cannot explain how much I love baby feet (AKA “piggies” in this household) GIMME THOSE PIGS
fucking love the grocery store
when you see your food coming
NYC - Bubby’s - chicken n pancakes
@chrissyteigen and Jimmy test their nerves in Can You Feel It?
Tonight: @chrissyteigen, Bashir Salahuddin & Diallo Riddle (@diallo), and a performance from @AldousHarding! #FallonTonight
dumb and dumber (adj) [interchangeable]
why are the fonts so big? I don't even know how I found this button
They mobilized it, which is “great” on a desktop computer. Also, it jumps around all over the place when I’m trying to use it.
is twitter different or did I accidentally click on old lady mode
worked today with 6 kids and had to come home with 2 of them
Pizza party!
West coast!! It’s your turn for #BRINGTHEFUNNY on @nbc!!!
shabu shabu date night with my little cravings mini cast irons and an induction burner!
I honestly thought it was - I have a friend who had BP and it was for months non-stop. mine comes on for a few hours, randomly. usually just half my mouth and face tingles and I do a kind of snarl-face. nothing makes it better so I just breathe and try to be normal haha
that is so funny you noticed! every once in a while for no reason, I get panicky/anxious and the muscles in my or half my face get numb. I remember apologizing so much during filming this episode. it usually feels worse than it looks or sounds (not this time apparently haha)
he really is. I am a forever fan!
kenan. loved. this. puppet.
hello east coast!!! if I'm doing my math correctly, #BRINGTHEFUNNY is on right now!!! I am on the west coast but I'll try to respond to all your tweets about it accordingly!!
with that maple glaze for some sweetness with the pork gravy oooooohhhhh baby!
Hanging with my friends on the sunset strip!! bringthefunny is on tonight at 10pm!!! @NBC - there are some CHARACTERS on this episode!!
Oh damn it’s @BringTheFunny night!!! Watch with me at 10pm after AGT on @nbc!!! Kenan loved the puppet so much that it brought tears to my eyes, seeing his joy
indoor splash table - too hot outside!!! do not recommend
This part was so hard, neck killing me
Very slow at this but getting better! So good for anxious beings.
found a big-kid version of luna’s scratch off art I’m obsessed with
crab is better than lobster in any and every way. there is no debating this
testing some hot crab dip for the website!! coming soooooo soon AHHHHHH
my target summer #cravingscollection is out!!! thank you for the awesome photos, ohtarget!!
if you were to go vegan, what would you miss the most? I think I'd miss cheese. they've got awesome meat alternatives but the vegan cheese game is quite weak, still.
my neck pillow looks exactly like my 3-legged dog. just told it to get off the couch and got mad when it didn’t comply
<3 thank you!!
ah! love you both!! enjoy!
this makes me so happy!! beautiful pictures, too! thank you thank you <3
my son is terrified of bubbles. I love him so much, my sensitive little dude
They are! No one ever looks at them lol
Luna getting cousin pasha ready for her first recital! (@kimmiekyees is her nail idol)
been extremely hard at work with my new website - all new recipes are finished and coming soooooon soon, free to the masses!!! <3
❤️❤️❤️ this beautiful book by @pkgourmet!! (Also loves me some @PadmaLakshmi!!) - need to buy more sticky tabs!
I do enjoy watching tiktoks though, just do not understand it at all
two things I do not understand and cannot be bothered to research to try: bitcoin and tiktok
it took someone else showing me how to follow certain people but once i found the good memes, tiktok got as addictive as going down Vine-holes for 30 minutes at a time
Everything you need to know is in this book! :) #bitcoinbillionaires
You should really read #BitcoinBillionaires, it will help explain a lot of things! 🚀
I haven't seen a bee for like...a year. this can't be good
I have had everything except mermaid toast oh dear
Had one of the most incredible meals of my liiiiiife last night at Bavel in downtown LA - oyster mushroom skewers and all the piping hot breads and spreads are a must. and the prawns! and fish. and lamb. duck...(everything for sharing!)
I am *always* letting people down in my dreams
I always have dreams about letting people down somehow and I wake up very sad and can’t get over it for while. Even when the scenario is ridiculously unrealistic (performing with nicki minaj and not knowing my choreography)
you are a goddess and I love you so much 😂
Hate when there’s a blank, accidentally-deleted app space on my phone. WHAT WAS THERE???? This will kill me
honestly very proud it's only 1 in 8 though, amazing self awareness but I would love to see this one dude
please @serenawilliams WE NEED TO SEE THIS please please please I would like to cry of laughter
I look terrible but the chocolate is a beauty. But yeah I am never doing this again
Making candy bars for the first and last time ever
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