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Panorama is the post-hardcore band @ladisputeband's dreamiest record to date. http://bit.ly/2UOjNnp
Look what we found! El Plvybxy’s Abya Yala EP is an intricate hybrid of techno, trance, and traditional South American rhythms. http://bit.ly/2W9PgQY
New & Notable: Witty and raucous as ever, Chicago noise-rockers @OozingWound rip into "flat earthers" and "tween sh*tbags" with misanthropic glee. https://oozingwound.bandcamp.com/album/high-anxiety
@kokorokomusic nods to the jazz and Afrobeat of the past while keeping their eyes fixed on the present. http://bit.ly/2Hzg61E
New & Notable: Welsh band @Venomprison crank out forward-thinking death metal with a hardcore-punk bent, exposing societal injustices at every turn. https://venomprison.bandcamp.com/album/samsara
“I’m a huge fan of the genre of manufactured worlds, almost like a science fiction thing. There’s no place on earth that sounds like exotica. It’s like a dream.” http://bit.ly/2Tjl04p
It's real! Mary Timony interviewed by @marianatimony for Bandcamp Daily. http://bit.ly/2Hw0AUk
New & Notable: One-man drum machine from the UK trades frenetic jazz freak-outs with rich electronic grooves, reaping the percussive rewards as he goes. https://chiminyo.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-chiminyo
"We’re all quite serious, you know. But if the seriousness is deep inside the work, you can adorn it with a lot of humor." We take a look at what's weird in Antwerp. http://bit.ly/2TiQjMM
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Deafkids’ latest opus, Metaprogramação, is, in a word, intense. http://bit.ly/2OkAWTi
New & Notable: The Melbourne vocalist takes an airy, glitched-out approach to neo soul, with poppy and ambient notes swirling in the mix. https://zkking.bandcamp.com/album/openpalaces
This week's Hidden Gem pairs post-club production with a pre-Columbian mindset. http://bit.ly/2W9PgQY
How indie legend Mary Timony went from making "dark and weird" music to "simple and good" pop songs with @exhexband, her most jubilant project to date. http://bit.ly/2Hw0AUk
New & Notable: The latest from Tiago Frúgoli Ensemble, Casa is a rich and rewarding jazz workout that demonstrates chops without overwhelming the melody. https://freshselects.bandcamp.com/album/casa
If self-deprecating humor and surrealist vibes are your thing, Antwerp is brimming with it. http://bit.ly/2TiQjMM
In @Discrepants discography, the synth and guitar experimentations of Beirut’s Charbel Haber rub shoulders with the haunted loops of Turkey’s Koray Kantarcioğlu. http://bit.ly/2Tjl04p
@kokorokomusic's balance of sweeping horns, jittery guitar lines, and jubilant vocals make a case for Afrobeat’s transatlantic connection. http://bit.ly/2Hzg61E
New & Notable: @CateLeBon's fifth studio album developed while she was living alone for a year, woodworking by day & crafting stunning pop songs by night. https://catelebon.bandcamp.com/album/reward
@TAMARYNmusic remains true to her characteristic retro-sensibilities without feeling dated on Dreaming the Dark, our Album of the Day. http://bit.ly/2OgtVmv
New & Notable: Mavis Staples returns with a record heavy on cutting, bluesy riffs while still keeping her timeless voice front & center. https://mavisstaples.bandcamp.com/album/we-get-by
By exploring new worlds of sound through sampling and beatmaking, Taiwan’s young creators have built a hip-hop scene that stands as a proud testament to the culture’s global reach. http://bit.ly/2V9Z1OE
Tengger Cavalry offer a decidedly Asian take on the symphonic folk metal that prospers in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. http://bit.ly/2U1RiFu
New & Notable: Swsh’s songs are buoyant and soulful, recalling the warmth of late ’90s R&B, but with the sparkle and snap of contemporary pop. https://futurebounce.bandcamp.com/album/future-bounce-pres-swsh
Noise project Wolf Eyes have amassed one of underground music’s deepest catalogs. http://bit.ly/2UJkVZj
New & Notable: Sparkling, dreampoppy indie from this Australian group, “Goodnight” wraps Yura Iwama’s gentle voice in silvery guitars. https://rooletterecords.bandcamp.com/album/goodnight-ep
