Mother. Sister. @HuffPost Founder. Founder & CEO of @Thrive Global whose mission is to end the stress and burnout epidemic.
A big little truth on this week’s #BigLittleLies. It’s amazing what just stopping and remembering to breathe can do.
Yes, (di)stress and burnout are two different animals -- but by changing our definition our success to one that includes our own well-being, we can tackle them both.
Love seeing Microstep habit-stacking as @FastCompany’s “big idea of the day" out of #CannesLions! It's a neuroscientifically backed way to add a new healthy habit to our lives by attaching it to an existing habit moment.
RT @brianstelter: Watch @andersoncooper's obituary for his mother Gloria Vanderbilt. "What an extraordinary life. What an extraordinary mom…
After a 4-month old was separated from his parents, his mother was hospitalized for stress and the father was given a psychiatric evaluation for depression.
"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
RT @ProcterGamble: We’re partnering with @thrive to change behavior to increase consumer health & happiness. All by adding small, positive…
RT @ProcterGamble: Today at #CannesLions, @GayleKing lead an inspiring discussion with @badassboz , Ashley Miles (@thrive ) and our Chief B…
RT @ProcterGamble: We’re partnering with @thrive to use the daily habits associated with our brands – brushing teeth, shaving, washing hair…
Here, @thrive’s Ashley Miles and Danny Shea demo’d just that with @proctergamble’s Patrick Schwing (founder of @OralB Sense). Coming this fall!
Thrive partnered with P&G to introduce @OralB Sense, a wifi-enabled toothbrush that gives us feedback on how we're brushing – and uses Thrive’s behavior change content in that feedback loop to encourage Microsteps like a gratitude practice while brushing!
Amazing panel today at #CannesLions on reimagining creativity to fuel health, habits and humanity with P&G’s @marcpritchard1, @badassboz, and Thrive's Global Chief Business Officer Ashley Miles! Thank you @GayleKing for moderating!
Here are some of the people at the heart of the partnership: P&G Global Design Officer Phil Duncan with @Thrive’s Head of Branded Content Lars Bengston, Global Chief Business Officer Ashley Miles, & Chief Brand Officer Danny Shea!
What is habit-stacking? A neuroscientifically backed way to add a healthy habit to an individual’s life by attaching it to an existing habit moment. When brushing your teeth, think of 3 things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is the fastest way to rewire your brain for happiness.
Our groundbreaking new partnership blends behavioral science with our daily habits using @proctergamble's products to improve consumer health and well-being through Microstep habit-stacking.
"Though in theory, listening to a podcast while checking your email and Slack gossiping with your co-worker could make you feel like you’re killin’ it, what are you really accomplishing?"
RT @CC_ONPURPOSE: From @Cannes_Lions: @ProcterGamble & @thrive to promote micro-steps to wellbeing via common rituals. Think: a daily affir…
RT @BiteTrends: Led by @GayleKing, @ProcterGamble introduce their new partnership with @thrive - Habit Stacking, the process of attaching a…
RT @OliveClare: New partnership unveiled between @ProcterGamble and @thrive aims to introduce ‘habit stacking’ - adding a new, positive spi…
RT @rajeshmirchand: Just learned about habit stacking: adding a healthy new habit into a mundane one (like saying what you’re grateful for…
When we talk about mindfulness, we're often talking about a personal way of perceiving and processing your experiences. But here's how we can make mindfulness a collaborative effort.
Habit stacking is the fastest way to build a new habit and the daily habits of P&G brands are the perfect springboard for Thrive’s Microsteps! I can’t wait for you to hear more about all the work we’re doing. #CannesLions
Thrilled about the launch of @Thrive and @ProcterGamble's partnership at #CannesLions! Millions around the world love and use P&G brands, excited to help them add Thrive's science-backed Microsteps to their daily habits and improve their well-being:
When we talk about creating a healthier relationship with technology at @thrive, we recognize that these relationships may vary for every person and job function. Here are some great tips on how to prevent burnout for those with jobs in media and digital.
As part of @thrive's "Asking for a Friend" column, an expert at The Gottman Institute explains that a "romantic relationship is simply friendship plus nudity." Do you agree?
While on my runs, my brain kept fighting me by saying, 'I can’t do this'. . . I embraced positivity instead, encouraging myself to keep going and reminding myself that I’ve done this before."
On this #FathersDay, I’m remembering my own father -- seen here, a long way from our native Greece -- walking me down the aisle at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in New York on my wedding day. Here is the column I wrote when he died:
From clutter and light to laundry and pollution, the space around us can have a huge impact on us.
In industries around the world, we're seeing more women in positions of leadership and decision-making. Here's a great list of some of the smartest minds in economics (who all so happen to be women).
Powerful story about one woman's journey with her mental health and how we all must rethink employer-employee relationships.
Love this story about how a moment that feels like a career failure or mistake can become a valuable teaching opportunity! "My destiny wasn’t in the perfect — it was in the now."
When we have learned to sit quietly in a room alone, we can maintain that inner connection that allows life to proceed from the inside out, whether we are alone or in a crowd of screaming people.
Loved talking with Dave Asprey (@bulletproofexec) at the Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference earlier this year. Our full conversation is now available on the 600th episode of #BulletproofRadio! Listen below to (as Dave says) #GetUpgraded!
Powerful @nytimes essay on how @marybergstrom's health has affected her family relationships: "we no longer indulge in setting and not meeting expectations. We stay present and keep moving forward...With uncertainty, we have become confident partners."
There are so many candidates, they could have gone into patterns in addition to colors.
Loving @ElaineWelteroth's new book! In this excerpt, she writes about how "we don’t need to have all the answers. But our job is to keep on dreaming and trusting enough to put one foot in front of the other."
I especially love this one from Tim Cook: "Today, certain algorithms pull toward you the things you already know, believe, or like, and they push away everything else. Push back."
Thrive Global is hiring engineers who are excited about using technology to end the stress and burnout epidemic! Are you or do you know of any great iOS, Android, Quality, Machine Learning, and DevOps engineers? Learn more here and join us on this journey!
The physical environment we grow up in can have a great impact on us later in life.
The preamble to pretty much every statement about the administration
The Stoics have always been a great source of wisdom for me. Here are a few tips (and three questions) to start living like a Stoic.
Great tips from this freelance writer on what he’s learned after almost a decade of working from home.
@JenSunshine shares her story of leaving the advertising industry and why she never worries about where she would "be now" if she didn't make that decision.
There isn't a one-size-fits-all morning routine, but some of these wake-up behaviors might make us less productive during the day ahead.
Love this story by @thrive campus-editor-at-large, Samuel Ralph Turner, on how he is prioritizing sleep!
There has been a deceleration of time spent on social media, growing at just 1% in 2018 vs. 6% in 2017. But, at the same time, Meeker notes that nearly 26% of adults describe themselves as “almost constantly” online, up from 21% three years ago.
We’re in a transition state in which awareness about our relationship with technology is slowly turning to action, which is what @thrive has been about since the beginning.
The 2019 version of Mary Meeker's always-anticipated Internet Trends report is here. What jumped out for me was Meeker’s point about our growing desire, and ability, to take control of our relationship with technology.
Yes, we need more women at the top of the Fortune 500, but we also need the unique talents of women at every level.
“There's a myth that when you pay your workers more money that it’s coming out of shareholders' pockets -- and we’ve found that’s not the case.” Watch @MWhittaker_ and @abigaildisney discussing CEO to worker pay on @msbnc with @SRuhle.
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