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Converter tool http://preev.com is so vintage that it still only features BTC, LTC, and DOGE. I use it all the time.
How would Bitcoin work between Earth and Mars? Lennart and I discuss interplanetary colonization, commerce and trading! Listen now at http://UntoldStories.com 🚀
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We’re talking out how crypto will help with the colonization of the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Listen to brilliant ideas from ByteFederal CTO Lennart Lopin on this week’s Untold Stories @novalis78 Listen now 🚀 http://UntoldStories.com
Untold Stories: Lennart Lopin From Buddhist Monk To Bitcoin Builder https://blockworksgroup.io/blog/untold-stories-lennart-lopin-buddhist-monk-to-bitcoin-builder
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New Episode of http://UntoldStories.com 🚀 Lennart Lopin: from Buddhist monk to MarsCoin to building ByteFederal’s network of Bitcoin ATMs! 👉 Becoming a buddhist Monk and converting to Bitcoin 👉 Building @ByteFederal 👉 Bitcoin between planets? MarksCoin? Listen now!
5/ let me know if you have any questions !
2/ I had asked CZ: "Is there a way to limit the amount of BTC that leaves the wallet via the API to prevent a hacker from getting our Bitcoin"
4/ Even in 2014, years before @binance and the insane growth, when #Bitcoin was trading at less than $500, @cz_binance was talking about "That’s the bitcoin way." I'm very excited for tomorrow.
3/ He responded: "We can’t and don’t want to have a way to restrict them using their bitcoins. We can't limit, freeze, block/approve or otherwise interfere with their transactions. That’s the bitcoin way."
1/ In 2014 I had the pleasure of briefly working with @cz_binance 3 years before he launched @binance. I needed an API key for a project and he was their head of development. I'm excited to be sitting down with him tomorrow for http://UntoldStories.com and rekindling those days.
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This Is Making the Crypto Space Stronger Than Ever https://cryptoiq.co/alternative-cryptocurrencies-have-drastically-weakened-relative-to-bitcoin-btc-reminiscent-of-the-collapse-of-the-dot-com-bubble-ultimately-this-is-making-the-crypto-space-stronger-than-ever/ via @_CryptoIQ
This is so bullish right now, I wish I could explain it in a non Rated X way. #Bitcoin
"It would have been nice to get this attention in any other context....has kicked the hornet's nest, and the swarm is headed towards us." Satoshi Nakamoto - 2010-12-11
LIBRA IS NOT A CRYPTOCURRENCY! It's like having a press conference against apples and saying bananas are bad.
Good intentions are not transferrable While one leaders intentions may be good, the power and precedence he or she creates is bad. This is why in #Bitcoin, there is no one party with power over another. Its not that we have bad intentions now, we want to protect our future.
Is the #Bitcoin community doing a good job of preserving its own history? Listen to this week’s UntoldStories when I talk about this with Casascius Coin creator Mike Caldwell. Listen today at http://UntoldStories.com
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Here's how I got 6.75% 1. Inflation is how much of the money supply increases per year 2. USD M2 money supply is what I used 3. St. Louis Fed publishes M2 money statistics since 1959: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?g=mEXb 4. Annualized, it's around 6.7-6.8% over 60 years
Its extremely scary that the USD M2 money supply has basically doubled in the past 10 years.
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Here were some of my first physical $BTC from back in the day. Thanks for creating the first physical #Bitcoin Mike
Shout out to @CharlieShrem for his Untold Stories podcast. Here is why I think it’s a really important project https://www.pscp.tv/w/b_sFCzFsWktwZWxvbllqbm18MU95SkFwZVFNeWFHYh_qIkfp3MWsV_nRU2Yk5nVQtE2_QHEyg51H5UYlhhxU
Looks like a great hotel.
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Remember when your popsicle melted ? Now it’s a beer at 99bottles.sarasota @ 99 Bottles https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz3LI8_AuWq/?igshid=17p6bcdosvx3o
Come and spend an hour with me and my guests at http://UntoldStories.com :)
#bitcoin is great, it doesn’t need to be great again.
Untold Stories: The Insider Details Of Crypto History https://blockworksgroup.io/blog/untold-stories-ben-mezrich-crypto-history
This is epic. https://twitter.com/SilentWhstlBlwr/status/1149486780367851520
Whether you're giving them as a Christmas gift or handing out 1 BTC coins at work like bags of M&M's, Casascius physical Bitcoins preserve an early part of Bitcoin's history. Who knew they would become such a collector's item? Listen to Mikes story at http://UntoldStories.com
“The real cheese move in silence like lasagna. Be a ghost” - @josephweinberg
BULLISH! Wow! https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1149472282584072192
Most of the world. We think #Bitcoin has hit mass adoption but were not even close. Most of the world still has no understanding or belief in Bitcoin even though they've probably heard of it. https://twitter.com/APompliano/status/1149432074782367744
If you were to show me this headline even 4 years ago I would have laughed. #Bitcoin never plunges.
Congrats to my wife @courtmwarner for getting into West Coast Women Magazine !
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As we enter the next crypto bowl market, take a minute and learn how to develop a trading system. https://cryptoiq.co/how-to-develop-a-trading-system/
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"liquidity isn't great" - every altcoin otc desk and market maker 😂
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Imagine missing Satoshi by a single day? That didn't stop my guest Mike Caldwell, the creator of Casascius Coins from creating one of the most historical Bitcoin products in history! Listen now at http://UntoldStories.com
Very valuable crypto lesson. The cheaper the meat, the better it tastes.
I’m in the mood for a steak. I shall go eat a steak now to celebrate #bitcoin’s continued existence.
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