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"There’s no desire to go against the grain—we just like to write what we like to hear." http://bit.ly/2JVLo3c
We asked @stevemoore2600 to pick some of his favorite releases outside of his current main projects, Zombi and Miracle. Here’s what he had to say. http://bit.ly/30pQRFi
A vivid introduction into the world of Stereolab http://bit.ly/2M4F6B6
Damon Locks interviewed by @MarcusJMoore http://bit.ly/2EuhGPk
Tom Waits has amassed one of the most enduring songbooks in American popular music. https://goo.gl/mazrhi
These artists are united in excellence by their stylistic adventurousness, dynamic exuberance, and high-fantasy humor. http://bit.ly/2VGUoAm
Our guide to the week's essential new releases + one old one you may have missed. http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
@SkinnyPelembe tackles love, heartbreak, death, and new life on "Dreaming Is Dead Now." http://bit.ly/2EmYxir
In the face of essentially infinite choice, it’s easy to stick with what you know and not venture outside the realm of familiarity. Let's not do that. http://bit.ly/2WgVRx2
Del has always been intrigued by poetry; when he was younger, he found himself drawn to a copy of the children’s book "The Cat In The Hat." http://bit.ly/2HeGQDk
“It’s maybe a good way to provoke the question, What’s Japanese?” he says, “or how we see our identity as Japanese people. We’re enjoying our own Japanese culture as a kind of ‘world music.'” http://bit.ly/30lHtCQ
"Tiare Avatea" sounds like a magical transmission from some distant shore. http://bit.ly/2Ho4Q61
Trip-hop remains a sonic mutant. https://goo.gl/T22fj4
This Week's Essential Releases: Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek's groovy and original "Kar Yağar" has the warm and familial feel of a jam band session at times. 🎧 http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
“I think Ekumen is the punkest thing I’ve ever done, because I’m old and wise enough to legitimately, really, truly, not care about what other people think about it." http://bit.ly/2weXj4i
This Week's Essential Releases: @mavisstaples's "We Get By" is a timely offering by a beloved voice. 🎧 http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
Stereolab, who released a near constant stream of music in the 1990s and 2000s, seemed more like a free-floating project than a group (or “groop,” as they often called themselves) http://bit.ly/2M4F6B6
A guide to a few of the most essential releases in Earth’s vast discography. http://bit.ly/2WVvUQy
This Week's Essential Releases: A pillowy merger of pop, folk, and psychedelic rock from Portuguese singer-songwriter Luís Severo. 🎧 http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
“It’s not about the be-all, end-all album launch party, it’s about embedding yourself into the scene.” http://bit.ly/30Cd6rM
This Week's Essential Releases: Heterofobia is queer punk group from Monterrey, Mexico, with a vivacious and rough-hewn take on dark punk. 🎧 http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
"Italo disco is not a genre. It’s everything made for the discotheque in 1980s Italy." http://bit.ly/2VSY0zk
Damon Locks spins anger and sorrow into a vivid depiction of the struggle it takes for black people to simply exist in the United States. http://bit.ly/2EuhGPk
From surf rock to hard rock to the Paisley Underground, these bands bring the classic sounds to Latin America. https://goo.gl/gqM5gG
This Week's Essential Releases: With "Astres," French duo @EpectaseB have released one of the more confounding metal LPs in recent memory. 🎧 http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
New & Notable: The Chicago duo's sophomore album borrows its name from the Ethiopian bread and is filled with soulful, experimental R&B and house. https://dialchicago.bandcamp.com/album/injera
Unpacking the complete history of Stereolab in detail would require a book—or several. http://bit.ly/2M4F6B6
New & Notable: London-based group @Flamingods is back with a psychedelic album filled with mystical disco and funk. https://flamingods.bandcamp.com/album/levitation
Hardcore bands are known for their musical economy, but Ekumen take on ‘90s post-hardcore is especially efficient http://bit.ly/2weXj4i
Damon Locks—Chicago-based punk veteran, vocalist, producer, and sound artist—is Bandcamp Certified http://bit.ly/2EuhGPk
This Week's Essential Releases: Amyl & the Sniffers present as punk but on their first full-length, the band they most resemble is Bon Scott-era AC/DC. 🎧 http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
On 7/5, Bandcamp Presents Miserable (@kngwmn), Spiritual Cramp (@MBingham87) for @OaklandFF Free, All Ages! Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/679184389200172/
Is it summer yet? https://goo.gl/HdNuxX
“I remember a distinct shift between bitching that there isn’t really a strong scene in Cairo, to realizing that we *are* the scene." http://bit.ly/30Cd6rM
A Brief Guide to @stereolabgroop http://bit.ly/2M4F6B6
Records from Amyl and The Sniffers, Epectase, Luís Severo and more on our weekly roundup of best new releases on Bandcamp http://bit.ly/2HBgZ8Z
“What good is freedom if we haven’t learned to be free?” asks @mavisstaples , and the band’s gritty rumble underlines her outrage. http://bit.ly/2HBgv2F
Fértil Discos are creating a new language for the dancefloor. http://bit.ly/2VxHEal
Touring can be difficult for many bands in the region, due to complicated travel restrictions, lengthy application processes, and conflicts in countries like Iraq and Syria. http://bit.ly/30Cd6rM
On album and in concert, Full of Hell seem angry and misanthropic. Yet vocalist Dylan Walker insists the music stems not from anger, but excitement. http://bit.ly/2JVLo3c
"Italy has always been a huge musical container, but Naples is a state of mind." http://bit.ly/2VSY0zk
Faye Webster started recording and releasing music when she was a teenager. http://bit.ly/2VDkyiI
New & Notable: Cool and melodic math rock from @spirits_having built around a twin guitar attack and floaty vocals. https://spiritshavingfun.bandcamp.com/album/auto-portrait
Turkish hip-hop production was heavily influenced by Arabesk, a form of traditionally-inspired pop music that emerged during the latter half of the 20th century. http://bit.ly/2QfUcCl
New & Notable: The debut album by veteran electronic music producers Lau and Rene balances funky grooves with chill atmosphere. https://soundofpeace.bandcamp.com/album/sounds-of-peace
Pedestrian Deposit push both their sonic and physical limits by using self-made instruments that require intense strength to successfully manipulate http://bit.ly/30HvGi4
RT @ATORecords: 💗💗This week ATO Records is pledging all our @Bandcamp sales to Women With A Vision, a non profit backed by Alynda Segarra o…
Full of Hell on making their subversive and extreme album to date. http://bit.ly/2JVLo3c
Underground artists in the Middle East are breaking away from American and British rock molds. http://bit.ly/30Cd6rM
Helm continues exploring the grotesque on Chemical Flowers, now with frequent pastoral ambience and occasional melodies. http://bit.ly/2QlOYVB
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