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For the lastest @VentureBeat podcast with @SamsungNext from @SlushHQ, I spoke with @tierscooters CEO on the electric scooter boom, the backlash, and building a company for Europe: ‘I’m very surprised at the speed we are going’
Special @VentureBeat podcast with @SamsungNEXT from @SlushHQ: CEO of @tierscooters discusses building a sustainable European electric scooter service for the long term by @obrien
6 days to build a web site in France? Je suis dubitatif. 😅
How bad are the warriors? This...
Congrats to SF on getting the basketball team it always wanted tho...
i spilled candlewax on a book and it sealed the last 50 pages shut so now i cant read the ending
This is a business idea, Mike. Let's start selling wax-sealed books where the ending is always a mystery.
George kills Lenny.
Outsight raises $20 million to develop 3D cameras for smart cities and cars by @obrien
And I shall rock your asses off!
Oh cool, 22 days left to read 52 books, meditate 365 times, and clean up the basement.
Hurry up and meditate... is the anthem of a generation.
Classic Twitter, and why trending stories remains a terrible feature after 13 years...(along with most of its product design, come to think of it...) Afghanistan is trending after @washingtonpost Penatagon-Papers-like story....And Twitter thinks maybe it's because of this:
How Small Giant Games got acquired by Zynga and lived to tell the tale by @obrien
Absolute blockbuster of a story by @CraigMWhitlock: Confidential documents reveal U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan. A staggering record of lying to the public about the war that spans the Bush and Obama administrations.
Hipster nativity is back!
One missed tackle could decide home field advantage for the NFC championship.
Lol. Son asks, but what is IBM?
Must less jolly than it used to be.
Hopefully his novelty act will end soon..
Fuck me. 12 years in this cesspool. This was all @mattmansfield's fault. 😜 Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
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Might as well be wearing a red Star Trek jersey.
Well that takes me back a couple of decades...
Of course, there's no guarantee it will happen, or that the costs will be sufficient to attract enough ridership. And there are plenty of competitors in this space. But it's a big bet that will be worth watching closely.
At @SlushHQ this year, one of the more interesting presentations was from @remogerber of @Lilium, the Berlin-based flying taxi company via @VentureBeat
The company is hoping to have its service in the air by 2025. If they pull it off, it's easy to imagine just how transformative it could be. In the context of the broader mobility revolution, our sense of distance, location, and time could change dramatically.
what’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?
From our app: "good for groups"
“I will forever be ashamed of myself for doing this.”
The Stig's helmet needs polishing
Satisfaction guaranteed 365 days a year.
We must do better. We will do better.
I REALLY hope your anti-virus is up to date...
"GoPro: start recording."
"GoPro: start recording."
this is the best mistake u will ever make
can’t wait for this release
can’t wait for this release
I don't understand how "A Thousand Years" did not break the top 100, I must have played that song, as a conservative estimate, 400 times this year and usually on repeat.
I'd also like to take this chance to remind you to listen to these other artists especially the talented @joepug who is one of the most brilliant songwriters working today and who captures the wry side of the American spirit so beautifully
ditto on Joe Pug, even though he attended UNC.
Chris please tell me you didn't go to Duke
It's true, but if I can still embrace a tar heel like JP then peace in our lifetime is possible.
Same! It was fun and some great conversation....
Just wow
It’s called there is no there there: Barr’s handpicked prosecutor tells inspector general he can’t back right-wing theory that Russia case was U.S. int…
It is the Oakland of conspiracy theories.
I am baffled by the Russia is not an enemy strategy.
I'll confess that I didn't know much about @segment's history. But they definitely merit a nomination to Silicon Valley's Pivot Hall of Fame.
Que le fuck de cluster commence!
"the remote town of Auch..." LOL
more here:
DOJ: U.S. Representative Duncan D. Hunter pleaded guilty in federal court today to the major count in his indictment, admitting that he knowingly and willfully stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds that he and his wife used to maintain their lifestyle.
Reagan did this for the Right in 1980, shifting the entire political playing field to the right wings. Even when Dems wim, they're still playing under that framework: fear of taxes and government. The result is people have lost sight of the common good.
That common good, and a belief that government can (and should) ensure fairness, creates a better (if still imperfect) quality of life in France and many EU nations. And it makes for better economics. Reframing that debate in the US is crucial for this election.
Five years of living in France and every day the debate around health care and social benefits in the U.S. seems more insane and incomprehensible. What I wish for more than anything in the Dem primary is someone who can reframe the debate about the role of government.
RT @RBReich: Walmart has offered its employees a 15 percent store discount instead of holiday pay this year. At the same time, the company…
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: In just two months Auschwitz Survivors and world leaders will come to the Memorial to commemorate the 75th anniversary…
Amazing scene on #LondonBridge but...did they shoot this guy while he was still on the ground?
Lots of you are against immortality, fine, more for me.
Wouldn't it be amazing if aging were curable?
And then when you are 98 years old...
Très bien dit...bravo M. @VillaniCedric
Why is Thanksgiving the only day people eat dinner at 4pm?
The lines at Wal-Mart start forming early.
RT @USBEKetRICA: Jen Schradie a enquêté sur l'activisme en ligne aux Etats-Unis. Sa conclusion : Internet amplifie les voix dominantes http…
Just picked up our 25 pound turkey at the butchers and even the butchers and the old French women doing their shopping were like: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! #HappyThanksgivingDay
RT @NicMatyjasik: L’activisme en ligne favorise les conservateurs : c’est la thèse de la sociologue américaine @schradie , qui a enquêté 4…
I did not see this taking an incestuous homoerotic turn...
Yes please
The iPad: A pacifier for your kids and teenagers so you never have to hear them whining again. Happy Thanksgiving!
One of our favorite day trips this year...
lol. The reason was invented after whistle blower complaint. But keep digging!
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