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No. This is not OK. This makes me physically sick. e-act-11591992461?emailToken=6d03c708eddee80540125974e57d38aevvgiWScIBDd2GpbStcT6iOLgCNQ1V9ai4Ef6Ij9V6Fkkk/HCeHfkdN42Z+e RNEMLl08Bc4cIr1Lv6o7CADI376ExEh2Mr5YEckUB4xFcV0UKZEo2U0qzrPrULTMdH1m7DtO31y+lLB6bomN95JkKVyR/n87e2Ym/s0elT5q7vkk%3D&refl ink=article_copyURL_share
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In fairness @julietlovesjava my people are busy co-opting BLM and trying to revive Occupy Wall Street so I need to smack them too. They are at least wearing masks. Sigh.
Orange County being Orange County. @julietlovesjava please get your people!
Literally nothing in this “apology” makes me feel any better or assured about Zoom’s motives or who the company really serves and prioritizes
The most untrustworthy video chat app continues to give the world reasons not to use its product
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Here’s the thing: it’s fine to have secondary goals and to fight for other stuff. What isn’t OK is to co-opt a social justice movement to become about shit that takes away from the real problems and moves the focus away from Black people and police brutality.
Hey to all my fellow #CHAZ and #CHAZ-adjacent Chazians, I’m becoming concerned. Not because of the violence (there isn’t any) or disorder, but because it feels like the #BlackLivesMatter part of these protests are getting displaced for white socialist Occupy bullshit
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Precious. Angel.
Protect this dog at all costs.
Anyone that harms that dog...I’m not going to say any more in order to protect future me. But yes, protect the dog at all costs!
All my Twitter followers freaking out when I become a video games account are going to be really upset when TV is allowed to happen again and I become a Bachelor account again.
RT @kwameopam: Perfect
RT @brunoborges: Good bye "landlord". Hello... ?
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RT @brunoborges: Good bye 'master' branch. Hello... ? #GitHub
RT @alexhcranz: this is bert/ernie erasure
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RT @alexhcranz: does anyone feel like the PS5 on its side looks like Barclays Center?
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RT @jimbobbennett: Multi edit? What is this witchcraft? This is perfect for something I’m working on right now with multiple micro:bits!
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Honestly this is my rule for the rest of 2020.
I have FIOS so I don’t have a modem so I can’t post pictures of my homemade PS5.
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It’s just weird to do this at launch. I can see doing it at the mid-cycle refresh mark but doing it at launch seems silly. Shit or get off the pot! Make an external drive available for backward compat if you’re that concerned. But this is weird.
But if you’re going to do a “digital only” option AT LAUNCH, you just should commit to only selling that generations games digitally. And keeping it the same size also seems odd. Because the price won’t be much different — the BOM on the Blu-ray drive is nothing.
Basically, I’m just of the opinion that if you want to go all-in on digital, you should just do that instead of this weird middle ground thing. Yes, retailers will riot, but they’ve been rioting for a decade over digital games and guess what, they lost.
People don’t seem to be understanding my objections/questions about a digital-only SKU at launch so let me explain. I too am almost fully all-digital for my games (Switch is the exception) and have been storing games on a hard drive since I hacked my Xbox in 2002
RT @steinekin: I love how after both consoles got revealed the immediately first gut reaction from everyone is "OK BUT CAN WE LAY IT DOWN" 😂
People seem to think a digital only version will be significantly cheaper or smaller. We know the size is the same. I think you’re all mistaken if you think it’ll be much cheaper. BOM for a drive is nothing.
And that’s fine — Wii did that — but you risk having a lot of pissed off people who already bought games, want or need a replacement device, and now have no way to play them. If you’re going to remove the disc drive as an option at launch, just don’t ship new games on disc
Honestly, if you want to go this route, the way to do it is to make all the games for that generation digital only and leave the drive for movies/backward compatibility. B/c what this means is that when the console is redesigned mid-generation, the drive is going to go away
I genuinely do not understand releasing a digital only console option at launch if you’re still going to sell disc copies of games for that platform.
I have a PS4 and a PS4 Pro and neither has ever had a disc in its drive.
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Having a digital edition feels silly to me when the consoles are the same size.
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I can’t believe all the video game consoles I’m going to buy this year. It’s like I’m a teenager all over again.
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Skyrim fans I hear you! Massive oversight on my part and well called-our!
Grandma Rose 🌹 doing better with the mask discipline than most people.
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Can you believe we’re all going to buy GTA V on yet another console generation? I don’t think I’ve ever bought the same game so many times for so many different platforms when it wasn’t a remake or retro port of some sort.
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