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RT @CommerceCB: 🚨 We're looking to hire a Sr. Backend Eng in #SF 🚨 Don't wait 😅, apply today 👉 Curious about what…
RT @ljxie: The Oculus Quest has become my favorite purchase in a long time. No wires and the tracking is incredible (no noticeable lag) so…
RT @brian_armstrong: Whether institutions were going to adopt crypto or not was an open question about 12 months ago. I think it's safe to…
RT @FortuneMagazine: Exclusive: @coinbase buys @xapo custody for $55 million, eyes lending business
RT @wences: Today we are announcing the sale of our Institutional Custody Business to Coinbase. What does it mean for Xapo and why we've…
Trusted/safe infrastructure for institutions is just one small step on the journey to building the #cryptoeconomy.
Whether institutions were going to adopt crypto or not was an open question about 12 months ago. I think it's safe to say we now know the answer. We're seeing $200-400M a week in new crypto deposits come in from institutional customers.
Coinbase Custody is now the #1 crypto custodian for institutions! b46fc94c4 Excited to carry on the torch with Xapo's institutional business, one of the great early crypto companies.
Good meeting you @KatieS and @jess Thank you for coming to speak!
Check out how we enabled CENTRE's USD Coin in Coinbase Commerce. @coindesk also wrote up a great article on it
Or maybe back to the future in some ways. is a good example of a team working toward this. Safety will keep getting better, noise lower, etc...should ideally be able to go point to point and never look up from a good book.
Apparently there was a helicopter airline from the Ferry Building to SFO in the 1960s. Would be amazing if travel keeps improving and people can get dropped right at their destinations in the future.
RT @paulg: A simple heuristic that will save inexperienced startup founders from several different types of mistakes: be really cheap. This…
RT @Sid_Coelho: An app that lets anyone in the world store their own money and access an open financial system was in the top 50 Finance ap…
RT @varunsrin: After 4 and a half years, today is my last day @coinbase. Very fortunate to have learned from the smartest and kindest folks…
Just in time for #DefCon a great run down of a recent cyber attack on @coinbase from MIT @techreview
More info in our blog post:
Coinbase is on the front lines as a tier 1 target on the internet. You should come join our incredible team if you want to earn a masters degree in cyber security. Apply for open security roles here
Exciting progress for @centre_io and USD Coin! Crypto finally has a trusted, USD backed coin. Integrate it today:
Having a regulated, trusted, custodian in cryptocurrency has been a huge unlock for the industry.
The institutional space for crypto is going through a period of incredible growth. Many still don't realize it. Coinbase Custody now has close to 200 institutional customers, onboarding hundreds of millions of $ in crypto a week.
Welcome @GrayscaleInvest to @coinbaseCustody! Excited to be working together, and thank you @Sonnenshein and @barrysilbert for all you've done to advance cryptocurrency.
Or here is a link directly to the YouTube video...
Check out this talk I gave about the Coinbase Mission, Vision, and Strategy We're working to change the economic freedom of the world by building the cryptoeconomy. We're at a rare moment in history where technology has made this possible.
RT @CoinbasePro: On Monday August 5, our XTZ/USD, and XTZ/BTC order books will enter transfer-only mode, accepting inbound transfers of XTZ…
Thank you @jerallaire!
About $60 in crypto per person ($10 a week for 6 weeks). Interesting that so many are spending it at stores that accept crypto (vs cashing out or hodling)
RT @jpm25: Quantifying what “money left on the table” means in the legacy IPO...for ALL existing shareholders. Only in the last 3 years, ~…
RT @jderoc: Very impressed by the @coinbase promotion featuring @MakerDAO and the CDP protocol to generate $DAI inside of @coinbaseWallet -…
RT @Rainmaker1973: How to deactivate a cat (with science)
We've completed our move to our new San Francisco office!
Thank you @sirajraval for the great conversation. Talking about the future is always fun for me :) I appreciate you making so many great educational videos about machine learning on your YouTube channel as well. You're helping accelerate the pace of innovation in the world!
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Welcome @brianbrookscb (Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase) to Twitter!
Great write up by @jpm25 on direct listings 👌 Demystifies the process, and covers many of the improvements. Would expect to see more direct listings in the future
Kicking off my 3rd YouTube #AMA today @ 2:30 pm PT / 5:30 pm ET...if you haven’t yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel and then reply below with any specific questions related to leadership, culture, entrepreneurship, etc
Amazing the number of science/engineering disciplines that needed to come together to make this happen. I admire the ambition.
Amazing update from @neuralink Inspiring stuff. Congrats @max_hodak @elonmusk and team!
RT @Jrdn_Dvs: Thank you @coinbaseCustody and @WoodfordReserve for making this moment possible. #proofofwhiskey
If you need inspiration for questions, check out my recent blog post on how we work together day-to-day as a company:
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RT @paulg: Something changed in the US around 1980. I was there when it happened, and what happened was that the country shifted from a mod…
Come help build the cryptoeconomy! Cryptocurrency is growing quickly as as a way to pay online (and in some cases in stores) around the world.
Bitcoin is inherently global just like the internet, so it doesn't mind where the value is captured. Huge opportunity for those with the forsight to recognize it.
The U.S. could lead the world in that transition, and unlock tons of economic growth (just like the U.S. benefitted massively from major internet companies being built here) or another country could beat us there and build the next financial center outside of NY.
Of course, the president of every country we should expect to talk their own book! That's their job. But currencies that are controlled by one country are always going to be at a disadvantage vs trans-national currencies.
Some more thoughts on this. This is the common first reaction of most people when they learn about Bitcoin (yes Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin) and cryptocurrency generally. It means they have begun down the path toward learning it's a good sign.
RT @eladgil: McKinsey on SF Homelessness, Housing, and Solutions (TL;DR build more housing, coordinate cross-regional care)…
Achievement unlocked! I dreamt about a sitting U.S. president needing to respond to growing cryptocurrency usage years ago. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. We just made it to step 3 y'all.
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