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Very well said.
Paul from New Jersey is a 40-year registered Republican. "I can't stand what the party has become under Donald Trump...As an evangelical Christian...he has none of our values. He's not a Christian from what I can tell. I can't vote for Trump. I'm going to have to vote for Biden."
"But we’re going to have a packed arena,” [RNC Chair Ronna] McDaniel said. Everyone in Jacksonville ok with that? Mayor Curry? The rest of city government? Duval County public health authorities? Jax business leaders? @ASMGlobalLive who manage the arena?
Trump congratulates QAnon-supporting GOP nominee.
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"We are interested in what benefits face masks offer, especially tracing or rapid case detection via tests are not sustainable. face mask use by the public could make a major contribution to reducing the impact of the pandemic."
Meet Terry, a lifelong Republican from Texas, who served 24 years in the military defending this country. This year, he's voting for Joe Biden. "It's time that somebody brings sanity back to the White House."
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A thoughtful piece by @yellingstopal on Nick Saban and Drew Brees, and what we should and shouldn't expect from coaches and athletes in our civic efforts.
Some "conservatives and neoconservatives were always defenders of an older liberalism, as well as people who appreciated an older conservatism...they’re less tolerant of Trump’s assault on core aspects of liberal democracy and the liberal world order.”
“‘You need a repudiation of Trump and Trumpism in my view for a healthy Republican party. That’s a little hard to see happening.’ As to how he would now describe himself, Mr Kristol laughs. ‘I think “Never Trump” is good for the short term,’ he responds.”
If Trump “chooses to use West Point [try to] build political support, it will demonstrate there is no limit to what the president is willing to do, no damage he will avoid doing to the respect the American public has for our military.”
“This will be the backdrop for Trump’s visit Saturday to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point...Milley is not expected to accompany the president — nor is Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper, a West Point graduate who also has clashed with the president...”
I taped this conversation with Stan Veuger yesterday, and I’d say we were somewhat more bearish than the consensus view on the economic outlook. And the market promptly crashed today. ⁦@stanveuger⁩ moves markets!
Good thread from @iowahawkblog.
Our citizens are more eloquent than our politicians.
This is very effective from our friends at @MeidasTouch.
“...Curry patiently listened to the heckling, which were overtaken by shouts of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ He repeated that rallying cry over and over, becoming a rare Republican elected official to openly declare: ‘Black lives do matter!’”
Jax mayor Lenny Curry “was heckled with chants of ‘No RNC! No RNC!’ as he marched with peaceful protestors after he announced the removal of a Confederate statue across from City Hall. Curry patiently listened to the heckling...”
Tulsa' BOK Center, site of next week's Trump rally, is owned by @ASMGlobalLive, the huge venue management company. They could be asked: Is it responsible to host events that violate CDC distancing and mask guidelines? Do they routinely ask attendees to sign a waiver of liability?
Meet Zach. He was vice president of the North Carolina Teenage Republicans. His first vote was in 2016, and though he was wary of Donald Trump, he voted for him. He regrets it. "To those of you who, like me, regret your choice in 2016, do something about it. Vote him out."
Donald Trump knows Juneteenth!
“Dictators rule by controlling the ‘power ministries’: the police and intelligence services...and armed forces. U.S. democracy has been sustained by a strong tradition of ensuring that the power ministries serve the Constitution and the American people...”
Even if one signs this waiver, is it truly an absolute defense against liability? What if one could show reckless disregard by the organizers for federal or local government guidelines on masks, distancing, etc.? Has any event involving any president ever had such a waiver?
In response to the Archbishop: “May [our experiment in self-government] be to the world...the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves...All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man.”
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I suppose Trump would have opposed Executive Order 9981, issued on July 26, 1948, abolishing segregation in the armed forces. After all, the forces that won two World Wars were segregated; how dare President Truman deny history, disrespect that heritage, and make any changes?
To what does MeEnany think Jefferson was referring when he wrote, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep for ever..."?
NEW: A Conversation with Stan Veuger. How much economic damage has been done? What policies would help? What’s the likely pace of recovery? You’ll find ⁦@stanveuger⁩ lively and thought-provoking in thinking through our challenges and the path ahead.
Ken Horton of Jacksonville on the GOP convention: "Imagine thousands of people coming from all over...packed into an arena with 15,000 people, yelling...Later they go back into the city and go home...All in the middle of a pandemic. What could go wrong?"
Charles, a child of immigrants who grew up "embracing Republican ideals" and who was a proud Republican for 25 years: "In short, Trump has done everything the Republican Party has stood against... He has lost my support and my vote." @RVAT2020
A friend who worked with me in government emails to remind me that the Secret Service did in fact use initials in memos, on manifests, etc.--USSS (United States Secret Service).
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Sad, but for now at least, true. “This reconfiguration has produced a GOP coalition that’s united around key pillars of Trumpism.”
Pro tip: There's a reason we're not accustomed to abbreviating the Secret Service as we do, say, the FBI or the CIA.
Minor disturbances of the earth sighted at Rome's Cimitero Comunale Monumentale Campo Verano, as George Santayana does flips in his grave.
Gen. Mark Milley: “I should not have been there. My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics. As a commissioned uniformed officer, it was a mistake that I have learned from...”
“One of the things that we found is most persuasive is seeing a bunch of other people that seemed just like them with the same anxieties, saying: ‘And that's why I'm going to vote for a Democrat for the first time in my life’”. — ⁦@SarahLongwell25⁩
Seven months ago, Bruce Gyory noted "if Trump’s disapproval locks in at 55 percent or above over the course of the next year, his prospects for re-election diminish precipitously." Trump's disapproval is now 54.9% in the average.
When I see these kinds of statements from Trump and think how resonant they are of 20th century authoritarianism, I hang on with desperate hope to Marx's dictum: "First time tragedy, second time farce." But of course farce can slide into tragedy more easily than one might think.
There were, alas, impressive human beings and fine generals who fought for the Confederacy. Now that we're all learning more about the actual generals the bases are named after, I'm struck how many of them were neither.
For some reason, contemplating Trump’s likely defeat and the prospect of his rants once out of power, led me to think of Churchill on Trotsky (don’t ask what connection there is—probably a function of the pandemic). Anyway, here it is—a fantastic polemic.
"Step by step, the party of Lincoln has permitted itself to become not racist but, let’s say, in denial about racism in its ranks." -- @monacharenEPPC
Trump doesn't see the case against naming military bases after men who fought to divide our nation and deny liberty and justice for all. But of course Trump, in a less dramatic but still dangerous way, seeks to divide the nation and cares little for liberty and justice for all.
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Sarastro, call your office.
I actually read it. Pretty interesting, in a bizarre let’s-remind-ourselves-why-they-had-an-Enlightenment sort of way. The Masons?
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