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Haven’t been on Twitter much today but my understanding is Glenn Greenwald issued some kind of report...?
RT @ProfJeffJarviss: Very interesting deep-dive into Twitter's business model:
How girl scouts manage to distribute 200 million boxes of cookies in four months, or, the power of little girls and their parents when you need to achieve cheap and efficient last-mile delivery
This is the best logistics story ever: How girl scouts and their parents manage to distribute 800 million boxes of cookies.
I'm not saying the news is literally killing us. Traffic, stressful work conditions, money troubles are what's really killing us. But I am saying we are all physiological anachronisms designed to flee predators living in a world in which we can't ever escape them.
Well, there is evidence that my reptilian fight-or-flight reflexes apply directly to @Twitter trolls. This is classic transfer learning! (Starts drafting a paper for @NeurIPSConf)
So I think the defining feature of the modern condition is a series of adrenal overshoots brought about by dire news of events over which none of us have control, followed by an inflammatory response because we're all relatively sedentary
it is so bonkers we are still using this energy source
Today I helped facilitate a grand piano donation to a public school in either Harlem or Brooklyn. So that’s one good thing that happened.
RT @davegershgorn: we’re hiring a tech reporter! work with us!!!!
I feel like this was an easy pitch
what a day for self-owns
Personally disappointed that the frenzy around a certain report is overshadowing the real news of the day
thread of the day, no contest
who should be my 256th follow, the capstone of my twitter timeline, a power of two whose numerological significance shall reverberate through the internet and all of history?
doesn't use up a lot of bandwidth.
RT @scott_bot: I'm no stranger to controversy, but I've decided this is the hill I want to die on.
if tablets came first would we hail laptops -- devices with a *built in* keyboard that require no awkward stands, no time-consuming bluetooth connections -- as revolutionary?
it makes me so grateful for laptops tbh
The ultimate Calexit: Geologists believe California could literally split from North America, as a massive new fault erupts and the the Gulf of California surges north into Nevada, turning thousands of square miles of dry land into the ocean floor.
This morning after a morning of mediating my kids' bickering (they love each other, that's the problem) I parked my car after dropoff, put on my noise-canceling headphones and meditated for 10 minutes before starting my workday. I don't know why I don't do this every day.
when I release my secret report it's going to be on 3.5" floppies just to mess with all of you
let me introduce you to my optical disk
RT @ChuckWendig: THURSDAY: ah, the chicken breast of days. It's drywall. A day that just Forrest Gumps its ass into the week. But for you,…
RT @TravelingAnna: “We could do a bunch of superficial things to address what you’re talking about, but we need to go deep" says the man wh…
Musk’s not really a hyperloop to go from DC to Camden Yards in which case I suspect it’s mostly going to be used by sports fans looking to see their favorite team beat the Orioles
RT @AlexJamesFitz: More time to add people to his professional network, obviously
RT @JasonAbbruzzese: Great profile of YouTube’s CEO but all the stuff about how hard these problems are sure seem to turn pretty simple whe…
Excellent thread on how the rise of large booksellers devastates the socially and culturally important third space that is a good bookstore. (Aside: How many other industries has this happened in?)
"the number of independent bookstores in the country is up 31 percent since 2009. And book sales at independent bookstores grew nearly 7.5 percent on a compounded basis over the past five years."
Good news: "unit sales of print books were 1.9% higher in 2017 than in 2016 at outlets reporting to NPD BookScan. The service, which tracks between 80% and 85% of print sales, reported 687.2 million total units sold in 2017 up from 674.1 million in 2016."
Tough news for authors: "More than 1 Million Books Self-Published in 2017" Traditional publishers released another 300,000 new titles and that's a lot of competition for shelf space and attention. Every year more books appear to compete for sales.
RT @oliviasolon: I am looking to speak to victims of nonconsensual image sharing - aka revenge porn - for an article. I understand this is…
RT @AlexJamesFitz: When you've settled litigation opening the door to 5G modems and your top rival's flashy new phone is breaking https://t…
parents FYI
RT @mims: In 1919 the average U.S. worker had to work one hour and 26 minutes to afford a dozen eggs. In 2019 they could do it in two and…
Does anyone know the name of the kind of lawmaking that happens because of how bureaucrats decide to interpret existing laws?
