Director, Host, Inaugural visiting Vann Professor at Davidson College.
“The most likely outcome is the vice president of the last two-term Democratic president—the guy who has led the field by a wide margin...will win his party’s nomination and then have a very good shot to beat the incumbent he’s leading by double digits...”
“It is hard to overstate how significant this is: In a time of peace & prosperity, with the unemployment rate at its lowest ebb...Biden is positioned to beat an incumbent president by a large popular margin & a significant margin in the Electoral College.”
“Biden’s support has been durable during half a year of vigorous campaigning. This is the single most overlooked aspect of the cycle. Probably because it’s been hiding in plain sight.”
The Trump Administration minimizes the gravity of Russian interference in 2016 and the threat in 2020; it opposes tighter election security; much of the GOP and Fox are willing to propagate foreign disinformation. Complacency about a free and fair election in 2020 is a mistake.
The Trump White House!—a pseudo-European palace featuring the vulgar display of wealth dubiously acquired and ostentatiously paraded, by contrast with an American structure characterized by the noble simplicity and quiet grandeur of republican self-government.
"When asked why Trump might have withheld information from Congress, 35% say it was for 'legitimate reasons' and 53% say it was to 'hinder the investigation.'"
"What about the fact that Trump didn’t even really demand an investigation, only a public announcement that one would be conducted? Isn’t that exactly how Trump got elected in the first place? Wasn’t James Comey’s last-minute announcement...?"
A bracing piece from @Timodc: "I believe Donald Trump is an actual emergency. I hope Democrats who agree will start acting like it."
This is an important piece on how to think about the Senate when it reconstitutes itself as a court for impeachment.
"The Oath taken in an impeachment trial is different. 'I solemnly swear (or affirm) that in all things appertaining to the trial of ____, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help me God.'"
Looking forward to denunciations from all the Republicans who campaigned so vigorously for Bevin. via @courierjournal
Looking forward to Tucker Carlson denouncing this egregious example of conspicuous consumption by entitled coastal elites who make their money exploiting the fears of middle Americans.
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RT @KT_So_It_Goes: as I understand this theory the anti-trump fbi & james comey went to the extreme of cooking up evidence to derail the tr…
RT @LGsConscience: Even though @realDonaldTrump "is so unfit to be commander and chief" I still pledge my loyalty to him. Vote for me SC!!!…
An older conservatism. An older liberalism. “The citizens of the United States have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy...which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance...”
Bill Buckley refused at various times to provide a platform for, or to treat as respectable, the conspiracy theorists and bigots of the day. Rupert Murdoch and his colleagues at Fox feel no such obligation.
It’s too bad there’s no corporate management or board of directors that could do anything to stop Fox News from providing a platform for bigots. Or any senior news figures at the network who could take a moment to say this was unacceptable.
“...the latest instance of Democrats trying to pass election-related legislation...Democrats have also tried to pass legislation that would bolster the US election infrastructure and require campaigns to report any offers of foreign assistance to the FBI.”
“McConnell is planning for a continuous whip of votes to determine the earliest possible time to end the trial...This approach is patently anti-Constitutional...It also is in literal violation of the oath McConnell and the other 99 senators will take.”
A must read on the meaning of the Senate reconstituting itself as an impeachment jury by the fine political scientist Jeffrey Tulis: “The Oath taken in an impeachment trial is different. It is a juror’s oath and a judge’s oath—not a legislator’s oath.”
RT @BillKristol: Obvious choice: The Whistleblower. 🤷‍♂️
These Republicans were weighed in the balances, and were not found wanting
Another Q. re 2020: The Trump campaign is approached by shady characters with dirt, almost certainly not true and probably of foreign provenance, about the Democratic nominee. Does the campaign report the approach to the FBI, or does it figure out how to get the dirt out there?
Q. re 2020: Trump’s not convicted by the Senate. In the fall of 2020, the U.S. intelligence community discovers a massive Russian disinformation/hacking effort to help Trump, and reports this to Trump. Does Trump do anything? Does he even allow this finding to be made public?
Tonight, Trump called members of the FBI scum. A while ago, Trump called Never Trumpers human scum. We welcome all FBI personnel to our proud fraternity of those Trump dislikes, and envies, and fears.
Republicans for the Rule of Law: Why won’t Trump let people with knowledge of his actions testify?
Rep. Rooney (R-FL) “demanded several members of Trump’s administration testify...There are several important sources of first-hand testimony about what was or was not said by the president that should be heard under oath.” Cf. impeachment article 2.
“This is how a protection racket operates—you pay Tucker or you become a target. And he now has a much bigger platform to pursue his vendettas.”
“We’ve experienced constitutional rot before, with much of the populace indifferent to constitutional principle. The most obvious example is the retreat from the Civil War Amendments in the latter half of the nineteenth century.”
American women in 2019 > American men in 2019.
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Kind of obvious, when you think of it...
RT @biannagolodryga: And Pompeo countered, right? Given that he was CIA director, and knows exactly what Russia did.
Obvious choice: The Whistleblower. 🤷‍♂️
As USMCA is in the news, here’s a conversation on trade with ⁦@scottlincicome⁩.
Very much agree. Impeachment plus USMCA is a good outcome for almost all frontline House Democrats. Also for the country.
Barr is right. The Obama DOJ/FBI did affect the election: Comey’s announcement 10 days out probably elected Trump, and FBI/IC’s discretion about the Russia investigation meant voters didn’t appreciate extent of Russian interference, and didn’t know of McConnell blocking info.
There are pluses and minuses to any configuration of the articles of impeachment, but the two being offered are both incontrovertible and fundamental, allow for room to fill in the blanks while making clear the gravity of the charges, and provide a basis for a good Senate trial.
Sondland spoke directly with Trump.
I have my own instincts about how to write and structure the impeachment articles, how to balance the obvious trade offs, etc. But since @SpeakerPelosi has been living this 24/7 and has done a pretty damn good job so far, I’m just going to say I’m fine with whatever she decides.
Tough piece by ⁦@ShayKhatiri⁩: “Nikki Haley’s superpower is the uncanny ability to find a lane that can deliver her to both sides of anything....She may not be the hero Republicans need, but she is the hero Republicans deserve.”
A terrific (if depressing) piece from ⁦@JVLast⁩: “Or maybe we’ve reached the end of the line where to be a Republican—any kind of Republican, even a Trump-skeptic who isn’t running for office—you simply have to be all-in on Trump. No matter what.”
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RT @lrozen: @KristaBradford @nycsouthpaw the president made a desperate, bankrupt, eminently corruptable person working for whoever can pay…
Shorter Durham: “Our investigation is ongoing,” so it’s inappropriate to weigh in now and there’s no reason for us to do so, but the AG asked us say something to try to mitigate the damage from the IG report to the narrative he and the president have been pushing, so here you go.
RT @BillKristol: Mulvaney, Bolton and Giuliani have knowledge of how directly Trump was (or conceivably wasn't) involved in pressuring Ukra…
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