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48 hours in Paris additional photos on the blog #hasselblad #kodakfilm
When were you in Paris. We've been there for the last week
I left the day you arrived :( The last time I was there was with you!
Current status
My son (4 years old), who has grown up watching us talk to Siri and Alexa, thinks you can talk to anything that has a screen or is plugged into the wall. This morning he told the toaster to order him a new lego set.
<—- surreptitiously places an order for a yuge @LEGO_Group set via @amazonprimenow to Nick’s son.
Lands End, May 2019. more photos from the day on the blog #Hasselblad #kodakfilm
So, we have smart light switches in our house. But my 13yr old has spent the better part of the day hacking a way to turn off his bedroom light with a homemade rubber band gun. I may change out all of our lights now. His system is way better.
sf moments #hasselblad #kodakfilm
you and @om are making me want to get into photography :)
Current status
@fredwilson saw your post re birds in paris. it was fun scooting all over paris this week (just left yesterday). but it was heartbreaking to see piles like this along the Seine every hundred yards or so. hopefully this gets better.
Nantucket, May 2019. more photos on the blog #kodakfilm #leica
Montmartre vibes, 2019 🇫🇷
My iPad Pro replaced my laptop a few years back. I am so excited about iPad OS.
Morning In Naoshima #Japan #landscape #leica
such a wonderful place
griffith park, los angeles #hasselblad #kodakfilm #believeinfilm
This is so good, I’ve watched it like 5x already :) (WorldCup19 kicks off Friday btw)
Fellow film photographers: looking to try long exposures with medium format film at blue hour. Any tips/recommendations?
There are 5 of us that live in our house. 4 people think it’s hilarious to jump out and scare the others when they least expect it 1 of us is a middle age guy who feels like he’s gonna have a mf heart attack lol
Doing my best to give my teenage daughter an inspiring talk to help her thru a big decision. Her response: “why do guys use so many metaphors” 😂
these people are insane
RT @mattgee: just wanna give a shoutout to dogs who put their heads out of car windows y’all make my day
nyc #leica #kodakfilm #35mm
a portrait of my dog, sam #hasselblad #kodakfilm
Today’s headline is another reminder why we must win back the White House in 2020. via ⁦@nytimes
RT @anildash: Yes, @panic's upcoming @playdate promises to be a cool little gaming device. But that's *not* why so many are excited. It's b…
I read an advanced copy. It’s an incredible book written from the heart. I am very grateful Jerry shared his wisdom, experience and honesty in this book. We all could use more of this. Highly highly recommend.
RT @franklinleonard: Hands down the coolest person on the internet today.
Psyched to see @peakdesignltd back at it with a very cool tripod @kickstarter
Thanks for the tip. Just backed it
I bought my first Peak Design backpack from a Kickstarter campaign. Such a wonderful success story of great products and community.
Boston Accent Ranked Second Sexiest in America, Survey Says via @nbc10boston
Clearly east coast bias!
To my progresssive friends. I know the deplorable right wing has us in a continued state of fear and anger. Please don’t walk away now. Stand up. We need need you in this fight.
My meditation teacher read this poem at the end of class last night. Quite beautiful.
RT @tedlieu: Dear @ICEgov Mark Morgan: I'm looking at your eyes in the picture and I see some bigotry, a grandiose sense of having fake pre…
These days #hasselblad #kodakfilm #boston
Such an amazing company and founders @JohannesReck @tao_tao 👏
RT @petehalvorsen: My planet needs me... 🚀 The Wedge, CA
Maine vibes, 2019. #Hasselblad #kodakfilm
RT @laurensabet: Please consider backing these courageous, brave women! I am.
Been mentoring a number of creative & driven undergrads that are uncertain/anxious of what they want to do when they graduate. My response: good, keep an open mind and open heart. Very few of us thankfully didn’t pick our life’s work at 20.
RT @PreetBharara: Yeah, watch this please
[New Photo Set] A morning at the Huntington Beach #Leica #California #surflife #beachlife
saturday morning vibes
Conor Oberst & Phoebe Bridgers – The Sinclair, March 2019. #leica #kodakfilm
beautiful work, finn
From 2012: Going Beyond
a heartfelt post from ⁦@fredwilson⁩ 👏
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