proud alum of @twitter, @tumblr & @trello boards, cofounder @sparkcapital, making a life with @laurensabet & our three kiddies
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RT @_dantom: Varanasi, India 🐴💫
soho #hasselblad #kodakfilm #nyc
this was so counterintuitive to me but i'm getting better at this as i pay better attention. still catch myself all the time though.
The engineer in me wants to solve problems. But I too have leaned that just being there and listening can help a lot. I feel like parenting is a great way to learn that lesson.
@fredwilson @whitneymcn Happy cover friday! J Mascis does Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, via @subpop
we saw @victoryboyd do this cover of Nina Simone's Feeling Good last friday night at the opening of The Shed. it was so great. it is so great.
happy friday. here's conor oberst and phoebe bridgers delightful take on "Human"
benchmark owns 11%, i tip my hat to @bgurley and his partners. what a truly epic investment. 👏
The openness of business software
in case you are wondering who tf stephen miller is
twelve years today. man, that went fast. ily twitter.
yay, new @headandtheheart
Minor Threat, CBGB. 1986.
been using @ouraring for the last few days. love the form factor & sleep tracking is solid. it would be perfect if it had gps & work out heart rate.
just did my first run with @HOKAONEONE i'm in love
beautiful work
venice canals #hasselblad #kodakfilm #california
A wet winter filled them up. They look so much better than they did last winter
i was going to ask about that. they did look so much better. although i was bummed to see a few scooters submerged.
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the rest of the photos from the trip on the blog
venice on film #leica #kodakfilm #35mm
thank you joel for your leadership and for all the incredible accomplishments. i have learned so much from you and it has been an absolute honor to serve on two of your boards.
psyched for the @better_oblivion @conoroberst show (at @TheSinclair in Cambridge, MA w/ @laurensabet)
thank you @RepAdamSchiff
yes, please. dphones/
"science should not be partisan"
Stephen Colbert’s post-Mueller monologue from last night is some of his best work ever. (esp the end with the whiteboards!)
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The Many Problems With the Barr Letter by ⁦@neal_katyal⁩
It is remarkable that a four page letter is being interpreted so differently by so many people.
not surprising, but this highlighted line is inherently problematic. combined with all the countless credibility problems within this administration
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Thank you, @andrewparker
@andrewparker is one of the finest people i know grateful to call him my partner all these years and for teaching me so many things
Boston #hasselblad #kodakfilm
RT @nabeel: Why Every Influencer Has a Discord - The Atlantic. Such ❤️ for this team, there are so many great communities being built there…
Do you like Phoebe Bridgers and Song Exploder? Yeah, me too.
stunning, joe.
My 13 year old is going on a 5 day school field trip. They aren't allowed to bring their phones but bus has a CD player. So he just asked "dad, can you show me how to burn a CD like in the olden days" 👀
a) love this shade b) count me in on this
I am newly excited about the Harris campaign
another example why fiscal conservatives are mostly not
approaching 42k likes is a good reminder how much i love twitter thank you all for the fascinating/beautiful/funny/insightful/informative/powerful tweets
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