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Just finished the Agassi book and loved it What should I read next?
RT @msquinn: We should all be horrified. We should all be ashamed.
oh my
Nantucket on 35mm #leica #kodakfilm
Nantucket on medium format film #Hasselblad #Kodakfilm
I am so happy Tumblr has at last returned to a company and team that genuinely cares about the open internet & creative community Thank you @photomatt
Lauren #pentax67ii #kodakfilm
8pm, Nantucket // #iphonexsmax
8pm, Nantucket // #shotoniphone
current status: making waffles
don’t look away not now, not ever
Current status
Yesterday, @nabeel and I sat down and recorded a new episode of our little podcast. Hope you like.
been using my iphone without a case the last few days forgot how much nicer the whole thing feels
This is the Republican Party’s most ignoble hour
July, 2019 #nantucket #leica
Another example why “fiscal conservatives” is a nonsensical talking point of the right
Exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage #hasselblad #leica #kodakfilm
Just received my copy of “Forever West” by @hellomoneal A gorgeous body of work by an amazing photographer
summer #nantucket #leicam10
If “send her back” works with electoral college math but not for vast majority of Americans than its obvious we need to get rid of the fucking electoral college system
would love to see a future iMac with thin bezels + curved display like this
RT @Hasselblad: Earth Rise, taken with #Hasselblad 500EL by Astronaut Bill Anders aboard Apollo 8. Taken on December 24, 1968, this is one…
great post @fredwilson Immigration Makes Us Stronger
RT @brhodes: Trump launched his political brand 8 years ago saying the first African American President was born in Africa. It has always b…
Exploring Kachemak Bay and Katmai National Park #leica #hasselblad #alaska
This match is bonkers. 🎾 #Wimbledon
caught sunrise and a portrait of a kind stranger this morning #nantucket #leicam10
incredible photos. i miss that place
we miss you guys, come back sooooon.
current status
banana republic via @nytimes
Steve Jobs on Jony Ive (And that's all that we need to know about what his exit means for $AAPL)
I am amazed at all the folks throwing him under the bus after the announcement. What a massive career and impact!
Some thoughts & photographs from our trip to Denali National Park #alaska #hasselblad #leica
World Cup champs! Such inspiring athletes & team! 🇺🇸 ⚽️ ❤️ #USWMNT
RT @JohnnyPatience: Think of your life as a song, not a race.
it's our last night in Nantucket. some cell phone pics from this week 📸
awesome photos and great seeing you!
Also, everyone should watch the Zima Blue episode of Love, Death & Robots on Netflix. It’s a standalone animated short and it’s only 10 minutes long.
I wrote a few of my thoughts about Jony Ive: If you want to hear more, check out the latest episode of @atpfm:
wonderful post. best take ive read since the announcement.
tonight with @laurensabet ❤️
Been off the grid in Alaska for the last few weeks. Shot mostly film but here are a few iPhone snaps.
48 hours in Paris additional photos on the blog #hasselblad #kodakfilm
When were you in Paris. We've been there for the last week
I left the day you arrived :( The last time I was there was with you!
Current status
My son (4 years old), who has grown up watching us talk to Siri and Alexa, thinks you can talk to anything that has a screen or is plugged into the wall. This morning he told the toaster to order him a new lego set.
<—- surreptitiously places an order for a yuge @LEGO_Group set via @amazonprimenow to Nick’s son.
Lands End, May 2019. more photos from the day on the blog #Hasselblad #kodakfilm
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