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RT @jenrgy: Join us in 28ABCD at 10:30 AM Thursday because @AndrewWarner will talk about how you can get started with chatbots. This is goi…
Social Media Marketing World has a well stocked speaker room. #SMMW2019
The first tweets were sent exactly 13 years ago today. See them in order https://buff.ly/2UJo1Na
All set. In 10 days I'm flying to Santiago, Chile to interview founders for @Mixergy (and to run 26.2 miles!). I wouldn't have done it if not for the LatAm VC @nathanlustig of @MagmaPartners
See? Full Mac desktop on an iPad. (Hardly used, but still helpful)
Pro tip: if you live on @zoom_us and an iPad. If you try to screencast your iPad and switch to another app, your webcam will stop. So: Use your phone to show your webcam & your iPad to screencast apps to your meeting. Sucks that you have to it, but it works well
There are a few things that still suck badly on an iPad. If you have a running desktop or laptop, put remote desktop software on it. It’ll turn your iPad into a β€˜real’ computer anytime you want.
Creating a research doc on a place or person is super-fast on an iPad. I launch Copied. Then, as I read articles on people, I highlight what I want and select copy. The Copied app automatically saves it for me. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/copied/id1015767349?mt=8
Get Yoink. Pay for it. It’s worth it. It lets you grab anything for anywhere. I use it to save mp3 files from web pages to the cloud and iPad so I could insert them into videos https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yoink-improved-drag-and-drop/id1260915283?mt=8
Google Drive’s app is missing features. Use the web for those. Hold down the refresh arrow and select β€˜request desktop site’
You should know that you’d an share your screen on Zoom and other meetings. (Hold down the screenshare button in control center.)
A few tips for people who replace their laptops with iPads:
My iPad totally replaced my laptop. More functional and more fun. But it takes a few workarounds to overcome Apple’s dopey limits.
Pretty awesome stats if you click on this image πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ https://twitter.com/kschlenker/status/1107643086820311041
As a visitor in Paris, Bird scooters made the city more accessible and fun
New blog post: The Problems in Remote Working https://medium.com/@rrhoover/the-problems-in-remote-working-1a6f165585d
10 years ago, @photomatt told me the story of how he used to code WordPress while working at @CNET and when he couldn't afford to fly home for Christmas. Today, @WordPress announced that it powers 1/3 of all Web sites https://mixergy.com/interviews/the-biography-of-wordpress-with-matt-mullenweg/
"The suspected gunman teased his act on Twitter, announced it on 8chan, and broadcast it live on Facebook" https://twitter.com/kevinroose/status/1106579555232464897
GIF of how Amazon takes sales away from brands on their platform Via https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazon-tests-pop-up-feature-touting-its-lower-priced-products-11552655614?mod=mhp
Me: how did you nearly double sales since we last talked? Him: a big part of it is that our customers' businesses grew so they paid for bigger plans https://twitter.com/estraschnov/status/1106578065679925248
Good point about the problem with chatbots today. And my friend @ShaneMac's co Assist is now part of @joshuamarch's Conversocial https://twitter.com/joshuamarch/status/1106572948046000128
I’m writing a blog post about remote working. For those that work from home, what’s your biggest frustration? πŸ€”
Hard to riff casually on the product/future
communication with colleagues elsewhere
I don’t work from home because on the few times that I do it, I end up snacking way too much
Never being able to work in an office again
I wish Google Calendar would error anytime someone set a meeting without picking a location.
I'll DM you about where to get dinner tonight
The best @noahkagan podcast episodes are the ones about his personal experiences. I'm excited for this one https://twitter.com/ramit/status/1106276211729330178
Podcast worth listening to: https://useproof.com/scaleordie Most 1-person podcasters are boring. But @DaveRogenmoser's "Founder Friday" segments on Sale or Die are fantastic. Instead of heavy-handed advice he talks about his personal experiences
I love when we ask @zapier a support question & they respond with a how-to GIF.
I'm publishing my work meeting with Dan live to talk about our latest master class: http://mixergy.com/live
Today I learned that if I need to @zoom_us with someone fast, I can do it within the app, instead of texting them. Am I the last person to know that?
