Monk @drkellyannfitz on serverlessness #awsdevelopers
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Great gift to @mweagle from @beccaodelay (cc @skamille )
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ok this is pretty funny #awsdevelopers
oh! one last bit about CloudFormation, we added a macro system for modifying the cfn before deploy which enabled devs to define their own .arc primitives and change literally anything about the generated cfn. Here's an example adding secure s3 buckets
And yes, local dev, staging and production deployments are first class concepts (as they always have been). You can arbitrarily deploy a CFN stack to any name/region/account you want. This isn't new but worth mentioning!
My other old gripe about CFN is that it can be very slow. We've noticed this improve a lot recently but just in case we also retrained the ability to deploy with the SDK with `arc deploy dirty`. Don't worry: only to staging. 1 second to deploy is nice.
Cloudformation is the 'native' AWS infra as code solution. It enables completely deterministic infra builds. The problem with is CFN is super verbose and complex. A .arc file gives you roughly a 50x improvement for authoring cfn.
Last night @ryan quietly shipped 6.x which is our smallest 'big' release yet. The headline of this release is we are now completely CloudFormation based and AWS SAM compatible. #awsdevelopers looks like a great way to get up to speed on the AWS CDK quickly #awsdevelopers
fascinating insight: AWS is developing everything for the cloud which is usually a process of decoupling storage/compute … and thusly why most stuff isn't really designed for local. the exact opposite problem of starting with single tenant systems (like traditional dbs)
RT @jeremy_daly: Issue #51 of Off-by-none is out! This week, we're live at the #AWSDevelopers Influencer Summit, learning about the future…
an airline booking. a hotel website. nbd. but today it was a bank transaction which is a huge fuuuuuuuuck that.
an SPA loses my data basically once a day now; if anything kills the web it will be this garbage
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badass domain! #AWSDevelopers
RT @jessehattabaugh: 🚀 Parcel 2.0.0-alpha.1 is here! 📦
macs should have an outward facing cam 😬
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RT @knksmith57: @brianleroux oh boy, I can azure u this isn't going to work out
She changed seats lol
Overhearing a date between an AWS and Azure employee's probably the last date lol "We power 65% of the internet and you are a rounding error" Me:
RT @forrestbrazeal: I have no regrets. The Serverless vs Containers Rap Battle:
via the always excellent curated by @QuinnyPig
Terraform vs CloudFormation 🔥 take #1: *personally* recommend devs index on CloudFormation given its extremely probable to outlast all of us without a single breaking change 🔥 take #2: I would *not* use a vendor not supported by one or both of these
even some of the smartest tech marketers get fooled by technical marketing…
Ohai Seattle! Pleased to be here for a cloud quorum. #awsdevelopers 🎉
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Geez. Climate emergency is getting bizarre.
bookmarking for the next person that asks if DynamoDB scales
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RT @cloud_opinion: So, Route 53 of the alt-right files for IPO?
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Heh, and JavaScript devs carry the tradition to this day
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Absolutely 💘 this vision for Cloudformation by @ben11kehoe … its less abstracting SDK calls and more about modelling the app lifecycle (including but not limited to discovery and rollout). Starting to wonder what they put in the coffee at iRobot! ☕️
The future is here and, as usual, it's not evenly distributed yet. The good news is you can enjoy huge competitive advantages in all aspects of your career. The secret? Less sharing. More verifying.
That's exciting but also a nightmare of conclusions drawn by targeted dev content marketing instead of direct experience.
A few short years ago it was commonly accepted we had 10-20M devs worldwide but that number has doubled. That means likely half of the industry is sub 10 years experience. Probably less.
Used to feel smarmy dev marketing didn't matter because devs will do the work and uncover falsehoods.But this isn't true. Devs share/upvote/repeat falsehoods until they get burned which is maybe never if they don't use said tech. 40M devs now apparently. And lots of shares.
"Number of GitHub users" != "Number of developers". GitHub has a great deal of non-development use cases.
The last estimate I saw of global developer population was ~25M, and a smaller number "professional" devs.
It ain't perfect but it's a way better proxy than anything else we got. (Analysts guessing or single language dominant registries!)
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