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Artificial Intelligence for Good: A Few Good Articles To Read #AI4Good
RT @kathleenloehr: All of us have to face the reality that certain learned #fundraising practices are seared into us. We must look closer.…
RT @adppdx: @ChrisStrub @givelively @Forbes @MalalaFund @PayPal @NTENorg @ForbesCMO Session proposals are now being accepted for the #20NTC…
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attention nonprofit facilitators and training - a great thread here with lots of excellent resources being shared. What are yours?
RT @chriscorrigan: @TrilbySmith @jenbo1 @LUMAInstitute Specifically.
Agree 100% @farra ... Congrats to @ThomasNegron & @NTENorg can't think of a better person to be the new communications director.
Vis @Gartner_inc study - 59% biz has some form of AI deployment, estimate that average company has four AI or ML projects in place. Would this be the same in the nonprofit sector? #ai4good
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Stop Days: The Secret To Nonprofit Productivity cc: @ntenorg #nptech
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RT @tjd69: @hardlynormal @kanter And that's why you, @hardlynormal, should be getting a salary and healthcare. As one of the "lived experie…
8 Fantastic Facilitation Playbooks for Designing Productive Nonprofit Meetings #nptech
RT @joewaters: That’s awesome. Thank you so much @AstraZenecaUS!!
RT @farra: @johnhaydon @AstraZeneca Thank you @AstraZeneca for doing the right thing. #FightForJohn
How Your Nonprofit Can Routinize Reflection
Mindful News Consumption Tips for Nonprofit Professionals
Thank you for all your help Mickey! Sending a big high five! Thank you @AstraZeneca
Today @AstraZeneca is the hero! They gave @johnhaydon a year's supply of the drug he needs. His insurance company is the villain ...
Thank you @AstraZeneca for giving our friend @johnhaydon Tagrisso for a year for free! Your company is the hero!
RT @donorguru: I'm so grateful for your kind words @kanter—thank you! 🤗 This book has been a labor of love and I can't wait for it to be av…
Thank you @AstraZeneca @astrazenicausa for being the hero in this health care nightmare for my friend @johnhaydon Thank you for generously giving him a year supply of #Tagresso to fight his cancer. PLEASE RT
RT @coolcatteacher: I am asking if you will sign to #helpJohnlive - he is a friend of @kanter and needs to get on a list for some medicine…
RT @johnhaydon: Thank you all for blowing up Twitter to help me get the cancer drug I need from @AstraZeneca. No decision yet from them, I…
RT @SandyRees: @AstraZeneca and @AstraZenecaUS, please help. This drug is John's last chance.
RT @JulieHSNEGA: @AstraZeneca and @AstraZenecaUS, @johnhaydon is fighting for his life and you hold the power to his last chance. #BeAHero…
RT @mcahalane: Please share to help us get @AstraZeneca attention! My friend (and yours), John Haydon, has been denied a $16,000-per-pill…
Please Retweet: @AstraZeneca and @AstraZenecaUS : Give Our Friend, @JohnHaydon , the Life Saving Drug He Needs! - Sign the Petition! (link: via @Change cc: @drmani can you help?
Please Retweet: @AstraZeneca and @AstraZenecaUS: Give Our Friend, @JohnHaydon, the Life Saving Drug He Needs! - Sign the Petition! via @Change
Tech2Empower: The Llama Pack Project @WakeIntl @LlamaPackPeru cc: @hramseySF #Tech2Empower
RT @NancySchwartz: PLEASE @AstraZeneca & @AstraZenecaUS please help our friend @johnhaydon get your medicine Tagrisso - his cancer is rare…
Are women at more risk for burnout than men? Yes
hey @momsrising can you help us amplify? Our friend @johnhaydon needs life saving drug from @AstraZeneca off label program now that his insurance denied his claim.
RT @DennisFischman: @johnhaydon @ExpressScripts @JulieHSNEGA @JuliaCSocial @funddiva @kanter Yes, you are able to give him another option.…
RT @johnhaydon: @ChrisStrub @ExpressScripts @AstraZenecaUS I've submitted an application to get free drugs (Tagrisso) from @AstraZenecaUS.…
Dear @SenWarren I no long live in MA, but I do vote. Please help my friend @johnhaydon get the life-saving drug treatment he needs - that his insurance agency is denying.
They have a chance to be the heroes! Dear @AstraZeneca please expedite my friend, @johnhaydon, application to get your drug, Tagrisso, so he can live.
Listen to him @ExpressScripts .. don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth. This is a matter of life and death.
RT @johnhaydon: I call BS. @ExpressScripts just called to say “I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do...” cc @JulieHSNEGA @JuliaCSocial @fundd…
Hey @ExpressScripts get your messaging straight! @johnhaydon just got a call and was denied. He needs that medication to fight his rare cancer and win.
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RT @JuliaCSocial: I don't have words for how angry and sad this make me.
Right on! The drug company @AstraZeneca has a program for patients who are denied because of rare cancer - called off-label. My friend @johnhaydon needs Drug Company to approve his application to this program ASAP
My friend @johnhaydon has a rare form of cancer, needs access to your drug @AstraZenecaUS @AstraZeneca to fight it. His insurance company has denied his claim. Please approve his application to your "off-label" program.
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