As texting comes to the workplace, so do texting misfires. Here's an actual exchange between a regional manager at a bagel chain and the woman vice president he answers to
It's going to be reeeeallly interesting to see where Facebook goes in the next ~5 years. Zuck is either the right hegemon for the job or his leadership style begins to drag on growth and when the board finds itself unable to check him more bad stuff continues to leak.
Why did Instagram's chief leave? Heinous internal politics and a personal battle with Zuckerberg's ego, apparently.
To some extent mechanistic thinking is a necessity of any attempt to model our world enough to even act. Alternative is paralysis in the face of infinite options. Unfortunate side effect is that a lot of very self-actualized and powerful people have incredibly narrow worldviews.
So computationalism is the view that the brain is like a computer. But I think mechanistic views of how our whole world works have infected almost all thinking. The result is what feels to me like a comprehensive failure to appreciate just how complex the universe is.
RT @lizzieohreally: Hey all! Working on a project examining student debt. If you have student loans and want to talk to a reporter, especia…
RT @SacconeSpeaks: .@Axios' @stevelevine highlight a critical #climate revelation on #WallStreet: "An all-but oblivious Wall Street is unde…
RT @polly: 🚨SCOOP🚨 Hulu and Netflix could face subpoenas over their dueling Fyre Festival documentaries https://t.c…
RT @mcwm: this is a really great piece that looks at what it means to be the meme candidate — a title Yang seems to have inherited from Tru…
everyone should own a pair of noise canceling bluetooth headphones and you can get a good one for $50 stress due to noise is real
RT @polly: Internet: Tell me about a time you were marketed something while in a hospital, be it flowers, cord blood banking, etc. Send sto…
RT @AlexJamesFitz: The Apple-Qualcomm suit really turned into a game of chicken
This is amazing. An audio "augmented reality" experience that only works while you're walking through a physical space
the idea of parenting teenagers TERRIFIES me, everyone who is doing it or has done it is a hero
RT @ampressman: "If you are going to buy something you should do more research than look at a couple of five-star reviews on Amazon." https…
Why aren't boomers called Gen W?
Generation A is Jamestown.
1 generation = 15 years Jamestown = 1607 ---> Gen Z = 1997
Whoops! That's actually off by one generation. Gen A must be the kids of the Jamestown people.
whoa you calculated it!
Everyone should have a deah plan and do all the hard work of setting their affairs in order. It will certainly set your priorities straight and force you to deal with a lot of buried stuff.
Agree! How are you going about it?
my partner is training to do this kind of planning so that helps ... it is so complicated. I keep telling her she should build an app to walk people through the process
Oh neat! What kind of training program? Lots of mediocre PDFs out there, and a few web services that are purpose built for this, but I find that most of them aren’t as holistic as they really should be.
I would suggest being very offline about this (for now) lest any number of links in the digital chain break down, but I’ve done some pretty extensive research and my favorite online resources in this space are: Conversation Project, Dementia Directive, Join Cake, Trust & Will
Letter of recommendation: planning for your own death.
I’ve been planning for your death for years
hey kids TikTok is lit
and to think people once thought MTV was too visually spastic
RT @yousafmshah: @mims Kinda relates to this nifty chart from the BLS. Basically, cost of things whose production can be globalized has fal…
What do you call the coffee you warm up in the microwave so you can have it while the main coffee is brewing?
just remember kids the real game of thrones is who gets to rule our parched heartland and various inland seas after the ice caps melt
I’m rooting for the White Walkers.
RT @mims: In 1919 the average U.S. worker had to work one hour and 26 minutes to afford a dozen eggs. In 2019 they could do it in two and…
It's very Musk that he keeps making this claim when many engineers who build self-driving technology argue Tesla's current suite of sensors and computers will never be enough to achieve self-driving.
I think everyone agrees that you’ll be able to do AV with vision alone at some point. It’s just harder.
sure, but that is a far cry from his specific claim
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