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“Failing to identify white extremists as terrorists continues to propel the cycle of hatred and violence.” —Erin Waters, @AspenSecurity Forum scholar https://www.aspeninstitute.org/blog-posts/the-rise-of-violent-white-nationalism-in-the-us/ #AspenSecurity
“If the nation is going to step up to the challenges outlined by the National Defense Strategy, it needs properly resource its defense.” @AspenSecurity Forum Scholar Frederico Bartels explains the shortcomings of our defense spending: https://www.aspeninstitute.org/blog-posts/our-current-defense-plans-fall-short/ #AspenSecurity
“Efforts to repatriate Canadian ISIS members, supporters, and their children would certainly be met with hostility from a portion, if not most Canadians.” —Leah West, @AspenSecurity Forum scholar https://www.aspeninstitute.org/blog-posts/canadas-complicated-repatriation-position/ #AspenSecurity
“America has yet to understand or tackle the threat that minority communities face from ongoing schemes that target them through social media engineering and information warfare.” —@BishopGarrison, @AspenSecurity Forum scholar https://www.aspeninstitute.org/blog-posts/the-us-faces-cyber-threats-on-multiple-fronts-of-infrastructure/ #AspenSecurity
RT @AspenSecurity: That's a wrap on the 2019 #AspenSecurity Forum! Thanks to all for 4 days of thought-provoking dialogue on today's most p…
“America has yet to understand or tackle the threat that minority communities face from ongoing schemes that target them through social media engineering and information warfare.” —@BishopGarrison, @AspenSecurity Forum Scholar https://www.aspeninstitute.org/blog-posts/the-us-faces-cyber-threats-on-multiple-fronts-of-infrastructure/ #AspenSecurity
“Our generation is doing a damn good job screwing everything up…The good news is that young people are becoming involved to a degree that I’ve never seen before…I think the next generation is not going to put up with this & thank god they won’t.” -@RepAdamSchiff #AspenSecurity
@RepAdamSchiff says he learned about spearfishing attempts on 2-3 Senate campaigns last year during a panel at #AspenSecurity with a Microsoft rep. He went back to DC and NSA and CIA also weren't aware. “That told me as a matter of quality control that something is broken here.”
“By the way, I pine for the Bush administration.” Watch @RepAdamSchiff’s hilarious slip up go down at #AspenSecurity Forum 2019: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/
“The overarching imperative for the democratic party in 2020 is turning our people out.” -@RepAdamSchiff shares his thoughts on the upcoming elections and the groups of voters who are still up for grabs. http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
RT @AspenSecurity: “I don’t know whether we reach a tipping point where we say…the man needs to be impeached in the House…I am concerned ab…
RT @ckubeNBC: During a June meeting at the WH members of Congress told Pres Trump he did not have authority to strike Iran in response to U…
“Every year during the Trump administration…we’ve produced, on a bipartisan basis, our Intelligence Authorization Act. That bill passed last week with 397 votes” @RepAdamSchiff describes passing bill that sets funding levels, priorities & new privacy protections. #AspenSecurity
RT @AspenSecurity: “The Mueller report is a report about prosecutorial decision-making. We charged these people, we didn’t charge people, f…
On Mueller testimony: @RepAdamSchiff says that the Intelligence Committee is interested in the counter intelligence findings. “This investigation began not as a criminal probe, it began as a counter intelligence investigation.” Watch: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
How do you get Robert Mueller to veer off of the report when he’s not going to, asks @kwelkernbc? @RepAdamSchiff says there are indeed certain things they’d like to explore that go beyond the report. Tune in live: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
I don’t think, for the most part, Iran wants war with the United States. And I think, for the most part, the president doesn’t want war with Iran. The bigger risk is that we blunder our way in to war. - @RepAdamSchiff. http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
I don’t think the Iranian regime is any more monolithic than our own administration. - @RepAdamSchiff at #AspenSecurity Watch more: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/
@kwelkernbc asks about recent British tanker seized by Iran & whether it's an escalation or a tit-for-tat. @RepAdamSchiff: “I see it as a bit of both…the difference is that one was a legal seizure and one was not. That distinction is of great consequence.” #AspenSecurity
Where should the Trump administration go from here on Iran, asks @kwelkernbc? @RepAdamSchiff responds with stressing the importance of protecting the freedom of navigation. Tune in live: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“The world calls out for solutions. At the Aspen Institute, & in America, & among our global allies, we believe it is networks of values-driven leaders working together who promote the peace & who ensure prosperity.” -@DanPorterfield speaks at last #AspenSecurity Forum event 🌎
RT @ckubeNBC: The @AspenInstitute opens and closes the 2019 @AspenSecurity Forum with women from NBC News. Tune in NOW to hear @kwelkernbc…
RT @AspenSecurity: We're closing out the 2019 #AspenSecurity Forum with a conversation with @RepAdamSchiff and @kwelkernbc on defending the…
“The day after 9/11, you could imagine what the @CIA was like. A plane arrived bearing the head of MI6,” @jmclaughlinSAIS describes. Sir John Scarlett: “and his body as well” *crowd laughs* @jmclaughlinSAIS describes MI6 support on the "worst day in our lives." #AspenSecurity
