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RT @obrien: While nobody will accuse the president of being a technology savant, his 6G reference wasn't totally bonkers: Why 6G research i…
While nobody will accuse the president of being a technology savant, his 6G reference wasn't totally bonkers: Why 6G research is starting before we have 5G via @VentureBeat
Why 6G research is starting before we have 5G by @obrien
This Conway family drama is so beyond dumb, like some kind of dumbness singularity.
The inevitable Adam McKay movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper will make this worth it!
The Rural Juror.
So Spotify and Netflix saying the App Store tax is unfair causes a huge problem: if Apple changes the rules and allows alternate payment systems, it will crater App Store revenue because it's all based on taking a cut of free-to-play games no one really wants to talk about.
It's certainly unfair if you launch products that compete with the other apps sold there. How long until Netflix joins that Spotify complaint? Decoupling such things has been a big focus of EU antitrust.
Couldn’t Apple just give Spotify and Netflix a different deal and keep taxing free-to-play games? It’s their App Store they don’t need to play fair.
I don’t think they need to change the rules to allow alternate payments in-app. I’d argue they shouldn’t. They could and should just allow apps to direct people to the website where they need to sign up. Just let them tell users what to do.
Games with in-app purchases would never take that route.
I fully agree that if we could somehow guarantee that every election be a landslide in which EC dynamics are irrelevant, it wouldn’t be worth complaining about.
While we're talking about the wtfness of the EC, could we throw in some chatter about the grotesquerie of the Senate?
The year is 2100. AmeriCanada and Sino-Russia are the two remaining superpowers. Most of the tropics are deserts without rain or swamps battered by hypercanes. Iceland is a lush, nuclear-armed city-state. How many cameras will the iPhone have?
one fewer than whatever samsung phone is out
2500, but there's nothing left to photograph.
Subscriptions, also not the savior of media, turns out. There goes that pivot.
Not sure that's true. Netflix is doing well. And seems there is more content being made than ever. What isn't working as well is the whole cutting the cord trend. You don't save money and it's a pain in the ass.
Apple could ease this, but by making their own content, they are a competitor.
Google fined $1.69 billion by EU for AdSense antitrust abuses by @obrien
Photo of the Day: The Playful Facades of Rueil-Malmaison via @frenchcrossroad
At this point, are @KellyannePolls and Sarah Huckleberry Hound and @seanhannity the only three toadies whose careers haven't been gutted by their association with @realDonaldTrump?
What do you want to know about this new iPad mini?
Does it bring page views?
Can't imagine this ever passing but the death of local news does beg the question, who is watching small and local governments? Absolutely stunning to think that with all this wealth and technology we could see upswing in corruption in U.S.
Also if Facebook and Google are stepping into the breach directly , how does that square with their own activities at local level ? (Political advertising, software services, self driving cars etc)
I agree, and yet it's weird that people are somehow only tuning into this problem now. Even in Silicon Valley, how many of those city councils and school boards have a reporter present at a meeting? This started way back in 2002.
Lyft IPO could raise $2.1 billion at $18.5 billion valuation by @obrien
But apparently they're all taking Sunday off, so, they promise to get back to you! LOL. My personal issues aside, a search of Twitter shows many folks indeed having this problem. So it would seem this new era of chuminess between MSFT and Apple is a bit of fail so far.
So here's what i know regarding Apple, Macs, and Microsoft: Customer support says they are having a major bug where MSFT apps on MacOS are not able to verify their licenses. So they just stop working and you get locked out...
They don't know what the issue is, but apparently it's quite common. It's both the most recent versions of MSFT products for Mac, but older versions as well. They don't know what's causing it, and thus don't know when it will be fixed.
3 hours 35 minutes. Not fixed. But someone will give me a call back in three days!
This three hour support call for Microsoft Outlook is now officially epic. @Microsoft @Office @MicrosoftHelps @Microsoft365
RT @noradominick: #OneDayAtATime DESERVES to be saved by someone! This show is incredibly special and this fandom has rallied behind it sin…
The real winner of the night has already been declared... #Oulu #Gaa2019
Brexit is Britain's mid-life crisis
So if we just bought Britain a sports car, this could have been avoided?
RT @AdTreca: A better future thanks to a better tech with @LaFrenchTechEN ! #choosefrance 🌟🇫🇷🌍
Polar Bear Pitching in Oulu is world’s craziest and coldest startup contest via @VentureBeat cc: @PolarBearPitch @Oulu @businessoulucom #businessunusual #PolarBearPitching
RT @goodnewsfinland: Polar Bear Pitching has commenced! Check out our livestream here: Follow the discussion: #PBP2…
First glimpse of the Nothern Lights. We drove 30 minutes outside the city and hiked about 15 minutes into the woods to get away from urban lights. Not easy to photograph with a smartphone, but this gives you some idea. #Travel #Finland #Oulu #northernlights #AuroraBorealis
One week in Oulu, Finland = Many dangerously awkward pronunciations of the phrase "ice hole". @PolarBearPitch
One week in Oulu, Finland = Many dangerously awkward pronunciations of the phrase "ice hole".
Avaaz: Facebook is a festering hive of fake news about France’s Yellow Vests via @VentureBeat
Important and timely thread from @schradie ...
All I want is an actual TV
I just want a tv with no software or network connection.
Totally psyched for Apple fill the massive video content void that exists in my life.
Reindeer tongue, y'all. #Oulu @Oulu @OuluHealth @businessoulucom @PolarBearPitch
Cc: #FrenchTech
The people on Finnish Air seem so...happy. What the hell is wrong with them?
RT @FrenchCrossroad: A view from above Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg: by @obrien #parisjetaime @ParisJeTaime #france…
RT @randygdub: so everyone has just accepted that they use a fake melania sometimes
Charming Paris neighborhood wants gates to block armies of Instagram influencers via @VentureBeat
Charming Paris neighborhood wants gates to block armies of Instagram influencers via @VentureBeat
Hey: @MoojanAsghari et @MyriamChave...vous vous connaissez ?
What is going on here? 😂😂😂
Night shopping in Paris’ Saint Germain neighborhood -
RT @laVeilleTechno: RT @agilbert_fr RT @sokane1: Trump just called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple”
Cc: @MoojanAsghari
Skiing in Cauterets -
RT @FrenchCrossroad: A Pyrénées eating adventure at Le Brasero of Cauterets by @obrien
RT @FrenchCrossroad: Free museum weekend: Good time to pop into this neighborhood treasure. It's so easy to take these things for granted w…
Shouting down political opponents, inflexible dogma, and the making of lists of the politically impure, unfavored classes, and offending businesses, has always been integral to socialism. History is utterly clear on this point. The list is always acted on.
Keep tweeting. U r winning and changing minds! 😂😂😂😂
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