I run Mixergy, a site where founders help each other by telling their stories and teaching what they do best.
Tonight I’m flying to Australia to interview founders for @Mixergy! (And to run 26.2 miles) https://twitter.com/AndrewWarner/status/1131648743357333505
Too much of the startup world ignores non-USA stories.
To Corey and anyone who hasn’t listened to @mixergy in a while: Grab it again on your fav app. (I recommend starting with @randfish’s interview) Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mixergy-interviews-startup/id348690336?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Google: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRzLmZlZWRidXJuZXIuY29tL01peGVyZ3ktbWFpbi1wb2RjYXN0 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0XAP6LCThtyRWblrsA4Ihj?si=C-FbnGINT0-osvW3SeirAA https://twitter.com/salzano/status/1131626221027155969
RT @randfish: .@AndrewWarner interviewed me last week. Damn... dude does not hold back https://mixergy.com/interviews/sparktoro-with-rand-fishkin/ Qs like: -How much did you m…
As an interviewer, I see that it's incredibly easy to twist someone's words after a conversation to make them shocking. It leads to loads of views and online "conversation" about the interview. But I built @Mixergy on a mission. https://twitter.com/ev/status/1131258476896718848
I feel so uncomfortable reading these questions I asked Rand. When I'm in a conversation, I'm in such a state of flow that I don't notice. https://twitter.com/randfish/status/1131318080003399680
I loved it! Best interview I've done in a long while (probably since our last one) :-)
@AndrewWarner interviewed me last week. Damn... dude does not hold back https://mixergy.com/interviews/sparktoro-with-rand-fishkin/ Qs like: -How much did you make per year? -Are you bothered that your friends make/have more wealth? -Why would you build SparkToro? -Do you regret not having kids? Intense stuff.
I appreciate how comfortable you are with questions like that. Thank you.
I appreciate you asking them. Not just good for listeners, but good for me to reflect on, too.
Entrepdneurship has changed. Before: Build a photo sharing app Now: Be an instagram influencer Before: Create an ecommerce platform Now: Launch a Shopify store Before: Code up a way to share videos Now: Be a YouTube star Etc.
RT @brennandunn: Can't wait for this tomorrow! I'll be joining @AndrewWarner and a bunch of other founders to talk about online marketing i…
I'm looking for biography recommendations of quintessential Australians. Who are the equivalents of Washington, Franklin, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart? What are some good books about them?
Me: You sold a software company for $170 million. WTF are doing now? Selling almond paste?! @dh: turns out ecommerce people don’t know basic SaaS metrics. Here’s how it gives us a BIG advantage: https://mixergy.com/interviews/grasshopper-with-david-hauser/
RT @travisketchum: Dropping some πŸ”₯ about evergreen flash sales with @AndrewWarner of Mixergy on Monday. Want in? http://www.botacademy.com/travis #M…
Seems @zoom_us will make more money from the remote worker revolution than @WeWork
For me, working from home = snacking from home
The parts between what founders want you to know that makes their experiences interesting and educational
Running a remote company is the most liberating thing I ever did for myself. When I’m feeling blah, I go to an inspiring place to work. And it allows me to work with people all over the world. I’m going to this conference to meet others who run remote: https://runningremote.com/
I don’t talk about it, but there are so interviewees who are incredibly belligerent with me.
Interviewing founders associated in any way with Apple drives me crazy. They’re all afraid of something, but they don’t know what. So everything makes him paranoid
This is how I use my phone with Siri today, but Siri is clunky. Google Assistant looks impressive. https://twitter.com/JoshConstine/status/1125819872640884736
I'm live with the guy who trains Y Combinator founders on marketing, AKA @julian come watch here β†’ http://mixergy.com/live
RT @prasanna_says: Anyone done #HIPAA and can help one of our SaaS startups?
Heard from a team considering going 100% remote that they’re picking up Facebook Portals for each person. I *love* this idea, but wish it was Zoom instead. High quality, dedicated hardware for video and audio collaboration would make remote work a lot better.
A key person at @noahkagan’s company went remote, so they set up a permanent @zoom_us room to connect him to the office non-stop
Is it possible to disable twitter DMs entirely?
