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My kid did a tiktok. Think she’s got a future on the platform?
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I suspect that the experience of being elderly and in decline is a bit like looking through our Twitter feeds and trying to remember how we all started following each other. (Also: I'm glad you're here. You seem very nice. Be a dear and fetch me a blanket? It's so chilly!)
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There is great and wonderful bliss in remembering that “their” story is not your story. Your story might involve a bit more terror than their story, and that’s okay too. Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful reaping-day fair, or whatever you call this harvest in New Hampshire.
What a crazy day today has been. I read books with my daughters, introduced them to the classic of bioshock. Got in tickle fights; took my best lady out for a drink... it was just perfect. (Also I’m told there’s an election up north. Keep fighting for all the fights, my friends)
Though there's a point in there: it's pretty astonishing to me how many people want us to be good at everything we try right out of the gate. There's no shortage of channels telling that story. I just feel like it's much more interesting to authentically show us learning.
hahahahahaha... too accurate! (Welcome to The Modern Rogue)
Presented without context.
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RT @shwood: An artist wheeled 99 smartphones around in a wagon to create fake traffic jams on Google Maps
We're doing Night Attack right now. Talking about the crazy-pants Iowa stuff last night and then reading some erotic fiction. I love this show.
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An artist wheeled 99 smartphones around in a wagon to create fake traffic jams on Google Maps
My wife made an art. It’s turtes all the way down.
I’m not saying I’m ready to give up my Pebble Time Steel... but if I was, what would be the next best replacement?
I just realized that if you mispronounce it, sounds like a social network for current and former popes.
Last minute notice, but we're headed over soon:
RT @shwood: Fun fact: when I was a teenager working at the movie theater, I got taken for like $50 with a variation of this.…
Fun fact: when I was a teenager working at the movie theater, I got taken for like $50 with a variation of this.
This is the world's most ubiquitous street con. Can you catch how it works and who comes out ahead?
RT @KOCricket528: A Brilliant #Riddle to try out. If you're into these things.
That time a single dog hair caught a murderer:
My current hero is whoever had the vision to insist that Picard’s dog rock a pair of *giant un-neutered testicles that were given more prominent screen time than the character Data.*
“You guys are all weird. You’ve got legs growing out of your butts.” -my kid
Oh, hello San Francisco! Wonderful to see you again. Wanna hang out at piano fight bar and do a podcast tonight? I brought friends.
That's a real roller-coaster of a headline: "New Hampshire man chokes to death coyote who attacked toddler"
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1917 is a way good movie
I’m not sure what you guys love so much about watching this dog fetch sticks, but we’re gonna do it again right now.
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How to make Stunningly Clear Ice at Home:
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@shwood Edge of Tomorrow took place in 2020
That... that can’t... What?
“Holding hands is like a really long high-five.” -my kid
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Live life like you can fix it in post.
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We definitely live in the future (aka “I’m old”). Just noticed this mouse-related toy was approved through all phases of concept, development, art, manufacturing, distribution, and sales... without any of them knowing how time is told on an analog clock.
Today we learned how to steal @deviantollam’s credit card and then make a copy of it from a hotel key. And then we used a hotel key to pay for a tank of gas with a guest’s stolen credit card. wtf my life.
⁦@JustinRYoung⁩ #heyboss update: ran into this guy at the airport. He seemed upset with ⁦@MightyHeaton⁩ for some reason.
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