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Mr Joe Greer #leica #nyc
so excited about this
Perfect example of what @TheRecount does so well. @SpeakerPelosi's evolution on impeachment in two mins.
y’all are doing such great work
RT @kevinthau: “Back on the mat 🧘🏻‍♂️” by @ev
there is a very happy 13 year old boy in my house that just found out school is closed tomorrow for a snow day ❄️⛄️❤️
9 and 6 fell asleep before the good news.
I have been an Apple fan and user since I was a little kid. That’s why in this moment ⁦@tim_cook⁩ was such a let down He could have spoken truth to power, tariffs be damned. But he didn’t.
Hey Happy thanksgiving and all. I did this trick at the trampoline place last night. Can you reply with comments like ‘nice job Casey’ because Candice made fun of me and i need some positive reinforcement. Thanks everybody
Nice job, Casey! 😊 (hi 👋 @candicepool)
Meanwhile I’m over here on a baby trampoline
Digging into the world of carbon offsets for my family. Any recommendations?
Cut down on beef in your diet
Gave up beef 6 years ago is our favorite at @usv
looks really good, thanks!
I know it's not likely to happen, but what would you think if Mitt Romney announced he was running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020?
Well Mitts doesn’t share Democratic priorities. But as long as we are doing hypotheticals, it would be way more impactful if he inspired GOP Senators to stand up and be courageous in the upcoming potus trial.
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I’m only halfway through this episode and I am loving it. Fascinating discussion with ⁦@jerrycolonna⁩ and ⁦@ystrickler⁩
Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park 2019 #leica #kodakfilm
The entire cursed video from the White House, including Trump instructing Cook to say we have the strongest economy in the world:
Here’s Tim Cook saying “I’d particularly like to thank President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin, and Ivanka... it would not be possible without them” at the Mac factory yesterday
Thank god we took back the House in the midterms
Highly recommend subscribing to Professor @HC_Richardson daily newsletter — a compelling and insightful take on the impeachment hearings
Feel obliged to follow up on this tweet. Two weeks later: @superhuman 👍 @Googlephotos 👎
Welcome @lizzysbates to Spark!
Kodak film + autumn light is like peanut butter and chocolate #hasselblad #kodak
RT @kottke: The Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter. "I told myself that I just wasn't going to feel like I felt in the summer and that's ok -…
Just discovered the work of @HaroldFeinstein Stunning
RT @sparkcapital: We’re delighted to welcome Natalie Sandman to the Spark team! Natalie’s product experience and SaaS investing background…
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This makes me happy Long live film
We are divided as a country over this guy? Srsly, it never ends.
Today's post is about bad takes on wealth taxation
Love to see my friend @ioegreer push beyond IG Just happily subscribed and the photographs are absolutely stunning.
RT @bijan: I am looking forward to an open (and vulnerable) discussion with Himalayan spiritual master Yogishri at the Rubin Museum this No…
Made two (long overdue) changes this weekend Flickr archive to Google Photos Apple Mail to @Superhuman I feel like I’m flying right now
ask and you shall receive - $400 Mavic Mini Review
awesome video, that mini looks so sweet
Inspiring decision, @jack!
A review of my new AirPods Pro in less than 140 characters. They are awesome. Bravo, Apple.
RT @finkel: Excited to share a bit more about my new company, Sesh:
new england vibes #kodakfilm #hasselblad
RT @jonfavs: Here’s a list of Trump-appointed public servants and military veterans who’ve testified under oath that the President tried to…
Can’t wait to take my flight to space. Will be wearing these kicks :)
An amazing journey: Today Virgin Galactic (ticker: SPCE) becomes the first human spaceflight company.
Congrats man! So cool.
Thanks for joining us on the journey Adam!
quiet moments, paris #leica #kodakfilm
Coming up on 15 years as a venture capitalist. Still learning much. Someone asked if the hardest thing is missing out a deal that turned out to be massive. Nah. It’s seeing an entrepreneur work like crazy for years when it doesn’t work out. So painful, every time.
The work should be its own reward, in the long run. And an opportunity to learn
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Some thoughts on regulating tech and the proposed Access Act
From 2007 to 2012, met here for breakfast 2-3x a week with @MarkGhuneim and often @fredwilson Finally back
I’m really looking forward to getting back there soon
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