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What's a good book on the mixed legacy of Robert Moses?
Can't say - looking for something where Jesus is quoted extensively.
startup idea: personal shopper for Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace handles all the back and forth, pickups for you, takes a hefty percentage
RT @NeerajKA: In DC there is a service that sells random political pundit’s books literally by the foot. So you can fill your office shelve…
RT @npseaver: this piece on how people misunderstand tech patents by @roseveleth is so good, I know I'll be sending it to people for a long…
Can Silicon Valley end the IPO?
TJ Maxx, which barely has an ecommerce strategy at all, continues to grow
RT @carlquintanilla: What a profile — in intricate detail — of a corporate manager trying to uproot his supply chain. “It is the hardest t…
RT @ChipCutter: Companies are now telling job seekers why a job might be annoying, exactly what it pays and even how it might evolve over t…
RT @BlairReeves: never change, HN
RT @mims: Apple's R&D budget is now the same as Spain's as in, all private and public R&D in the entire country of Spain, the 13th largest…
In the midst of a muggy summer, is there anything more sublime than walking outside on an August morning and feeling, on the back of your neck, the first tiny, cool hand of fall?
your neck? your back? .....
my giant overgrown neckback
RT @betswrites: This is the first year ever that women are going to make up the majority of the college-educated labor force, a milestone t…
Apple's R&D bill: $10 billion for a big-ass watch, plus a bunch of research on self-driving cars that went nowhere
everyone thinks Apple's giant R&D budget is for AR glasses but what if it's just for, like, a gigantic blinged-out Apple Watch like a rapper would wear
RT @KateClarkTweets: The best part of @ycombinator demo day networking was when a male venture capitalist referred to the female-founded co…
I was a cub scout and had a "den mother" but now cub scouts is for every kid and we're starting a pack so I'm gonna be a den... dude? Feels like the intersection of so many things that have changed since I was a kid, life comes at you fast, etc. also: send snack ideas
what are your favorite nootropics?
leftover Gocubes from 2016
Was so sad when my gocubes Dash button stopped working
A good thread on the specific issues in the WSJ bandwidth testing story from @film_girl
I agree totally. See my reply to @mims with this screengrab of my house right now on FIOS. Not everyone’s the same. And many people have way more devices than they once did.
From July 1987. Every digital resource has always been like this. Limited. Software catches up. Limited. Repeat. Many said after 10 megapixels cameras were done. Canon & Nikon have 60+ megapixels soon and people need them. Then you need storage, CPU, memory, and...bandwidth.
I know the ice caps are melting but I'm just going to keep tweeting, OK? everyone is going to have to deal
I feel like allbirds is definitely getting into apparel and it's going to be amazing to see bay area tech types decked out in all allbirds everything
This is the same, faulty, logic used to say customers don't need more cpu power, memory, pixels, or disk. At points in time one resource is a limiting factor, then it isn't...for a while. Then new software arrives and repeat. Like saying homes don't need all those outlets…today
c'mon steve you know the real issue is upload speeds
5G = an over-the-air standard called “New Radio” which enables new channel bandwidths (e.g., 100 MHz channels). 5G enables lower latency and more spectrum flexibility (e.g., network slicing). The use of new millimeter wave frequencies is made possible, but they are hard to use.
Nathan's First Law = "Software is a gas. Software always expands to fit whatever container it is stored in." As available bandwidth increases software will expand to will it, but not before. The law also applies to other elements of a task:
Another new law should be that a story on consumption and capacity based pricing should understand the high cost and externalities of a la carte pricing.
never change, demo day
RT @chrishuntwalker: 🤔 as if I didn’t have enough reasons to hate my cable company
I think Facebook's privacy tools are an attempt to satisfy regulators, not customers, since the latter mostly don't care
Here's the real truth about bandwidth, and this applies to everything from "do we need 5G" to "are 9 out of 10 americans overpaying for internet" -- we just don't know how to use that much data, even for our most bandwidth-hogging applications
I think what this study fails to account for (and to be clear/fair, it's a difficult thing to test) is that bandwidth is oversold. So it's not *just* that people don't use the bandwidth, it's that the speeds/quality they get may vary based on a host of other factors
interesting! such as...?
Well, the oversold aspect is a big one -- so if I pay for 100Gbps on cable, I'm sharing that bandwidth with my neighbors. If all of us tried to use the max at the same time, there isn't enough capacity to serve all users. So to compensate, the networks will shape traffic
So the "max" speed you get isn't really the maximum theoretical capacity -- and it might not even be the "best" quality that Netflix or YouTube or whoever could push out. And this can change based on time of day/usage peaks.
So for streaming services in particular, the ISPs have worked very hard to augment the maximum bandwidth they'll use for those services, which is often less than the theoretical capacity. And many home routers will also do what's called QoS (quality of service) to adjust
What devices get what amount of bandwidth. So if my laptop is higher priority than my Xbox (or vice versa), that impacts the max I might use for a program. And ISPs also often have their own "limits" they'll use behind the scenes for delivering simultaneous content types eg video
oh wow. This is very complicated!
