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Under private insurance, one drug will cost $50 per month. With Medicaid, it's $4 to $9. The uninsured get a list price of $11,732 via @technology
“The insurer is basically off the hook.” How Medicare may encourage higher drug costs #axiosvitals
Remarkable in so many ways.
Nurse at Baton Rouge General was trying to save colleague before fatal attack, warrant says via @theadvocatebr
Two Brothers Plead Guilty in Conspiracy to Distribute Opioids Through Sham Medical Clinics and Corrupt Doctors
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Really hoping this isn’t the outcome.
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So many lies.
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Navy veterans see hope for VA benefits tied to Agent Orange exposure
Years after the IRS was accused of targeting conservative organizations, the agency has largely given up on regulating an entire category of nonprofits. The result: More dark money gushes into the political system.
How a Chicago Woman Fell Victim to Candida Auris, a Drug-Resistant Fungus
Evil knows no bounds. Scammers May Be Using DNA Testing to Defraud Medicare and Steal Identities via @business
Amid findings of lax oversight by a federal watchdog, a nursing home industry leader says such assertions "are not based in fact."
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In a Time of Cheap Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power Companies Are Seeking — and Getting — Big Subsidies
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Important analysis.
Doctors in five states charged with prescribing pain killers for cash, sex!
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“Is this for security, or am I being profiled for my race?” TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, But Their Body Scanners Might Be
Family Separations in Our Midst NYC child welfare workers can remove children from their parents in emergencies. But they've wielded this power with growing frequency, and in cases that don’t seem like emergencies. via @WNYC
Aaron Litman calls for strengthening Alabama public records laws. 👏👏
Sheriff Horton asked about whether he envisions a future of Etawah County jail without ICE detainees. He said he can't answer the question because he doesn't enter contracts.
"Nickle and diming is exactly right. We sometimes call it the criminalization of poverty," Aaron Litman says of arresting those who don't pay child support. Incarcerating someone who is unable to pay is unconstitutional "but it happens all the time."
Aaron Litman said crisis intervention training costs money but it also would divert people from the criminal justice system and that would save money. It's worth the investment, he said.
Sheriff Shaver says he asks young people coming into his jail why they started on drugs, and they offer a variety of reasons, "none of them good." They say they won't do it again.
Timely given this panel discussion. @reckonalabama @aldotcom
Q on civil asset forfeiture A from Sheriff Jeff Shaver, "Most of the vehicles we stop where there's drugs in the vehicle, we don't want them. ... There's no way you're going to fund your office off of civil forfeiture."
"It is not OK that sheriffs or any law enforcement are both the first responders and the last resort for mental health crises...We should have other resources in our community that isn't a crime fighting, law enforcement approach to mental health," Vosburgh said.
"There's not really much state oversight over that issue" -- how sheriffs deal with the mentally ill, @ConnorASheets says. "There's a number of counties that don't provide certain drugs to people or some drugs for addiction, and others do."
Aaron Litman says, "All public officials need to be held accountable. One of the ways that's really important to do that is to be able to get information about what they're doing." And that includes info on how sheriffs are running jails.
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Sheriff Jeff Shaver said that although some AL sheriffs profited from jail food funds, others lost money from it. Most will be relieved that they won't be personally responsible for it.
Here's @ConnorASheets story from last year on how Etowah County's former sheriff pocketed $750k in jail food funds, and bought a $740k beach house
Aaron Litman of the Southern Center for Human Rights said his group was concerned about sheriffs taking money that was supposed to be allocated for jail food for personal use.
Jessica Vosburgh of Adelante Alabama said she's concerned about the way in which undocumented immigrants are treated in Etowah County jail.
The mental health crisis, the lack of funding, hospital closures have left sheriffs as the de facto largest mental health provider, Sheriff Jeff Shaver says. The drug crisis has continued to get worse.
Tune in to this great panel on the unique power of Alabama sheriffs. Facebook Live stream link below.
At an event in Gadsden, Alabama, on the unique power of Alabama sheriffs. With ⁦@ConnorASheets⁩ of our Local Reporting Network. ⁦@aldotcom⁩ ⁦@reckonalabama⁩
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