RT @DanPorterfield: Join us for the @AspenSecurity closing session today with @HouseIntel chairman @RepAdamSchiff and @NBCNews White House…
“If we are in a world where our preeminence is challenged and where China is growing at a rate that will challenge us, in terms of not being able to spend our way…alliances then become your force multiplier.” —@jmclaughlinSAIS https://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
RT @AspenStrategy: “[The US and China] are the two largest carbon emitters. We will not resolve climate change without each other. And that…
@jmclaughlinSAIS talking about China: "They are looking to the future with a theory of coming from a distant past looking to a glorious future and we’re worried about 2020. We need to have that longterm perspective in dealing with China." http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“The United States and China and their economies will affect the whole world for the rest of our lives. This is a big responsibility for the United States for the world, not just for ‘America first.’” —@jmclaughlinSAIS https://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
RT @AspenSecurity: Live now, @jmclaughlinSAIS and former Chief of British Secret Intelligence Service John Scarlett share insights on and k…
Where are we with our European allies? @ElissaSlotkin weighs in on how we need to focus on repairing some of those relationships: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“I think a number of people, both sides of the aisle, take those words seriously.” -@MacTXPress talks about congress’s role in authorizing force. Tune in live: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“We want a sustainable process where North Korea basically works toward denuclearization.” — @jongchoiysu https://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
Everyone on stage has had access to classified intelligence, says @KenDilanianNBC. Is there any scenario where a US military strike could take out all of North Korea’s nuclear capability?Former ambassador @ambchrishill of @uofDenver answers: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“It's going to be a tough and bumpy road ahead as my president mentioned many times.” Jong Kun Choi, Secretary to the President for Peace Planning in the Republic of Korea, gives his perspective of where things will head with North Korea: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“North Korea doesn’t have nuclear weapons because they’re afraid we’re going to attack them…they want to create the circumstance that, over time, we somehow leave the Korean Peninsula.” —@ambchrishill Watch live: https://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
RT @AspenSecurity: Watch @brhodes, @SueMiTerry, @ambchrishill, Jong Kun Choi, and @KenDilanianNBC discuss North Korea 🇰🇵 and US policy: htt…
“Their Chinese equipment and their Russian equipment did not perform very well.” Defense Security Cooperation Agency Director Charles Hooper talks about how countries like Ecuador 🇪🇨 and Bangladesh 🇧🇩 are looking to the US for arms supply: https://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“The policy of separating children from families, from parents, [from] adults is appalling. It is completely unnecessary.” – @AmbassadorRice in conversation with @mitchellreports at @AspenSecurity Forum 2019. Watch: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
Charles Hooper of @DeptofDefense shares his thoughts on the alliance with Afghanistan and mentions learning from past mistakes: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
“We all need boundaries in life. When we're raising kids, we tell them they need boundaries. I need boundaries in my basketball life. Sleep is one of my boundaries." – @KyleKorver at the 2019 @aspenideas Festival. Watch more: https://www.aspenideas.org/sessions/is-40-the-new-20-for-pro-athletes #AspenIdeas
“Building a military is a political exercise… and getting this right matters.” - Mara Karlin of @SAISHopkins opens up the panel on American alliances live: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
RT @AspenSecurity: Taking the stage at the #AspenSecurity Forum now are @DeptofDefense Defense Security Cooperation Agency Director Charles…
RT @DeptofDefense: WATCH LIVE: Defense Security Cooperation Agency Director @USArmy Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper discusses America’s alliances a…
“Our objective is to preserve freedom of navigation in that area, to deter military attacks…we hope will lead to more stability in that vital waterway.” —John Rood of @DeptofDefense discusses increasing presence in the Gulf https://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
Tune in live now to hear @NedPrice and @Carolelee discuss the top security issues informing the 2020 election: https://www.facebook.com/AspenInstitute/videos/1125567190985949/?notif_id=1563479626657045¬if_t=live_video_explicit #AspenSecurity
“...For us who believe in these sorts of norms of trade and commerce, you can’t really have that type of system persist and go unchallenged.”John Rood of @DeptofDefense on China's trade policies. Tune in live: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
How do you prioritize emerging threats? John Rood, the Under Secretary of Defense Policy at @DeptofDefense answers Catherine Herridge of @FoxNews live: http://aspensecurityforum.org/media/live-video/ #AspenSecurity
What the biggest national security issues informing the 2020 election? Tune in at 1:30 pm ET to watch @nedprice of @NatSecAction and @carolelee of @NBCNews share their thoughts: https://www.facebook.com/AspenInstitute/ #AspenSecurity
RT @DeptofDefense: WATCH LIVE: Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood discusses emerging threats at the @AspenSecurity Forum today…
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