RT @LilNasX: i met oprah you guys
RT @pewdiepie: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4E98HDsPXrf5kTKIgrSmtQ Recommend checking out this channel. Every person's story is so unique and gripping!
'i love you even when you don't look pretty' -my 4yr old daughter to my wife
hat's off to you sir 🎩 this is expert level dad goals. https://twitter.com/BGUnscripted/status/1009473034871242755
Apollo 11 beats Peppa Pig for her top tv choice. one small step for the kid, one giant leap for this dad.
πŸ‘this is major πŸ‘ https://twitter.com/anildash/status/1175409382533816320
RT @JonErlichman: Number of Tesla vehicle deliveries each year: 2018: 245,240 2017: 103,097 2016: 76,295 2015: 50,580 2014: 31,655 2013…
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ https://twitter.com/AkilahObviously/status/1175089447257300992
Obviously I already got my copy of @AkilahObviously new book. Maybe you should get one too? πŸ“šreal talk; congrats Akilah, I hope you the book launch goes well!πŸ“š https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/531147/obviously-by-akilah-hughes/
✌️ https://twitter.com/Dannmace/status/1174712891317968896
no one is not a fan of the show Sean. https://twitter.com/seanseaevans/status/1174701145861820423
RT @MeredithFrost: Goodfellas was released in theaters on this day in 1990.
*above tweet is not true
offered to trade him straight-up for the @Tesla
MINT condition 1988 Hyundai Excel. First car I ever drove/totalled. this guy's had this thing since it was new.
Ok, very impressive iPhone 11... and you know how important airplane cinematography is to me πŸ˜‰ https://twitter.com/ZachHonig/status/1174725901222862852
How important is renaissance faire shooting to you, though? Top of the list, right? https://youtu.be/rMsT0hM6GVU
picture the toughest biker gang imaginable. now picture the opposite πŸ’ͺ🏍️🌈
RT @Casey: Huge congratulations to @Lilly on the premiere of her Late Night Show on NBC. An incredible achievement on so many fronts. #Lat…
Huge congratulations to @Lilly on the premiere of her Late Night Show on NBC. An incredible achievement on so many fronts. #LateWithLilly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKTcuk5Izc
And what a milestone for representation.
RT @368: 368 WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY Tomorrow 9/18, 6-7:30pm! @kidzrevil will be giving a tutorial on color grading using DaVinci Resolve. RSVP…
RT @vanschneider: Lesson: "Focus on your audience, not the critics."
I should open a garage for @LithiumCycles repairs. Tonight's mission involves a new tire and extra lights (very extra πŸ’« lights)
integrity is the πŸ”‘ to happiness - brilliant words from one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. https://twitter.com/RealEOC/status/1173373175989710850
important https://twitter.com/MDesaad/status/1172942305600430080
'i want another baby but i dont want to take care of it' -my wife
true https://twitter.com/nealbrennan/status/1173331838833573888
Hey DJ! Can you grant a birthday wish?! @TheRock https://twitter.com/stevenspohn/status/1173251889447821313
that time @NevSchulman and I went for a hike and took a wrong turn
Appreciate this thread πŸ‘ https://twitter.com/BenRealVsWorld/status/1173269714170085376
9am splash with Georgie
Reminds me of a studio apartment I used to rent in New York City for $2,200.00 a month. https://twitter.com/cedfunches/status/1173266032959471618
RT @mcwm: Dunkin is like a weed. It will fill any crevice it can find
I would bet that the people who designed this interface have never ever, in their entire lives, actually driven a car before. also; Kidz Bop
RT @jaketapper: Hit me up here if you are/know a US veteran having some dark days who could benefit from R&R β€” I know of a few spots open i…
RT @JonErlichman: Early websites for tech companies Facebook (2004), Netflix (1999), Amazon (1995), & Google (1997): https://t.co/wIL0dbT…
two time winner of the coveted CVS $.99 cent trophy* πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ (*we did not purchase these πŸ†s)
RT @jayonaboat: Listening to @Casey describe his burnout after vlogging daily for three years with @PhillyD is exactly what I need to hear…
Tesla in 🚀 mode https://twitter.com/Ed_Spartan_117/status/1172217515189182466
RT @Banks: No matter how rich, well-off or successful someone is or claims to be.. they will never be too good to steal an iPhone charger.
here are some super cute pictures of my boyfriend @PhillyD and me. also we recorded a great podcast! Chekitout πŸ‘Š https://youtu.be/oaKl78WB9Fk
new read by one of the greats πŸ‘‰ @ryanHoliday
If I hit the brakes this plywood smashes through the screen. Seems fine tho
sorry for the profanity, passenger side door didn't close.. so close
update. so far so good.
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