Ryzen 4000-based laptop, Acer's Swift 3 SF314. Powered by the Ryzen 4700U, the notebook packs a punch in perf and battery life. And as @brettHowse writes, Acer has "delivered a winning combination with the Swift 3"
Apple has updated its 13" MacBook Pro line-up: Changes include the new scissor-switch Magic Keyboard, as well as introducing new 10th generation Intel Ice Lake processors as higher-end configuration options. The new models are available starting today:
Tune in today at 10am PDT/1pm EDT to Aorus Direct's live stream #sponsored
If the new @Intel 10th Gen processors weren't enough news for today, how about 44+ Z490 motherboards being announced as well! We have detailed *every single one* we could get information on. Click through for @gavbon86's Z490 Motherboard Overview.
Intel's new 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs are now the company's fifth iteration of the Skylake microarchitecture, and it has come a long way: from 4 cores and 4.2 GHz, to now 10 cores and 5.3 GHz! @IanCutress has the details on all of the 32 new processors.
Our latest Android smartphone guide is updated: OnePlus certainly made a big splash on the high-end with the OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung's really stepping it up in the mid-range, and Xiaomi is still holding very strong at the low-end.
With the impending launch of USB4 comes an update to the DisplayPort Alt Mode standard. The new 2.0 spec updates DP Alt Mode to handle DisplayPort 2.0 data rates, paving the way to have USB-C ports drive 8K monitors and beyond.
RT @ryanSmithAT: Well this is really cool. Intel has finally released "unlocked" GPU drivers for OEM systems that otherwise require locked…
Our latest CPU buyers guide in now online. AMD is still heading up Amazon's Best Sellers list, but the 1600 AF seems to be out of stock! Is this prime time for the new Ryzen 3 CPUs? What can Intel do to regain the top spot?
Tune in April 30 at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT to Aorus Direct's live stream to catch their big announcement #sponsored
Starting off this week, we have an interesting development in GPU/parallel compute APIs. Khronos, the group behind OpenCL, is introducing OpenCL 3.0. But rather than vastly expand the API, they are dialing it back all the way to 1.2 for more flexibility.
23 years down; a whole lot more to go! 🎂
NVIDIA's GTC 2020 keynote address is back on. The pre-recorded event is now scheduled to be broadcast on May 14th at 6am Pacific. NVIDIA is still keeping a tight lip as to what they'll be showing off, but a new compute GPU architecture is widely expected.
We've only had the iPhone SE for 24 hours, but we're posting the most important aspects of the new Apple device in our mini-review: A13 performance, camera impressions and battery life. At $399 Apple has released a very attractive phone.
Motorola is re-entering the flagship market with a bang. The new edge+ sports a Snapdragon 865, 90Hz OLED, triple-cameras with a 108MP main, a 5000mAh battery, IP68 rating and even a headphone jack. The regular edge comes at a cheaper price as well.
We're big fans of having physical workstations for software development. It's been difficult so far to get big Arm dev units, but @avantekcomputer has built an @AmpereComputing eMAG system that fits the bill. They sent us one, and @IanCutress had a look.
New Ryzen 3 processors coming in May, B550 chipset motherboards coming June 16th, around 60 models. Four core and eight threads of Zen 2 from $99.
Our motherboard editor @gavbon86 puts another @AMDServer EPYC motherboard through its paces - the @ASROCKRACK EPYCD8-2T with 7 PCIe slots, IMPI, dual 10 GbE, and all for under $500. It gets a big win in our DPC latency testing too!
IPMI* even. I always seem to make that mistake. Maybe I think there's some imps inside doing the work -Ian
Intel has begun rolling out their latest NUC, dubbed Ghost Canyon. Based on a Coffee Lake compute element, the mini-PC still makes room for a full-power PCIe video card, making for a very interesting offering to enthusiasts who want it all in a mini-PC
Are you apprehensive in upgrading to the newer bigger iPhones? Apple has the solution for you with the new updated iPhone SE. Mixing an iPhone 8 frame and form-factor with the newest iPhone 11 internal hardware, including the new A13, all for just $399:
OnePlus today announced its new OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro 2020 flagship phones. 120Hz QHD+ display with new advanced camera system and a custom 48MP 1/1.4" sensor. Powered by Snapdragon 865, bigger batteries, wireless charging and IP68 rating, it delivers
Frequency Optimized processors aim to offer enterprise the best single thread possible, with lots of MHz and lots of cache. @AMDServer's latest 7F series of EPYC Rome CPUs aim to do just that, and @IanCutress tested the first one off the line: the 7F52. dium=social
There's nothing too unexpected here, but it's cool to finally have confirmation that Apple's A12Z SoC is using the same silicon as the A12X. So it's essentially just A12X with the 8th GPU cluster turned on. um=social Thanks for the analysis, @techinsightsinc!
We've analyzed @AMD's new Ryzen Mobile 4000 'Renoir' platform, with an @ASUS Zephyrus G14 halo-level notebook. There's lots of battery life here! Is this the return to the notebook market AMD has wanted for so long? @IanCutress thinks so. Tip @Techmeme
Samsung has announced 5G versions of the Galaxy A51 and A71, for the first time bringing 5G connectivity into their mid-range. Seemingly Samsung is using an Exynos 980 to achieve this, which has interesting implications if it also applies to the USA.
We knew cheating in the mobile space never completely stopped - however we never expected SoC vendors to actually facilitate such mechanisms. We discovered some worrying behaviour from MediaTek affecting devices from a lot of vendors:
Sensors in the worlds electronics are becoming ever more complex: CEVA today announced the new SensPro Sensor Hub DSP architecture and IP to process the ever increasing data flows.
In case you missed it while taking a long weekend, we still have @andreif7's masterpiece review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. He's been digging through everything from the SoCs to the displays to the cameras. It's the S20 review you've been waiting for!
DDR5-8400 ? Anyone? It looks like SK Hynix is planning for it
After a long wait, it's finally here. Today, we'll be covering an extreme deep-dive of Samsung's new flagships Galaxy S20+ & S20 Ultra, detailing this generation's camera prowess, as well as taking a deeper look at the Snapdragon 865 & Exnyos 990 SoCs.
NVIDIA this morning is also taking the wraps off some new laptop tech: Dynamic Boost and Advanced Optimus. By using dynamic muxing, laptop vendors can offer both Optimus's power savings and variable refresh in a single laptop, no reboot required
Meanwhile, NVIDIA is refreshing its laptop lineup. GeForce RTX 2080 Super & RTX 2070 Super are coming to laptops, and we're getting a new GTX 1660 Ti & GTX 1650 (GDDR6) for the low-end. Everything else gets a price cut, making for $999 RTX 2060 laptops
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