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RT @_katiestebbins_: doctor doolittle is *the worst*, yet it contains cinema's greatest minute
Okay, so my 15-year-old was right. Infinity Train is a fantastic watch. Highly recommended.
RT @DragonconDMCT: DMCT Alum, @shwood, is bringing an absolute dream of a studio to life down at the MRHQ! What’s your dream studio look…
F/M/K: Ms. Frizzle Ms. Garrett Ms. Pac-Man
Huh. Ad Astra was very different than I’d thought it’d be.
Studio’s really coming together nicely!
When I got mine today, I was like...
I got one too! Hooray!
Also it didn’t tell me which channel. So.... yay! Hope it’s not DTNS!
Come to the dark side, we've been awaiting your arrival.
That’ll do, studio. That’ll do.
whoops. (god. you'd think I'd know my own damned channel name.)
TONIGHT! It's the very last @NightAttackShow ever to be broadcast from our original studio. Nearly 11 years since the first time I clicked "broadcast" here, and tonight will be the last. Join us around 9pm CST at
5 Stupid Ways The World Is Accidentally Sexist:
RT @shwood: 98% funded there's a new perk unlock: *everyone* who donates to the Founders Club gets their name on a big-ass plaque that l…
Like, when you finally visit HQ, you can look over at your own name and be like:
98% funded there's a new perk unlock: *everyone* who donates to the Founders Club gets their name on a big-ass plaque that lives at HQ! Become immortal and exclusive by jumping in now at any level:
RT @modernrogueshow: MR215: @LockPickingLwyr joins us to bypass 8 common locks, including some that you would really hope would be harder t…
Bypassing 8 locks in seconds with @LockPickingLwyr... this is extraordinary and terrifying:
I did an interview for American Magic with @nate_staniforth on @ScamNationShow, and the last minute got surprisingly deep and poignant. Full episode is at if you're so inclined.
New perks unlocked: introducing THE FOUNDERS CLUB!
RT @NightAttackShow: Check out our friend @sweetMattyD on Fool Us!!
RT @JonErlichman: Monthly subscription costs for U.S. streaming services: HBO Now $14.99 Netflix $12.99 Hulu* $11.99 Showtim…
Funding update on HQ: We're now up to 94%!!! SO CLOSE! If you'd like to support us, learn about rad perks here:
I just realized it’s 9/9!! That means it was 20 years ago today that the Dreamcast came out, on 9/9/99!! ...I also just realized we’re all very old now!!
RT @JustinRYoung: This place is awesome and special and well worth kicking some cash in for. Those $50 spots are going to go FASSSST. Also…
You won't believe how much HQ has changed:
Siri and Alexa are my two least-cooperative employees.
But hot damn was that fun. Lemme know if you want to try again sometime!
Good news: Saturn is gorgeous. There’s even a shadow on the back half of the rings! It’s stunning. This is one of the best shows I’ve seen. Bad news: I’m standing in ants who are biting me, I’m wearing flip-flops, and I can’t seem to get the shot by hand. Calling it tonight.
Ah, dang. Even with the Barlow lens, couldn’t get the contrast to see the bands of Jupiter. Will try Saturn at least.
Oh, wow. Now that’s just gorgeous. Jupiter and all four Galilean moons. We’ll see how clear I can get them.
Man, when you’re shooting by holding an iPhone up to the lens, it’s really a lot more like fishing. You’ll think you have the shot, and then it’ll switch lenses and screw you over. Seems like the 1x cam is easiest. Gonna try Jupiter next.
Wow. Not a bad first shot!
Easiest target first
Hard to tell, but that’s Jupiter, Saturn, the moon, and my telescope. Gonna spend a bit of time and see how many decent shots my iPhone can pick up through the lens.
Third time’s the charm! We’re halfway through the tour...
Whoops! WiFi fail! Continuing tour!
Touring the latest improvements at Modern Rogue World Headquarters!!
Thinking of jumping on periscope to take you on a tour of the new HQ. You in?
RT @modernrogueshow: MR213: @barstooltheory teaches us about cocktail glass anatomy, while @shwood teaches us about... *checks notes* human…
Update: We're now just shy of 92% funded to get to move into the new studio, but we *really* need some help ASAP. There's cool, crazy perks for donors, and we get to start bringing you bigger, better stories!
RT @ScamNationShow: New video! James Harrison shows @shwood and Jason Murphy how to bend a coin with one hand!
Now we’re at 91%! So close!
Holy cow guys... we’re 90% of the way to being able to move into the new studio and campus, but we need a financial push to hit that last 10% If you’d like to become a donor, we’ve got some awesome perks, including us hanging out together!
RT @Barack_McBush: @shwood Both. I am very conflicted about this.. 😉😁
I just made a sandwich. Ingredients included two slices of pizza, microwaved mac & cheese, and soy sauce. What are you feeling?
Hot damn. That’s a studio! MRHQ is coming along nicely.
Don't even look, it's not worth your time because they are sad and you're living your life. Keep on being you, because they're rubber; you're glue.
I’m teaching a class next week! It’s pretty good, I do believe: If you think it’s right for you, I’d love it if you joined us.
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