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I think I lost my mind. Have you seen it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, Slack? 🧠
Join me for a distracted dinner?
A helpful podcast to "break free from a distracted world." 🌟
How to Be the Best You 🥰 [video curated by @sxsw] #sundaythoughts
Você está perto de fracassar — e o seu celular é o culpado...mostra como o smartphone pode acabar se transformando no seu pior inimigo elular-e-o-culpado.html
The 100 best books of the 21st century
I have some news! 📰🎺 I have a new podcast! 🥳 #WTF is a new podcast dedicated to digital Darwinism, the evolution of technology and society. Please subscribe and listen! 👂🙏
"Whether it’s designing your life to spark joy, harnessing the power of telling stories, balancing #socialmedia usage or how the science of psychedelics is teaching us to change minds – our Be the Best You playlist has something for you." ✨ #sundaymorning
Thank you Nancy for sharing your progress and also for sharing the video + #lifescale. Please let me know how everything comes together for you. 🙏
The State of #DigitalTransformation: What Are 2019’s Key Drivers?
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The Past, Present and Future of #SocialMedia
How to Be the Best You ❤️
Você está perto de fracassar — e o seu celular é o culpado -o-culpado.html\
Dear @nicolecappabee, thank you for this... 🙏 If you'd like, I'll send a copy of #Lifescale 😀
#Digitaltransformation has certainly achieved buzzword status. Yet, by its very nature, digital transformation can be among the most important catalysts for business modernization and innovation.
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Now Hiring: Robots, Please Apply Within via @forbes
The State (and Future) of Digital Marketplaces via @SlideShare
RT @LifescaleU: Exciting news: This fall we'll launch an online certification program developed and led by @SabrinaCadini and @kfreberg des…
RT @dgingiss: The #technology industry has just made it easier to indulge, “supersizing” our compulsion to capture, contemplate and share o…
Selfie-Aspiration 🤳
From a shoot with @Microsoft and @IDG @CIO on the future of digital-driven innovation. 1. Big data/analytics 2. Workplace transformation 3. Customer-centricity 4. Data privacy 5. The next wave of digital disruption #bigdata #digitaldisruption #privacy #IT #customer #innovation
The best way to use #social media is to act like a 19th-century Parisian h/t @jhagel
Are You Pursuing YOUR Idea of Happiness? 😁
The "Me" in Social Media is less important than the "We" in Social Web. #FridayFacts #socialmedia #internet #digital #interaction
Are You Pursuing YOUR Idea of Happiness?
"Among the subjects of disruption, how we work, market, sell and serve requires nothing less than remodeling and in many cases, complete redesign." - Created by @thedigitalenter
"When self-doubt creeps in, don't ignore it - address it. Respond to harsh self-criticism with something more compassionate. Talk to yourself like a trusted friend and refuse to believe your unrealistic, negative inner monologue." - Amy Morin
A day before global climate strikes, Jeff Bezos announces the Climate Pledge for businesses to commit to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040 via @VentureBeat
Is this akin to buying votes?
RT @thedigitalenter: .@briansolis from @altimetergroup sheds light on the switch businesses need to make to talk to Gen C (connected). http…
Legacy models are one of the biggest obstacles in achieving #digitaltransformation.
RT @mathewi: This is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time
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"We started to become less present and aware. The challenge is that many of us don’t realize it. And many times, we fight back against the truth even if deep down inside, we feel something is off." 🔇 @LifescaleU @gapingvoid
RT @MonicaLetayf: "We started to become less present and aware. The challenge is that many of us don’t realize it. And many times, we fight…
Social Engineering Is Changing our Biology and our Norms and Values via @singularityu
Legacy Models Shackle #DigitalTransformation and Strangle Innovation ⛓️
Don’t let the darkness in the world extinguish your light. 🌟 #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #lifescale #gogiwines
How does digital transformation and experiential marketing intersect? What does it take to be an experience-driven business? Which consumer trends should marketers pay close attention to?
What does it take to be an experience-driven business? Hopefully this video will help...🙌 ⬇️
Are we raising a generation of watchers vs doers? ‘They Videoed His Death’: After a Brawl, Teenagers Gawked as a Boy Lay Dying
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RT @BarackObama: Just 16, @GretaThunberg is already one of our planet’s greatest advocates. Recognizing that her generation will bear the b…
7 Strategies to Drive Business Growth Through Digital Experience Innovation
American fashion brand sparks outrage over school shooting-themed hoodies
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