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Meanwhile in Somalia: 2 KIA Also notable that a new pattern emerging: this is the 5th strike in Somalia since mid April whose target is described as ISIS, as opposed to Al Shabab.
Jarring conceptual misstep in otherwise good Leonard Leo WP story: McGahn had Trump commit to a list of conservative potential nominees to persuade skeptical social/movement conservatives not to stay home on election day -- the opposite of moderates @robertoharrow @ShawnBoburg
This is true. And yet “cookies n cream” — vanilla with crushed up bits of Oreo-style cookies— is one of the very best flavors of ice cream. Life is a mystery.
House Judiciary Committee subpoenas Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson (former assistant to former WH Counsel Don McGahn, and taker of many notes)
As expected, the Trump legal team moves quickly to file a notice of appeal after yesterday's district court loss in his effort to quash Congressional subpoena for his financial records dating back to 2011.
Leverage Trump still has over Donald McGahn as the ex WH Counsel weighs defying subpoena: Trump could tell GOP - the party itself, other GOP candidates, and business interests aligned with Republicans — to boycott Jones Day.
Trump’s Secrecy Fight Escalates as Judge Rules for Congress in Early Test
RT @NBCSCubs: A big standing ovation for Jake Arrieta from the Wrigley crowd 👏👏👏 Stream:
Filling in on SCOTUS for @adamliptak today. Orders: No movement on whether they'll hear Al-Alwi, a Gitmo case; Klein v. Oregon, another cakemaker/same-sex marriage case; or two Indiana abortion cases both titled Box v. Planned Parenthood. In sum: Zzzzz.
RT @charlie_savage: A case study in how Attorney General Bill Barr's repeated I'm-not-saying-this-terrible-thing-actually-happened-just-ask…
A case study in how Attorney General Bill Barr's repeated I'm-not-saying-this-terrible-thing-actually-happened-just-asking-questions insinuations fuel the disinformation machine attacking law enforcement for trying to understand Russia's help to Trump.
Barr Again Casts Doubt on Russia Inquiry’s Origins, Aligning With Trump’s Attacks
RT @npfandos: It’s not every day in Washington that the attorney general dares the speaker of the House to lock him up.…
Shoutout to people in the parking lot that is I-66 westbound
RT @npfandos: Today at a law enforcement ceremony at Capitol: AG Barr approached Pelosi, shook her hand: "Madam Speaker, did you bring you…
McSweeneys on aggregation takes about other news outlets' investigative projects
RT @patrickcToomey: The government has given notice of FISA surveillance to the defense in a criminal case in Michigan involving food-stamp…
Justice Dept. Stops F.D.A. From Regulating Death-Penalty Drugs
RT @marty_lederman: @charlie_savage Excellent account. See also:
One notable thing about all this is that it indicates for all the turmoil from Trump team about Carter Page FISA etc, there still isn't sufficient factual predicate to meet the standards for opening a criminal investigation about any of this.
Earlier today @LindseyGrahamSC , the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Cmte, said he'd cancel plans for an oversight probe into the Russia investigators bc he didn't want to get in the way of the criminal investigation. He wasn't pleased to learn it isn't one; backoff may be off.
News about Durham inquiry whose existence we broke last night: he's conducting a "review" of intel collection involving the Trump campaign & Russia, not a criminal investigation w/ power to subpoena documents and witnesses. w/ @adamgoldmanNYT @npfandos
Judge Signals Skepticism About Trump’s Bid to Block Subpoena for Financial Records
RT @frankthorp: NEW: @LindseyGrahamSC says he will “back off” his FISA investigation now that DOJ has John Durham doing a review of US inte…
RT @adamgoldmanNYT: John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, has a history of serving as a special prosecutor investigati…
RT @nytmike: NEW: Barr has asked the US attorney in CT, John Durham, to examine the origins of the Russia investigation. Sure to please Tru…
Chelsea Manning @xychelsea is going to publish a memoir. Here's a Q&A I did with her about that.
RT @VelshiRuhle: Democrats still want to see the full, unredacted Mueller report and President Trump’s tax returns. @charlie_savage joins @…
"Your IPO pop is 4 minutes away" "Your IPO pop is 7 minutes away" "Your IPO pop is 13 minutes away" "Unfortunately your IPO pop has cancelled, please request a new one"
Alternatively, Uber priced IPO correctly so it pocketed all the $ rather than letting random folks with connections to the firm that set up the offering & so had access to early shares reap windfall profits from pop between IPO price & what market said it was really worth, no?
possibly your best-ever tweet
Earlier Baker had talked about his own lack of rancor toward Trump, his family, his supporters. He said hating them would dishonor the country and only help Putin.
