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“Living and Leading with a Sense of Agency” by @joeygtrz. #LegacyLeadership Read the full story via @LAAF at
"My cherished, beautiful and brilliant friend, @darrenwalker - a true justice warrior!" - LAA A great profile by @nytimes on how @FordFoundation president Darren Walker leverages his work and connections in the fight for #socialjustice and #equality.
“Empowering Women Through Work Wear” by @MilanaShapira. Read the full story via @LAAF at #LegacyLeadership
Top 10 @TEDTalks for #nonprofit leaders and anyone who needs inspiration in their #legacyleadership journey. #socimp Via @classy: #WeekendVibes
Do you say yes to everything so you can serve your #company the best? Do you struggle with boundaries? "#Leaders who take time for themselves show their employees that it’s good to do the same," says @jenn_lofgren, in her @Forbes article:
After graduating from @StanfordGSB, @joeygtrz wants to work on creating programs that empower people to influence their own lives and the world around them. #LegacyLeadership Read his story via @LAAF, “Living and Leading with a Sense of Agency,” at
Thank you for sharing your #LegacyLeadership journey with us, @mercebent!
@mercebent is committed to kickstart her venture capital career with inclusivity and impact in mind, as she continues her nonprofit work to help other Black Americans to learn about their heritage. #LegacyLeadership #JustGraduated Read her story at
After graduating in 2013, Keith Calix worked at various foundations, including @LAAF. Now he's going back to teaching to transform educational opportunities for low-income youth. #LegacyLeadership Read his story, “Living My Legacy Through Teaching,” at
@MilanaShapira just finished business school. Now she’s planning on growing her fashion brand company that aims to transform business casual wear for women. #LegacyLeadership #JustGraduated Read her story, “Empowering Women Through Work Wear,” at
Hear other recent graduates’ stories of #LegacyLeadership through our series coming out tomorrow at!
Anyone who works not solely towards the advancement of oneself, but intentionally towards the advancement of others—particularly women and individuals from underrepresented groups—is a #LegacyLeader.
Recent #graduates—this is the time to start building your career as a #LegacyLeader! #LegacyLeadership, created by our founder Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, means leading by the example you set—with intention, impact and inclusivity.
So you've just #graduated; what next? Our new blog series tells recent graduates’ stories of committing to intentional inclusivity and social impact as #legacyleaders in their careers. Stay tuned for the #LegacyLeadership series coming out at on Monday!
Tips on reducing hiring #bias and focusing on #inclusion, beyond #diversity, particularly with regards to employees with #disabilities. By @DoriMeinert @HRMagSHRM:
Happy #4thofJuly! Hope you enjoy the #fireworks and also get to check out the cool platform @girlboss just launched for women in different industries to get connected! #WomeninLeadership @sophiaamoruso Covered on @ELLEmagazine by @NerishaPenrose:
For #networking, it's crucial to specify your needs and expect to form mutually beneficial relationships, recommends CEO @KTLuzio. Define what your ask is and be assertive about it. More on networking #WomeninLeadership via @Forbes:
The value of impact #investment assets today is more than double the amount last year, according to research by @theGIIN. A quick guide for #philanthropists with donor-advised funds to maximize #impact in #giving via @CEPData:
Free webinar to help improve your #giving! @SSIReview
"Young ‘salarywomen’ hope their generation will be the first to have it all — big #careers and also fulfilling home lives." A look into the male-dominated "salarymen" #workculture in #Japan via @thelilynews: #WomeninBusiness
"Blind #recruitment can be a great tool to improve diversity, but not without an organizational commitment to #diversity," argues @ErinLThomasPhD, giving companies tips on how to eliminate identifying cues from resume reviews and #interviews. @FastCompany
Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Dream Company by @cmleahey @marieclaire. Here are detailed advice and action plans from #femalefounders: #WomeninLeadership
2019 #WomenWorthWatching award winners include women with outstanding achievements, ranging from CEOs to academics. Congratulations to @ivettemayo, @WidowWeb, @KimrGrimes, @SassyMM10, @ManuPapadopol and 161 more #womenleaders:
"Senior academics have the potential to take on the championing role," argues @Shaheenajj in her @Forbes article highlighting the importance of #championing women to solve the #gender imbalance in #academia. More at
Mentoring is the key to #diversity, says CEO Rene Nourse. She argues that #mentoring is a crucial part of the effort to make progress for women and minorities in the financial advice industry. @investmentnews @BDNEWSGUY
One of LAA's #PowerofYou: #WomeninLeadership alumni, @jackierotman advocates for equal standards in ads and business policies on sexual wellbeing products for men AND women alike. Please read her op-ed, "Vaginas Deserve Giant Ads, Too," in @nytimes here:
In her op-ed, @kkellyjanus argues that #government should partner with #philanthropists, social #entrepreneurs and CEOs to solve California's crises. More via @sacbee_news:
In this #BossFiles podcast, @PoppyHarlowCNN interviews actress @SophiaBush and @nialauryn on founding @DetroitBlows, a blow-dry salon aiming to build a more inclusive space for women with all hair types, and on the challenges they face as #femalefounders.
