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This painting of Mary riding a dragon is the kind of Catholicism I could be down with.
Getting lost is never super fun. But random discoveries like this one made us glad that Google Maps failed us.
The path is meant to give pilgrims a peaceful place to reflect and experience the spirituality of the place. A spring that runs through the spot is said to have healing properties.
Behind the chapel is a small park containing a path that follows along 14 stations of crosses.
In the 16th century, someone claimed to have seen a vision of Jesus' mother Mary here. In the 19th century, a chapel was built, the last in a series of such structures.
Towards the end of our bike trip, we took a wrong turn and ended up in this secluded spot tucked in between some vineyards and homes: Sanctuaire Notre-Dame De Tonneteau. #gers #gerstourisme via @FrenchCrossroad
I see her almost dying and I wonder: what pre-set filter did she use?
Bloomberg: Apple TV+ will cost $9.99 per month and launch in November by @obrien
Whoever owns digital app product experience at @HBO should spend the next week watching shows on @netflix and @amazon. At that point they should quit or declare an emergency.
Not sure I would put Amazon on the same level as Netflix.
Too funny. You are absolutely right! Same with the DirecTV app. Who designs these things?
Make your own coffee.
Great day under cloudy skies in #gers. Biked about 25 km along the voie verte, beautifully paved bike path under a canopy of trees rolling vineyard after vineyard.
hey - do you make these trips overnight and take things with you in panniers, or are they just day trips? i've been thinking about some kind of short bike tour for me and the family in the near future. (also beautiful looking trip)
We've done both...In this case, we borrowed bikes from owners of the gite where we are staying. But we have out own bikes for longer trips with panniers. We've done 2 4-day trips: Loire Valley and Canal du Midi.
Spotify rolling out parental controls to match Apple Music by @obrien
Center for Data Innovation: U.S. leads AI race, with China closing fast and EU lagging by @obrien
When the most successful firm in the world pays little to no corporate tax, then less-successful firms have to pay more. We’ve institutionalized a regressive corporate tax structure.
Cheer up. At least the courts will crack down on abus...Oh, never mind.
In the current YC batch, @alexawahr and @marronelisa are building a community for women over the age of 50. This is increasingly needed as the baby boomer population matures.
My dude, as the Baby Boomers mature? The people born after WW2 are in their 70s.
More good news: "Through its Silicon Valley innovation hub, Beer Garage, AB InBev is building the beer company of the future."
With respect to this guy who has put his heart and soul into fact checking every word out of Trump's it really worth the effort to run down the veracity of a statement like this? What would be the impact one way or the other?
There goes what was left of summer vacation for the @Disney marketing team...
#WeWork Let me start a company where I can lose 50c on the dollar Markets will eventually value WeWork at $5-10B Mismatched durations—they borrow money short & invest long #Tumblr was always a porn site 🎧 latest Pivot w/ @karaswisher @Applepodcasts
Why do you hate innovation?
In September 2018, the unemployment rate in New Hampshire reached its LOWEST POINT since 1988 at 2.4—and remained there for nine straight months.
RT @RepSwalwell: #BREAKING Good guys had guns. Over 100 #Philadelphia officers were on scene trying to take down a shooter firing hundreds…
So cute that people still believe facts matter...
Like, say, insisting a president was not born in this country for 8 years?
Okay I dedicate this to @ClaraJeffery, an excellent journalist who does not deserve to feel economics pain.
Okay who wants a plain-language explanation of the inverted yield curve? I will do it if there's demand.
Can you do this with just GIFs?
with @yaffebellany, took a look at restaurateurs like Ricky Lopez, who says virtual restaurants on uber eats has been good for business — he runs four “restaurants” out of one kitchen then there’s the owner of escape from New York pizza in SF, who says delivery killed his biz
food delivery is one of the most interesting spaces to me right now, with a lot going on that most diners arent aware of behold: the rise of the ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant
did u try the roast beef sandwich or the fried chicken sandwich mike
The risks: None of these delivery services have a profitable business model. If they collapse...what happens to these virtual restos?
