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RT @rhodri: People's tweets aren't news. #peoplestweetsarentnews
RT @labour_history: #OTD 1998. Labour Government confirms that it is to implement the Low Pay Commission's report on the Minimum Wage. Ma…
RT @ruskin147: Here’s the man who asked the question about Islamaphobia on #OurNextPM
RT @MartinSLewis: Just listened back. I did hear right, Boris said ""I was very proud when I was Mayor of London massively to have expanded…
RT @petefirman: 🤯
RT @Prigoose: Corridors were invented in 1597 Everything around you was once a concept in a human's imagination
RT @JFBonnefon: It's a big day today: I had a scientific manuscript rejected by a robot. Thread. The bot detected ❝a high level of textual…
Bad Things John Major errr did
Things John Major did. (There was also the Cones Hotline, which you could call if you badly needed to talk to a cone.)
RT @Charlesknight: @charlesarthur A good summary of every conversation online between an American and the rest of the world.…
Whereas Theresa May had to escort Trump around as her “leaving office” present.
Ah yes, this would explain why John Major gets low marks with the current Tory Party infestation.
Tfw you realise that the Americans who designed Facebook's cryptocurrency live in a world where contactless payments basically aren't a thing
"Just change the times of all your meetings! It's simple!"
This is bizarre. I was no fan of Major at the time, but in retrospect he got historically important stuff done - such as beginning negotiations with the IRA, which led to the GFA. I mean, Hague?? Duncan-Smith, who they dumped so fast??
RT @_Zoe_Andrews: Currently sat in A&E here in Guernsey and thought I’d take a picture of the charges. Quite sobering and genuinely I’m mis…
Just interviewed @ValtteriBottas for Abloy (one of his sponsors). A talkative Finn? A talkative F1 driver?? But he is. Also knows where the camera is for selfies.
Picture proof with @ValtteriBottas (one for @teroterotero )
RT @indiaknight: Yes. Because it is.
I think No.3 is a racing certainty within 10 years because the backstop will be implacable; Johnson would be willing to have an “Irish Sea” border and screw the DUP.
Crazy for Apple to have a display stand that costs one-fifth what the display does. TVs are different, obviously.
RT @newscientist: @_Caninski_ @portsmouthuni In dogs, the eyebrow motion that creates the #puppydogeyes look is made by a muscle above thei…
Fascinating story of evolution: we select for expression.
What the headline wants to say is all-male writing *rooms* which is a different thing entirely. A team (of two!) might write a TV series, but shows like Have I Got News have a “room” of people pitching in jokes for links etc.
Start Up No.1,091: Google pushes RCS, China’s organ scandal, social media v drugs trials, YouTube v its Kids app, and more
Among the links in today's @theoverspill: what if the cameras are really watching you all the time?
RT @carolecadwalla: Well done, lads. This is pretty special. Cambridge Analytica's Alexander Nix will speak at the Cannes Lions "Festival o…
Thread (via @WallaceUofE ). Bots behind divisive hashtags.
RT @SlenderSherbet: "if anyone asks, i was here the whole time"
Oh look, Gove is admitting they didn’t have a plan. Is this like a 12-step program?
That Thatcher-in-Paris clip from 1990 is such a Day Today moment. “She’s behind you!”
Emma wields a flensing knife; they don't even know they're bleeding out.
RT @calmandfearless: I'm going to encourage you to look at this flier for the @dzifoundation autumn fundraising trek with the promise of a…
RT @hayward_katy: The end of #roaming charges in the EU was a great relief in Ireland/N.Ireland border region. E.g. In my sister's house i…
I am surprised that none of the Tory rivals have suggested Boris Johnson is frit, given the way that word rings down the years from Thatcher (to Michael Foot - or maybe Denis Healey - when she was PM, at a PMQs).
RT @Emmabarnett: This is not my Mary Whitehouse moment. I don’t give two hoots if Johnson has 56 kids. What I care about is why can’t he be…
RT @fjeronimo: Ironically, Huawei's market share in Western Europe may grow in 2Q2019 due to the push the channels are currently doing to s…
RT @CatholicDems: This will end well, we're sure.
This is the most incredible thing. I can’t imagine how much rehearsal it took.
Just remembered a line from Acorn Antiques, from @mrchrisaddison’s appearance on @ruleofthreepod on Victoria Wood: “It certainly *sounds* like it’s a genuine Picasso, but I’d have to see it to be sure.”
RT @mbrit: Grateful to @charlesarthur for featuring this pieces of research I did on his Overspill newsletter. 43% of trending "gaming" vid…
RT @goldengateblond: how do you do, fellow kids
Start Up No.1,090: YouTube’s sweary kid side, US ready to hack Russia’s grid, Gmail’s calendar flaw, the cost of (no) GPS, and more
Among today's @theoverspill links: think of a song lyric and you'll find it on Google. But where exactly did the search engine get it?
RT @DouglasLloydUK: As a barrister I occasionally meet opponents like Dominic Raab in court. They have incredible, intimidating levels of c…
RT @charlesarthur: If you’ve been seeing the “wow, Tokyo crosswalks are AMAZING”, this is where it’s from - it’s film effects applied to a…
If you’ve been seeing the “wow, Tokyo crosswalks are AMAZING”, this is where it’s from - it’s film effects applied to a little clip. It’s not real (sadly).
RT @celebnetworth: @randfish 1: 2014 Google asks for an API to our info 2: We decline 3: We published 10 net worth pages for conjured fake…
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