Says the Strzok-Page texts shocked and saddened him. Says they know their conduct was a mistake that harmed the FBI, themselves, and their families. They are human beings, pleads for approaching them with “a little humanity,” if not for them then for their innocent families.
Baker says being attacked by name by Trump with words like coup, liar, treason was terrible, out of body experience, extremely unnerving. People wouldn’t hire him, told him he was qualified and they liked him but he was too controversial.
Baker says opening of investigation into Trump after Comey firing was undertaken with supervision of acting attorney general and swiftly briefed to congressional leaders, rejects any analogy to Hoover era FBI as inaccurate in light of that.
Baker says inspector general process not fun but necessary. Possible IG will find some problem he did not know about, but he is confident in his own judgments based on info he had at the time
Baker says Vol 2 shows a pattern of conduct that should be unacceptable in America.
Baker says Vol 1 of Mueller report shows Russians were being quite aggressive. All the contacts shows How trying to see what they could manipulate Trump campaign figures into doing. At end of day evidence didn’t prove criminal intent by any Americans, but needed investigating.
Baker says period between Clinton email investigation until he left FBI was crazy, traumatic, hard experience. But they perceived a threat to the country from Russia that needed to be addressed, and an effort to interfere with its ability to deal with the Russians.
Baker: “There was no attempted coup.” Says he has gone to the mat in his career to stop things he thought were wrong (true - stopping Cheney from hiding origins of Stellarwind info from FISA court) and he would not have tolerated even talk of such a thing.
Former FBI general counsel Jim Baker defends form of disclosure to FISA Court about political origins of Steele dossier info. Says full page footnote was a red light to judges familiar with wiretap applications and not specifically naming funder is standard minimization practice.
Meanwhile in Somalia: 4 KIA
Trump backs down from forcing a confrontation with Barr over letting Mueller testify
Meanwhile in Somalia (a somewhat bigger airstrike than usual: 13 KIA)
RT @Phil_Mattingly: this @ktullymcmanus Capitol basement investigation is a public service and answers all the questions you're likely gett…
I'm just issue-spotting @VicToensing. But if you wish to plausibly claim the mantle of sophisticated legal analysis, you can't just state a conclusory position but instead must offer a rationale that acknowledges and distinguishes the contrary result in the Fast & Furious case.
After he was taken to the hospital, I was among many NYT reporters and editors who went over to the ICU in shifts to sit with him. He was not in good shape and it was not clear how aware he was, but he seemed to squeeze my hand gently when I greeted him. Goodbye, Robert. /21
While I didn’t see him as much after moving desks, I made it a point to say hello to him at our Monday morning all-bureau staff meetings. On the morning of his stroke, he walked up to me at that meeting and we greeted each other and stood quietly side by side. /20
Our last co-bylined story was in February, over a three-day weekend, when we teamed up to write about a group of states suing Trump over his border wall “emergency” plan. /19
On my last day sitting in my old cubicle next to him, Robert surprised me with a “going away” present – a bundle of large and fancy cookies from Teaism, tied up with a bow – and told me I’d be missed. /18
Last August, I moved across the bureau to join the cluster of other colleagues who also write regularly about national-security and law-enforcement beats, so we could talk about stuff we were working on together without having to walk across the building. /17
Our reporting did not often overlap but sometimes I would ask him a question when his health care policy expertise overlapped with my exec power stuff e.g. Obamacare enforcement issues, and he would respond with a lengthy, lucid email -- essentially an article just for me. /16
At some point it occurred to me that this actually came from his collection, even though he never mentioned it. I was embarrassed and moved it to one of his shelves and apologized. He just smiled – seeming, if anything, just pleased that I had appreciated a doc he preserved. /15
So not understanding that it wasn’t generally available stuff, I moved it to my own shelf and forgot about it. Years later, after the renovation when we were seated next to each other, it ended up on my shelves of the bookcase we shared. /14
Trump call to gag Mueller poses test for Justice Department independence in the Barr era.
Meanwhile in Somalia
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