HBO needs to get their shit together. I downloaded HBO Go but meant to download HBO Now then when I finally downloaded HBO Now it defaulted to HBO Max which I guess is replacing HBO Now? Also pretty sure I’m paying for duplicate accounts.
great video from Zack and a bunch of other all-stars! also, are you registered to vote? check here ->
RT @Slade: Four years since Pulse. Still feel it. Let's always honor and remember the 49 we lost, and their stories should be part of our l…
44 tweet thread. a history lesson on the historical significance of the Confederacy and white supremacy. def worth a read
RT @368: WE THE CREATORS starting soon, right here on Twitter, or, or YouTube. @bijanstephen @MbDiedhere @TaylorLor…
RT @368: Wed night we will be hosting a creators charity stream — “WE THE CREATORS” — bringing together creators as a supportive and unifie…
Scott the savage. tell us how you really feel about NYC Mayor de Blasio>????
product idea; a physical box that lives in your house with a HUGE red button on it. you push the button and your cell phone makes a noise. we could call it PHONE FINDER. i would be willing to pay one billion dollars for such a device
this is a great thread about some truths that were not taught when i was taught about MLK
this is sad and beautiful.
love this guy
the little ones favorite thing is reading.
LOS ANGELES, LETS RIDE*!!!! *our ten speed bicycles. this is today, Sunday June 7.
check out this contraption Candice got so the kiddo can stand at the counter. baby loves it
I posted a picture that was not real. followers pointed out it was photoshopped. Sorry about that, I try to be responsible w what I share, I’ll take more care in the future. The original tweet has been deleted.
has this ever happened before? historically. has there ever ever been this kind of thing built around the White House?
my beautiful daughters 😍
me and @todderic_ taking a little break from the marching earlier today in Beverly Hills.
when this dog looks back on history he’ll know he was on the right side.
this is now (5pm June 5,2020 Los Angeles)
i showed @AkilahObviously my Black Lives Matter video bfore making it public. she warned me against looking at the comments. suggested i turn the comments off. in the end we were both taken aback by the reactions.
RT @FINALLEVEL: I Truly believe that this is a huge Turning Point in American History… Just keep pushing for Human Rights people, and don’…
RT @ShoeBitch69: My favourite YouTube Influencer, using his influence to reeducate many. Thank you @Casey ... the five year old who wanted…
1987. Oprah walks straight into the lions den. she asks the questions. she got the answers.
Jane Elliot is a boss.
RT @KristenMcAtee: really listen to this you guys!! beautifully said
important clarification; i am NOT wearing jean-short-overalls in these photos. im wearing black pants with a black shirt with a jean jacket tied around my shoulder (just in case i got chilly). sorry for any confusion or distress this may have caused
yesterday’s protest squad. will be out later today in West Hollywood if anyone wants to join. peaceful and inclusive crew. don’t be shy, all are welcome.
this is my kind of petty. trolling level 1,000. i salute you Mayor Bowser.
I bet if that guy was holding a Black Lives Matter sign instead of a knife they would’ve stopped him.
you should follow @FINALLEVEL
i hope the police find this man before someone who's seen this video does.
also if you see a grown as man touch a child, no matter how frightened you may be, you put the phone down and throw hands.
Marques Brownlee, creator of the decade, on race and YouTube. great video as always.
HEY GUYS! i spent some time redoing my website, im not great at coding or design but i worked really hard on it. please check it out --
wHItE pRiVegE iS a mYtH
baby steps of progress.. Lincoln NE just announced “Holding Cops Accountable” initiative. it’s a small step towards accountability but a step nonetheless. plus their protest had dancing.
is it too late to get him on the ballot ?
LETS GO STAR WARS!!! you love to see it ❤️❤️❤️
Hey @NYPDCommAffairs what the fuck is going on here.
Anyone see @TheRock Instagram video yet?
i love this so much.
and this move. i remember watching this live
Kevin Nash was always my favorite during the NWO days. had no idea he was so vocal about social issues (see his entire feed). you're great Kevin Nash. i appreciate you and your voice.
excellent McDonald's. way to not mince words. ps - i feed my kids your pancakes 5 out of 7 days a week.
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