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Also to be clear, Netflix’s bad decision isn’t without precedent — on broadcast anyway — but that doesn’t make it OK. I’d argue the time they took to make the change makes it worse b/c Netflix got to “profit” off the original scene for two years.
Remember when FOX pulled a pre-9/11 Osama bin Laden joke from an early episode of Family Guy? (That aired before 9/11, I should add) One of the best things they did was re-release that episode uncut on a DVD of select episodes. These types of post-airing edits never feel right.
Even if the intention is noble, this is altering the record. Add a note before the episode. But changing stuff after the fact alters the record in ways I just don’t like. This happened and aired and to pretend otherwise doesn’t sense.
And I’m not at all convinced this show or this action will have any material impact. If the argument is the show glorifies suicide (and of we’re honest, LOTS of art glorifies suicide), changing this scene doesn’t change that message. It’s just lip service.
And call me cyclical, but this smacks of “avoiding potential litigation” than anything else. I’m very sensitive to issues around suicide and depression, especially amongst teenagers. I was a suicidal teenage girl. But that study doesn’t smell right to me.
It somehow is worse when it’s a streaming medium, because it does prove that the content is truly ephemeral and cannot be consumed the way the director/creator intended. It’s not *better* when it’s done on non-steaming, but at least DVDs exist. I dunno, this doesn’t feel right.
I’m going to be controversial and say I’m pretty annoyed @netflix is altering 13 Reasons Why 2 years later. I’m not defending the content per se (but I’m not condemning it either), but altering content after the fact in any medium is something that just doesn’t feel right
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RT @sophiekleeman: grateful to the new yorker for introducing me to the Hot Opera Singer
Attention all’s - I’ve added a @Shields_io badge to @bitandbang’s repo so that we can all advertise our status
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Dammit @BenThePCGuy we have to do this now
Buy Aaron’s Book!
I have to say, I’m not really seeing too many OMG MUST HAVE Prime Day deals. I did however get the 4K Fire TV because $25 means it’ll be a great thing to travel with
RT @banikarim: ilhan omar isn’t less american bc she wasn’t born here. i’m not less american bc i wasn’t born here. that’s not how any of t…
Jude Law is not my thing, btw, this is just an incontrovertible cold aesthetic fact
Jude Law is completely my thing, largely because of this movie. I may have broken the laser on my DVD player on high school slow-moing the scene where he gets out of the tub
Also: Closer does not get the love it deserves. Everyone in it is perfect and I won’t go as far as to say it’s Mike Nicols’ finest film but it’s in the top 3.
I've never seen it but my plan is to watch all of these movies in the next few weeks, will do Closer early bc you said so 🤝💕
I mean he's basically a Greek statue
It's just that Greek statues aren't my thing! I need a heartbeat. But yes
RT @fruhlinger: Prime Day excitement: 2016: yay! 2017: YAY!! 2018: ..yay. 2019: ...yay?
RT @ow: tech blogs were better when they weren't just posting about discounts on random gadgets constantly
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RT @ShortFormErnie: Now feels like a good time to mention that Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” is a cover.
RT @bitandbang: hey hello fellow 1x engineers. I made a site for us, hopefully you'll add anything that's missing?
✨ I'm a 1x engineer ✨
On #TWC9 on @ch9 this week I have Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears and talk about @code @nuxt_js and @Windows
Also, everyone should read-up on both Jessica Savitch and the drama behind the script for Up Close & Personal. It includes Joan Didion, Dawn Steele, and lots and lots of drama!
RT @Meganmorrone: Next week I start my new job at @Medium as Senior Platform Editor for @ozm. I’ve been following OneZero since its launch…
Yeah. So about that…
Now, who wants to bet it’ll just be easier/faster/cheaper for me to re-buy this than to find it in my house?
And I’m reminded as I’m looking at there is an OOP biography about Savitch and so I click over the Amazon to see why I don’t have it.
I’m chatting with someone at movies and TV and I was reminded of Up Close & Personal, which reminded me that the drama behind that screenplay is infinitely more interesting that that film (the Celine Dion song aside), so I revisit the Jessica Savitch story, which is bizarre af
Some assembly required, which was really fun! Hopefully I have time later tonight to SSH in and add emulators. Assembly — Adding emulators —
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It is @ashleymcnamara’s birthday and we should all celebrate Ashley and her awesomeness!
RT @shanselman: How do you spot a 10x engineer? No need. They’ll tell you.
Sometimes I think I’ve underestimated what a vile piece of shit Eric S. Raymond (esr) is and what an embarrassment it is that people still pretend he’s ever contributed anything to computing. And then someone sends me a link to his blog getting into semantics about Epstein
Like, this isn’t a joke. And the comments are even worse. Hey @tqbf, if you want to raise more money for good causes by threatening to tweet his stuff again, I’m in.
Fun fact: @QuinnyPig first heard of me when I was a guest on @atpfm (remember when @siracusa went to @_RocketFM and I went on with @marcoarment and @Caseyliss!!) many moons ago and then I got to be a guest on his podcast! Love a good ATP story!
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