The gentleman will suspend, what do they do? Also, who's buried in Grant's Tomb?
RT @jordannovet: new, with @WillFOIA: even as AWS challenges the Pentagon's decision to give JEDI to Microsoft, Microsoft is looking to get…
big morning for yielding
James Harden playing 41 minutes to score 55 points in narrowly beating the Cavs is Rockets basketball
omg you could go see Warriors-Knicks tonight for the cost of parking
alternative headline: Troy Aikman, like literally everyone else on the planet, thinks Jerry Jones should fire himself
Is every congressperson who's not an attorney required to say "I'm not an attorney" at the beginning of his or her questioning?
Looking to profile someone whose entire roll on Twitter is to reply to viral tweets with completely irrelevant GIFs
RT @efelsenthal: “For sounding the alarm about humanity’s predatory relationship with the only home we have ... for showing us all what it…
Serious question: Does he know where the period button is?
Oracle to move its annual OpenWorld conference from SF to Las Vegas for at least three years, citing SF's high hotel rates; move estimated to cost SF $64M/year (@levynews / CNBC)
the worst Yankee swap er
To be clear, I’m in no way advocating that you get a $69 room in Vegas
Oracle OpenWorld says bye bye to SF
There are worse ways to start a December Tuesday
Bankers at Goldman and JPM tell us that almost every company in the pipeline is at least considering a direct listing. But even for IPOs, expect big changes
GitLab is leaning towards a direct listing as its very specific market debut date — Nov. 18, 2020 — approaches.
After beating the 2-win Giants in OT, the Eagles are tied for first with a team that’s lost 7 of its last 10 games. #NFCEast
We know what happens now. Time to investigate the investigation of the investigators
Can’t emphasize this enough: the Eagles won the Super Bowl
that’s what I keep saying about the cowboys. But it was 24 years ago.
Since this is new for the Eagles, I’m not sure when the grace period expires.
4th and goal at the 16 would be a great Eagles greatest hits album name
SEC top to bottom is stronger than the NFC East
2020 VC firms fleeing SF is gonna be the 2014 VC firms opening in SF
I found the list of people excited about the Giants-Eagles game
NYP: Away CEO sent packing
earnings report is opposite of a dog's breakfast
TECH ANGLE: Castor confirms with counsel that she knows what "Ctrl-F" does
RT @chrissyfarr: ICYMI from Sunday: Struggles at Proteus Digital Health, which recently furloughed employees for several weeks as it looked…
RT @sallyshin: New redacted filing from Amazon on Microsoft/JEDI contract. Here the company directly blames @realDonaldTrump's dislike to…
ridiculously satisfying
As a Cowboys fan, it pains me to see the Niners so good. As a self-hating Cowboys fan who’s spent 2 decades loathing Jerry Jones, I’m overjoyed to see the Niners so good.
Here’s @chrissyfarr on the latest digital health company that once had a ton of promise but has failed to find a market
3 of the Mavs 10 most lopsided wins in its 40 years as a franchise have been in the first 22 games of this season @NickVanExit
One of the more savage cold opens in a long string of savage cold opens
“rain or shine” is a weird thing to say about an event that’s at night
My 4 year old is having his first basketball drills session today 7 of the 10 kids are wearing Curry shirts
Oh what’s fatherhood like? I’ve been watching The Irishman for a week and I’m 46 minutes in.
omg Tukraine
RT @LesliePicker: Datadog closed at exactly $35.91 today. The wording in the S-1 indicates that Datadog must close at least 33% higher than…
RT @mattRosoff: A fast turnaround -- @levynews with the news tip @Techmeme
From bad to unwatchable: A Jerry Jones biography
Dallas, TX: basketball town
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