EXACTLY -- which makes it very hard to test, especially since the ISPs often keep how they shape/limit traffic a secret (which is even easier now thanks to the death of Net Neutrality).
I was trying to find a link that better explained overselling and lol, this site has a response to the Journal piece that is more harsh than I would be but explains the missed parts I tweeted pretty well
So in the abstract, you're probably right that people don't use all the bandwidth they have now -- but part of that is because they are often artificially capped -- not because it's not possible.
So sometimes -- maybe even most of the time, the bandwidth is sufficient. But the lower tier "plan" someone is on, the more likely it is that that bandwidth is oversold and that does impact how fast/how much data a service will use
As @film_girl explained, testing actual bandwidth is really, really hard. Also, people aren’t all the same. In my house right now, there are 15 devices connected to the Wi-Fi network (see screengrab). Ten years agree, maybe two. I use Fios and just upgraded for no extra money.
that's... a lot. are these all computers or like smart locks or...?
We’ve got 17 online right now and that doesn’t count the hard wired stuff. For us it’s a mixture of computers, smart home stuff, TVs, set-top boxes, phones/tablets, etc. if you think of every thing you have with a WiFi connection, 15-17 seems average.
Well, I refuse to use any iOT devices with microphones or cameras until there are strong privacy regs. Otherwise, I’d have 20.
We have three kids and once you add everyone’s iPads, a few phones, a sonos Setup, an AppleTV, a Nintendo Switch, a wireless printer, and my daughter’s visiting friends’ phones, you can hit 20+ devices real fast.
The 15 devices represented in my screen grab are in a house with two people and omit a few hard-wired items. No smart bulbs, thermostats, door locks or door bells, etc. I’m sure Twitter isn’t truly typical on this matter, but multiple devices able to stream is a common scenario.
Huge enterprise piece from some hard-working colleagues that spent probably a year making it all happen
not to get all 'man in the arena' on you but I don't think solutions journalism is all that good these days. There's accountability journalism which is about when things go wrong, and then there are fluff pieces sourced from PR flacks and ... not much in between
whenever I talk to people effecting real change in the universe the thing that often strikes me is that moment when the technology is ready but the people are not -- it can take longer to change minds than to perfect a new tool
RT @KalhanR: What do we think the teens are up to today? 🧐🤔
It is @lmirani’s birthday
surely this is the top
RT @mims: Apple's R&D budget is now the same as Spain's as in, all private and public R&D in the entire country of Spain, the 13th largest…
RT @HillaryKelly: Love @chaykak on Graydon Carter's Air Mail: "'What is the purpose of Air Mail?' Based on the last several issues, my gues…
RT @Eaterofsun: In further bigger-than-Spain news: global online video viewing outstrips its greenhouse gas emissions…
RT @mims: Apple's R&D budget is now the same as Spain's as in, all private and public R&D in the entire country of Spain, the 13th largest…
parody site called li'l plumage that's just youtube videos of disaffected dudes smashing their hands into sheet cake printed with tweets that triggered them
really should not be allowed to tweet after about 2pm eastern
if we outlaw hustle culture, only outlaws will be hustlin'
Real need for Wirecutter, but for cheapskates
RT @ranimolla: The study he's referring to looked at the search results of *21* undecided voters
Then Aud freed her slaves, divided up the land she'd claimed with them, and was eventually buried in a ship with a bunch of goodies, showing she retained her wealth and the respect of her peers until her death 2/2
TIL that at a time when women weren't able to own property in most other cultures a Viking named "Aud the 'deep-minded'", having survived two husbands, packed up herself, her slaves and her granddaughters to establish a homestead in Iceland. 1/2
real into newsletters lately... another good one
this amazing fact via the excellent Apple Weekly newsletter
Apple's R&D budget is now the same as Spain's as in, all private and public R&D in the entire country of Spain, the 13th largest economy in the world, home to 47 million people
shhhh if POTUS can be swayed by anyone on tarriffs, who cares who sways him
I feel like this is a metaphor for how corporations sometimes behave when they go for growth at all costs
2/ when a new distribution approach arises for a commodity product, this is exactly what consumers should expect — tons of choice and differentiation by marketing.
There are now 175 online mattress companies—and you can't tell them apart // mattresses have become the new stereo cables. But seriously... 1/
brilliant comparison but also I feel like this is unfiar to stereo cables
RT @mims: I’m not a stock picker and this is not investment advice but this is the dumbest company I have seen go public at this scale sinc…
RT @mims: I’m not a stock picker and this is not investment advice but this is the dumbest company I have seen go public at this scale sinc…
I’m not a stock picker and this is not investment advice but this is the dumbest company I have seen go public at this scale since I started covering business and tech
It's like the strangest mockery of that "millennials want lives filled with purpose" trope. #powerofWe
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