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Even San Francisco’s tech chops can’t save it from relying on computers that belong in a museum
Nerd culture and the rise of Stranger Things have made people curious about Dungeons & Dragons. Some are willing to pay dungeon masters-for-hire to play
America is further toward the high-inequality, high-immobility end of the scale than other advanced economies
HP’s strategy for battling Amazon and Google: Don’t
Wall Street's new penchant for the cold storage business is letting a lot of ice cream melt
What would you do if your CEO wanted you to work out with them?
The world’s biggest textbook publisher will release all future editions of its U.S. titles digitally first, as students switch to online learning
RT @KristineOwram: The nascent pot industry was expected to be female-friendly, but now its boards are less diverse than tech or banking. A…
What does $163,000 buy you? A seat on Four Seasons's new, private trips for 2021
Google doesn’t have to be dismantled. Sharing its crown jewel might reshape the internet
Women say they’re being pushed out of the weed industry as VC money moves in
Wall Street is buying up refrigerated warehouses, leaving small food makers out in the cold
This startup is taking on Bayer with cheaper, non-GMO seeds
Here’s something you’ll likely never have access to: a computerized stockpicker that outsmarts the market
This Berlin startup is Spotify for classical music buffs
In Florida, the smoking wars have been smoldering for almost 25 years
A yearlong project to capture the voices of workers facing unprecedented global change
Cancer surgery for $700, a heart bypass for $2,000. Pretty good, but under India’s new health-care system, it’s not good enough
Since 2017, Seabed 2030 has single-handedly increased the percentage of the seabed that’s been surveyed from 6% to 15%
When federal regulators defer to voluntary standards, they’re ceding power to the very industries they oversee—sometimes with tragic consequences
Hold your Kombucha and coconut water, PepsiCo has a new growth strategy: Mountain Dew
Amazon Web Services is essentially plumbing for the internet. Uber should create a driving twist on AWS (via @bopinion)
A vintage “King Kong” poster, a Jean-Michel Basquiat drawing, and several luxury watches are among the latest haul of returned treasures
Meet the fashion photographer who duped drug lords and the DEA
What do you get when you combine the rise of nerd culture and the gig economy? Dungeon masters-for-hire, hosting games at $500 a pop
After Car2Go eased its background checks, 75 of its vehicles were stolen in one day
A new consensus is emerging: Youth e-cigarette use is a serious public-health concern (via @bopinion)
It's an astonishing, disquieting time to be a working person
Instacart hounds workers to take jobs that aren't worth it
Uber should become the Amazon of routing (via @bopinion’s @ShiraOvide)
⚡️ "You just want to get away from that sound"
What if Google made its entire index public?
RT @vauhinivara: THREAD: @BW has published the most rewarding project I've ever done. It comes in at more than 14,000 words, and I didn't w…
A new concept that’s gaining traction, dubbed for now as transition bonds, could vastly expand the green credit field
Beauty brands want men's makeup to be the next big thing
Texas learns you can't be laissez faire about licensing plumbers
Car companies and tech giants see the death of the individually owned automobile as inevitable
Deutsche Bank will shrink its trading activities by as much as 40%, and about 18,000 jobs—almost 20% of the workforce—will go
Customers are the cool factor for how we've transformed. This @BW piece explains why: #MSInspire
Ketamine is opening up a new era for depression treatment
“Was it too easy?” "Unfortunately, yes." A former Boeing engineer robbed 30 banks in a year. Here's how—and why—he did it
Here's how Lee Iacocca sold more than 10 million Mustang sports cars
Trump ran over to the Plaza, “and he started firing people: ‘You’re fired! You’re fired! You’re fired!’ He even fired people who didn’t work at the hotel, who were guests.”
What if Google made its entire index public?
Marc Benioff’s acquisitions have kept Salesforce growing at an incredible rate. He’s also made some costly errors
An Instacart spokesperson says the four-minute wait ensures workers have time to make a decision and that a bug caused its app to send text messages when they did not accept a task
Instacart’s classification of workers as contractors means they don’t enjoy the protections and benefits employees get, and shoppers say it isn’t really providing the sort of flexibility it advertises
Contractors also say every so often, Instacart’s “Shopper Happiness” staff also calls to push them to handle a certain batch. “Sometimes they’re like, ‘You need to take this order,’” says Kristin Klatkiewicz, an Instacart worker in Covington, Wash.
“Instacart seems to demand that workers behave like employees, but they have none of the benefits of employment,” says Kathleen Ann Griesbach, a research fellow at Columbia’s Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics
For example, one in-app message Instacart has sent workers warns them to “Watch it!” because their “reliability decreased” when they failed to “acknowledge a batch in time
According to interviews with dozens of its contracted shoppers, Instacart uses phone calls, text messages, and threatening in-app messages to push its contractors towards low-paying tasks they might otherwise reject
If Instacart's contractors don't want to take on a gig, they're forced to entirely mute their phone, close the app, or sit through about four minutes of that strange pinging
RT @mattocko: This is extraordinary work from @vauhinivara & the @BW / @business team - a must read to understand the human face of globali…
RT @vauhinivara: THREAD: @BW has published the most rewarding project I've ever done. It comes in at more than 14,000 words, and I didn't w…
RT @vauhinivara: THREAD: @BW has published the most rewarding project I've ever done. It comes in at more than 14,000 words, and I didn't w…
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