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Cboe's U.S. equities and options exchanges will be closed Monday in observation of Memorial Day. See the trading schedule at https://bddy.me/2WTuzMn.
This week, our associates kept in touch by sharing photos of the signs of spring they’ve spotted. Here are a few that brightened our day! #FeelGoodFriday #OurCboe
The $VIX Index back to unchanged after some overnight volatility, June $VIX future at 30.95 level, demand increasing for near-term $VIX futures, $VVIX Index down from last week's spike, out of the money Jun $VIX options active, & @djd551 previews news items to watch for next week
As @kpdavitt13 notes, it's not a proper volatility update without $VIX Index term structure analysis. Read Inside Volatility Trading for a look at how the VIX Index term structure changed the last few months & what it could indicate for the coming months. https://bddy.me/2WX8P2t
The $RUT Index continues to gain momentum this month after a strong April, 1 call trading for every 3.3 puts today in $RUT options, Jul 31st (W) $RUT options activity, & Russell 2000 Reconstitution query period begins today. Host @AngieMiles
Phil Toews, ToewsCorp CEO, discusses high yield bond investing in 2020. Learn more about Cboe's corporate bond index futures offering at https://bddy.me/2XgpRHC. $IBHY
Cboe Streaming Market Indexes (CSMI) added 2 new index values to its market data feed: $DMAYIV $FMAYIV. Check out our full list of CSMI index values at https://bddy.me/2Ts0SA5 #MarketData
To trade, or not to trade? Knowing when to trade in volatile times can be difficult. See how Cboe's Retail Priority can enhance execution, especially in a volatile environment in the new fact sheet. https://bddy.me/2zjrJHF
In the latest Inside Volatility Trading newsletter, @kpdavitt13 reflects on the March S&P 500 sell-off – and subsequent historic market rally – and discusses what it means to live in unprecedented times. https://bddy.me/2TrCX3w. $VIX $SPX
Market contending with recovery optimism & economic uncertainty as the race for a COVID-19 vaccine dominates headlines, U.S. & China trade tensions heating up again, S&P 500 Index down 1% today, Jun $VIX futures up to 30.50, & earnings from #NVDA tonight. Host @JermalChandler
To trade, or not to trade? Knowing when to trade in volatile times can be difficult. In a recent note to clients, Asad Bhatti, Senior Director, U.S. Equities, shared how Cboe's Retail Priority can enhance execution, especially in a volatile environment. https://bddy.me/2ZpxoGE.
$VIX options & futures expire at 28.11 after volatile month for the standard May future, the market rallies after yesterday's sell-off, @JoeATiger discusses economic recovery vs market recovery, & a Jun $VIX call butterfly from Monday.
Ed Tilly joins @GreenwichAssoc's Kevin McPartland tomorrow to discuss how the markets reacted to unprecedented events in March, volatility, tail risk, Cboe's future and more. Register at https://bddy.me/2LMjV3G.
There’s still time to register for @rcmAlts’ panel on navigating recent market volatility. @kpdavitt13, Senior Instructor, will join fellow industry experts Thursday for an insightful discussion on recent market events. Register: https://bddy.me/3bUQ5VC. $VIX
MATCHNow is Canada’s largest broker-neutral dark pool, accounting for nearly 65 percent market share in total Canadian dark trading. We're excited to welcome this innovative industry leader to Cboe. Learn more at https://bddy.me/2ze7yuz. #DefiningMarkets
S&P 500 Index unchanged today after big day yesterday, @RussellRhoads provides an update on $VIX options and futures ahead of tomorrow's expiration, the $VVIX Index remains elevated at 125, 10,000 Oct 25 $VIX puts bought yesterday, & more $VIX options trading activity.
MATCHNow is Canada’s largest broker-neutral dark pool, accounting for nearly 65 percent market share in total Canadian dark trading. We're excited to welcome this innovative industry leader to Cboe. Learn more at https://bddy.me/3cPifTc. #DefiningMarkets
Through the planned acquisition, Cboe will gain a foothold in a capital market new to the company, while expanding the geographic presence and diversifying the product capabilities of our North American equities business. Learn more at https://bit.ly/3cLRnDt. #DefiningMarkets
Cboe Global Markets agrees to acquire MATCHNow, the largest ATS in Canada. Read the press release for more about our planned expansion into Canada. https://bddy.me/2X9ptL8 #DefiningMarkets
Stacey Gilbert, Portfolio Manager at Glenmede Investment Management, explains how loss aversion can impact investing decisions. Find more #RMCInsights at https://bddy.me/2TflZ8r.
