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EMTs in Simferopol, Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014, are furious at Putin. They say they're risking their lives to treat COVID patients, working for pennies, & haven't received promised bonuses. They also say they're being threatened for speaking out.
Here's one of Mriya's little brothers, an AN-124 Ruslan, departing Atlanta yesterday after delivering medical supplies to the US city. I reported on these flights by Ukraine's @AntonovCompany last month:
Ukraine's AN-225 Mriya, the biggest and heaviest cargo plane in the world, touches down in Montreal once again with vital medical supplies. Below is the Ukrainian ambassador to Canada standing beside it.
Usually one of the busiest streets in Kyiv, Peremohy (Victory) Avenue is darn near empty today. But I'll bet that'll change soon, with Ukraine easing coronavirus measures. Also: notice the six lovely mosaics on the sides of those buildings to the left. Some of the city's best.
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Re-reading Kuromiya’s Freedom And Terror In The Donbas I’m reminded that the steppe has always been harsh and its people stubborn, that regional identity there has long been stronger than any nat’l one, that’s it’s been a battlefield for many wars; in some ways like US Wild West.
Great weekend Russia read about journalism and activism and @A3AP trying to do both.
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“The 1,000 people here reflect just 1 percent of the toll. None were mere numbers.”
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An update: Medvedchuk’s spokesperson tells me the device that exploded was some sort of smoke bomb and it didn’t cause any damage to the building.
An update: Medvedchuk’s spokesperson tells me the device that exploded was some sort of smoke bomb and it didn’t cause any damage to the building.
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Local media report nobody was injured as a result of the blast. Here’s my 2016 interview with Medvedchuk for those interested. Fun facts: Putin is godfather to Medvedchuk’s daughter and they all vacay together in Crimea.
Blast reported at the office of pro-Russia Ukrainian politician and close Putin friend Viktor Medvedchuk. This is indeed where his office is located between Shota Rustaveli/Lva Tolstoho streets in central Kyiv; I’ve interviewed him there twice. Two far-right nationalists arrested
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House Committee chairs write in their letter to Trump: "The use of American taxpayer dollars to purchase and deliver ventilators overseas cannot and should not be used as political favors." They want info from the White House about the Russia deal and other ventilator shipments.
45 Russian ventilators were delivered to New York and New Jersey but never used because of voltage issues and sent back to FEMA storage after they were found to be the cause of deadly fires at Moscow and St. Petersburg hospitals.
US sent 50 of 200 ventilators to Moscow yday. The remaining ventilators are set to be delivered next week. They were sent with other US medical aid as a gift to Russia. Total cost: $5.6m. Compare that to the ~$1m aid Russia sent, which included faulty Aventa-M ventilators.
"[I]t appears you may be providing or selling ventilators to other countries as gifts or favors to serve your own political or personal interests without any meaningful strategic justification, thorough interagency process, or policy rationale..."
Top House Committee Chairs to Trump: "We are deeply concerned with recent reports that you are providing critical, life-saving ventilators to Russia when they are urgently needed here in the United States to combat the coronavirus crisis and save American lives." h/t @LoopEmma
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The second installment of @kgorchinskaya's 'A brief history of corruption in Ukraine' series is a good one, focusing on Leonid Kuchma and oligarchy. The series should be required reading for anyone interested in Ukraine.
Trump Wants To Hold The G7 Summit In Person But He Didn’t Ask Other World Leaders About The Idea Before Tweeting It via @albertonardelli
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Great story from a fab squad of disinfo-busters: These Are The Fake Experts Pushing Pseudoscience And Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus Pandemic via @janelytv @broderick @CraigSilverman
As for the Russian ventilators sent to the US that are a different voltage and are the same model as those that caused deadly fires in Russia, FEMA and State Dept tell me they remain stored away; no plans to use them in the immediate future, nor are they being returned to Moscow.
A @rdif_press spox confirms to me Russia never billed US $660K for half of Russian medical aid in April. It planned to but then US said it'd send its own shipment of medical aid to Russia. They called it even — even tho US aid worth $5.6m, Russian ~$1m and ventilators never used.
US @StateDept spox says ventilators given to Russia today were manufactured by Vyaire Medical in California & donated to Moscow's Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center. US donating 100% of cost, delivery, startup supplies for 200 ventilators, valued at approximately $5.6m.
Here's US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan handing over US medical aid, including 50 ventilators (150 more to be delivered next week), in Moscow.
Chechen strongman Kadyrov reportedly hospitalized with COVID-19. "He is under doctors' supervision" in Moscow, according to @interfax_news.
Russian journalist asks about Kadyrov: "If he was brought to Moscow, is it because in Chechnya he fired all the good doctors? Or because there are still problems with PPE? Or if the head of Chechnya is sick, is he always taken to Moscow? Who knows?"
US Embassy in Moscow says cost of medical goods delivered to Russia today is $5.6 million and calls it humanitarian aid, likely meaning its a gift. Russia's Foreign Ministry previously said it billed the US $660K for aid it delivered.
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US Embassy in Russia shares a photo of the US plane arriving in Moscow today with those ventilators and other medical supplies.
Zakharova: “Now that the US has increased its capacity for the production of ventilators, Washington has an opportunity to support Russian efforts to combat the [coronavirus] pandemic."
Photos via the White House NSC of US ventilators being delivered to Russia by @USAID, which was expelled by Russian authorities in 2012 over alleged "attempts to influence political processes through its grants."
And those are just the first batch of US ventilators. Russian Foreign Ministry spox Maria Zakharova says a second delivery from the US will come next week.
Zelensky's press conference from a French perspective. Here's what my friend and foreign correspondent colleague @stefsiohan thought of today's event in Kyiv:
Ну, сегодня четверг.
For more on this, read the take below from one of Ukraine's most prominent and respected anti-corruption activists, @dkaleniuk.
Former Ukrainian President @poroshenko just sent a lengthy statement about the recordings of himself and Biden released yday. It begins, "The fifth column of the Kremlin has launched a full-fledged special operation against Ukraine."
Poroshenko continues: "By means of pulling Ukraine into the electoral struggle in the US they are trying to undermine the US bipartisan support of Ukraine." Full statement attached here:
Poroshenko blames oligarch Igor Kolomoisky for sponsoring the campaign behind the release of the recordings and mentions the grand jury investigation against him that we reported in @BuzzFeedNews yesterday.
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If you don't want to read my thread (but you probably already have if you got to this point), you can watch and listen to @wiczipedia explain it.
Wonderful, eerie photos from Ukraine.
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Asked about running for a second presidential term (he's only a year into this first one), Zelensky, who said during his campaign that he wanted to be a one-term leader, now says, "I will think about it." He said one term isn't enough to fulfill all his promises.
Zelensky also said: -He wants to press the banking system to expand lending; -He'll support a candidate from his ruling Servant of the People party in the Kyiv mayoral election (not @Vitaliy_Klychko); -He's not dismissing chief of staff Andriy Yermak, despite numerous scandals.
And so it begins.
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