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RT @editingemily: My widowed (from a gruesome murder) great-grandmother kept her two living young daughters (one had died) alive while penn…
I want her to step on my throat and murder me with her heels
Scab says he's not a scab and a suck-up. Scab is wrong. Also, any person who joins NuSpin will also be a scab -- jus like everyone who joined NuGawker.
Scab says what?
RT @cmdrtaco: I made the bill gates borg icon several times: Originally a boardwatch cover, scans online were unusably compressed. So I ble…
RT @brentsimmons: Jeff McLeman:
RT @gte: This is a better link to that episode: Give it a listen. You’ll learn something and get to know Jeff a lit…
I’m gutted at the loss of @jeffmc. What a wonderful person who had a deep impact on so many.
RT @davidhoang: Like many who knew him, I am absolutely devastated about the passing of @jeffmc. You believed in me so much, even when I di…
RT @gte: My friend @jeffmc has passed away. He was a wonderful guy and sharp as a tack. I was fortunate enough to have him on Debug some ti…
The future of television is and will forever be a Triple Play bundle
I’ve literally been arguing this for a decade. It’s so sad/funny
RT @joshelman: One could only be so lucky to work with @brooke . I saw firsthand how she can change a company’s trajectory by telling the r…
I’m leaning towards USENET right now. Hard to justify giving CBS more money
Had the pirate or pay convo this morning. I also figured out I could technically watch it with a vpn and amazon prime but it requires changing the region on the account to the UK and that’s a huge PITA
RT @TashasEv: I’m going to need more people to know about the armrest rule for the person who sits in the middle seat
Also, and this is genuinely a shock — my sister is not an Anna Delvey stan. Like, I think she was #TeamRachel even before she listened to the book. Rachel is obviously the real MVP in this whole story but this still surprises me.
Just found out my sister has also read/listened to @racheldeloache’s book about Anna Delvey. Of course, I am forcing her to listen to the two-part @_RocketFM interview we did back in September. I’m not even sure if my sister knew I had a podcast 😂😂😂
She has better manners than many human flyers too.
Waaaaaaaat is happening
Wonderful things.
I like that s/he wears a tie for meals.
Coco is so stylish!
I saw this a few days ago and it’s my most favorite thing
First the dad complains about a bad photo and THEN he claims Gritty hit his kid. Don't you think you'd lead with the "my kid got hit" complaint?
Dear @siracusa -- thank you for Front and Center. I had forgotten how much I loved/missed the OG Mac behavior and why my muscle memory has legit felt off for 15 years.
This was supposed to be a reply to a tweet but now I don't want to delete it because lol.
Yeah it's the 100MB part that has me going 🤔
RT @rmondello: Anyone aware of a Mac app that can do graphical editing of JSON files around 400MB? I’m looking for the right tool.
I love this so much
RT @holtbt: Web scale FORTRAN
There is a FORTRAN web framework. Welcome to hell. (main URL is HNed but sub pages work)
When Whoopi got choked up I almost cried. This is the content I need in 2020.
This is so great!
RT @alvinashcraft: #ASPNETCore docs: What's new for December 2019 by @Scott_Addie. #blazor #aspnetmvc #signalr @docsmsft…
RT @zacbowden: Surface Duo emulator is available today. Windows 10X emulator is coming in February
And yes, I’ll use a damn VPN if I’m thwarted by region restrictions. promo code Rocket. Lol.
So I will be leaving South Africa when this debuts and will be furiously downloading this so I can watch it 7 or 8 times on my 16 hour flight back via @YouTube
I have a ticket to the sundance premiere and am stoked
I am so jealous. Please tell me everything! I almost got tickets to go to Sundance this year just for that (well and b/c I love Sundance) but then I had to go to Johannesburg last-minute and I’ll be in Sydney and Singapore two weeks later so I couldn’t make it work this time.
Also please tell me/us if Netflix does anything TSwift themed at their party
I’m just saying, I’ll be disappointed if there aren’t cat-themed cookies. Who am I kidding. Nothing Netflix or Taylor does could really disappoint me.
They should’ve just turned Mr. Peanut into peanut butter when they killed him. At least then he’d still be delicious.
RT @waxpancake: microsoft used to be so metal
RT @LessGorgeousJoe: You mean to tell me Taylor Swift has the strength to carry her cat and the entire music industry on her back at the sa…
RT @Niels9001: I'm super excited to see PowerLaunch coming to #PowerToys. Let me contribute by bringing some @WindowsUI #FluentDesign to th…
RT @DonovanBrown: I have decided no slides. So don't be late. I will demo from start to finish.
RT @Bing_Chris: Per this report: Bezos was in a WhatsApp chat with Saudi's MBS when unprompted the crown prince sent him a random file. The…
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