Complaint I also heard from local retailers in SF last month: With more people ordering via apps, less foot traffic to retail areas in general, hurting all types of businesses (books, clothing, etc.)
Lordy lordy: From @WeWork IPO filing : (CEO) Adam currently has a line of credit of up to $500 million with UBS AG, Stamford Branch, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Credit Suisse AG, New York Branch, of which approximately $380 million principal amount was outstanding.
hang on, hang on: So if Alabama undercounts...doesn't the state risk losing a House seat? 🤔🤔🤔
New York-based startups continue their hot streak...
Interesting (and concerning) thread by the excellent @annawiener . Over the past 20+ years I’ve been a reporter/editor/ teacher on this there was always not so much hostility to journalism in commercial tech but more a bafflement around why journalism existed at all...
I don't think that's so new. 20 years ago, in the Dot Com bubble, we'd ask, "Yeah, but what's the business model?" VCs and entrepreneurs would just say we don't "get it" because "IT'S A NEW ECONOMY!" They're still saying that about Uber, et al.
It has always been the case that there were good businesses and bad businesses just as there is and always will be good journalism and bad journalism ...(without going down the define good rabbit hole)
yes, but that attitude of 'how dare they question us' continues a long streak of hubris...
not sure how anyone posts a selfie without feeling excruciated by it on the deepest levels, y'all are emotional warriors
obviously deleting this, need to preserve the surprise to boost book sales
You look amazing and the skin is awesome!
Now I'm going to be haunted by "hospital romance" for years to come.
I haven't even started writing yet! Don't be haunted until I create some unforgettable phrases about heaving bosoms and such
It's the image of heaving bosoms and rib spreaders that worries me. 😵
Now the idea is so big, I can't figure how to just book a place to stay anymore!
RT @schradie: Check out my talk on “How the Digital Divide is a Class Power Divide” at #ASA19 today at 10.30 in a Theory Section panel on “…
If you're wondering why there was, and continues to be, resentment of the U.S. around the globe, the McDonald's protest is a pretty good example of how America manages to look like a bully to suit its economic interests.
The only real surprise is that Americans seemed baffled when someone pushes back. (end)
As an aside: I will hear this ocassionally from Americans visiting here. That the food at McDonald's tastes better. This is probably why. Fewer chemicals, more local produce.
But stopping the construction was never really the point. It was a statement against globalization and the heavy hand of the U.S. A country willing to crush some farmers in Europe in order to force people here to accept hormone-laden beef.
The McDonald's itself was eventually built, and remains today. And France is McDonald's second fastest growing market outside the U.S., behind China. Part of the reason: McDonald's reacted by committing to buying more local produce, improving the quality.
But it was a movement and collective action. Though Bové would indeed gain international fame, and later go into politics with the Green Party. (photo via Midi Libre),8354180.php
A farmer's union in the Roquefort region decided to make a symbolic statement. A McDonand's was under construction in the town of Millau. They decided to dismantle it. On August 12, 1999, several tractors drove into the construction site.
A mix of young and old people began tearing off pieces of the building and then carting them away. One of the leaders that day was a farmer and activist named José Bové. In the retelling, it is oftem implied that he was acting alone that day, on some crazy impulse.
The central problem was a trade war with Europe. The U.S. was demanding that Europe accept American beef stuffed with hormones. When the EU refused, President Clinton retaliated by placing tariffs on a number of agricultural porducts, including Roquefort cheese.
This was economically devasting to farmers from that region, who had also long been protesting things such as genetically modified foods. The insistence by the U.S. that they be forced to accept hormone-stuffed beef further infuriated them.
This New York Times story from the time, just to cite one example, uses the word 'attack' in the headline, and implies in the beginning this was one farmer acting alone. Only after careful reading does it note others were arrested.
It's impossible to watch this fewer than 10 times, it defies rational categories
I 100% do not understand Tik Tok but this is undeniably unsettling and legendary, perfect absurdism
Worth a read:
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