Deafkids's music is "sonic Ayuhasca" according to @OfficialNeurot label head Steve von Till. http://bit.ly/2OkAWTi
New & Notable: Maryland rapper, singer, and producer @mynameisheno is deft and versatile, moving seamlessly between styles, on his latest EP. https://mynameisheno.bandcamp.com/album/sumn-slight
@tenggercavalry's "Northern Memory (Silk Road Metal)" is a heavy-metal concept album that doubles as a tour through pre-Mongolian history. http://bit.ly/2U1RiFu
@TAMARYNmusic's swirling guitars call to mind shoegaze pioneers, but with unambiguous lyrics and the raw power of a Top 40 hit http://bit.ly/2OgtVmv
RT @secretlycndian: Today, Jade Bell, ANOHNI & J. Ralph release "KARMA." All proceeds from record sales/donations go directly to Jade’s KI…
Listen + buy "KARMA," the new track from ANOHNI, Jade Bell, and J. Ralph exclusively on Bandcamp. All proceeds go directly to Jade’s KIDS, a non-profit foundation, to help support its initiative to creatively inspire youth http://bit.ly/2Ya3lzT
New & Notable: The Boston lo-fi psych-pop artist goes full dark synth on this immersive and catchy new release. https://constantsmiles.bandcamp.com/album/john-waters
The Wolf Eyes saga is rollicking, inspiring, relentless and hilarious. http://bit.ly/2UJkVZj
New & Notable: A cast of experimental/ambient luminaries add their talents to this emotional work, Kyle Bobby Dunn's first full-length since 2014. https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/from-here-to-eternity
On Bahir, @DexterStory distills the sounds he encountered during his travels through East Africa into his brand of refined folk and global rhythms. http://bit.ly/2Jk4aTg
New & Notable: Delicate, intimate, experimental folk-pop with warm, blooming atmospherics and crisp production. https://pezzettino.bandcamp.com/album/resin
For the last 20 years, Keith Fullerton Whitman has traversed a variety of genres—drone, ambient, experimental, noise, doom, and drill n’ bass http://bit.ly/2CkmqWK
New & Notable: Oakland hardcore outfit Kicker raise funds for those affected by the Northern California floods with 2 new songs. https://downloads.tankcrimes.com/album/russian-river-relief-fund-ep
"I think that’s the good thing about Boston, because you can’t make a living, you just play when you have to. You play because you have to." http://bit.ly/2to8Qgd
New & Notable: The great ACR label serves up another batch of rich, moody electroacoustic music, with peaceful drones and immersive textures. https://weareacr.bandcamp.com/album/silencia
A guide to Wolf Eyes, one of the U.S.’s quintessential underground noise groups. http://bit.ly/2UJkVZj
Willie Green has become Backwoodz Studioz’s secret weapon http://bit.ly/2HzWaeD
New & Notable: Muted dance music from AFK & Bludwork that works just as well on the dancefloor as it does for the comedown afterward. https://bludwork.bandcamp.com/album/loyalty-n-service
On Bahir, @DexterStory fuses Ethiopian jazz, African funk, Sudanese dance, and Tuaregi grooves with American jazz and folk traditions. http://bit.ly/2Jk4aTg
It's your #BandcampWeekly! Guest host @djgilla chats to @SarahTandyPiano about role models, classical music and her new album ‘Infection In The Sentence.’ Tune in 🎧 http://bandcamp.com/?show=319
“Everyone’s really tuned in to what everyone else is doing. It feels really positive, and not competitive at all.” A chat with of Arlington Lowell of @HRSociete http://bit.ly/2HFUEHy
New & Notable: Doomy, expansive shoegaze from Dead Swords, the songs on “Enders” alternately pummel and soar. https://deadswords.bandcamp.com/album/enders
Flow Fi is building a reputation as a bastion for quality hip-hop. http://bit.ly/2CrZGnN
New & Notable: With guest spots from Open Mike Eagle & Iggy Pop, “Elevator Music” is a woozy EP of jazz-informed boom-bap. https://panamsterdam.bandcamp.com/album/elevator-music-vol-1
The SpitSlam Record Label Group @SpitSlamRecords is a 21C label that allows artists to fully control their direction through @Bandcamp while the label stays connected in other areas. We promote their music on @Rapstation365 @rapstationair https://krispayne.bandcamp.com/track/ring-the-payne
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