damn. you do. ok, noted!
do you guys want slow cooker recipes as much as market research is telling me you want slow cooker recipes?
mannnnn. it is my duty to inform you this is indeed, fake https://twitter.com/BonzoTMonkey/status/1108809167467220992
hell yeah https://twitter.com/popidelacuadra/status/1108808712720924675
can someone send it to me again
just saw a mummy (a real/dead one) jerking it on the timeline
normal behavior very normal https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1108486334883250178
Watching "the inventor" I really cannot stand this fake deep voice I dunno how long I can do this
She hired no women into key roles or recruited for her board. Clearly, they would have seen through her?
This isn’t the most important part of the whole thing, but I couldn’t get over how much younger she looked without the eyeliner.
omg it's literally 10 years old. so okay Hulu was new and he was right but lavenous is still not a word
aside from you just discovering Hulu, what is "lavenous" https://twitter.com/marcorubio/status/1427926106
I never even thought about that. https://twitter.com/BonerWizard/status/1108184655361007616
please use this for my in memoriam photo
look at this beautiful picture of chicken THIGH stir fry. THIGHS THIGHS THIGHS down with breasts!!!!!
fully invested in @bravotv's summer house if anyone wants to talk about it
🎵 and they call it puppy looooooove 🎵
💕 @tal_abodi @1maryphillips @shalevlavan shay_shaz https://www.instagram.com/p/BvM-Fh_lax4/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=17axjrkx3gu3o
It’s been such a long time since I had a shoot just to shoot. Like 12 years. But I saw some of @tal_abodi’s incredible photos of some of my friends (@ninaagdal!) and I had to meet him! And… https://www.instagram.com/p/BvM87Rll2UR/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=l6om9uy8y1gy
mastering the arts today
how funny would the voice be if everyone were facing forward at the start and then turned around when they didn’t like it
I just asked john if we could FaceTime @kelly_clarkson and he said he doesn’t have her number?????????
houseparty her chrissy
watching @NBCTheVoice with PB and J
RT @darth: @markhenick @andylassner @yashar @ira @tyleroakley @calvinstowell @ParkerMolloy @chrissyteigen @LibyaLiberty @RitaPanahi @AlexKo…
take it down a notch. you look like the bad guy in kindergarten cop. https://twitter.com/mualiam/status/1107777293680672768
who’s fuckin tonight
RT @chrissyteigen: oh I know what this little fucker wants me to do and it probably involves new wallpaper and carpeting https://t.co/BLz7H…
consider me satisfied https://twitter.com/SatisfyingDaily/status/1107763798692249600
oh I know what this little fucker wants me to do and it probably involves new wallpaper and carpeting https://twitter.com/nintendoamerica/status/1107740961000620034
They are SO salty for me, a person who is made of salt. I don’t know how anyone else can stand them but I love them so https://twitter.com/itsa_talia/status/1107741726092001284
update: sorry guys I gotta use thighs I cannot give you food at 50%
I love them with whipped honey butter or strawberries and cream! https://twitter.com/dillonjaden/status/1107523890576797698
just laying in bed researching funnel cakes
happy sunday! dinner by john! my favorite crap ranch salad inspired by outback, mac and cheese and fried chicken with buffalo sauce I made from 6 different hot sauces I got from Hot Ones. life is short
anyhow I am making a chicken teriyaki bowl with chicken breast for you weirdos now because I...guess I like you and respect you
the best breast is equal to the worst thigh https://twitter.com/swamiill/status/1107422866549719046
I love you, daughter!! https://twitter.com/JMScomedy/status/1107334502542532608
chicken breast is extremely popular for being literally the worst part of a chicken
omfg @Dictionarycom perfect use of literally dictionarycom
I know you all think he looks like john but that is my nose, can we at least acknowledge that https://www.instagram.com/p/BvH_WdVBIT-/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=bn8gb32tqxza
peanut butter is alive and thriving
is. your dad. single https://twitter.com/curly_cube/status/1107388696746225665
I’m only finding these limited flavors on eBay. I feel like it’s very sad to buy one can of old soda
gasp https://twitter.com/sldy93/status/1107379992508448770
Before you say it, I don’t want cherry vanilla
I recently found a soda machine at the airport that lets you add flavors to different sodas. As Dr Pepper is the best soda, I made vanilla Dr Pepper. It was a delight. I have been doing some research and see that Dr Pepper vanilla float used to exist. Can we have that back
sometimes I get dressed!!!
I just made theeeeeee best VEGAN butternut squash thai curry! I added a splash of fish sauce just to my bowl because it's my crutch but everyone else's??? VEGAN
what do you guys eat for lunch? I am uninspired over here, please help me - website loaded with breakfast and dinner but having trouble with lunch...
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