The S&P 500 Index & VIX Index return to similar levels as last Monday, crude oil & gasoline at multi-month highs, silver higher today on USD weakness, $VIX futures term structure returns to contango, & out of the money Jun & Jul $VIX call spreads active today. Host @kpdavitt13
RT @FTSERussell: FTSE Russell recently hosted experts from Jefferies, CME Group & Cboe to discuss US small cap volatility amid the global p…
Pleased to welcome two new @ftportfolios ETPs to our market #CboeListed $FMAY $DMAY https://bddy.me/2Xa0VkS
Cboe is pleased to welcome a new Franklin Templeton ETF to the European Market #Cboelisted https://bddy.me/2ThqSht
Tune in next week when Ed Tilly talks with @GreenwichAssoc's Kevin McPartland about Cboe's growth plans, the role of open out cry trading today and more. Register at https://bddy.me/2Z6Gyb9. #DefiningMarkets
Heavy put activity in $RUT options today despite a positive flow trading in the $RUT Index. Plus, @AngieMiles details the next step in the Russell 2000 Reconstitution process.
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S&P 500 30-day realized volatility in line with $VIX Index levels, .30 premium in front 2 months of $VIX futures, $VVIX elevated to 137 this week, Jun 40, 42.5, 50, & 60 $VIX options strikes active, & the Fed's Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility kicks off. Host @Djd551
Don’t miss Kevin Davitt, Senior Instructor and the brains behind Cboe’s Inside Volatility Trading newsletter, next Thursday when he joins fellow industry experts to discuss navigating market volatility. Register here: https://bddy.me/2Arsqid . $VIX
Pleased to welcome three new Goldman Sachs Asset Management ETPs to our market #CboeListed $GSUS $GSEE $GSID https://bddy.me/360f1tc
Pleased to welcome three new @goldmanSachs ETPs to our market #CboeListed $GSUS $GSEE $GSID https://bddy.me/2LxqZkM
Did you miss @CFAinstitute’s webinar on all things volatility earlier this week? Fear not, you can check out a replay from @SPDJIndices Managing Director Tim Edwards’ deep dive into the $VIX Index and volatility at https://bddy.me/3cKct5j.
Negative sentiment in the market this week sees the S&P 500 down 5% & the $VIX Index up 35% so far this week, 2.9 initial jobless claims in this morning’s report, & @JermalChandler breaks down a Jun-Sep 65 $VIX call spread.
This afternoon Jerry Hanweck, VP, Technology, joins fellow industry leaders for @JohnLothian News' Bachelier Options Model panel discussion. Learn more about Jerry on the Cboe blog. https://bddy.me/2yOIJp8
Ed Tilly recently shared his unique perspective on the future of work after this global pandemic. Read @businessinsider for Ed's thoughts and renewed appreciation for those that keep the world running. https://bddy.me/3cv6Ask #DefiningMarkets
Pleased to welcome a new Little Harbor Advisors ETP to our market #CboeListed $MSVX https://bddy.me/3fMvXrN
RT @TheWFE: The WFE’s Op-Ed in Barron's titled ‘World to America: Why Are You Rewiring Your Markets? is now out. You can read it here: http…
RT @barronsonline: New SEC proposals will shift power to brokers and banks, says the CEO of the World Federation of Markets. https://t.co/O…
Join us at the DKF online event tomorrow at 13:25 (CEST) where Cboe's Kevin Maude, Head of Market Data Sales, will discuss why real-time data really matters! Register now - https://bddy.me/35UfBJ6 #marketdata
S&P 500 Index lower today following a speech from Fed Chairman Powell, @JoeATiger examines how the market is digesting earnings, & a Jul 30-25 $VIX put spread trades 15,000 times.
The Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF) to start buying ETFs, Danny & Kevin use LiveVol Pro to take a closer look at how the corporate credit market has responded since initial SMCCF news back in March, $IBHY posts record volumes, & a $VIX futures curve update.
Cboe Global Markets declares 2020 second quarter dividend of $0.36 per share. See the press release for more. https://bddy.me/2WtS52B
Cboe Global Markets announces 2020 Annual Meeting results. See the press release for details. https://bddy.me/2YWuPM5
May-Sep $VIX futures contracts within 2% range, Oct. bump in $VIX futures pricing shows market's anticipation for elevated volatility around U.S. Presidential Election, $VVIX Index has closed above 100 for 56 consecutive days, & @RussellRhoads breaks down $VIX options activity
Stacey Gilbert, Portfolio Manager at @GlenmedeIM, explains how loss aversion can impact investing decisions. Find more #RMCInsights at https://bddy.me/3cuATzi.
S&P 500 Index near high end of recent range, the front 5 months of the $VIX futures term structure flat, @kpdavitt13 breaks down two $VIX options spreads that traded today, & previews the week ahead.
Join us tomorrow for @FTSERussell's webinar on U.S. small-cap volatility and the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside @jefferies & @CMEGroup, we'll discuss the current market environment for U.S. small caps, historical perspective & practical strategies. Register: https://bddy.me/2zwBAtf
Hanweck Borrow Intensity Indicators are now available on the Cboe DataShop. Learn more and find special subscription rates, only available through June 2020 at https://bddy.me/3bjWJ7v.
Join Tim Edwards, Managing Director at @SPDJIndices tomorrow for insights into the $VIX Index during an unprecedented time. Register for @CFAinstitute’s webinar at https://bddy.me/2WknggE.
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