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Damn @Cordkillers is a good show. Hosts @shwood @AndrewMayne and @brycas break down the CBS Viacom merger and new Disney+ news. If I ever return from my Irish yacht I might try to become a host on that show.
Here's a really cool research project that lets you apply artistic styles to video (style transfer). Expect to see a lot more of this in the future:
What if Michael Cera never stops trending on Twitter because we never stop asking why #MichaelCera is trending on Twitter?
Here's the YouTube video for the CNET feature on Ghost Diver: via @theandyaltman #ghostdiver #sharkweek #cnet
FYI #Serengeti premieres this Sunday, Aug 4 at 8p on @Discovery and Discovery GO! I saw the first episode, it's fantastic!
The Computer Chronicles is a fascinating glimpse into the past and the potential future of computers. Co-host, Gary Kildall was the first person IBM approached for an OS for PCs. The meeting didn’t work out and they made a deal with a young Bill Gates. Gary passed away in 1994.
Anybody else finally catching up on the 1987 episode of The Computer Chronicles about HyperCard besides me? #crickets #firspersontocallmeanerdhasapoint
Did he survive???? #sharkweek #GhostDiver
This ghost diver is smarter than a great white shark... kind of
Speaking of starting riots with primates. I owe a big thanks to my producing partner @M_J for making Ghost Diver possible.
Ghost Diver got mentioned on The Drudge Report today. Funny, I was convinced that the first time I was attached to a Drudge story it would have the phrase "Started a riot in the chimpanzee enclosure..."
For the test dive, I tried convincing the other guys on the boat that the cool thing about Ghost Diver is that anyone could be Ghost Diver, while looking directly in the eye of the other 6'2" dude and letting a fiver fall out of my pocket. Cough, anyone. Sadly, no takers.
I wanted Ghost Diver to be a thing where the other guys on the boat were like, "How come Andrew is never around when Ghost Diver is here?" Next time.
Thank you so much for watching an experience of a lifetime. I'm so grateful to everyone that helped make it happen and keep me from getting eaten. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
Let me be clear, the great white sharks on Shark Week were complete professionals the whole time and made me feel very welcome. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
Fact: I have absolutely the worst underwater banter. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
"We have to refill a tank because a great white stuck its head out of the water and chewed a valve on back of the boat." Most disturbing thing someone has ever said to me.
Calling the suit 'armor' is misleading. It's like calling the caramel on a caramel apple 'armor.' #sharkweek #ghostdiver
Not on camera was when a great white gnawed on the submersible at the back of the boat and emptied an air tank. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
If you haven't noticed, I am a Florida Man. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
"Do you want to go outside?" Um, is this like a choice at this point? Because if.... #sharkweek #ghostdiver
The bravest person here is @ABC4EXPLORE trusting me to watch his back. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
Both @ABC4EXPLORE and @DrNeilHammer had to remind me to keep my arms inside. Like a theme park ride. But here the carnies have very sharp teeth. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
"He has no idea about what he's about to encounter..." Understatement of the year @ABC4EXPLORE...
Yeah, they showed that.🤮
"There's something wrong..." No kidding. Just look at yourself. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
Ghost Diver was actually Donald Schultz's idea for the name. Donald helped me train and had my back throughout. He's amazing.
Version 1 armor is Hulk Buster Armor meets Randy from A Christmas Story dressed up for the snow. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
The only thing I will contest about this is my heart rate. I've got Hannibal Lecter-level calm. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
Best part of the chum bomb was watching the monster tiger shark chomp on it and all the other fish trying to get a snack. Tiger shark don't care. Nom! Nom!
It was this special or Undercover Billionaire. Turns out that I didn't have a billion dollars so I had to do this.
Apparently one of the 500 pound chum bombs leaked on the boat where it was stored onto the crew quarters below. Please remember to tip your tour guides. #sharkweek #ghostdiver
Worst part of version one of the suit you're about to see was when the Ghostbusters showed up and shot their proton packs at me. #staypuft #ghostdiver #sharkweek
"We're going to send you to the bottom of the ocean and drop a ton of fish guts on top of you!"
"You almost got eaten during the day. Let's finish the job at night..."
Emma the 14-foot tiger shark realized I didn't have a camera or anything to protect me. So she decided to get into my space and test me...
This is all my brain heard from @DrNeilHammer: "And that can eat you. And they can eat you. And that will eat you..."
I like how through the magic of editing I learned everything I needed to know about sharks in three minutes. That's some Matrix level Neo-learning....
I'll be answering your questions during Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver #sharkweek #ghostdiver
I went from Shark Week fan to surrounded by great white sharks. That's either inspirational or a warning, depending upon your perspective.
My older brother texted all of his friends about me swimming with great white sharks. The most common response: "We thought Andrew was supposed to be the smart one."
Here's a little more information on the suit courtesy of @theandyaltman & @lesatnews Thanks @CNET!
Years ago I was watching Shark Week convinced I'd never go near water again when a friend asked if I wanted to go on a night dive. My mouth said, "Yes," while my brain screamed "No." Since then my mouth has talked me into crazier and crazier things. Tonight tops them all.
How does my special end? Can't tell you. What I can tell you is that next year's special is called Andrew Mayne: Cyborg Diver.
Would it be wrong to get an #RIPAndrewMayne hashtag going before the 9 PM West Coast airing of my Shark Week special?
Text message from my dad: "They needed a corner of the picture to show your mother’s facial expressions during the show."
We had no idea what to expect. It was a wild experiment. I was absolutely blown away by how the sharks reacted.
Thinking about going down there with the great whites kept me awake at night - complete with my own terrifying soundtrack. Once I was down there, it was an amazing dream. Now I can’t wait to go back.
The suit made me feel like I was invulnerable underwater. Which is delusional. A great white would tear through it (and me) like a soggy burrito. But it felt cool.
In addition to @DrNeilHammer and @ABC4EXPLORE there was an incredible crew of people helping me out. The Shark Week production crews are the most talented I’ve ever worked with. These people do incredible stuff like this all the time.
My biggest fear (besides the shark teeth, the bends, CO2 poisoning from the rebreather, chemical explosion, drowning, getting chopped up in the propellers, crew mutiny, ocean ebola, etc.) was overconfidence.
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