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What a well designed site!
RT @jcgsxr: The @coinbaseWallet team developed a lite version of the Wallet app to help those in Venezuela who need to hold wealth in a mor…
Thank you to our amazing donors who made this possible:
Great article on the work that @givecrypto is doing. Crypto has worked well so far as a way to transfer small amounts of money, cross border, directly to the individual in need, while avoiding corruption and high fees. More to come as this scales up
RT @joewaltman: Venezuela crisis: Nonprofits turn to cryptocurrency
Removed that language from the page. @LukeDashjr thx for raising it
RT @dydxprotocol: USDC is now available to borrow & lend on dYdX! Deposit USDC to earn interest or borrow USDC directly from your Ethereum…
Got this advice recently. Thought it was great, so passing along: Imagine where you want to be in 5 years Then think through what that requires you to get done this year And then don’t spend any time during the year on activities that don’t point you in that direction
Start accepting crypto payments at your eCommerce store today! (now with stablecoins)
Our staking infrastructure is off to a good start 👌
Nice one 👌😁
RT @ljxie: My dad won’t wear the Coinbase shirts I gave him anymore since he says people stop him in public to talk about the price of bitc…
RT @timallenwagner: Beginning today, users in more than 100 countries can start earning cryptocurrency by completing educational tasks at h…
RT @hardmaru: A Line Rider on Beethoven's 5th Symphony
RT @coinbase: The energy and discussions from #BlockchainWeekNYC left us feeling inspired about the future of Finance 2.0. Take a behind-th…
Thank you Laszlo Hanyecz for making one of the first crypto transactions! It may not have been the best trade, but you are a pioneer and will go down in history.
Thank you @hanyeczlaszlo for making one of the first crypto transactions! It may not have been the best trade, but you are a pioneer and will go down in history.
Seeing great questions from the community for tomorrow's YouTube Live AMA @ noon PST where we'll talk about all things product. If there's something you'd like to see in the Coinbase app, comment below 👇 and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates
RT @coinbase: “The most important thing to understand about the cryptoeconomy is that we’re not simply righting the wrongs of finance 1.0.…
"there are no traffic jams along the extra mile"
Heads' up. I'm getting ready to host my second YouTube Live video #AMA on Thursday @ noon PST. What do you want to see in the @coinbase app? What type of crypto features or product updates are you interested in? Ideas can be for @coinbaseWallet or @CoinbasePro too 🙏
RT @coinbase: Today we expand USD Coin trading to 85 countries across the globe. This helps accelerate the global adoption of crypto tradin…
RT @js_horne: @RachaelRad im ready for the everything exchange
RT @then_there_was: @Cernovich I used to think because I could speak well that I would also be good in a debate. But then I spoke to polic…
RT @paulg: It's hard to beat someone at something if they enjoy it and you don't. This is true for good things like writing and dancing and…
RT @dan_coff: 1. Have the opportunity to greenfield some business-critical application, and stick around long enough to see the next genera… "With great pleasure we would like to report that we have discovered a GraqhQL endpoint that discloses internal beer consumption at your offices." 😁
RT @coinbase: This week, the security teams at Coinbase and @coinbaseCustody found a critical vulnerability in MKR voting contracts. Here's…
In a world of decentralized identity, this should just be scanning a QR code, which shares my proof of funds, and perhaps a reputation score, and I am instantly approved.
Proof of income? uploading random PDFs is state of the art Proof of assets? We've never heard of this concept, must have income! Non W2 income like investing, bonuses, etc? Never heard of it Good luck if you're self employed.
I just filled out a rental application in SF - what an inspiration to help accelerate the creation of the open financial system. Credit bureaus? - oof, so need to be disrupted. Identity verification? - share my data with another third party please
wait until you get a mortgage. it’s horrendous and extremely invasive.
where we expect everyone to help put "top 10%" talent in every seat.
Coinbase is a place that values high performance. What does this mean? It means we look for people who can get a lot done with a little (efficient execution), where you will advance rapidly by delivering results (regardless of how many hours you sit in your seat), and...
Thank you @fredwilson for being a great board member and helping us build this company 👏👏👏
Now more than 30 crypto assets available on Coinbase Custody 🙌
Enjoyed this talk, covers some of the coming societal changes and ethical concerns around gene editing
Thank you @balajis for your incredible contributions to @coinbase! You will be missed and I can't wait to see what your next chapter has in store :) Great to see AI graduating from games to accelerating scientific research.
With the confirmation that Tether is not fully collateralized, my hope is that the industry graduates to more trusthworthy stablecoins, including One more piece of reliable infrastructure to help build the open financial system.
Why are you false advertising this as having "all the benefits of cryptocurrency"? It has NONE of the benefits. Do you really not get it after all these years?
That's a fair point actually. It doesn't have all the benefits. Certainly some though. Let's see if we can update that... is building out some awesome software to help scale our experiment giving crypto to people in Venezuela.
RT @coinbaseWallet: Wow! Much Coin! So Crypto! Announcing support for Dogecoin (DOGE) on Coinbase Wallet!
Congrats to @judegomila and team on the launch of @Golden and great to see cryptocurrency as a major initial area
RT @balajis: Eventually the acquisition of a company will just be the acquisition of its private keys. Everything else about the corporate…
RT @elonmusk: @VitalikButerin What should be developed on Ethereum?
Worth subscribing to the new @naval podcast. (On whatever podcast app you use)
RT @paulg: This made my day. I would not ordinarily link to something someone wrote about me, but it makes me so happy to remember those mo…
RT @shl: Most profound thing I've learned in the past eight years is the difference between behavior and intention. Behavior is what some…
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