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Russian misinformation campaign targeted voters in EU’s 2019 elections via @VentureBeat
RT @FrenchCrossroad: Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus arrives for Château de Chambord’s 500th anniversary (@domainechambord) by @obrien
Russian misinformation campaign targeted voters in EU's 2019 elections by @obrien
It will be so depressing when CNN hires her to be a political commentator...
just joined work Slack, pray for me
::voting machines hacked:: me: ::health care provider hacked:: me: ::equifax hacked:: me: ::thom yorke hacked:: me: this is an outrage
Smells like a publicity stunt. Albeit for a good cause.
RT @VentureBeat: Finland leads list of Europe’s most digitally advanced nations by @obrien
And now the sequel no one asked for, a movie bound to have disappointing songs, but will have to tide you over until the eventual live action remake a few years down the road.
Finland leads list of Europe’s most digitally advanced nations by @obrien
Bottom line: There is progress. But it remains to be seen whether France can transform itself fast enough to remain as other EU countries, the US, and China push ahead.
These include several measures announced under the country's plan to fight digital exclusion ('Plan National pour un Numérique Inclusif'), funding commitments for digital-related training under its dedicated investment plan ('Plan d’investissement dans les compétences')...
"Over the past year, France has adopted a number of important initiatives that address digital-related challenges...
a new national initiative for the digital transformation of SMEs and microenterprises ('France Num'), a national strategy for artificial intelligence, and several projects to modernise public services through digitisation."
Finally, across all of these areas, the report notes a flurry of initiatives undertaken by this goverment, and the previous one, to close these gaps.
4. Business: Improving, but still low levels of adoption of digital tools such as big data, electronic invoicing, and social media. Again, SME's in particular are struggling.
"There are also relatively few French internet users participating in online votes and consultations, using professional social networks or taking online courses."
5. Digital Public Services: Improved, but still ranked 15th. Bright spot: France is ranked 3rd in use of Open Data. But lagging in use of digital medical services.
"Conversely, the shares of French internet users participating in social networks and making video calls over the internet (48 % and 35 % respectively) are the lowest in the EU."
2. Skills: Overall, its digital skills are equal to EU averages. But French companies have fewer ICT employees than EU average, and SMEs are particularly lagging. Morever, more companies say they are having more trouble finding employees with tech skills.
3. Internet use: Solid, though growing slower than EU average. Notably: This number is boosted by surge in French video streaming, and use of e-commmerce and banking.
Connectivity: Only 58% of French households have connections of at least 30 Mbps and only 20% of French households actually make use of fast broadband. "These are significantly lower than the EU averages of 83% for NGA coverage and 41% for subscription to fast broadband."
While it improved in 4 of 5 categories, the EU says: "It remains, however, at a considerable distance from the EU's top performers."
Biggest problem area: Connectivity. Its coverage and adoption of mobile and fixed broadband are low. "With an overall connectivity score of 56.6, France ranks 20th among EU Member States."
Some sobering findings for France's digital transformation ambitions from the EU's annual Digital Economy and Society Index. Overall, France ranks 15th out of 28 members states, up one spot from last year. #FrenchTech
A certain amount of right-wing hatemongering and abuse is part of the YouTube business plan. Has YouTube contribued to radicalization of the right? Wojcicki declined to answer: "Our view is we are offering a diverse set of content to users," she said.
"A lay reader of the Times might wonder why they’re seeing this particular story in the paper. Well, trade groups also commission research with a compelling top-line finding, which they then offer as an exclusive to a prominent reporter on the beat."
It is indeed a dubious figure. But I'm missing the part on how this is "free PR for Google"? This is a NY Times story based on a questionable study that is anti-Google, no?
If you have a spare €100 million, you can bid on June 26 for this Caravaggio that was found in a Toulouse attic 5 years ago.
Another brilliant day wasted with @Microsofthelps. or perhaps, @MicrosoftDoesntHelp
Support dude asks: Would it be fine if we schedule a call in 2 days to fix the productivity tool we sold you?
I am watching the dude from @Microsoft support who has spent the last 2 hours trying to get my @Outlook for Mac around on my computer for possible solutions. @Office is LOL.
My kind of hero: “Like I give a shit about what most people think.”: Jessica Jones is a 'fraud' in the Season 3 trailer
Season 2 of JJ was one of my fav Marvel stories. Tragic Netflix is ending all of these.
who else is this true for somehow in the last few years you stopped watching movies. either at home or at the movies. You still watch other stuff — you watch TV in all its glory. but the number of feature-length films you watch is trending down, as is your enjoyment of them
Literally all parents of small children
Hmmm. Yes, happened 15 years ago for me... But would also say watching a season of Breaking Bad is like watching a 10 hour movie. and a 90 minute movie feels like a short story.
To migrate, I have to do a fresh backup of everything. And the basic service does not include automatic back up of video files. I have to upload those manually.
And rather than having one subscription that covers all computers, we have to get a subscription for each machine. To maintain current level of service, I will pay $50 per year above the $168 I was paying.
For users, Carbonite software automatically downloaded to PCs/Macs. On mine, I never was asked and never gave permission. When Carbonite suddently appeared, I thought I had been hacked.
What's shocking: Carbonite bought Mozy. But the are simply going to wipe all the Mozy backups next month. All they bought were the customer accounts. IE, accounts, log ins, credit card billing, etc.
So as a long-time @mozy user, I only just learned of this today. The migration to Carbonite is...batshit crazy and expensive. After an hour on the phone with Carbonite support, I'm still stunned. What other backup services do folks recommend?
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RT @schradie: A great first-person read on the politics around French and American remembrance of D-Day.
75th anniversary of D-Day: Reflecting on sacrifice and patriotism at the Normandy American Cemetery #Normandy #Normandie #DDay #Dday75 #Debarquement #OmahaBeach via @FrenchCrossroad
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Good reminder and stock market obsession for fellow journos...
The obit I was born to write:
The ultimate journalism side eye: "according to people who used the software in the last few years." (who refused to be named out of fear for their safety/humiliation?)
Yo. Latest review of @schradie's book: 🤟🤟👇👇👇
We’re at WWDC! What are you hoping for today?
white men wearing untucked shirts on stage.
Canalys: U.S. ban on Huawei lowers global smartphone forecast almost 5% via @VentureBeat
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