1. Put people you follow in a list. 2. Unfollow everyone. 3. Turn on DM only for people you follow.
I can't believe it took me till 2019 to start doing live interview days. https://twitter.com/randfish/status/1123673171830480898
Wow. Thank you. https://twitter.com/ryandeiss/status/1123699063000637440
6/ creating a premium podcast mod doesn't have to be "instead of" TV. @Apple can do it along side their paid subscription TV, magazine and game businesses. They're leading in podcasts, but not innovating. Why lose that lead while chasing the old-world magazine business?
5/ instead of competing with @netflix, @hulu, @hbo, @cbs and everyone, Apple could lead podcasting.
4/ instead of going after @Oprah for TV (or in addition to pursuing her), @Apple's premium podcast model could help podcasters like @timferrisssays and @mixergy and @nytimes create premium episodes that take more time to research, edit and produce.
3/ @Apple Podcast's paid tier could cost $9.99 per month and split 40% of that with makers of premium podcast episodes, based on % of time listened
2/ @Apple has the top podcast app. Imagine if they improved it and added an optional paid tier for premium content.
1/ It’s disappointing to see @Apple jump into the crowded, old television world but not innovate in podcasting.
When I said I’d fly to Sydney to interview founders, I got more responses than any other city so far. Didn’t realize it was full of so many amazing entrepreneurs.
My simple setup for in person interviews. - Zoom recorder - 2 comica lab mics (unobtrusive so guests don’t get distracted and feel natural) - Cheap earphones so I can spot audio problems
Does anyone know the founder of @CampaignMonitor? I’d love to feature them in a Mixergy interview from Australia.
I’m flying to Sydney, Australia to do interviews with founders. Who should I interview?
RT @Jasonlk: The Secret SaaStr Master Plan to Get to $100m+ run-rate: 1/ Cloud is exploding. Sponsors will already contribute $15m+ this…
Check out this clip sharing feature that Overcast added. It's amazing for podcasts. https://twitter.com/marcoarment/status/1122179576124276736
I dig these notes on Slack's IPO paperwork https://twitter.com/ellenhuet/status/1121764079125680128
Mixergy is becoming the encyclopedia of how tech startups were founded. This week, @squarespace bought @acuity. I returned to this origin story https://mixergy.com/interviews/acuity-scheduling-was-just-acquired-by-squarespace-and-heres-their-origin-story/
Entrepreneurs who brag of never working for someone else are missing a big understanding of how businesses work
My first 5 jobs: 1) helping at dad’s clothing company 9yo 2) untangling hangers at clothing store in midtown Manhattan 13yo 3) watching for shoplifters in a Jamaica Queens store 14yo 4) selling sandwiches door to door 15yo 5) researcher for wall street headhunter - college
The in-person interview with @hnshah in my office went so well, so I invited Tim Lee to my house next week to record. http://fortune.com/2018/08/08/sequoia-tim-lee-sells-avid/
Seriously how is this the one time I leave my Ethernet dongle at home
I got a Delta One upgrade on my flight to LAX and the seats have Ethernet ports?????
Hey, and 2 earphone jacks under it?!
Makes it easier for the guy behind you to hack your USB port.
I don't usually promote podcast episodes but this one with @hnshah is esp popular with people I respect. Get it on your fav podcast app. Links here: https://buff.ly/2GDDREl
Insurance companies should offer free health monitoring devices the way phone companies used to offer free phones. https://twitter.com/eladgil/status/1121080773178560512
iOS #ProTip: long-press on a spelling suggestion to prevent Gboard from suggesting it again. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gboard-search.-gifs.-emojis/id1091700242
That rocks!!! Hey, does Gboard switch back to Apple's keyboard on your iPhone? Happens all the time to me.
Instead of working to improve their services, the three major delivery companies are going to allow Amazon to out-hustle them, and then complain when Amazon is the country's dominate delivery co
UPS, FedEx & USPS keep enabling porch pirates to take my deliveries, while Amazon is testing drones.
Which Balenciaga fanny should I do for conference season this spring? My chargers and medications and whatnot...
BERNSTEIN: "Human beings seek status; it’s just a way of forwarding our DNA. An expensive timepiece is a way to signal that I can afford to take care of you and your offspring. It’s the Birkin bag." https://ritholtz.com/2019/04/transcript-bill-bernstein/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
he's got more than you!
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