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Ding ding! https://twitter.com/stevecheney/status/1140685170149920769
did bob lutz forget to take his meds? https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1139614882683183104
Star Trek on Mars: NASA spots Starfleet logo in dune footprint https://cnet.co/2MXGrtM
👊 Tesla app store https://twitter.com/techcrunch/status/1139273130302758913
@RexChapman block or charge? https://twitter.com/eater/status/1138842821371338754
100 to 1 that they found out by eavesdropping on their passengers. https://twitter.com/semil/status/1138829027509035008
Good morning. Now back to regular programming https://twitter.com/spacex/status/1138826646528512001
RT @SpaceX: Second stage engine cutoff confirmed, now in coast phase. Webcast will return in ~40 minutes → http://spacex.com/webcast
RT @SpaceX: Webcast of Falcon 9 launch now live → http://spacex.com/webcast
swoon. https://twitter.com/vincent13031925/status/1138500881467314176
RT @NASAKennedy: .@SpaceX and the @DeptofDefense are targeting no earlier than June 24 at 11:30 p.m. EDT to launch the U.S. Air Force Space…
RT @martinengwicht: Tesla Outsold Porsche & Jaguar Globally In 1st Quarter https://buff.ly/2I24aVg $TSLA $TSLAQ #TESLA #EMHiveMind
RT @dfiden: Let’s do this @Licorice @C9Svenskeren @Sneaky @Zeyzal @Nisqylol #C9WIN
Go get 'em Phil 😎 https://twitter.com/phil_hellmuth/status/1137109808807419904
Hopefully he apologizes with Bitcoin. https://twitter.com/axios/status/1136656069583888384
Checkers vs Chess https://twitter.com/davidsacks/status/1135974436635435008
RT @SpaceX: Good splashdown of Dragon confirmed, completing SpaceX’s seventeenth resupply mission to and from the @Space_Station!
otherwise known as 24/7 surveillance state. https://twitter.com/verge/status/1135623141806563328
👊♨️ https://twitter.com/winklevoss/status/1135208760853639169
Monopoly pricing power https://twitter.com/cnbc/status/1134683616565485569
@Microsoft + @cloud9 = 👍 https://twitter.com/Cloud9/status/1134490158114516992
data is king. @Microsoft + @cloud9 = 👍 https://twitter.com/Cloud9/status/1134490158114516992
+1 https://twitter.com/phil_hellmuth/status/1134262907988918272
RT @dfiden: I love our Academy Broadcast. I just love it. https://twitter.com/jacketienne/status/1134219538814214144
👊♨️ https://twitter.com/benfischersbj/status/1133776452216860679
This will bring me back to @PlayApex https://twitter.com/dfiden/status/1133117628157841408
TIL about @SpaceX raptor and rocket engines. Thank you @Erdayastronaut https://twitter.com/erdayastronaut/status/1132361263714058245
RT @elonmusk: @SpaceX Krypton thrusters operative, satellites initiating orbit raise every 90 mins
Juicy. http://Starlink.com is lit ♨️ https://twitter.com/teslarati/status/1131784498813788160
RT @SpaceX: Successful deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed!
RT @SpaceX: Starlink satellites are equipped with one solar array instead of two, minimizing potential points of failure https://t.co/bJirV…
RT @SpaceX: Starlink will connect the globe with reliable and affordable high-speed broadband services
I'm sensing an @elonmusk slow roll. https://twitter.com/teslarati/status/1131561857389604865
RT @SpaceX: Falcon 9 and 60 Starlink satellites are vertical on Pad 40. Launch window opens tonight at 10:30 p.m. EDT → https://t.co/gtC39u…
RT @TheOnion: Employee Using Up Sick Days Before Leaving Company https://trib.al/nBuRQdX
Yo @PlayApex - the issue is not bug fixes on wraith sounds, Gibraltar damage, etc. You need new content. Haven't played in weeks. My two cents. https://twitter.com/playapex/status/1130526255504248833
RT @SpaceX: Now targeting May 23 for launch of Starlink from Pad 40 in Florida
Well done @TeamLiquidLoL https://twitter.com/teamliquidlol/status/1130042435382403072
here's how to make $50,000 per hour playing video games. https://www.wsj.com/articles/top-live-streamers-get-50-000-an-hour-to-play-new-videogames-online-11558184421?shareToke n=st3a279b2a7d5f4c1b9f7eaefa742cb8fb&reflink=share_mobilewebshare
Postmates. https://twitter.com/dfiden/status/1129196971791568896
RT @SpaceX: Standing down to update satellite software and triple-check everything again. Always want to do everything we can on the ground…
Evening plans locked in https://twitter.com/spacex/status/1129125902174941184
Let's do this! https://twitter.com/chrisg_nsf/status/1129061037150474240
RT @SpaceX: All systems and weather are go ahead of tonight’s launch of Starlink; webcast will go live about 15 minutes before liftoff → ht…
The perfect opposite of a Starbucks cup in GOT. https://twitter.com/nycityalerts/status/1128752285792784385
WTH?! https://twitter.com/verge/status/1128759643449249792
Meanwhile, violence in Cabo around Uber vs taxis https://twitter.com/bcsnoticias/status/1128739848079200257
Voila!!! https://twitter.com/rickandmorty/status/1128676665301839872
RT @SpaceX: Weather is 80% favorable for tomorrow’s Falcon 9 launch of Starlink. Launch window opens at 10:30 p.m. EDT → https://t.co/gtC39…
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