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Don't blink. https://twitter.com/espn_esports/status/1108858095856431104
Xmas comes early. https://twitter.com/billandted3/status/1108405344802242560
RT @Grimezsz: My WSJ interview is up! mildly peeved abt 1 thing... but truth is subjective I suppose. We live in a world where reality a…
Let's get the party started. https://twitter.com/basti/status/1108414244872224768
RT @TweetsOfSumit: Wow, the first @Tesla model 3 spotted in Stuttgart, the heart of @MercedesBenz and @Porsche. It’s also the city with the…
+1 https://twitter.com/grimezsz/status/1108202117813043200
RT @RuchoSharma: this is every journalist headshot
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RT @FionnOnFire: Forbes: The three richest video gamers on the planet 1. Ninja (Fortnite) 2. Shroud (Apex Legends) 3. Sneaky (Patreon) htt…
Sunday is my favorite day to bbq https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1107378575924035584
RT @mayemusk: To my Texas friends who want their children to breathe clean air, “Republican Senator Kelly Hancock introduced a new bill (SB…
RT @elonmusk: Reminder to buy our S3XY cars before midnight on Monday! Prices rise slightly worldwide on Tuesday. You can order online at h…
about to play some @PlayApex -- another dream of mine. @westcoastbill on origin. i'm a level 99 noob in seek of assistance.
Stunk it up at hoops today. But the dream is alive.
RT @jackEtienne: Happy Birthday to El Presidente of Cloud9, @dfiden! 🎂🥳
Sounds like our basketball game https://twitter.com/lewis_damian/status/1106741415332200448
RT @Cloud9: 📢 Limited Edition Velcro Patches available NOW! Time to deck out your Cloud9 Edition @secretlabchairs 👀 ▪️ 2018 Commemorative…
RT @HYPEBEAST: Get a closer look at @Tesla's brand new all-electric SUV, the #ModelY: https://hypb.st/1i3ua ✅ Expected 3.5 second 0-60mp…
RT @GerberKawasaki: The line of teslas here is amazing. I’ll be sending some pics soon. #modelY $tsla #tesla
http://Livestream.Tesla.com let's do this!!! @Tesla @elonmusk
It's on! https://twitter.com/espn_esports/status/1105618557126078464
RT @elonmusk: Looking forward to building a Boring Company tunnel in Vegas. Assuming to be operational by end of year! https://t.co/cSSO4SJ…
I'm listening... https://twitter.com/thestalwart/status/1105528391183355905
college is over-rated.
this game called life. https://twitter.com/AP_Africa/status/1105170401053851648
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RT @mdudas: “America’s most profitable export product is not oil or medicine or Hollywood movies or Boeing airplanes. It is a small green p…
Truth https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1104577099791241216
Hm... https://twitter.com/cnet/status/1104581488350322688
RT @jackEtienne: GG @TeamLiquidLoL you guys looked strong. Looking forward to playoffs.
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Reflects how you play basketball https://twitter.com/sundeep/status/1104438549506678784
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RT @BarackObama: The Crew Dragon’s been on quite a ride since I last saw it—congrats to @NASA and @SpaceX on a successful return! We invest…
what a time to be alive. party in the front, work in the back. #respect https://twitter.com/HYPEBEAST/status/1104053832676507649
RT @NASASpaceflight: Meanwhile, in Boca Chica, another SpaceX spacecraft is on the move! 📸NSF's BocaChicaGal:
RT @SpaceX: Dragon's trunk has been jettisoned and its de-orbit burn is complete. Atlantic Ocean splashdown in ~40 minutes → https://t.co/g…
Need this for @spacex starship https://twitter.com/universal_sci/status/1103678501943689216
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