that’s my sweatshirt. It was a gift from @Jasonnash and I would like it back. also that’s my hat.
she dictates, I draw
gotta entertain the kid when stuck in traffic
I once moved two 4’x8’ sheets of 3/4” plywood on the NYC subway by myself.. these guys got me beat 🛋
I wake up early everyday to get a head start on work, this morning little franny woke up early to get a head start on completing her cardboard house. proud
she’s definitely been drinking
thanks for having me
Does that mean you are more present than the rest of us?
this is so great. two amazing women and great friends coming together to raise $ to help girls learn to code -- ding-1203396899/
my friend made this rediculous video for his canned wine company. A for effort gentleman 😂 -
hey @itsjojosiwa do you make this jacket in my size?
RT @YTCreators: Many of you have told us we need to do a better job preventing harassment on YouTube, so we consulted with a wide array of…
RT @SusanWojcicki: .@YouTube, we take it very seriously when creators share stories about harassment. Today we announced an update to our h…
Shop now⚡️Kode more. Meet the @kodewithklossy x @shantell_martin hoodie 🤩
well deserved 👏👏👏
I’m not sweating, you’re sweating
she’s really into the breakfast menu. this mornings choice; toast
I may not have the smooth jazz voice of ⁦@mikiebarb⁩ or the epic weed of ⁦@joerogan⁩, but I try to keep up: Adweek’s 2019 Podcast of the Year Is Kara Swisher’s Recode Decode – Adweek
Awesome! And richly deserved!
congratulations and well deserved 👏
Candice calls restaurants and tries to use my name but they never know who i am so we just stay home and eat spaghetti
RT @tanyayuan: When you make it into @Casey's latest Vlog. So much fun interviewing this inspiring creator @swissinnovation forum: https:/…
RT @JOSH_BENNY: We’ll be in LA for q/a’s 12/13, 12/14 & 12/15 with @AdamSandler @ArcLightCinemas in the CINERAMA DOME, come through: https:…
once upon a time
hey YouTubers that follow me. if you think this unofficial REWIND is as good as I do, go ahead and share it! the creator who made it @JayLaw_YT is a smaller creator and deserves more credit --
this homemade YouTube REWIND is perfect. Hey @YouTube ! Hire @JayLaw_YT to do next years video -
Holy shit
Finally Kanye is making video games
RT @Norrin_Radd71: This is one of the best @Casey videos ever. Kudos.
VR is the future, they said
Ashley Graham is an icon.
What do you think this means ?
RT @CDisillusion: YouTube Rewind has SOME NERVE highlighting a vibrant, diverse crop of objectively well-performing creators in a simple, c…
RT @QuackityHQ: 2000 was 20 years ago which is really weird because 1980 was also 20 years ago
love this so much
RT @jacksfilms: new vid: The YouTube Rewind you secretly wanted
YouTube comments about my wife from the video I posted today.. oh internet, what would the world be without you? —
where do you keep your loose pieces of chocolate? Candice keeps hers in pants pocket
If you havent seen this yet do yourself a favor and spend the next 6 minutes watching. My daughter absolutely loves it
RT @MrBeastYT: According to Youtube Rewind we were the 7th most viewed creator this year 🥳
RT @SusanWojcicki: Last year, #YouTubeRewind didn't reflect the @YouTube you this time around we took a different approach. Rewi…
i liked rewind 2019. not as sensational or produced as years passed but i appreciate; -not just same old faces (except my same old face) -highlighting new creators -how international it was -the focus on likes and channel growth -seeing @pewdiepie
RT @MrAshRobertson: I know people will moan that it's not as regular as before but I love seeing a notification for a new @Casey video. It'…
RT @ShimonMayerfeld: So nice to watch a good old @Casey vlog. Just chillin with @samsheffer. Fun watch!
start exercising.. then never stop. --
tomorrow is little Franny’s birthday.
Me; don’t eat in my 🚗 Candice; 👍 Also Candice; 🍣
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