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I just tried the new meditation feature of my @ouraring while at work. I need improving on my meditation skills but still—I feel better after only a five minute moment.
I’m sure there are many good ideas out there—both within platform companies and outside. We had a principle in the early days of Twitter that @biz and I always shared with new employees: There are more smart people outside the company than inside.
It’s certainly not as easy as many commentators seem to think—at least not if you want to retain many of the benefits.
At Twitter SF. Looking out the window.
Welcome to the #FirstNameClub @Casey! cc @jack @ev @biz
RT @wef: Return, refill, reuse. 📕 Read more: #newyork #waste
Very much worth 29 minutes of your time.
“Welcome to The AI Foundation” by @Lars_Buttler
Boston Accent Ranked Second Sexiest in America, Survey Says via @nbc10boston
Clearly east coast bias!
RT @Stacey_Conti: #TwitterForGood with some of our amazing community partners @codetenderloin and @CurrySrCenter @nedsegal @biz https://t.c…
RT @sketch: It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) so we wanted to share some tools, tips and resources to help you build better ex…
Thank you, Preta. You are an inspiration.
“And so, like any well-adjusted person, I took to the internet.”
One of my favorite days of the year. Feels like a holiday.
Can't wait!
Behind Twitter’s Plan To Get People To Stop Yelling At One Another via @itsnicolenguyen
How Twitter guards against the artificial amplification of non-credible content about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and other public health issues.
Key data and insights from our 14th Twitter Transparency Report
“Mode’s Crypto-Backed Business Loans Are Coming” by Mode
‘Twitter Labs’ builds on the origins of Twitter—developers both inside and outside the company creating better experiences for all. Awesome work, @TwitterDev!
Welcome to Twitter @gailtifford!
RT @busblog: Never stop stopping
Painted over 500 years ago. What was going on with this guy?!? Bosch should be my "dinner: anyone, living or dead …" answer forever.
How did he predict Burning Man
Check out Jonas Burgert from Berlin if you get a chance.
I feel this is a good representation of what it would be like to look inside your imagination, @stewart.
RT @jonathansfrakes: ‘The Orville’ Renewed For Season 3 By Fox – Deadline
I volunteered. We’re on our way!
Wait, actually, it’s: San Francisco > Mexico City > São Paulo > Miami > San Francisco. But we can't leave Miami because we are two flight attendants down.
São Paulo > Miami (now) > San Francisco. Almost home.
RT @MemeeVida: @thiagoado @biz @biz
@TwitterBrasil⁩ Obrigado. XOXO.
It was great meeting you today @marcelorubens.
Thank you @eurenesilva, @savagefiction, @laressa, and @nailahnv for your beautiful, inspiring stories. Your voices are changing the world. #TweepTour #SãoPaulo
I'm delicious! #TweepTour
Appropriate in Brazil! #TweepTour
We are in beautiful São Paulo! #TweepTour
@TwitterMexico⁩ Thank you so much. You are wonderful! #TweepTour
Chatting with @ElJuanpaZurita in CDMX. Amazing guy. #TweepTour
I'm in Mexico City. Going out to dinner with friends. We're having...sushi. Am I doing it wrong?
Well done.
Hola Mexico City. First stop, churros and hot chocolate at El Moro. #TweepTour
This is cool.
Damn, I forgot my book. (And it’s fiction even!) I always forget something. At least I remembered my passport.
Today we celebrate Mexican-American culture. (Not Mexican Independence Day.)
Watching this kind of makes you feel similar to seeing what AI is capable of right now.
RT @elmlive: And we're LIVE! @behindyourback and I are #TwoDrinksIn. Join us for the next 10 minutes for some laughs!…
(And the days when pretty much no one paid attention to me so I could say whatever I wanted and not worry about it.)
(I really miss Weird Twitter)
One of the goals I set for Twitter is, ”be weird.” Thank you for the validation!
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