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Bear with me here https://mashable.com/article/space-race-moon-landing/
In which the ESA's plan for moon habitation looks a lot like Luke Skywalker's Tatooine residence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk9PWUGkz7o
Petition to take all franchises away from their creator after the first 15 years of global fame
Also I shouldn’t have said watched, past tense. Technically it’s still going on. But really, the last 15 scenes could have been the end I’m starting to think it might never stop
To be fair, Grindlewald is so awful it makes Clones look like Empire
Just watched, if that’s the right word for it, #CrimesofGrindelwald on @HBO. And boy, was this analogy ever on the money: it’s Attack of the Clones when it should be The Last Jedi. https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/27/18114205/fantastic-beasts-crimes-of-grindelwald-attack-clones-last-jedi-george-lucas-jk-rowling-prequel
Starting a new outlet called Very Dangerous Speech, who wants in https://twitter.com/cherylbolen/status/1149418855531458561
I see we’re in the late Canute phase https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1149421136737951744
"Something is Technically Wrong: Social Media In America, 2016-2020"
What if we all agree to have progressively longer Twitter outages every day, and that's the methadone we need to get off this thing? #socialmediaaddiction
I reclaimed the account after a lot of hassle that could so easily have been avoided with a little more security in the first place. Maybe time to do a follow-up to this story. https://mashable.com/article/wrong-email-mistake/
Yes, Twitter, something IS technically wrong. *Stares in 2019*
Old enough to remember when critics would bite rather than “softly purr” https://twitter.com/ew/status/1149363418043998217
Should I buy a rose gold 12” MacBook now that it’s dead dead?
I’m in the same boat, so let me know if you need more enabling
*2 hours later at a random karaoke bar* HOLD ME CLOSER, TINY MACBOOOOOK
*Dons black armband, pours out the single malt, cries a tiny tear* https://trib.al/rQGySQ6
This #littlefreelibrary takes it to the next level — covered in book quotes with a whiteboard and a prompt. #respect #reading #community https://ift.tt/2JoVd99
Welp, maybe this means there’ll be lots of cheap refurbished replacements in a month or two?
Disagree with @raywongy here: my 12-in. MacBook was my superlight workhorse, my tote-anywhere efficiency machine. (Until it was stolen last week.) https://apple.news/AwIqnzDSlQFeE4MCfUi4uBA
RT @neeratanden: Our media is broken. https://twitter.com/morningconsult/status/1148306758009384960
RT @MartinBelam: If you think our diplomats are just supposed to be sending back emails saying "thanks to the great leader, tractor product…
Interested to see where this reboot of ‘2001’ is going https://www.space.com/metallic-hydrogen-claim.html
RT @davidallengreen: Brexit is not fascist But the accompanying destructive populist nationalistic trashing of domestic institutions in th…
RT @lisafstinson: STOP THE INTERNET! I just found the world's best paper title.
RT @NaomiAKlein: Oh wow, this is so good. I agree with every word. https://twitter.com/FutureBoy/status/1148254446993805314
Time to accept that the NYT is no longer glorious, but has become a blinkered parody of itself. https://twitter.com/jbenton/status/1148048295912267777
RT @nils_gilman: At this point, rightwing populism operates as a form of malign political software, a “custom off the shelf” product that c…
Been a long time since I’ve wanted to advocate for a novel like this: https://mashable.com/article/summer-books-must-read-overstory/
Quite a 2019 mood, this snapshot. #4thofjuly #pensive #america https://ift.tt/2YAVqv8
Find someone who looks at you the way Hobbes looks at one of Clara’s eggs https://ift.tt/30fQkoL
Such a pleasure to write this. Thank you Paul! https://twitter.com/PaulStamets/status/1146457891177582592
This tea-drinking Brit thought it was hilarious. https://twitter.com/beINSPORTS/status/1146163600391901184
Of all the outrages committed by this philistine charlatan, raiding America's cash-strapped National Parks of 2.5 million badly needed dollars for a MILITARY PARADE is one of the lowest. https://twitter.com/gregpmiller/status/1146210690727907328
The upshot: I cheered for every goal scored on both sides (because they're very fine people), including the goal that wasn't. I rolled my eyes at the goal not scored (it is, again, SO ENGLISH to Gareth Southgate a crucial penalty like that.) And now I'm #TeamUSA all the way.
Plus even the English side of me had to concede that American victory in this World Cup would do more to further the cause of making soccer happen at all levels. I'm all about this. Let's get everyone in the country in Sunday leagues.
Meanwhile, there were all sorts of reasons to support #TeamUSA. They've captured the national imagination and fought some highly gendered expectations about their behavior. Rapinoe is a hero, a modern icon. Trump and Piers Morgan can suck it.
When there's a loose ball, players on a national squad (men and women) seem, sometimes, almost too polite to go for it. "Is that -- are you -- no, allow me -- oh, you did want -- never mind, it's gone." That's SO ENGLISH.
Maybe I've been burned by Brexit and the near-coronation of a know-nothing buffoon. Or maybe I'm just noticing self-defeating things in the national character that were there all along.
First off, #ENG. My instinct was to support them. I always have. And they had the better narrative -- the goal denied by VAR! The penalty saved! The red card! And I thought, that's so us. We love an outrageous sports story like that. It's almost like we prefer it to winning.
So #USAvENG was an interesting one to watch. The country where I spent the first 22.5 years of my life vs the one where I just passed the 23 year mark. In the Brexit-Trump era. For the biggest stakes possible. The game was inside me too.
The performative presidency. https://twitter.com/thisweekabc/status/1145317607903416322
Dontfuckitup dot gif https://twitter.com/thr/status/1145451948344336384
The script, sad to say since it’s from the ‘Spotlight’ guy, is standard biopic bullsh*t. Stuff like “I know this Sean Hannity guy is going to be big! I just have a hunch!”Plus a not-at-all rousing speech to the troops that’s treated like it’s bloody Agincourt
Roger Ailes was a piece of work, a serial abuser, a real life Jabba the Hutt. John Goodman could have nailed the role. Instead we have Russell Crowe playing him as some sort of bumbling, cuddly, prosthetic Mr. Magoo
I’m not saying #TheLoudestVoice is bereft of drama, but the cliffhanger in episode 1 appears to be whether the minute hand of a clock will reach the hour or not
Turn. Out. The. Base. https://twitter.com/wesleylowery/status/1145358447522848770
RT @Freedland: In a way, we should be grateful to Putin for spelling out that the battle now is liberal democracy vs populist nationalism -…
I’ve dreamed of a third-party Lib Dem govt, without much hope, most of my life. Could the Brexit backlash actually be about to deliver it? https://twitter.com/yougov/status/1144630145208246272
I love that the dog is like “duuuude” and the cat is like “I have concerns”
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