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Featured in @theappeal: Departing Alabama Sheriffs Deplete Funds and (Usually) Face No Consequences @ConnorASheets
Oversight board hits DMC's 'perceived deterioration' in patient care via @detroitnews
Zolgensma: A Remarkable New Treatment, An ICER Analysis, And A Poorly Justified Price by @peterbachmd
RT @charlesornstein: NEW: More Instances of Fraud and Mismanagement Over New Jersey Tax Incentives Surface in New Report…
RT @ConnorASheets: Lack of A/C can have deadly consequences: "In 2011, an exceptionally hot summer in Texas, 10 incarcerated people died fr…
RT @ConnorASheets: Among the disturbing findings in this new study by @PrisonPolicy is the fact that Alabama is the only state in the South…
Check out the financial disclosures of the soon-to-be-former acting defense secretary, Pat Shanahan: #trumptown
"It is an affront to the people of Alabama and the law. And somebody needs to act." Alabama sheriffs need a comeuppance
Queens hospital employees say claims of abuse, harassment from supervisor were ignored: lawsuit
RT @PhineasJFR: Damn this is interesting from @THECITYNY. Expected @NYCHA head is a fan of privatizing operations and management of public…
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“These billionaire school reformers and the foundations with which they are allied really have become much more sophisticated in the way they strategically use their funding.”
Important: @TeachForAmerica was established to tap idealistic graduates of elite universities to teach at public schools in high-poverty areas, but it has evolved into an informal but vital ally of the charter school movement. @AnnieWaldman
NEW: More Instances of Fraud and Mismanagement Over New Jersey Tax Incentives Surface in New Report @WNYC @propublica @NancySolomon2 @JPillets
Should you cover animal research? Check out these tips from @tarahaelle first via @AHCJ_Pia
Documents obtained by ProPublica show that the Walton foundation, a staunch supporter of school choice, paid @TeachForAmerica $4,000 for every teacher placed in a traditional public school — and $6,000 for every one placed in a charter school.
How Teach for America Evolved Into an Arm of the Charter School Movement by @AnnieWaldman
Scary as hell.
After our investigation with @ThePublicsRadio, Rhode Island lawmakers are moving forward on a spending plan that includes money to train all 911 call takers to respond to cardiac arrests and other medical emergencies.
Tremendous impact by @egabler! Long overdue. UNC Children’s Hospital Suspends Most Complex Heart Surgeries
IMPACT: After Serious 911 Mishaps, Rhode Island Will Now Pay for Better Training by @LynnArditi
We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster.
Caravans to Canada for cheaper insulin
Measles is exacting a hefty toll on local and state health departments and siphoning health-care workers away from other needs via @WSJ
RT @darlin: This is a great story. The medical intervention is a very expensive, labor-intensive and unsuccessful effort to cheat death. ht…
RT @rickklein: An Obamacare replacement plan that meets Trump's specifications has so far never actually been produced. Many in the preside…
RT @dsorbara: ICYMI: 2 great @propublica Local Reporting Network projects in print this weekend. @pohl_jason and @ryangabrielson on inmate…
@propublica Local Reporting Network stories on front pages of @sacbee_news and @aldotcom today. 🙌🙌 AL Defeated sheriffs strike back CA Jail homicides:
RT @aldotcom: An Alabama sheriff has been charged with defrauding a church in a jail food fund scheme.…
RT @nytimesPR: @realDonaldTrump Accusing the press of treason is dangerous. We described the article to the government before publication.…
An injured bioethicist learned firsthand how desperately patients with severe pain need the relief of powerful drugs—and how little support they get to stop taking them.
Gosh, the news is depressing. A former nurse at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has been charged with stealing high-level pain medications for her own use and, in some cases, replacing the prescription drugs with tap water.
This is also horrifically bad. Maggots found under patient's bandage at Arizona nursing home -patients-incision
This really is about as horrific as it gets. Nurse with HIV accused of stealing drug vials at a Texas hospital, injecting himself, and returning vials
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Woohoo. Go @kylehopkinsAK !!!
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I've been playing around with a new tool by @irworkshop that helps you background people and it's pretty terrific. Really! #IRE19 @j_la28
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'Unsuitable for human beings.’ Doctors give chilling details about state psychiatric hospital, beg court for action.
Inside the NRA’s finances: Deepening debt, increased spending on legal fees — and cuts to gun training
Thread! Worth your time.
12 million pills and 700 deaths: How a few pill mills helped fan the U.S. opioid inferno
School valedictorian throws the book at teachers and staff in epic graduation speech
Huge impact. Wouldn’t have happened without the work of @LynnArditi @ThePublicsRadio @propublica
RT @danderluh: Again and again, the high cost associated with air ambulance service gives patients the biggest sticker shock. Yet air ambul…
Why are Alabama sheriffs such sore losers? @ConnorASheets
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