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Updates on MimbleWimble progress: @davidburkett38, the main developer of Grin++, is now working with @ecurrencyhodler and I on the design. We've been ironing out the mechanism of getting LTC in and out of MW/EB. Also figured out how to handle MW fees in a clean way. Asparagus!
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Unsurprisingly, Faketoshi is shilling his IEO built on Ethereum.
Wait, is this the same as @SatoshiNRH? Or is this a fake version of this new faketoshi? 🤔🤦‍♂️
I have no proof of this, but I think the owner of @bitcoin must have had a romantic relationship with Roger Ver and recently broke up with Roger. That's the only thing that can explain why @bitcoin stopped supporting BCH.
UPDATE: The IPO prospectus says @INXLimited's management, investors and/or advisors include such crypto luminaries as @lopp @MarkYusko @Excellion @SatoshiLite and @alansilbert plus former executives of Nasdaq and TD Ameritrade.
Here is a good article by @CryptoSlate explaining why being dominant in the respective mining algorithm is crucial for the security of the coin. Hashrate dominance: · Bitcoin - 96% of SHA256 · Ethereum - 95% of Ethash · Litecoin - 98% of Scrypt
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The origins of the word Litecoin were derived not just from it being a "lite" version of Bitcoin. I was looking at "Lime Tea Company Incorporated" and the light-bulb moment came where the letters were calling me to pick the name. The letters were: LIme TEa COmpany INcorporated
Litecoin wasn't an ICO. And there were no marching orders about attacking Litecoin and other coins. The idea of maximalism only started after Ethereum came on the scene. It was a defensive reaction triggered by the Ethereum flippening Bitcoin talks.
Apparently all Faketoshi’s are playing 5D chess.
We're lucky they're not playing 6D chess or we will be duped!
Historical note: It really does get this extreme, and sadly goes back to the earliest days of the #Bitcoin Foundation, circa 2010, when #Litecoin and other first-gen ICOs released: "Attack anything not Bitcoin" were/are the unwavering marching orders.
Litecoin wasn't an ICO. And there were no marching orders about attacking Litecoin and other coins. The idea of maximalism only started after Ethereum came on the scene. It was a defensive reaction triggered by the Ethereum flippening Bitcoin talks.
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Satoshi Nakamoto brought to the world an open-source, decentralized, trustless, censorship-resistant currency based on math and cryptography. If Satoshi wanted to reveal himself, he would sign a message with the genesis key. Anything short of that is most likely fraudulent.
Congrats on the hire! I have the same feeling about Casa today as I had about Coinbase when I joined in 2013 as the 3rd hire. Casa is making Bitcoin easy to use and that is extremely important for this space. Looking forward to great things! Disclosure: I'm an investor in Casa.
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Here's the current state of Scrypt mining after the Litecoin halving. Litecoin still dominates the Scrypt mining scene with 98.57% of all Scrypt hashrate pointed at mining Litecoin. 👍 Note: Merged mined doesn't count towards total. I got the data from:
Since Litecoin blocks are 4 times faster than Bitcoin’s, the network can handle a sudden decrease in hashrate much better. If 75% of hashrate disappears overnight, Litecoin just acts like Bitcoin for 2 wks (10 mins blks) and then diff retargets and everything is back to normal.
Litecoin's second difficulty retarget since the halving resulted in a difficulty decrease of 12%. We are pretty much back to equilibrium now with blocks mined every ~2.45 mins. So, total difficulty change of -15.6% due to the halving, which reflects the total hashrate decrease.
16/ Last thing I want to add is that I will work on better communication with the community and give more frequent updates on things.
13/ Litecoin Foundation's purpose is 2-fold: work on Litecoin adoption and work on development for Litecoin. For the past months, I believed adoption and awareness was a more important focus for me than development. But I do agree that both are just as important in the long run.