Really good example of where Anchor shines. @Harris_Bryan just talking into the mic about a marketing idea he's testing (giving away a service to get clients) https://anchor.fm/bryan-harris/episodes/Done-for-you-as-a-lead-magnet-e24s7v/Done-for-you-as-a-lead-magnet-abf5as
what mic are you using to record on Anchor? Sounds full and bass-y. Why no music under your latest episode? Digging what you're doing on it
When new podcasters say β€œmy episodes will be 5 minutes becuase no one has time for a long podcast,” I know they’re not really podcast fans.
I've seen amazing designs like this for years but not once in a store or at a friend's house. https://twitter.com/thedamorela/status/1103649981867667456
Interesting stat from @naval's new podcast: the β€œaverage consumption” is over 100%. That means people listen to the whole episode and then listen to it again.
In honor of #InternationalWomensDay, companies that don’t usually care are highlighting how amazing they are, hijacking the topic and promoting their self-interest.
Why doesn't Starbucks give the a gift giver's email? Becky, if you're out there, let me know who you are so I can thank you!
The only way Apple can fix this is by making Safari on iPad work exactly like Safari on desktop. https://twitter.com/backlon/status/1104067557206753285
I did a 1-person marathon into Mexico! https://youtu.be/97BN5LQRlOQ
Putting finishing touches on my Sonos Amp review for today. Any burning questions?
If you need any quotes, I fucking love mine. (Mostly because, with the wireless Sub as well, it's a fantastic 2.1 speaker amp with AirPlay 2 that I can multi-room with my kitchen HomePods. I never actually use it for Sonos-anything.)
A few years ago, Josh was days away from $0 in the bank. He and his team took a pay cut. Added features. Slowly improved. Today look at how well @Baremetrics is doing https://twitter.com/Shpigford/status/1103320187338657793
Excited to announce I’ll be speaking at MicroConf in Vegas in March. I’ve always admired the spirit of the conference, but never attended. Looking forward to doing a live Q&A session β€”> https://www.microconf.com (Thanks for the invite @robwalling!)
I know you don't often speak at conferences, but the attendees at MicroConf are solid creators in the spirit of the early days of 37Signals.
I dig that Nilay is still in awe of tech. Too many techies are jaded https://twitter.com/reckless/status/1101599004222201861
This is why I'm flying to S America to do interviews. How do founders succeed with so much working against them. https://twitter.com/nathanlustig/status/1101601977333616641
Guys, here’s a Messenger Trick: Send the moon emoji (πŸŒ™) to anyone on Facebook Messenger to enable the Dark Mode feature. Try it and comment β€œπŸŒ™β€ if it works!
Made a deck for the creators dinner we hosted last night and stumbled upon every one I made 2011-2016. Fundraising, board meetings, all hands... I do plan to share more of these if there's interest!
If you’re outside the US, what don’t you have access to that Americans take for granted?
Maybe I’ll fly to Cuba to shoot interviews with founders there. I’m jumping on a zoom with @sobradob to see what’s possible.
One of my big realizations from my interviews in Mexico City was that founders had to reinvent everything. Before a startup could set up an ecommerce site, it had to figure out how to accept credit cards, prevent fraud and even sell to ~85% people who don’t have credit yet
I’m bothered by how much is still only available to Americans. The internet was supposed to change all that.
why no shipping to Canada?
My first question for @Shpigford in our live interview: Why is a guy who’s killing it with a SaaS business starting an artisan coaster company?! https://twitter.com/Shpigford/status/1101536962693996546
Found the deck for the all hands when I downsized the company. I put it all on one slide, so there would be no suspense and no surprises. ⬛️
FAQs? How about YESAQs. Here are Basecamp 3’s β€”> https://basecamp.com/yes
I started using Basecamp because you enabled me to NOT use Basecamp and interact with it completely via email. I did not want another project management app to distract me from my work Then I slowly discovered the power and value of going to the site and the app. I ❀️ it now
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