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America’s CEOs Seek a New Purpose for the Corporation
RT @BeyondMeat: What happens when you get a group of professional athletes, fitness experts, and @SnoopDogg together? Beyond Meat Trivia.…
I wonder if @vijaya and @edgett like that the new tweeps' first impression of Twitter is me. I bet it makes them a *little* nervous. Even I don't always know what I'm going to say next. Still, welcome #Aug18NewHires.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes but it's not his birthday. I worded the tweet wrong. By "Today." I meant this photo was taken "Today" (yesterday). Then I added that he's 7 because he looks older. Nevertheless, he's a cute kid!
Today, we are updating our advertising policies with respect to state media. Read on:
Today. 7 years old and second grade starts soon. It's a cliche but, he is growing up so fast!
It looks like a jungle! You should put a little action figure in there.
“Denmark would be interested in purchasing the United States in its entirety, with the exception of its government,”
Buddha is the little doggo's name.
Here's a #FollowFriday suggestion: @sociabilityapp
RT @bridgefy: Thank you to those that have been using the Bridgefy app to stay connected and safe during the Hong Kong protests. Please rea…
Happy to be hosting one of our new grantees, @downtownstreets, for a reception at Twitter San Francisco in honor of their first ever Demo Day.
How great is this cover?!
RT @mashable: This chainless drivetrain promises to make cycling a lot more efficient
“In an era when discussion of migrants and resettlement is politically charged and often very negative, she said she was glad to be a symbol of a positive refugee experience.” via @nytimes
Childhood trigger warning, man. So damn traumatic.
Actual puppets. Awesome.
Thank you for the book!
From the most powerful and imaginative minds behind the world’s biggest campaigns such as #MeToo & #MarchForOurLives comes the ground-breaking guide to modern activism, #HowToMakeADifference. @OneYoungWorld
Wall near my office. 👀
RT @BeyondMeat: "Beyond Sausage has all the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a traditional sausage, but comes with the upside of a plant-based…
In general, the world would be better off with more women in charge of more things.
Tips from 16 years of working from home – A Whole Lotta Nothing
They did.
RT @FunBobbieMommie: 🚨 Calling engineers from *all backgrounds* 🚨 We're going on a hiring tour and we want to meet YOU! Simply interviewin…
RT @leslieberland: Yessss! Welcome @Phonz our new Global Director of Social and Editorial! Let’s go! 🙌🙌
RT @seg_inthecity: @allechristine Spotted: @seg_inthecity in flower, cupcake, and balloon heaven thanks to all of the amazing women who sup…
Hey, @NYCEDC #GiveMariaHerBikeBack
Love the simplicity of the @wsl logo.
RT @inafried: Twitter exec on stage talking about how it will use AMD’s EPYC 2 processors in the data center. Also not for nothing, it’s…
Hawaiian Monk Seal snoozing on the beach. (We gave her space—my camera was zoomed in.)
RT @DavidSacks: “Here's a guy building an American car in America using American labor and paying them a union wage — the whole bit. Why ar…
RT @CNN: Subway will start selling the sub, made with Beyond Meat's plant-based protein, at 685 restaurants in the United States and Canada…
RT @washingtonpost: Perspective: Toni Morrison not only remade American literature, she challenged us to resist the tenacity of racism http…
Jake and I zip lined a bunch today—father/son bonding/flying.
RT @mattbc: This is a clipping of conditions from my medical chart. If your response to the epidemic of assault rifle violence is to blame…
A freaking peregrine falcon crashed into our window today! It was stunned on its back with its little razor claws in the air but then flipped over and flew off before I could snap a photo.
I thought you made those windows bird friendly already after the other situation.
Eugene Wei (@eugenewei) smartly repurposed the term "proof-of-work" to refer to the basic mechanism for content creation in a social network, like tweeting or posting. What if we repurposed his repurposing & thought of the “work” as remunerated work?
RT @qz: This 5-minute thought exercise will help you define your purpose
Three things I think could be combined: - a social network - a cryptocurrency - a collaborative tool, like Google Docs++ This would combine people, money, and a tool to create value in one place.
Could work People can collaborate to create IP or businesses, the IP ownership can be tokenized and traded - and monetized with smart contracts
Hmm, perhaps Twitter might be well suited to go this route.
RT @mastersofscale: Keep "human" in the equation.
Did you make it to a #Tweetup?
RT @mattbc: We give @Twitter a lot of shit, much of it well deserved. But without this place, I wouldn't have our community, wouldn't have…
RT @PicardTips: Picard management tip: If you never fail, you aren't going boldly enough.
This feedback would work for pretty much any workshop.
Ricardo Galvão may as well be a heliocentrist in the 1600s. Don’t like the facts? Fire the scientist.
OMG my son has brought us snacks and wins so many son points!
Whoa! My son could learn much from your son.
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