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Trolls are gonna need to try harder than this
If you're not reading @vboykis do yourself a favor and get acquainted with her work. It's some of the sharpest takes on tech, AI, and data science I've found of late.
LOL - of course folks on Super User are still hanging with WinAmp as their music player of choice
Some personal news.... I am making a new podcast with some awesome folks! Come listen to me, @SaraJChipps and @ftrain talk tech, coding, and life on the newly relaunched @StackOverflow podcast :) LikeShareSubscribeRateAppreciate
RT @ftrain: Friends, I don't know how to say this, but in addition to my regular @PostlightStudio podcast co-hosting responsibilities, I am…
RT @JordanUhl: The delivery here makes this even funnier
This is snapshot of traffic to the Stack Overflow blog from early this morning. Love how global our audience is.
Extremely proud of my colleague @SaraJChipps for her work to make the Stack Overflow community more welcoming and inclusive. Check out her latest writing on our efforts.
TFW two of your recent blog posts are on the front page of Hacker News at the same time
RT @politicalmiller: Land doesn’t vote. People do. I love this gif.
It’s not hard to understand that carmakers in the US market build to California emissions standards because they are the strictest - it’s the most efficient choice. Not a leap to think global companies will hold themselves to China’s speech restrictions for the same reason.
I thought you were all about letting the market set the boundaries for speech ;) Didn't you just say the other day it's often more effective to vote with your dollars when you are pushing to de-platform vile content?
Now that I work at Stack Overflow, think I'm gonna write a weekly series - Ben Popper is the worst coder in the world, by Ben Popper - If you are an English/Dance major or former writer/journalist who fell into tech, HMU so we can brainstorm
my CSS skills ain't what they used to be
This is the part where he talks like the wizard of Oz?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it's broke but still works, what's that called again?
The fifth horseman of the apocalypse
I've written thousands of articles and it's always stressful when you publish them, because there are bound to be a least a few small errors you'll need to fix. But sending an newsletter to millions where you can't fix it after it goes out is just.....😟😟😟😟😟😟
In the battle of rap names that include the word Baby - this seems like the clear winner
Drop kids off at school: 8:15 Run across the Brooklyn Bridge to work Take a call with colleague in London while running, then listen to informative podcast at 2X speed Arrive at work: 8:55 Available for Ted Talks or books deals on how to emulate my incredible productivity
So I should get an Apple Card just for the 3% back on every movie and TV show I get through my Apple TV, right?
I dare you to walk around in here and not giggle with joy
Has anyone else noticed their Alexa slowly creeping towards more intimate conversation? The temperature outside is 74 degrees.... "Happy Beard Day!" "Have a good Tuesday." "It's always nice to hear your voice." "You look great in those shorts..."
Being able to do a solid impression of your boss used to make you popular around the water cooler. Now it's an AI driven tool for criminals to steal serious cash
Trick question. There is no polite way to explain you're giving someone's job to robot
RT @NickTyson: Oh, man...Genndy's new 'Primal' show coming to Adult Swim is looking crazy...!
As an outsider, my impression of the British royal family was that it held a symbolic role, alongside being a tabloid favorite. Turns out the Queen can just turn off Parliament if she wants?
I tell programming jokes now
RT @Reuters: Using just a basic green screen, a group of Nigerian student filmmakers have created slick sci-fi short films #AfricaJournal h…
I can't believe they named the merged company ViacomCBS, which is extremely dull and bad, instead of using the parent company's name of National Amusements, which is extremely weird and ominous
They never saw the scooter craze coming
Am I too old to start a career in IT?
Turns out Facebook is smart enough to know the difference between not knowing your password and just typing it wrong
Got the shoutout from @awealthofcs and @michaelbatnick on my favorite podcast -Animal Spirits - for sharing a story on Japan's startup scene. Anything to help these two settle an argument.
Asking developers to help with your editorial project like...
Yes, I am making 8-mile references while tweeting about popular programming questions. How's your Monday going?
RT @StackOverflow: 🎵 If you had one shot to write the perfect one-shot 'if'/ this opportunity comes once in a lifetime/ you better... 🎼 htt…
A nice milestone. 18 million times Stack Overflow helped a coder with a question get the answer they needed. 20 million in 2020, here we come.
Got together with some very special people and did a test run of a new podcast this morning. It's gonna be fun one!
The margins on the Tesla semi-truck are gonna need some serious towing capacity to pull this company out of the red
RT @solangeknowles: lmaoooooo
Is there an Alexa app that will tell you how long it would take to walk from Brooklyn to a number of different places in the world? Asking for my 4-year-old
Power of Babble might be the best headline pun I've written in years
A 10,000 word blog post about the horrors of trying to upgrade off Windows Server 2012 is currently boosting SO blog traffic to new heights. When you know your audience, don't be afraid to get into the weeds
RT @41Strange: A zookeeper pours water on a Penguin on a hot day, 1930
"we want"
nice for norms, poison to influencers, who ya gonna choose?
Q-Baby would also make a great name for a new rap/r&b star
Have trouble talking to your kids about climate change? Try reading them Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Catastrophic shifts in local weather patterns force humans to flee in search of a more sustainable food system. Fun for the whole family!
What is dead may never die. Excel, the one true god.
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