Director of Content Marketing at @Stackoverflow. Formerly business editor @verge and communications at @djiglobal. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player. Brooklyn native.
What is dead may never die. Excel, the one true god.
Some strong Twitter trends to finish out the week. Great journalism got the ball rolling. Now we have to hope courts can finish the job.
Is there any app in the world with push notifications as terrifying as Headspace?
Had a dream about a version of Twitter where you could tweet 280 characters by day but only 140 characters at night. Very soothing.
A medical student with a passion for video games realized lack of surgical training was a growing problem for students and doctors. He decided VR might be the solution
The fictitious horrors of Pizzagate will pale in comparison to the monstrous empire this creep has been running for decades
Eat your heart out Iggy Peck
The mysteriously furry brownstones of Hell’s Kitchen
Poured a mug of Grady's cold brew coffee concentrate this morning, forgot to add water, took a sip and thought, "yeah, that's about right."
RT @jaintj95: @MIT_CSAIL Pretend you know, secretly Stack Overflow. #ProgrammingIn6Words
Having @mslopatto write about Libra is one of the best things we've done in a while
Oh man, I forgot about that time we interviewed Bill Gates and I got the byline. Adding to my LinkedIn immediately
I have about 2-3 hours with my boys every night after work before they go to bed. It is really hard to say no when they ask to play. But when I force them to get into their own headspace for entertainment, magic stuff starts to happen
Also describes my approach to editing
My son believes his $50 Fire Tablet is an iPad and I am not going to ruin this innocent fantasy for him like I did with the Easter Bunny
The mind of a Quora bro never ceases to amaze me
Elite ball handler Strong around the rim Dominant finisher #nbadraft #TinderProfile
Googles the definition of irony
Wandering the British Museum alone, absorbing the power of the ancients
Hanging in a hip London bar and made the mistake of ordering a drink with “seltzer.” Blank stares all around.
The sound of a million meetings suddenly canceled
The developer conference will just have to wait
If Facebook mission was to make it easy for the 1.3 billion unbanked to save, exchange, and spend money online, why not simply integrate a system to use Bitcoin across its networks? Why ask people to use and trust a currency created by a cluster of giant corporations?
Nice little venue we’ve got here
Just signed up for my first coding class at @StackOverflow HQ
On the one hand - using my phone to pay for the NYC subway feels like the future. I have been riding since the days of metal tokens. On the other hand, it’s much slower than swiping a card, and people behind me are not shy about voicing their annoyance
i would straight run through some jabroni trying to pay with their phone the turnstile during rush hour
The woman behind me based her approach speed on the assumption I would swipe and body checked me pretty hard
Really excited to have the opportunity to work with @Joinpursuit on educating a new generation of software developers
Alexa just offered to learn the individual voices of the people in my house. Nothing like a cheery robot building a biometric database on your family to start the day off right!
Just passed an A-list celebrity on the street. Dude was struggling with the same dad problems I have to tangle with every morning. For selfish reasons, this made me feel much better about myself. Stars, they're just like us!
The hardest part of digital detox is pooping without your phone
The job comes with incredible benefits, great work/life balance, and the chance to be part of a rapidly growing company that is striving to build a more diverse and inclusive technology industry.
I'm looking to hire a great writer with sharp ideas about software development, technology, and the future. You will be writing for the community at @StackOverflow, which gets over 50 million visitors each month. Apply below or share the link
Whoops. imes/
Wait, you're telling me running huge cluster of supercomputers around the clock consumers a lot of energy?
RT @fredbenenson: Someone made a Reddit simulator using the Open AI GPT-2 algorithm and I am shook. Its ability to convincingly recreate a…
Chernobyl is a scary movie, but it's not a Scary Movie
The dudes who just directed the two biggest Marvel movies are turning their attention to Magic the Gathering. The ten-year-old inside of me is exploding with excitement
Enough power for 1 *million* homes. No hydrocarbons harmed in its production.
What, if any, are the negative externalities with wind power? Like, is there a chance if everyone went in on this, we might disrupt global currents, of air? Butterfly flaps it's wings inTokyo, etc?
Life on the edge - welding 30 stories off the ground
The arcade at Industry City is awesome, but it has been open for a while and they never change the games. Half the machines are badly broken. He grumbles while losing to a six year old at Tekken
If anyone really cared about rural broadband, we’d deploy cheap, fast LTE networks everywhere because the equipment is mature, nearing the bottom of its price curve, and compatible with the phones and devices people in those areas already have. Instead: 5G! Race!
The US ranks 30th in LTE download speeds and 39th in upload speeds but we absolutely cannot give up "leadership" in mobile broadband and must rush to reduce competition through mergers and build 5G networks
Nilay,,,, China... will beat us.
You've learned all the wrong lessons from the Cold War
Got a natural gas flare just wasting energy on your site? Drop a portable bitcoin mining shed on top and turn that heat into money while capturing methane to boot
Talked to ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro about how we got the job (by pitching Bob Iger for 3 months) and how he's reshaping the network.
Congrats on the new gig!
Like any New Yorker with a daily commute, I have learned to suffer fools in peace. But pedestrians walking the bike lane of the Brooklyn Bridge while wearing noise cancelling headphones...
Pure maple CBD flash frozen cold brew with high BIOAVAILABILITY I feel exhausted just reading the label
It's 2019 and 311 is out here dropping new tracks. Never stop living your truth, m'right
For all the serious and thoughtful writing on "deep fakes" - the latest viral nonsense with Pelosi is crude and not highly technical. Slow down a video and speed up the pitch of her voice. For now, cheap fakes + social media are far more dangerous than AI-drive . deep fakes
Twitter tried to auto-correct “dad jokes” to “sad jokes” three times so that’s a pretty strong self own
I bring the dad jokes #elfstorage
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