de-motivational speaker currently sleeping with people's sexiest man alive
@johnlegend was my guest host today, so of course @chrissyteigen had to come and scare him.
my favorite day is the day after thanksgiving, when I twitter search the words "hot cousin" and see all the people who have crushes on their cousins
I miss @katienotopoulos’ legendary roundups of these. Such a pure moment from old Twitter.
Hello @chrissyteigen is this where we submit our pics from 1995, did I miss it
because this house respects pepper
Congrats to @chrissyteigen's husband @johnlegend, who is now the Leader of the Sexy Free World. #LSSC
so happy i watched it all
“Errrrr durrrrr pleaze send 5000 books to DTJR Books, 1600 Pennsylvania ave basement”
You know, Prince’s book was #1 the week before, and I suspect he did *not* scam the charts.
We listened to you guys and you’re now able to print a recipe card of everything on the site! And thanksgiving table is officially up!!!
RT @chrissyteigen: In my robe with all my favorite reality stars partying at my house. @hulu Thank you for my dreams come true!! Yes, this…
In my robe with all my favorite reality stars partying at my house. @hulu Thank you for my dreams come true!! Yes, this is an #Ad but. This. Actually. Happened. GAHHHHH
RT @chrissyteigen: 😂😭 sorry @johnlegend, I tried!!!
😂😭 sorry @johnlegend, I tried!!!
you’re right she didn’t say it. I don’t have kids even
why would I lie about kids being complete weirdos
I just tried to have a talk with Luna and said “hey. I just want you to know that you’re a really awesome daughter. I’m so lucky” and she said “what if my name was poo poo pee pee”
The other day I made chicken Alfredo and she wanted red sauce. So I mixed it with red sauce. Now she only wants pasta with red and white sauce
My point is, kids are literally batshit
Yesterday she screamed for me to pull over. I did, and she goes “smell my feet”
Luna only wants apple juice served to her with a spoon which I thought was insane until I realized all my liquids were consumed through putting my finger over the top of the straw and adding drips to my mouth
this shoot was a dream of mine. I've seen it done before but with old recipes just photoshopped in. It was insane to shoot everything together but it will work for so many holidays, for so many years!
because I must: a sneak peak at the recipes for my ultimate Thanksgiving table, going up tomorrow!!!
I am looking at rough cuts of “Chrissy’s Court” and it is somehow better than I could have ever, ever imagined. @quibi don’t be mad at me!!
I will say there is one downside to having a website and it is that there is never, ever NOTHING to do now
New newww! Pepper makes her CRAZY EASY household hit, garlic fried ribs!
oh yeah! there is a lot of random shit I did that I forgot in this answer. lol
sometimes I forget about my clog-wearing days in the @foodnetwork test kitchen. now I miss it!!
I’ll give credit where credit is due, thank you @chrissyteigen for standing up for our firefighters.
Sigh. When you think you caught all the typos but you accidentally call @johnlegend the Sexist Man Alive sry @chrissyteigen we love u guys
RT @chrissyteigen: my secret is out. I have fulfilled my dream of having boned @people's sexiest man alive!! an honor!!!!!…
the sexiest man alive just made me a ham sandwich
Uh....I'm nowhere near your place
I make my wife homemade bread. 😄
oh for fuck's sake baaaaaaahahahahaahah
yeah but let's see an @idriselba pic from 1995 (prob still very hot)
can I try to throw you
no don't send it to me please. I like to see these people naturally, in the wild
I cannot WAIT for people to get mad about John being the sexiest man alive. it's my new Starbucks holiday cup
The not care
my secret is out. I have fulfilled my dream of having boned @people's sexiest man alive!! an honor!!!!!
Does John have a Webby? I gotta hang on to something here.
I have big news and it’s killing me I can’t say it and it’s not a baby
C’mon you can’t leave us hanging like that
CRISPY NOODLE CAKE WITH BEEF AND MUSHROOMS? you didn’t ask but here you go!! (Can be made veggie!)
oh what a fucking shock
Awesome! @chrissyteigen we have to get you on Gutenberg, would be a lot easier! Happy to connect you with some developers to help.
RT @helenhousandi: @chrissyteigen My heart is so full right now thank you
RT @brahmsposting: I did it. I found the worst app in the world
oh I am all over this shit
whoa this is amazing. you deserve all the love you’re getting!
wetzel’s pretzels watches love island UK
We have been watching love island UK so consistently that we skip all recap episodes
So far he thinks it is insurance
just kickin it
my fantasy team with @KaralynWest
I googled top kickers
"are we feeling my outfit?" Chrissy: "no" ijefoijefmefiwegjwegnjrg fuckkkkk
I had NO IDEA they could see our votes
Have you ever approached the intersection of doheny and Santa Monica Blvd and not had to stop? I’d love to hear your story
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