See you again soon, @Casey!
18 years 1 month and 8 days ago I moved to NYC with $800 a zero prospects. today I leave. what a journey.
I just moved to LA. LMK if you wanna hang!
NYC misses you already.
our doorman Soce. he and Franny had such a special relationship 😢
goodbye apt 5L. you've been wonderful.
Dear @JetBlue Neistat squad coming in heavy. Please prepare your plane for all these bags. ty
RT @JonErlichman: In 2012, LeBron James acquired 10% of Blaze Pizza for less than $1 million Blaze Pizza’s revenue: 2019: $400 million* 2…
last morning trip to the duck pond in our pajamas
last day in NYC, getting coffee at the usual spot. 'Leaving On A Jet Plane' started playing as we walked in
not helpful Candice
caught sunrise and a portrait of a kind stranger this morning #nantucket #leicam10
incredible photos. i miss that place
we miss you guys, come back sooooon.
RT @MLozada: It’s not a black out. It’s a moment of respect due to @Casey leaving.
the show always goes on
best city in the world.
this is New York
volume up
it's when there's a crisis that the city shows what it's made of. we were here on 9/11, 2003 blackout, Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
I remember the blackout after Sandy, was absolutely ominous
the city just comes together. the 9 million residents become 9 million roommates. people look out for one another. everyone in the street is stuck together, dealing with the same shit, working to get through it.
tomorrow is our last day in NYC and this blackout is reminding Candice and me why New York City is the greatest damn city in the world.
Great to see you today Brodie!!
saying goodbye to Marlan was tough. he just kept saying 'it's not going to be the same, it's not going to be the same'
a quick note to myself; never pick a fight with the US Coast Guard... when you search BAMF on google this should come up automatically --
just saw a puppy sized rat scamper across the street.. gonna miss my NYC mornings.
Francinita had her goodbye party today, saying farewell to all the friends she's made in New York City before we move to California forever 😢
Tonight at 368!!! gonna be rad
poetic --
QUESTION; need a new TV. this may sound a little backwards but i care more about what it looks like when its off than i do the picture. want something flush, sleek and preferably without a big label or logo on it. advise me twitter
still angry about that super dark episode of Game of Thrones.
this is excellent. well done @moment. always innovating. --
RT @samsheffer: shoutout to pinky fingers around the world helping hold phones for years, never asking for anything in return…
going through old photos. she's always been a charmer, that wife of mine
big announcement!!! Marques and I are starting new careers as door-to-door dictionary salesmen. so much opportunity in 📚
My current g90 Scale of Doomed Streaming Service standings, please mock up your own at @futurepaul's and share
i guess competing with @Tesla isn't that easy after all --
look. at. those. ports. 😍.
where is the cast of Too Many Cooks now
the week that dropped was one of the greatest of my life. i watched it like 10x a day
HBO Max debuts at 45 on the go90 Scale of Doomed Streaming Services
keep these coming Nilay. youre on 🔥
she would have been 100 today. here's a video i made 8 years ago about my muse, the person who motivated so much of who i am in life, my amazing, tap dancing superstar granny --
i think about this song a lot. pan spits some serious truths -
RT @mosseri: My top priority as head of Instagram is the wellbeing of the people who use our platform every day. I had the chance to sit do…
RT @b_radzinsky: This is fine.
scary. thinking of everyone dealing with the flooding in VA + DC area
in a really nice way i'd like to politely ask that we put to bed the bottle cap challenge. it's super cool and all but i'd like my instagram feed back. thanks for listening.
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