Traffic lights out in part of downtown SF. But hey at least you can get your ice cream delivered.
Hard pa.. hmmm ... ...
Seriously can’t tell if there’s a skunk in my neighborhood or if someone in the building got some really bad weed
"Even President Donald Trump is all in on 5G"
Cyber attacks may be finding their way into credit ratings via @katefazzini
well at least it's all secure
i've been listening to baseball games for 40+ years and i still love it when an announcer refers to the base as a pillow.
tbh the padres could use really use him
infrastructure weak
Amazon shareholder meetings are different via @eugenekim222 @paayalzaveri
RT @bullpencap: Would recent tech unicorns have seen more success if they didn’t delay their #IPOs and suck in huge amounts of #privatecapi…
I would've paid to read this story
RT @levynews: this is a really great pre-IPO WeWork explainer from our awesome digital video team - @katie_brigham @jeniecep @dee_bosa htt…
Just me or has twitter been ramping up the promoted tweets of late?
the latest reminder that if you want to know what's happening INSIDE $AMZN, you gotta follow @eugenekim222 and @chrissyfarr
Today is the 'here's what could / should happen in tech' day:
Stamos has decided not to pull punches @sal19
“When I said $420 I just got the 4 and the 2 mixed up” would’ve been a strong argument to the SEC
Tesla could've apparently had funding secured at $240 back in 2013 via @kifleswing
Update: my mentions are now being bombed with people saying I’m an idiot for believing Tesla is worth more than $10 even in a worst case scenario.
"A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool?"
this is a really great pre-IPO WeWork explainer from our awesome digital video team - @katie_brigham @jeniecep @dee_bosa
I retweeted a tweet on Game of Thrones that went mega viral. And, now, I am beneficiary of a bunch of debate about Sansa in my mentions.
Awaiting your weekend column on — What’s worse - GOT twitter or Elon twitter?
No Iguodala No Durant No Boogie No biggie
Portland Whalechasers
“20 first half points for Meyers Leonard” is not what I expected to hear when first turning on the Warriors game.
Hopefully Airbnb will file tomorrow under ticker symbol PLAY
i hate going to malls, but because of @laurenthomasx3 i like reading about them
what would be required for Atlassian to buy Slack? TEAM WORK
Slack changes ticker symbol to WORK ahead of New York Stock Exchange debut via @jordannovet
now twitter knows that i spend all my spare time listening to podcasts
Tesla isn't in the S&P 500. If it was, it would be the index's second-worst performer over the last 6 months, behind only Mylan. $TSLA $MYL
We tech reporters have long dreaded the "We're the Uber for ___" or "We're the Airbnb for ____" pitch. But what I get more often is.. "We're the Warby Parker for ____."
*was sooo hoping these were related*
twitter's ad targeting is getting too good
a partial list of companies that i sometimes wonder.. hmm what's up there right now? .. but not enough to pursue: Quora Foursquare Healthtap Zenefits Evernote Tango Telegram
lots of politics in tech news today. and weirdly none of it has to do with facebook.
you know things are bad when
Legere is basically trolling them to bid for Dish's assets: "This should also force Verizon and AT&T to re-evaluate their 5G strategies and accelerate their investment and 5G deployment."
i remain irrationally fascinated by $DISH role (or lack thereof) in 5G
“When the sky speaks I'm going to listen. And when it's pissin' I'll just figure I'm alone.” -Tweedy writing about his weekend in the Bay Area
Kawhi gonna be so good for the Mavs next year
Masa says he has a 300-year vision and @sherman4949 isn’t here for it
About 20% of me wants to watch the #GOTFinale tonight even though I’ve never seen a single episode.
I’m not sure Citi is reading the room here
Uber, Lyft and Pinterest prove that private investors are sucking up all the value
When my Fitbit congratulates me for taking 250 steps in an hour it feels like pity tbh
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