#AlwaysBeMyMaybe writers and co-stars @aliwong and @parkrandall talk about diversity in #Hollywood. "The real change comes from behind the camera", when writers, directors and executives reflect the on-camera #diversity. Interview via @HuffPost
"Successful women don’t need to sacrifice femininity to be effective CEOs and leaders," according to Kimberly Zhang, Chief Editor of @Under30CEO. And here's her advice to #companies to encourage more #WomeninLeadership. @Entrepreneur
"Even a few days of #paternityleave can make a large difference for mothers’ #postpartum health," according to a Swedish study. @nytimes @clairecm
Americans gave $427.71 billion to #charity in 2018, according to the Annual Report on #Philanthropy by @GivingUSA. Giving by #corporations and foundations as well as donations to international affairs increased compared to the previous year. Full report:
40 resources and communities for #WomeninTech, including: @BlackGirlsCode @hiretechladies @fairygodboss More from @estherschindler via @PCMag:
"Being present is the only way that you can really have peace." Actress @justsanaa is talking about how to practice #selfcare. The first step to maximizing our #socialimpact and leadership is to take care of ourselves. #WomeninLeadership via @thrive
As we get closer to the end of #LGBTQ #Pride 🌈month, something to keep in mind: #AudreLorde
How do you quantify social impact? How do you choose #nonprofits to donate to? Download the full Social Impact Compass report by @StanfordGSB for an in-depth discussion of #impact measurement by academics and experts on #socialinnovation:
“I want every girl who comes in the door to leave feeling a little bit stronger,” says @_GirlsGarage creator Emily Pilloton. Read more about @melindagates's visit to the STEM-focused program for girls, covered by @rach_greenspan @TIME #GirlsinSTEM
Employees who disclose their disabilities at work are more than twice as likely to feel regularly happy or content on their job (65% vs. 27%), according to a @HarvardBiz study by Pooja Jain-Link and @juliataylkenn.
"Increase access, inclusion and impact." Great interview with @amplify4good co-founder @joeydigital, named one of Atlanta's most successful #socialimpact #entrepreneurs via @ConsciousCoMag. #LegacyLeadership
In the #SalaryStories series, real #women share their stories of #negotiation, raises, #promotions and lost jobs. Read more via @ludileiva and share your own story at
"No more #manels." @NIHDirector declares he will no longer speak in panels that don't include any women. #GenderDiversity #WomeninScience @CNN
"It’s crucial to make sure women receive as much tactical and strategic #training as their male peers in order to be prepared for #leadership roles in the long term." Read more from #entrepreneur @thesalesmethod at @mitsmr.
RT @jackierotman: “My mother taught me ‘You cannot choose how much you’re given. You can choose what you give to others.’ My father taught…
Struggling to keep your supporters engaged in your social cause? Researchers @easibey and @joyportella from @SSIReview use the Fogg Behavior Model to recommend #nonprofits 5 solutions.
"Almost 3 out of 4 women, early in their career, want to become #executives," says @NEWNational CEO Sarah Alter. So why is that "women only comprise 6.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs"? #WomenInLeadership
In honor of #FathersDay, let's talk about #PaternityLeave. "Supporting men as caregivers is a necessity for #genderequality," argues author @JoshLevs. But lack of access and pay limitations provide barriers. More via @Glassdoor:
"#Fundraising strategies have to keep pace with constantly changing technologies and donor preferences." #Nonprofits The Essential Guide to Modernizing Your Fundraising by @carldiesing of @DNLOmniMedia via @pndblog:
#EmpoweringWomen is the way "to build sustainable peace from the ground up”, according to @iixglobal CEO @durreen. Podcast by @whartonknows
This year's @Forbes Top 25 #SelfMadeWomen list includes many #techentrepreneurs as well as the first-ever athlete to hit the list and eight #immigrants. #WomeninLeadership by @JenLWang
With #instagramdown, you could use the next few minutes to see if #volunteering could help solve your loneliness problem. Research says it can. @sciam
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