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A beautiful evening for a beautiful couple: so excited to get a new sister to travel down the path of life with! Congrats to Garrett and Kelsey #FinallyPeterson!
RT @davidshepardson: New: OSC recommends @KellyannePolls be removed from federal workforce for repeated violations of the Hatch Act https:/…
RT @mattSepara: Ocean monarchy hierarchy: King of Crustaceans Prince of Whales Duke of Dolphins Lord of Lobsters Marquess of Mussels Earl…
RT @paulmozur: The day before protests flared in Hong Kong, 10 police officers showed up at Ivan Ip’s house. They forced him to open his ph…
RT @AthertonKD: now, on top of the concentration camps, we gotta worry about a bad tweet, too
RT @AthertonKD: it's been an hour and I'm still mad that someone saw a screenshot of a story about people living in their cars and used it…
RT @ericgeller: Under @AjitPaiFCC, the FCC's cybersecurity advisory board has been taken over by industry representatives, shutting out civ…
The box turtles, as I recall, were always eventually released back into the wild
My family has a long and storied history of this: we had a sunfish caught in local stream in a tank at my parent's house for at least a decade. (He was a good fish.)
Or should I stock a freshwater tank with critters I scoop up in the wild?
where's good to buy tropical (but realistically, freshwater) fish, DC friends?
Who could have predicted the government losing control of sensitive personal data? Other than anyone who was covering tech around the OPM breaches?
Hey remember that time the government’s databases of sensitive background check info and fingerprint info about millions of its employees? Why did anyone think it would be a good idea to leave them in control of massive facial recognition datasets?
RT @JakeLaperruque: And now the government is demanding everyone who enters the country hand over social media handles What happens when th…
RT @josephfcox: Customs Border Protection just announced it learned of a contractor data breach of facial recognition and license plate ima…
RT @mattSepara: Didn't expect NASA to set up an AirBnB account but here we are
THREAD!!! And please note that I tried my hardest to title this analysis "How the industry is running the FCC with CSRIC" (which is pronounced "scissor-ick") but ultimately decided that acronym pun was just TOO OBSCURE
Microfern terrarium—thumb for scale👍🌿
Also, an overgrown, art-encrusted train tunnel
Wonderful swimming hole, almost worth rolling my ankle while wading
Also: a fading mural accompanied by appropriate graffiti
On an early morning ramble and encountered a cash-only (libertarian?) gas station
RT @schwellenbach: “The end result is money that would previously have been split between businesses, workers and the government for projec…
Also: reminder that if we are treating animals so badly that we need to build them The Matrix maybe we should, uh... just not treat animals that way?
Analogy shamelessly stolen from @Krhawkins5
Cc: @netflix
RT @daniellebrian: Gross. #swamp
RT @KWRutter: #VacanciesMatter Follow all the Inspector Generals vacancies @POGOBlog's tracker (link:…
I am here for midwest pride
Maine, doing the FCC's job
RT @matt_Cagle: Right now, ICE agents have access to a nationwide database of driver locations. These newly-released logs detail searches…
Working in journalism has been dark in recent years-- reporters at digital newsrooms organizing together is bright beacon in that darkness
Solidarity, forever
Very much appreciate my office jumpsuit cheersquad tonight
My jumpsuit is, dare I say it, EPIC tonight
Nor am I sylphlike, this piece is excellent for curves although yes, it needs a blouse or tank underneath to avoid riots
Whit Diffie complimented my jumpsuit, so I think I’m only allowed to wear jumpsuits from now on? Is this how crypto works?
i bought the fleabag jumpsuit and to my complete surprise it looks like FIRE 🔥🔥🔥, highly recommend, the hype is warranted
Yasssss jumpsuits for the revolution
Update: it has pockets and I figured out how to use the bathroom while wearing it
THANK YOU. I am doing this for all the other 5' basically 0" ladies who wonder "jumpsuits, can I wear them?" The answer is yes!
Hm. It's almost is if a lot of moderation involves editorial judgments.
I somehow haven't watched season 2 of fleabag yet, but am still considering buying a jumpsuit over lunch. Y/N?
RT @zeynep: Alternatively, why not set AI loose on Red Dead Redemption? From what I read, it has lots of chores. Occupy Skynet! With busywo…
(I am fine, unfortunately my coming scar is not placed for optimal Harry Potter gender-swapped cosplay)
I tripped into bed and gashed my forehead open on my laptop, so I guess we will be instituting a no screens rule
RT @schwellenbach: Federal employees are constantly told they are protected if they blow the whistle. It isn’t that simple. It’s a perilous…
RT @joshsternberg: Amazon buys ad-tech firm Sizmek, at the end of a week where Amazon owner's other business, the Washington Post, announce…
Well played, PCLOB fans
Small, but devoted, turnout for a PCLOB public forum
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