12/ As the year went by, I got sidetracked with a ton of other things that needed my attention. These included Litecoin Foundation's work on adoption and awareness: Mammoth Film Festival, Glory Kickboxing, Feel the Kpop concert, Flexa SPEDN support, the Miami Dolphins, and more!
14/ I dropped the ball on MW/CT. For that, I apologize. But it's not fair at all to say that I strung people along and tricked them. Except for the initial tweet, I haven't said 2019. When asked, I have only said things are moving slowly and will give an update when there is one.
15/ That said, I believe it's time now for me to shift focus from adoption back to development. I still think fungibility is extremely important and I will get the ball rolling on MW/CT again. This time, I won't make any promises on dates. 😀
8/ Second reason is we don't work on the master branch of the main project. It's generally not good dev practice to check in non-release code into the master branch. This is because if someone builds from source from master branch, they might get a broken build and that's bad.
10/ This is how Litecoin Core development has functioned for years. We even had the same FUD last year! Someone looked at our master branch last year and claimed that Litecoin stopped developing in 2018. And I bet even after this explanation, we will have people confused in 2020.
9/ The reality is that Adrian has been actively working on Litecoin Core release 0.18.1 on his personal branch here: When we release 0.18.1, Adrian will merge his branch into master. When that happens, it would all of a sudden add all the 2019 commits. 😲
7/ What this means in practice is that although we did work on and release the latest Litecoin Core in May of 2019, if you look at GitHub, most of the commits where done in 2018. So it would seem like Litecoin developers took the year off.
11/ I will address the progress on MimbleWimble (MW) and Confidential Transactions (CT). When I announced that I will start working on MW, someone asked me for an ETA. And I responded with should be sometime 2019.
3/ Adrian Gallagher (AKA thrasher) is leading Litecoin Core development right now and has been for a few years now. You may not know Adrian well as he is not on Twitter much, but he is awesome. He quietly has been working hard behind the scenes on Litecoin Core development. 👍
5/ First reason is Litecoin releases lag Bitcoin releases by a few months. So when we do a release, we are releasing code that's been released in Bitcoin months ago. We actually did release Litecoin Core 0.17.1 May of this year:
4/ Recently there's been a lot of FUD about Litecoin having no code commits in 2019. When you look at Litecoin GitHub (, it would seem like we did no work in 2019. There are actually 2 reasons why this is the case even though we have been developing.
6/ But the code that was released was mostly written in 2018. The interesting thing about GitHub is that it keeps the commit the same in terms of who wrote it and when it was committed to the code base. So Bitcoin developers are credited for their work in the Litecoin code base.
2/ It's no secret that we have purposefully kept Litecoin's code very close to Bitcoin's code. Since we are mostly just merging in Bitcoin changes, we only need a lead Litecoin Core developer doing the merges and the rest of us help with code reviews, testing, and gitian builds.
1/ Just want to set the record straight. In the 8 years history of Litecoin, we've only had a handful of core developers working on Litecoin Core. At various points in time, it's been me, @wtogami, @thrasher_au, @shaolinfry, @TheRealXinxi, and @loshan1212.
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Litecoin has had it's first difficulty change since the halving at block 1681344. Difficulty dropped from 15930321 to 15234158, which is a 4.4% drop in difficulty/hashrate. Note that this is not a full diff change period since the halving. Next diff change at block 1683360.
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504 blocks have been mined since the halving. This is 1/4 of the way to the next diff change. 21.65 hrs has elapsed since the halving. Normally on average it takes 21 hrs for 504 blocks. This means 97% of pre-halving hashrate still mining LTC. 👍 Next diff change in ~2.7 days.
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Litecoin is a great store of value also!
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Since the halving, 12 blocks have been found in 17 minutes. Seems like miners have not shut off their hashrate at all. Instead, we are mining at a rate of a block every 1.4 minutes on average, which is much faster than the expected 2.5 minutes. Litecoin network is healthy!
Litecoin halving was a success! And price just hit $100! 👍 Block 168,000 produced 12.5 LTC in block rewards. Let's do this again in August 2023! 🎉
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