Yes. Thank you @guybranum. Tweet of the damn century. https://twitter.com/guybranum/status/1186268223504703488
“Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas” is one of my all time favorite things - if you haven’t seen the original, you must. It’s a real gem. https://twitter.com/variety/status/1186408487372214272
The Rolling Stone list is 100% accurate. I wouldn’t change a thing. Those are the best singers IN THAT ORDER. Thank you.
Here’s some footage from the local gym I have to go to since leaving Equinox https://twitter.com/rexchapman/status/1186101654644543488
Oh my God RIP this NYC LEGEND. ❤️ https://twitter.com/kevinddaly/status/1185981798498611200
RT @AmyMcGrathKY: Mitch McConnell is Washington’s biggest obstructionist. We deserve better. That’s why I’m going to defeat him. https://t…
RT @ananavarro: Folks, when both the Russians and Trump support someone, be wary. Be very wary. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1185643744932106240
Haven’t seen Joker yet! I still might!!!
How Steve Carell screams when his chest is waxed was based on how we all screamed at the nurse at Action Park who tried to apply some sort of concoction to our wounds after skinning our knees and elbows on the Alpine Slide. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1185611581419376640
Omg I loved Action Park and I still have faint scars on my legs from the time I went careening off the Alpine slide.
Exactly. https://twitter.com/andyrichter/status/1185323119570898944
RT @RepCummings: I'm begging the American people to pay attention to what is going on. Because if you want to have a democracy intact for y…
I honestly don’t know https://twitter.com/_sharelleb/status/1184892337807384576
RT @tommyxtopher: Wow. From Rep. Elijah Cummings' first floor speech: "I only have a minute, only sixty seconds in it... Just a tiny little…
What a beautiful score.
I believe in Medicare For Y’all.
Ok that’s it it’s Debra Winger for sure.
I focused on this instead of trying to figure out whatever the hell Biden was trying to say and I’m very happy with my choice.
A lot of good suggestions here but I’m going with Stockard Channing or Debra Winger, with a VERY honorable mention to Mary Kay Place.
Klobuchar would make such a beautiful, heartbreaking role for a great, underused actress.
“I like Tik Tok” - Tulsi Gabbard
Ok how is Tom Steyer on my TV but also sitting next to me
I just started watching the debate - am I hallucinating Tom Steyer?
Is CNN following this debate with THE HISTORY OF COMEDY?
I hate the world. https://twitter.com/dancingabc/status/1183907628595826688
RT @nowthisnews: ‘I have been disowned by my family, and they have vowed to kill me.’ — Rainbow Railroad helps LGBTQ+ people around the wor…
Well, I will be attending the Broadway revival of The Music Man. https://twitter.com/tulsigabbard/status/1183716774476312576
YES YES YES. And the answer can’t be “well the people need to rise up.” We’ve risen up. Mitch McConnell doesn’t give a shit and if we don’t start doing more to flip the Senate and defeat McConnell we’re fucked no matter who the Prez is. https://twitter.com/seanmcelwee/status/1183877489657077760
RT @shannonrwatts: Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was a student at Xavier University of Louisiana. After a neighbor reported her open door, she wa…
RT @PamGrier: Robert Forester: Pam, call me when ya get into town. I’ll take you to my fave place for breakfast. We’ll catch up.......
Speaking of coming out WHEN YOU’RE READY, The Lion King is out on digital TODAY and on Blu Ray 10/22! See the movie that has even my harshest critics reluctantly admitting I’m very talented!!!
Come out on your own terms and when you do please know Gay Twitter will probably hate you for something at some point. Enjoy it! All part of the journey!!!
About to watch the LGBT #EqualityTownHall completely nude.
This Ellen controversy has me seriously questioning my national tour of Guys & Dolls with Karen Pence.
This is great. Thank you @tylerperry! ❤️ https://twitter.com/blavity/status/1181702070942027780
RT @TVietor08: This is horrific. Our closest allies in the fight against ISIS are going to get slaughtered because @realDonaldTrump told Pr…
Assuming our union survives, I’m in. https://twitter.com/jrbyoung/status/1181740843826331650
This is...very bad. We are in trouble. If you have friends who are ignoring all this, tell them what’s happening because it is...very bad. https://twitter.com/nbcnews/status/1181681009315766272
Oh and tomorrow the highest court in our country gets to decide if you can fire someone for being LGBT. Cool.
Very Hot!!!!! https://twitter.com/robbieleddy/status/1179126499598880770
RT @JulianCastro: Today is the last day to register to vote in November's election in 14 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Geor…
RIP, Rip. I can’t imagine how much bullshit you had to deal with in an industry that decided it was finally cool to be a gay man in comedy, like, a year ago. Nevertheless you ignored all that and delighted people for decades. RIP. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/rip-taylor-dead-flamboyant-comic-host-198-beauty-show-was-84-1196673
RT @maddow: Shocked. Shocked, I tell you. https://twitter.com/ap/status/1180989397019348993
Too scared to see Joker in the theater and literally flinched at this screening of Downton Abbey when someone very ominously pulled out a Werther’s Original
There is so much news but this is so, so important to be aware of. This video is very helpful and informative. https://twitter.com/aclu/status/1180222634853838848
Listen up: On Oct 8 the Supreme Court will hear three cases that will determine if LGBTQ people can be fired for who they are. (Yes it’s 2019 and not 1950). I’m joining @ACLU to say that trans people belong EVERYWHERE and that this discrimination is wrong. Join us! #RiseUpOct8
Say what you will, it is now officially JOKE-TOBER! https://twitter.com/thr/status/1180216710797942785
RT @ira: Diahann Carroll... did what she had to DO on DYNASTY. She’ll be missed and thankfully never forgotten.
Hoping this exchange resonates on Jewish Twitter.
I knew you would know. #CenturyCity https://twitter.com/missleslieg/status/1179970693112352768
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